Vincent Tan,”Mischevious,Slanderous and Baseless Allegations”

avtI refer to Malaysiakini’s article of August 5, 2015 titled “Dr M’s cronies who aided Pakatan targeted.”

I wish to categorically deny the veracity of the statements in your article that I or my Berjaya Group have donated the millions and billions of ringgit to Pakatan Rakyat or opposition parties as suggested in your article.

It is obvious that the allegations are purely a figment of the writer’s imagination and were crafted for purposes of sensationalism that could well have the effect of souring the goodwill I and the Berjaya Group have with the government.

While you may claim that you are quoting from an open letter written by one Amin Yatim from the blog, these are nevertheless mischievous, slanderous, and completely baseless allegations.

It is disheartening to note that these days, just about anybody can make use of the internet to spread lies and sensationalise baseless accusations for their own twisted agenda. A credible online news portal should have, and indeed have, a legal and moral duty to verify these stories before publishing them.

Malaysiakini made no attempt whatsoever to verify the truth of these scurrilous allegations with me or anyone at the Berjaya Group before you went to publication. I find this totally abhorrent and unprofessional from a supposedly well-regarded online news portal like Malaysiakini.

This is particularly so when your report stated that the DAP treasurer had dismissed the allegation that I had made such contributions and the PKR treasurer-general had also denied any knowledge of the matter. These denials should have raised questions on the veracity of the allegations and warranted further investigation on your part before the article was published.

Your article has caused much embarrassment to me personally and the Berjaya Group, and I have already received numerous calls from my friends and business associates regarding these allegations. I, personally, as well as the Berjaya Group, have many foreign business partners and such allegations will cause serious damage to my and the Berjaya Group’s image and trading reputation.

I hereby demand a public apology from Malaysiakini which is to be published immediately on your news portal without prejudice to any further action which I may take against Malaysiakini. I and the Berjaya Group reserve all our rights in this matter.

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun

Che’Gu Bard(SAMM) Not Welcome in Sarawak..

chegu baard

PBB yesterday warned peninsula-based Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) to stay out of the state.

The party’s supreme council member Dato Idris Buang said SAMM’s alleged plan to stage a street protest called ‘Nyah Taib’ in front of the chief minister’s residence yesterday to get him to step down was “disrespectful and contemptuous” towards the state Barisan Nasional (BN).

“There is no way for SAMM to bring street politics and unethical political culture to Sarawak,” said Idris at PBB headquarters, which is just a stone’s throw from the chief minister’s residence.

Flanked by more than 100 PBB members and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), who called themselves ‘Gerak Gempur Ngap Sayot’, Idris said PBB would not let the state BN to be forcefully dethroned by any group or affiliated political parties using street tactics and other unethical means.

“We are holding strong to the universal law and the constitution, so if anyone wants to challenge the state government or the chief minister, do it during the election.”

He added that PBB, being the backbone of the state BN, had more than 300,000 members and more than one million supporters in the state who reject the political fiasco spun by SAMM and Pakatan Rakyat.

He also questioned the credibility of SAMM founder Badrul Hisham Shahrin, or known as Che’GuBard, who was born in Negeri Sembilan but stood and lost as a Pakatan candidate in Sungai Acheh, Pulau Pinang, during the last general election.

Idris said Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud had always been at the core of the state’s stable politics and development.

“Our beloved chief minister has also managed to upgrade the standard of living of all Sarawakians, regardless of race and religion. He is also elected unanimously by the BN component parties to become the chief minister to lead the state.”

Yesterday, members of the media waited patiently from 11.30am till 5pm outside the front gate of Taib’s residence, but no protesters showed up, only police personnel.


SPDP Positively On Course..

spdp 5


The Party is on Course to claim back both its losts seats in the upcoming State Elections which would be held at the latest by March 2016. At the recent AGM which was held in Bintulu the mood amongst the delegates were vibrant and many were outspoken.

The President Mawan did not minced his words when he said that though some of the members and even the then Youth chief and Treasurer was not happy when Rosey Yunus (now an Assistant Minister) was named as candidate. However as a matured politician Tiong King Sing (now Deputy President) was the first person on the ground to assist Rosey.

It just goes to show that SPDP means business and as a reliable partner of BN there is no time for too much politiking. The rakyat comes first and President touched on Krian and Ba’Kalalan the two seats which was losts to PKR.

The Secretary General Nelson Balang is very much in contention to be a candidate for the upcoming polls but Krian seems to be the hot issue at the moment. Three times the name of Bell Anggan was mentioned and President said,”there will not be a swap seat as per reported in the internet portal and If Bell so decides he can join SPDP and we can consider him as well.”

This went down well with the delegates and many calls were made to Bell to inform him of what the delegates thought about it. Of course there will be many who feels that they will give a good fight to Ali Biju (PKR) instead of Bell. There are many factors which are to be considered and amongst them the warlords of Saratok.

A chanced meeting with Bell’s Anggan Father who himself is a very influential politician in Saratok thanked Mawan for mentioning his son. This will be a “hot subject” in the months to come and Bell will certainly not be a justs a bit/partime player in this battle of Krian between PKR and SPDP.

It remains to be seen how the wind will blow and whether Bell Bernard Anggan 43years old  (PBB Youth Exco and a successful entrepreneur) plays his card and how the top BN leadership will deliberate this case.

Bell have this to say,”he thanked the President for his confidence in him and will take note of that and all the bests to SPDP

SPDP has steadied the ship and it will grow from strength to strength…………...

“Twitting..Not but Radical Change..!!”

LEAD1The SUPP Saga continues. Seems the coffee cups and tables are about to be lifted from the floor as the ‘war of words” are anything but cordial. Surely,when they are asked to sit down in front of the PM or DPM,or CM the blame will be shifted to the newspapers,internet portals,blogs and now Facebook as MISQUOTING them. What can we say?

Someone has to take the wrap and even be buried alive in the ground. The question of SUPP and the other Chinese parties in Malaysia is simple. Who the “F&*#” meaning the urban voter who sees it clearly would vote for a party which is still involved in SERIOUS INFIGHTING.?

  • Any level headed voter would say ,”you think they can look after our interests? 
  • They are so involved in looking after their own chair that they don’t have time for us.
  • Why should we vote for them and the party?

There are no excuses and should not be anymore “B&*%S@#T for all this.

We look at how 2 BN parties turn round its fortunes. PRS (PARTI RAKYAT SARAWAK) and SPDP (SARAWAK PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATIC PARTY)  are very clear examples of infighting. Both managed to clear all the messiness and with good machinery,strategic usage of resources they managed to win all their seats in GE13. After the storm the calm will set in and the political party leaders who are now seen as a thorn in BN’s butt needs to wake up to the REALITIES that once your time is up its up. Caution to all and its a fact  (There is no turning back and if you are still a YB/MP serve your constituents well or you will also pay the consequences of being voted out).

It’s a simple idiom,”they just need to put their house in order first” Here we are not trying to cross over the line by hitting hard at the parties but there should be a CUTOFF POINT and it must not continue or the party will be irrelevant. Selfish leaders will be the downfall of political parties and infighting will not win many friends outside with the voters.

BN Sarawak will go to the polls soon or at the latest in 2016 and SUPP a component party of BN Sarawak with 19 seats to be contested will have a rather ‘bumpy road” ahead. PBB 35,PRS 9 ,SPDP 8 will also face some tricky battles but will not be as bad as SUPP if their infighting does not solve itself soon.  We can write till the next election is called on SUPP but nothing beats the following quote which is the ULTIMATE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

Professor Sim SG SUPP said,” Politics is the art of making the impossible possible,but it needs big bold radical change,not twitting..”

Excellent but does SUPP have the stomach to go through with it? We remember telling the Youth chief Tan Kai that they are the youthful movement of the party and they need to voice out and tell the veteran leaders to step back and let the young ‘turks” take over the helm for the survival of the party. { There are surely the Presidential council for the party and veteran leaders who would want to see SUPP achieved its greatest height once more (19 Assemblyman and 7 MP’s.)


SHOULD WE WRITE MORE UNTIL THE NEXT TIME………lets have a nice meal with (………..

‘Warring Factions At Each others Throats..??”


When party grassroots gets involved in TOP leadership tussles the only logical way out for ROS is to ask the factions to have another AGM or face the consequences of having the party deregistered. There are many options available amongst them which was used before an “INDEPENDANT COMMITTEE” to overseer the whole election procedures.


The news which has appeared in the major tabloids/internet portals (see below) in the last few days does not look very promising for the BN component party. The BN top leadership having secured the mandate to form the Federal Government would not want SUPP to further deteriorate into the abyss. Presently SUPP has 6 0ut of 19 State assemblyman and the ones who are holding the SUPP’s rein have no State Assemblyman on its side and has only 1 Federal Full Minister in Richard Riot.

The party is beyond redemption says a political watcher as the once powerful party has sunk deeper into a “State assemblyman versus the Party diehards”  What else is there for them to fight for.? Seems the sooner the ROS rules the faster the problem will be solved. It’s a mockery to the political system and the infighting not only affected the equilibrium of the adminstration but the peoples needs are being overlooked.

When you are engrossed in infighting do you honestly think the RAKYATS needs are looked into? Do they have the TIME? Their times are only left to fight each other with press releases, dinners and get togethers to show each others strength says the political watcher.

The extracted article from Borneo posts below:-

SIBU: The issue between the two warring factions in SUPP is no longer one of  five assemblymen standing up for a comrade.

The wounds inflicted by the spat between party chief Tan Sri Peter Chin and  Sibu branch head Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh worsened yesterday when 3,000 Dayak  members from its Sibu Bumiputera Unit announced their support for Wong’s  faction.

Unit chairman Andrew Shilling said his members were unhappy over the party’s  Central Working Committee’s decision to refer only one of the six assemblymen in  Wong’s camp to its disciplinary committee. On Sunday, the group of six – Wong  (Bawang Assan), Datuk Francis Hardin (Simanggang), Datuk Lee Kim Shin (Senadin),  Dr Jerip Susil (Bengoh), Dr Johnical Rayong (Engkili) and Ranum Mina (Opar) – said in a statement they would `sink and swim’ together if Chin dared to sack  anyone of them.

In yesterday’s press conference, Andrew said: “We stand united here. If you  (Chin’s faction) dare to touch one, you touch all – the 3,000 Bumiputra members  of Sibu Branch. We remain one with Wong’s faction.”

He said party headquarters in fact had no authority to handle such a hot  issue as the Registrar of Societies (ROS) was still investigating irregularities  reported in the run-up to the party’s triennial delegates’ conference (TDC) in  December 2011. Asked by reporters what their next course of action would be,  Andrew reiterated that his unit would stick with Wong’s faction. Andrew said his  exco members were unhappy with SUPP Central Working Committee for stirring  actions leading to the burning of the reconciliation bridge.

He said they supported the statement by Dr Jerip Susil about Wong’s faction  being united in pulling through this turbulent period, and about Chin’s faction  being insincere when talking about reconciliation.

“Now that they want to take disciplinary action, they are burning the bridge  of reconciliation.”

Although the show cause letter had been issued to the Piasau and Bekenu  branches, he said there were 12 other branches which had yet to receive the  show-cause letters.




for continued stability,progress and development.

BN will ensure that more infra, tar sealed roads, water and electricity supply as well as better school buildings are implemented in all the 4 areas SPDP contest.


umb2013AOver the past few days our twitterers in the Operation “bunker”rooms have been engaging the opposition in ferocious cyberwarfare. Our bloggers and FB have also been very active. Our blogger also “WE CHALLENGE THE RED BEAN ARMY”

We started off giving ground feeds like;-

  • Latest Baram Ground Feed: BN 45% PKR 40% Ind 15%
  • Latest Bintulu groundfeed: BN 55% DAP 45%
  • Latest SARATOK ground feed: BN 48% PKR 44% Ind 8%
  • Latest MAS GADING Ground feed:BN 30% DAP 28% STAR 17% IND 25%

We also engage others in –

  • Bintulu Parliamentary seat betting syndicates influencing outcome against BN?
  • DAP will wrestle MAS Gading if d issue between BN n supposedly BN Independant is not STOP
  • Reinforcements of BN campaigners moving to SPDP BARAM area. Still GREYISH
  • Mawan continues to Woo young and fencesitters to BN in d battle of SARATOK
  • DAP RED ARMY C’MON. WE UMB SPDP will wait for your challenge tomorrow night


Its TIME NOW to engage the Red Bean Army and the PR cyber teams. WE WILL NOT STOP AT ANYTHING. WE ARE WAITING FOR THEM !!!




SPDP Cyber Team on the offensive..!!

mawan11President Mawan said to the SPDP cyberteam,”they the opposition have been hitting us hard and NOW its our turn. We will go all out to ensure BN/SPDP win all our allocated seats. We are working hard for the rakyat and they will know we are here for them 

The cyberteam are engaging the detractors and we are hearing also from some sources that most of the PKR Saratok members are just using the party Platform. They are whispering”bisik bisik“only using the PKR PLATFORM and we dont like Anwar?  True or not you have to ask them.

TEAM SPDP cyber squad have worked hard and these are some of the sites which they will cover where SPDP news are next to you.

1. 2.  3. Pengerakan Putera and Puteri SPDP on Facebook


5. The tweeter team is also very active and have been engaging the opposition for a good few months and with polling just 9 days to go they will intensify this engagement




The words uttered by Assitant Minister and former Senior Vice President of SPDP should be commended on 14th April 2013″I am a Barisan man and I am a team player


We received an sms from MP192 BN candidate Anthony Nogeh spokesman” YB peter Nansian ada berucap di gereja Kpg Apar pagi tadi nyuruh org kpg ngundi calon yg udah molah kerja dgn rakyat bukan calon yg kita sik kenal,la statement Nansian, maksud nya undi TIKI.

If BN loses this seat Tiki and the Geng must be blamed. He is spliting BN votes and the actions are not helping BN retain the seat.



Below an extracted article from an internet portal 

Incumbent MP for Mas Gading Tiki Lafe may pay the price for contesting as an Independent against Anthony Nogeh from Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) in the coming general election.

His chairmanship of the National Service Training Board (NSTB) is at stake as SPDP supporters and even the opposition candidate from State Reform Party (Star) Patrick Anek Uren demand he be sacked.

NONETiki (right) who has represented Mas Gading for three terms was sacked from SPDP, which is part of the BN coalition, in Nov 2011 following a leadership tussle.

Since then he and four other elected representatives also sacked from SPDP, formed what is known as ‘Kelab BN Sarawak’.

Paul Igai, SPDP deputy secretary general, said that Tiki should know what to do as he is no longer part of the party.

“He should step down if he is a principled man. Other than that we have nothing more to say,” said Igai.

Tasik Biru PBB chairperson John Nyigor also said that Tiki should step down or face being forced to resign.

“The possibility is there as people are going after him,” he said.

Uren is also asking why Tiki is still the chairperson of the National Service Training Board when he is an Independent candidate for Mas Gading where BN already has a candidate.

“The voters in Mas Gading deserve answers,” he added.

However Tiki said that he had done nothing that required him to resign from the chairpersonship of the National Service Training Board.

“However, I leave it to the prime minister,” he said.

BN chief Najib Abdul Razak has warned that anyone from the party contesting against BN candidates would be sacked from the party but that’s a separate issue from losing their posts

Anwar’s “Numbers Game for Putrajaya”

416On 14 th September 2008 we wrote,”916 was a cleverly thought out “POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT” like COCA COLA’S  1969 slogan inplanted in ones brain “IT’S THE REAL THING”. The full article ended with this”Anwar will just have to lick his wounds and soldier on to the next battle that is”GE13

5 years on and just on the eve of GE13 the new propaganda machine from Pakatan is playing with numbers and driving fear into the hearts and minds of BN.

  1. To proof it this is what has been churned out:-Maklumat dari Bukit Aman and Mindef ,UMNO BN akan hilang Putrajaya with 145 seats. we wrote
  2. In Sarawak next they are saying they will win by 11 to maybe 13 seats.

Today this appears PKR leader Wong Chen talking to Malaysia chronicles ,”Pakatan as having a better than even chance of securing the federal government. PKR insiders believe that as many as 107 seats of out the 222 in Parliament are in the bag for the Pakatan, which also consists of the DAP and PAS.

“We rather be cautious than over-optimistic. We are working very hard to win another 7 seats at least so that we can form a simple majority. Once that is done, we expect a huge crossover of BN Members of Parliament.

Wonder what Pakatan will call this Propaganda next. Is there a similarity or is it just pure coincidental?

Think outside the box for now

  •  In 2008 they said :- 916 when you add 9+1+6=16 and 1+6=7.
  •  In 2013 they now say  they are working very hard on 7 seats. }

Isn’t this another Propaganda Tool. ? The Golden opportunity will be 7 seats only next.

Anwar did we manage to derail yet another of your Propaganda of wrestling Putrajaya? Anwar knows that it is important to deceive the people as the people will put Pakatan into Putrajaya. Anwar has the story lines but he did not write the book.

BN has authorised it to be published and yet another “switching sides” by BN Legislators will only be another failure as BN is on top of the game and is in charge of their own destiny.

Anwar remember also its not Abdullah you are facing now but Najib.


7 is it..?

psst…You forgot my number Anwar…it starts with ….Call me as will be subjected for political strategic offers after GE14…Oh yeah !! pls remember mine is only in USD..