Salah Sabong Ayam Mati Kok Kok

(Learn from the past and not to be subjected to hearsays)

There MUST NOT be a Repeat of dropping Winnable Candidates just for Personal and Selfish Agendas if Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) wants to keep its STRANGLEHOLD as the Dominant Alliance in the Political Scene in Sarawak.

A chink of weakness will give an UNREALISED OPPORTUNITY for the Opposition which they will grab with both hands.

GPS under CM Sarawak Abang Jo must Avoid this at all costs or he will be remembered as Weak and Spineless. The events of 4/12/20 for Perak CM ouster is a clear indication of what might happen,will happen and could happen. 

Politics is all about rewriting a STORY and its too obvious and TRANSPARENT now with the social media and technology available.

“If one loses after a good fight that is commendable. But if one loses through the fault of being arrogant,selfish and stubborn he deserves it. ‘This is the RULE LAID OUT BY THE VOTERS.

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A phone call was made to a former officer in the Najib administration to express ‘desolution on the loss” but he was angered. He thought that it was sarcasm of the highest order and saying “Congratulations on the loss. It has hit them hard and they are not at terms with the results. Even they need to open to “buka telinga besar besar” (open their ears and listen carefully) 

Pakatan’s victory in the 14th General Election was indeed a “wake up call” for many who supported BN as this was a historic victory not only for Malaysians but also the World. 

Could Barisan Nasional avoided this HISTORICAL CHANGE OF GOVERNMENT?

The Malaysian wave was evident but BN did not heed it and were very confident of pulling the rabbit out of the hat. Even calls by Senior BN party members “DONT ROCK THE BOAT” was brushed aside.

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