Selamat Ari Gawai 2011

Audie61 and the management team would like to take this opportunity to wish all our friends,supporters,allies,FELLOW SARAWAK BLOGGERS a very ‘ Happy Gawai Dayak ″ Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai


Its also a time for reflections and to move on to a more healthy lifestyle and  also to share the love of  the community spirit and togetherness to everyone.


SUPP “Najib Will Wait Don’t worry..!!”

It seems that the GE13 will not be called anytime soon. One of the indicators will be SUPP which will only have its TDC in December 2011. If they are to be held anytime soon BN will be looking at close to 7 seats losts if the State election results are to be studied indepth. No need to say where the seats will be as its clearly marked,”SUPP AREAS/CONSTITUENCIES” Even at a recent BN Supreme council meeting the SUPP seats were already marked as dangerous seats.

Isn’t the message crystal clear and sources have even put it as Sabah will break from the norm to have State elections in November to gauge the BN winning edge and also secure Sabah first like Sarawak as BN states. If Sabah is in November fingers are pointing to GE in March 2012 where the ‘prophets of doom’ and also “practitioners of chinese metaphysics” has indicated Najibs chances are so much brighter after February 2012. Najib holds the trump card and he will not want to go into battle knowing he doesnt have upper hand.

Even Koh Tsu Koon (Gerakan president )has said that the  media probably the ones who indulged in the speculation. He added,”we will let you know when the time comes.Sometimes when you talk too much (about it), it will not come. When you stop talking (about it), it happens,”


SUPPs date with destiny:- The article from an internet portal

Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP), badly bruised in the recent state elections, is to make sweeping changes at all levels, party president Dr George Chan announced after the central working committee meeting yesterday.

The move will see the top five leaders giving up their posts at the triennial delegates conference (TDC) scheduled for the end of the year.

NONEThey are Dr Chan (left), deputy president Lau Hieng Ding, secretary-general Sim Kheng Hui, deputy secretary-general Wong Soon Koh and treasurer-general David Teng Lung Chi.

“Other party leaders have also indicated to me that they are not going to seek re-election to their party posts,” Dr Chan said.

Among them is vice-president and Deputy Works Minister Yong Khoon Seng, who had also indicated that he would not be defending his Stampin parliamentary seat in the coming general elections.

Dr Chan said most branch chairmen will be asked to bow out in favour of new faces and more from that group will be tapped for the Women and Youth wings executive committees.

Old age obstacle to change

“The sweeping changes are to create a new image for the party, especially among the young generation,” Dr Chan told reporters.

“You cannot make the changes if I am still around,’ he said.

Dr Chan and Sim had offered to resign down immediately after the polls to take responsibility for the party’s worst ever performance in such an outing.

However, the CWC, which met after polling day, had asked them to stay on until the TDC.

sarawak election kuching dap ceramah 160411 02Wong, who is also the State Minister of Public Health and Environment, had recently offered to quit his party post during the TDC.

He also indicated that he will not be defending his Bawang Assan seat in the next state elections.

Lau, former federal minister of science, technology and environment, has long wanted to step down as deputy president due to poor health.

Dr Chan and Teng failed to retain their respective seats in April while Sim lost his in Pending in the 2006 election.

In that elections, SUPP lost in 13 seats to the Opposition, out of 19 contested.

Dr Chan said that party leaders will be going to the ground, starting in August, to explain the proposed changes to the members.

“There are about 110,000 of them who want to hear from us about the changes,” he said, adding that as such the annual central committee meeting scheduled to be held before the TDC will be scrapped.

sibu by election 070510 wong soon kohOn Wong’s (left) and Lee Khim Sin’s positions in the state cabinet, Dr Chan said the CWC had decided unanimously that they should remain.

A flip and a flop

At the previous meeting, the CWC wanted them not accept any state cabinet position in response to the poor support from the Chinese community.

The CWC, however, recommended that the four Dayak state assemblypersons replace them in the state cabinet.

At yesterday’s meeting, however, the CWC decided that Wong and Lee be allowed accept cabinet positions.

Dr Chan explained that the two will act as links between the party and the government.

“Moreover, we have accepted the advice of Prime Minister Najib Razak and Chief Minister Taib Mahmud for SUPP to remain part and parcel of the government.

“We have a lot to lose if we are not in the government,” he said.



There can only be one No.1 says a political observer. Is that what the SPDP Group of 5 are trying to push for their No.1? Someone musts have pushed the envelope further for their own personal gains. It seems the “HIDDEN HAND” is again involved to push the President of SPDP William Mawan to the edge of the corner the only one left.Hehas Wong Judat as State assemblyman with him only.

In  the last state elections Mawan losts his allies in the same group 2 YBs one Peter Nyarok Deputy President who losts to PKR candidate Ali Biju in Krian while SG Nelson Balan was not renominated to defend. An SPDP insider asks,” When is the next AGM? Are they going to move a vote of no confidence or have they checked up on the party’s amended constitution to move their plan forward? They have a right to sound it out but going public is like opening old wounds.

Anything and everything is possible in politics and the Separatists group should have used the avenue for them to speak and express in the Supreme Council instead of publicly washing dirty linen again. The Deputy Secretary General when contacted by phone this morning by audie61 have this to say,”let them reflect on their actions and we will deal it in the Supreme Council. Post- mortem for public consumption will depend very much on the election committee to reveal it. 

As for the silence of the President he said,”Is that so..Really /Benarkah..?” The President have attended/spoken at State official functions and as for party matters he will deal with it in his own time and he knows best when to do that.

The political observer added.”Mawan is very much his own man and he can be just like Louis XIV a man of very few words. Mawan with few words is showing his power and with his silence as with life,the less you say.the more profound and mysterious you appear.Thats why the group is saying,”The silence is deafening.”

Mawan would not want to be in a situation where he would be caught to have spoken something which might be detrimental to the party and be even termed,”foolish” by his own members.

Mawan has learnt through time and his strategists must have told him this,’Never start moving your lips or teeth before you subordinates do.The longer you keep quiet,they will move their lips and teeth.Exactly the point that the Separatists 5 moved first.They have shown their intentions and they want to take over at the earliest possible opportunity available. They are turning the pages and seekeing political manouverings to oust the President and questioning the Presidents SILENCE is just an excuse the kickstart needed.

Mawan also knows that there are times when it is unwise to be silent. He knows that the timing is absolutely crucial to put a stop to all the infighting and distrusts which appears to be penetrating into the party. There musts something BIGGER which Mawan is looking towards which only a select few are privelege to be associated with for now.

For now it seems Mawans silence is the norm and he will just blow you of the ground soon.


SUPP “Dead Man Walking.!!”

SUPP has had too much infighting and also the bad blood spilled has not healed and the urban voters have not forgotten the episode. Its not only the Chinese voters but also the natives who sees that their representatives are given ‘raw deals” especially been so loyal to the party. From the boardrooms to the coffeshops mosts Sarawakians are already saying,”SUPP is living on borrowed time and it will not be long before it will be “wiped out”. Mosts of the leaders are seen to be like “Dead Man Walking” as the party itself is directionless with the veteran leaders still hanging on and clinging on to past glories etched in history.

The news media and the internet blogs have been harping on SUPP as “Times out” but still the leaders are so persistent that they are not willing to give in to new blood. They fear mosts that they will be shown the abyss and thats the main reason for not letting go. Crying for public sympathy as much as they want to but still the fact remains the party needs to be reshaped,renewed,renamed or even re-grouped with new alliances.

It will be very much like a Phoenix and its up to the leaders to rethink what they need to do or else SUPP will surely be shown the exit especially with the Parliamentary elections very soon.

Will they be enough time to rise from the ashes.?

The Prophets of Doom are already writing the script and the President of the party knows his time has indeed been “poisoned by too much infighting which was swept under the carpet.” It would have been better if they had it all out then rather than now as another component party PRS must thank their lucky stars for “fighting it out in the ring’

The toxins which has seaped into the blood of the party is beyond repair and only if the changes in  TOTALITY nothing will heal it. PRS without its bold leaders slugging it out openly and also using the ruthlessness way of “winner takes all” we would be saying PRS “dead man walking” instead of SUPP if the factions have not crossed swords. PRS chopped and reengineered from its bitter infighting to free itself to be a major component party today.

Today the instigators and detractors of the party are clearly identified and BN has really to thank the ‘people” who are so instumental in getting the mandate in the last State elections. SUPP’s urban losses are their own doing and nobody else and they have themselves to be blamed instead of still pinning the blame conveniently to one man “pek moh” or CM Taib Mahmud.

Of course everyone says he has overstayed and ruled for too long but have they forgotten what good he has done for Sarawak. audie61 had the pleasure to interview SAPP Information Chief Chong Pit Fah in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and he said,”Sarawakians should be proud to have a leader like Taib Mahmud as he has maintained Sarawaks ‘autonomy” { 1. The condition or quality of being autonomous; independence. 2. a. Self-government or the right of self …}

Whats wrong with him being sworned in at 10.30pm on the night of the election results as he being the BN Chairman Sarawak he has the legal right to be sworn in. Why the fuss.? Chong is a person known not to beat around the bush and he said ” That’s autonomy too.”

He also said that he knows Sarawak CM Taib as also very vocal especially when Sarawakians are pitted against each other in religious hatred or toying around with their sentiments. He ensures that religious freedom is maintained and Chong too was told of the speech which CM Taib delivered in the last BN convention in KL.

Dont just judge him for now but judge him for the whole duration and Chong does feel that Sarawakians have not been short changed by his thirty years of rule.

He will eventually go and when he does it will not be the same again for Sarawak.He does fear for Sarawak when the time comes for the change and many would be singing the same tune like what Sabahans are facing. The good old days will never come back again.

SUPP will need to address the leadership changes sooner rather than later as it is rotting from within very soon the outside will just cave in when he was asked on SUPP’s losses. I would say if the veterans still hogs the limelight the second echelon leaders will not be able push forward and make their stand. The party will be very like many other political parties before them which remains but not supported by members and the public and are termed…


related:- 1. 


N54 “Winner has not taken all the Spoils”

It seems that N54 Pelagus will remain in the news for sometime to come. A battle won today might not bring the victor much peace as long as the enemy thinks that the “war” is not over yet. The bad blood spilled between the Sngs and Masings has even spilled so far as words coming out from Masings camp as”very good reason to believe that money politics was involved there in the state election”.

The full article can be read below from an English Daily which we have extracted. The point when George Lagong who returned called was very simple,” I am a God fearing man and I am a Poor man eventhough they perceive George is very Rich and can afford to buy votes.As my name initials the acronym is simple either its  George Lagong as G.L. is “GOOD LUCK or GODS LOVE ”

PRS can file the petition and even if they force a by election they will not win the seat again. Its very simple and try they can. Its not even about CM Taib in this seat but the fight is very clear its between you know who.I dont need to spell it out,do I.?

George Lagong won against BN,PKR in a three cornered fight and he has proven to hold his own. He was defeated in the Ulu Rajang Parliamentary seat in 2008 where the “capsized boat carrying the ballot boxes” was headline news. The Petition made by PRS is again giving him the ‘publicity which he did not himself seek.

Sources told us that PRS was even asked to consider Larry Sng at the very last minute as this will be a BN sure seat.{BN independant candidate} However it was turned down eventhough “persuasive powers” were used and there was also a written agreement to the PM from PRS.

Could this Petition be used to ask George to join PRS..?

N54 Pelagus was a very hot issue before the elections and this petition will not stop the ‘fire” that is still burning between the parties concerned. PRS will do well not to publicly issue statements which might come back to haunt them especially ‘money politics” 

The extracted article below:-

SIBU: Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) has filed an election petition to nulify the result of the contest for the Pelagus seat in the April 16 state election.PRS Pelagus division chief Philimon Nuing accompanied by party Information chief Wilson Nyabong and lawyer Sim Hoi Chuan filed the petition at the Sibu High Court today.

According to Nyabong, who is the Pelagus seat director of operations, the party had “very good reason to believe that money politics was involved there in the state election”.

The petition was filed before senior assistant registrar Suhailla Selag.

In the election, PRS/BN candidate Stanley Nyitar @ Unja ak Malang was involved in a three-cornered fight with Edward Sumbang of Parti Keadilan Rakyat and George Lagong who stood as an independent.

George won the election with a 2,837-vote majority.

He garnered 5,740 votes against 2,903 obtained by Stanley and the 1,171 obtained by Edward.

The voter turnout was 9,986. This is the first petition filed after the election. – Bernama

35 “Won”PBB seats still have to step down meh..?

On May 3rd we wrote this article,”Exit sounds familiar” and exactly two weeks later this comes out again. Francis Siah repeatedly saying,’ “We will continue to pressure him to step down if he does not do so by Aug 13 ”

The question now according to a former editor is who has given him not only the GUTS but it does seem that some” higher authority” is giving the word Go” GREEN LIGHT”? It’s not very likely that he is just using Movement for Change, Sarawak (MoCS).Honestly if there are thousands and thousands of Sarawakians behind him I will stand down and not even thought otherwise. Surely,next he will deny all this and says he is doing it for Sarawak.

If Taib has led his party PBB to a disastrous outing and garnered just 15 out of 35 seats he will also make an EXIT. But this is out of the extraordinary and winning 35 seats is no mean feat. The Party Presidents of SUPP,PRS and SPDP did not even get a 100%?

Francis Oh Francis please look around and see who can boast that record as compared to Taib. 2 State elections (2006 and now 2011) he has led PBB to exemplanary results and you  are barking at PBB the party. They have enough leaders in PBB to oust Taib if he did not perform as a PRESIDENT of the party. Abdullah Badawi suffered the same fate and if UMNO has achieved 100% would Badawi be asks or pressured to abdicate?

We can go on and on but in the end you will be saying we are no better just ‘apple polishing” But this is a fact and you are running away and using other issues to attack Taib. He is no angel and we agree on that and so are many other leaders who came before him. Do we need to name them? There is no need and you are just blinded by your obsession of attacking Taib and whatever anyone says or threats or police action will not stop you.

When people attack STAR your political platform at one time you will obviously stand up and defend.Whats wrong with PBB members defending Taib? Anything wrong my friend Francis..?

This article clearly proves it:- MoCS leader: Cops no cause to arrest me

A further indicator of what we meant can be clearly seen with this article which we copied for your reference on this topic:-

Free Malaysia Today

KUCHING: Despite threats of arrests from the police, Movement for  Change, Sarawak (MoCS) will continue to do what it has pledged to do –  that of demanding Chief Minister Taib Mahmud to step down.

We will continue to demand Taib to step down,” said MoCS leader Francis Siah when contacted today.

Siah, who is presently in Sabah, said that the CID (Criminal  Investigation Department) officers had wanted to see him regarding his  statement asking Taib to step down.

“I will not see the CID officers without the presence of my lawyers,”  he said, adding that a police officer from Kuching had called him over  the statement.

“Now they (Barisan Nasional leaders) are using the police to harass me.

“But we are not afraid of the threats by the police, and we will  continue to do what we have pledged to do, that is asking Taib to step  down.

“We will continue to pressure him to step down if he does not do so by Aug 13,” he added.

Jelly fish Jabu

Replying to Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu’s condemnation of MoCS  recently, Siah said it was pointless trading barbs with Jabu, whom he  likened to a “jelly fish without back bone”.

“He is best known for saying or doing things against his own  conscience by taking all sorts of instructions from his boss,” he added.

In criticising MoCS, Jabu had said the movement was going against the wishes of the people in asking Taib to step down.

He said that Taib should not entertain MoCS’ call which was coming  from “the mouth of frustrated individuals advocating politics of  backwardness and hatred against the wish of the majority of  Sarawakians”.

Jabu suggested that MoCS should be changed to ‘Movement for change  for backwardness in Sarawak’ to better reflect their ignorance,  frustration and denial.

Another PBB leader, Abdul Aziz Adenan, who is also the PBB Youth  information chief, has described MoCS as a public threat because it  undermined the legitimate process of election by demanding Taib to step  down in three months.

Pointing out that no one has the right to make such a demand, Abdul  Aziz said that Taib and other BN leaders have been given fresh mandate  by the people to continue leading the state.

“By giving Taib an ultimatum to step down by Aug 13, MoCS is actually making a mockery of democracy in the state.

“MoCS has no right to ask the chief minister to vacate his post when the rakyat have decided otherwise.

“This shows that MoCS has no respect at all for the rule of law in  the country,” he said although admitting that as an NGO, MoCS has a  democratic right to express its opinion on any subject.

“But it should know that questioning the mandate of the rakyat is not a wise move,” Abdul Aziz said.

We say again “35 PBB seats returned Party President asks to leave..??”

SPDP “SUPP”s losses lessons to be learnt..”

SUPP is now paying a very heavy price for not listening to its second echelon and grassroots. Was the BN coalition ready for this? Of course they were and judging from what CM Taib uttered before the elections he knew it all along that SUPP will suffer at this State elections 2011. He even said to his detractors “BN will still have 2/3rds and my gosh he was absolutely spot on. Opposition leader Anwar did utter before 308 and he was not far wrong. Leaders of this calibre are born to lead and read the ground factors and their movements and they tend to go through some rough times to succeed.

PM Najib belongs to the aristocracy of Malaysian politics and he will not know too much of what Taibs family went through in their early years. The Chinese in the urban areas took the trouble to see a change and voted out SUPP. Mosts of the SUPP leaders behind Taibs back blamed him for the parties downfall. Is Taib solely to be blamed? SPDP on the other hand cannot blamed Taib eventhough their margins of votes took a battering.

Taibs uncle Tun Abdul Rahman has paved the way for him long time ago. Tun was called the “Sang Kancil” amongst his melanau friends. Taibs family members were given the chance to be business entrepreneurs and they came good through tough times toiling to break even at the bests of times and at worst some of their family members struggled just to put food on the table.

Business as my better half puts it is not difficult but its the people who has the power and the richness which makes it difficult. There is nothing different fromn one business to another. Busines is about agreeing to put the disagreements to the back burner. SUPP leaders had all these while been given the authority to perservere in the business fields.

Many have made it but many too have forgotten where they came from. Their business have grown tremendously and built their own empires but they have grown too big to remember that some SUPP members are just beginning to earn their stripes in politics and in the business fields.

On the other hand PBB as a party has slowly caught up with their chinese friends in business and the difference with the party they know how to take care of their own political people and their constituencies. The grassroot Chinese SUPP members are disgruntled,unhappy that their oldish and veteran party faithful are still there. Yes,they are experience but only fools say they learn by experience and these young leaders in SUPP knows how to profit from others experience.

Taib has learnt from the ancient Chinese,”giving before you take” he gave leeway to the chinese but along the way he taught his generals well and they took advantage of the SUPPs follies and capitalise to their advantage. 35 seats is no mean feat my friends and to win this battle against mosts odds, Taib is very much a leader to be reckoned with. The people of Sarawak through PBB has given him a new solid mandate and the urban chinese knows that and they are teaching SUPP a very bitter and honest lesson.

George Chan and his team should just walk away and leave the party to reengineer by itself instead of staying on and waiting for the party to throw them out. They are enough calibre professionals and young political minds and willpower to take the party out of the abyss and chart the new direction of the party. The oldish leaders are already in their twilight years and what more can they do to bring back power to the party.

The younger set of leaders though weak will need to gather themselves into a unit to make them dependant on each other and they too in time will be a very powerful and solid unit to catapult the party back to where it belongs. If and only if the people still believes in their honesty of giving back to the people as a party it will survive.The remaining peoples representative will needs to show that they deserve their places and they need to look after the constituency interests instead of after personal gains,glory and wealth.

SPDP will be no different in the next couple of years if the younger set of leaders are not given the opportunity to excel and come good as politicians. The lesson of losing the 2 seats in Krian and Ba’kelalan must not be taken too lightly.

We were made to understand from our source that certain proposals were put forward to the President. He did not ignore it but failed to take charge and proclaimed that he is indeed the commander in chief and a leader for SPDP.

 They were suggestions to drop Peter Nyarok but he stood by his man which  is good and also to swap  for Telang Usan seat with PBB.Both these suggestions if it was carried out SPDP would not have losts any seat. Too right..!! One might say as there are other conspiracy theories emerging very soon. The candidates knows better and its bests for them to reveal it to the Supreme Council when they meet for a post mortem meeting.

SPDP needs to know that the party will need to chart its direction soonest and the coffers needs to be build solidly as an overdependance of funds from outside sources does more harm than good. There are even rumours that SPDP candidates having to seek assistance on the last lap and the assistance helped them to cross the finishing line. During elections there are many possibilities ,hearsays and rumours and SPDP has to thank their supporters that all efforts and contributions bore the necessary results.

SPDP needs very much to learn from SUPPs diminishing powers and not to be caught in this situation in the years to come. The lesson for SUPP will be very hard to swallow and making them relevant and great again will very much hinge on the political marriage of alliances. A new entity will bring a breadth of fresh air  but it needs to be nurtured to see of the challenges the opposition has to offer.

My emeritus professor reminds me all the time ,”Change is good but be careful what you asks for.!!” SPDP and SUPP are not too dissimilar as both are multi racial parties and the duck somehow has to be broken. Many have harped on the possibilty of a new entity being born out of losses which in a way is good and will benefit the whole political scenario for Sarawak. Its not a change but its a new political reengineering and its a bigger playing field.

Harsh lessons but even children also needs to go to pre-school. Politicians must know when their time is over and they need to pass the baton over. CM Taib is an exceptional leader with well over 30 years as the chief administrator and he drew his powers from learning from the bests by making use and capitalising on the whole ground zero peoples movements.

SPDP and SUPP needs to look at themselves closely.Don’t be too shy to learn SOMETHING VALUABLE from PBB.