Wow! This is Serious “Covid-19: Four women found positive have returned to Indonesia, says Sibu deputy OCPD”

Do we need to say more on this report published in a news media [see below}?

The tightening of the border is very important! This is indeed a very serious matter and we are sure that the authorities concerned are working on it.

Wow! BOARDED A BUS from Sibu to Entikong and escaped through the jungle!

Isn’t this interesting said a netizen when this report was published.

(Below article extracted from an online portal)

SIBU (Dec 17): Four Indonesian women who were confirmed Covid-19 positive here on Wednesday were found to have returned to Kalimantan, Sibu deputy police chief Superintendent Collin Babat said.

He said the women had boarded a bus from Sibu to Entikong via Serian at 1pm on Wednesday and the police had tried to contact the women but failed.

“Today at 1.07pm, one of them contacted a woman who brought them for the swab tests and informed her that they were now in Entikong. The Indonesian was using a foreign number when she called the woman.

“She told her that they were fetched by someone in Serian and later on continued their journey on foot through the jungle to reach Entikong,” Collin said.

Collin said a health officer had informed the police at 9.19pm on Wednesday that the four women was positive after the swab at a private medical centre

Based on their investigation, Collin said the women were sent to the medical centre on Dec 6 by their 38-year-old local contact for their first swab for employment purposes.

He said on Dec 15, the four got in touch with their local contact go collect their test results and to go for their second screening.

Collin said the local contact has since been ordered by the Health Ministry to undergo 14-day quarantine at a quarantine centre in Kemuyang.

The State Disaster Management Committee, in a statement today, confirmed that the four women were among nine new cases in the state today.

It said the women were asymptomatic and were classified as import cases, adding that contact tracing was being carried out.