“Sarawak Brutally Honest..!!”

Let History be the Judge come PRN12 in Sarawak.

There will still be many twist and turns as we move towards the dissolution of the Sarawak State Assembly .
The people of Sarawak are “NO FOOLS” and they will have a Great say in Each and Everyone of the 82 seats which will be contested.

In every sense of the word Sarawakians will be “Brutally Honest” on who they will want to represent their constituency for their new term.

The Winner takes it all and we have heard it not once, but countless times. We also know Champions hate to be defeated and for that matter no one will take a lost gracefully.

Even a Winning Margin of 1 Vote is enough to make or break an aspiring candidates hope of being elected. The magical figure of 42 seats is in the minds of whichever coalition or party who will be entrusted by Sarawakians to Rule the State for the next 5 years.

Why is Sarawak Brutally Honest?

Indeed, sometimes difficult and uncomfortable things need to be said (and honesty in saying them is very important!). Usually, however, they can be said with tact and kindness. However, or that matter, that to be less than brutal in your honesty is to somehow be less honest or authentic.

So, we know the term “Enough is Enough” has been loosely used by many a political aspirant or for that matter political parties in recent times but Deliver Little after their Mandate by the people.

May 9th 2018 was a Wake up call to all politicians especially at home and abroad. The Future of Politics have changed greatly and no single person can lay claim that they are responsible.

Are SARAWAK  Politicians ready to take on the people’s Challenge for PRN12?

Surely, but somethings still needs to be ironed out. Amongst the very core for that matter and a determining factor  is to look into “The siege or Pincer mentality” commonly phrased as “crab mentality” says a Senior Veteran Assemblyman.

This analogy “if i cant have it, you cant have it” has plagued many political parties and with it losing the trust and goodwill of the people.

Brutally Honest some Little Napoleons have exceeded or overused their powers outside their entrusted spheres. The so called “internal bickering, struggles to be boot lickers, overselling themselves must be STOPPED.

The leaders knows who, what and how each group can deliver the WINNING MARGIN or THAT CONSTITUENCY.

Intense and Multiple Propaganda by all parties concerned is necessary but EACH and EVERYONE have a Part to Play.

Complacency and to be Brutally Honest “undermining each other within the same platform” will see a quicker end to an established coalition or party.

Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS),Pakatan Harapan (PH) and other Sarawak Based Parties going into PRN12 have their own challenges, problems and in particular their own “traitors within”
An enemy can be forgiven but a Traitor they say should be “BEHEADED”

swakbhSarawakians too, to be brutally honest are a “pampered lot” and they will not take prisoners.

The recent defamation and baseless rumours which spread like wild fire irked a very Senior PBB member in deputy president Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hassan. 

The groundless rumour could even melt gold and the social media would not let anything go unnoticed. Public Opinion is powerful especially when it affects Sarawak matters.

People will not criticize him especially now he has pledge full allegiance to PBB instead of defecting. His words which worth more than gold to all loyal PBB members reads,”They should come up with a more believeable list. I am a PBB man, always have and always will be.”

They say too RUMOURS will end on their own if the truth prevails. Investigative sources also mentioned that this political manoeuvring was carried out by certain parties with the ill intention to create strife within the GPS coalition.

Sarawakians know that political conflicts and undermining is bad for Sarawak and though they have brushed the rumours they remain anxious. They know what is best for Sarawak and they need leaders to understand their needs. 

Sarawakians we said earlier are “NO FOOLS” and they too will act according to the Political Circumstances besetting Sarawak.

Will the people believe it if was a diversionary tactic and strategy to put the blame on the shoulders of the ruling coalition that there are beset with problems a plenty within themselves asks a political analyst? We leave that for the moment to your own Political opinions.

We return to our earlier discussions.

The right to each vote in each of the 82 seats are in the hands of the Voters of Sarawak.
They will be BRUTALLY HONEST come PRN12.

If any of the 82 sitting Assemblyman who are not their “cup of tea” locally known also as “Sabong Ayam” they will be offloaded even though how the propaganda machine has worked.

There will be choices a plenty and Sarawakians will also be Brutally Honest to go for an “Independant candidate” if their political needs for that particular seat is undermined or sacrificed.

There will be a lot of Political Jibes or “Sindiran” but as in our daily lives, business or politics it is COMMON.

How we take it especially in this social media era depends very much on individuals and their close aides. We know for a fact as long as the assemblyman does not practise the Art of ‘now you see me, now you don’t’ the constituents would not want to change for the sake of changing.

The Experienced or Veteran Assemblyman who are still capable, body and heart willing should be entrusted to carry on. Those who wants to opt out of this “mother of all state elections” should assist to endorse a candidate who will continue on the good work left behind by the elderly assemblyman.

The people will be Brutally Honest to cast the assemblyman aside who does not deliver on their promises made and they will not even FLINCH AN EYE. The present political scenario and climate have made it more than possible which was near impossible.

CM Abang Johari knows the pulse, heartbeat and wishes of the people of Sarawak and he will deliver what has been promised. He and his deputies are on the ground ensuring the development programmes and policies are carried out in the interest of Sarawak.

History will not leave us all the finer details which the battle will be fought in the 82 constituencies in PRN12.

Only those who knows the UNBELIEVABLE and the People’s message is Crystal Clear that “Sarawakians are Brutally Honest” as Politics  has always been a trade of Interests.

Who Benefits what and how the country will move on.

What do you THINK?