Anwar”I’ve Got the Numbers Again..!!”

U-Turn or Anwar knows only Mahathir can deliver as it has been proven in GE14.

What choice does Anwar has? Has he got the Numbers Again?

PH with DAP, PKR and Amanah at the present moment together can only do that much and at best maintain their ‘current MP seats” of 91.(DAP 42,PKR 38,Amanah 11)

Mahathir Perjuang and Warisan plus others make up 17.

Anwar knows GE15 will be his final assault as he tries for the Coveted PREMIERSHIP CHAIR and Putrajaya.

Will Anwar go on his bended knee?

This time though Anwar also need to ensure that Mahathir’s political boys will be very much part of the Government setup.

There are a lot of negotiations needed and the Anwar/Mahathir tag team will only see the Light of the Day if the grey areas are fulfilled.

We shall see and Anwar has not given up in his quest as per this extracted report from an internet portal

Pakatan Harapan leader Anwar Ibrahim has expressed willingness to work with “anyone” – including former nemesis Dr Mahathir Mahathir – for as long as the coalition’s principles are honoured.

A second condition is that collaborators must not bring forth “personal agendas”.

“I leave this (decision) to Harapan. They can invite anyone but they must abide by principles.

“They can’t bring along personal agendas or continue with the destruction of the past,” he said when doorstepped after an event in Shah Alam this afternoon.