najib-razakWe have written a number of articles on this matter and what a huge relief that finally the PM Najib has heeded to the calls of many. This is the way PM and you finally took your cane out and Masterly Swung it right.

Congratulations on being FIRM!

Earlier we wrote:-

Extracted Article:-

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today said senator P Waythamoorthy should toe the government line as the latter is a member of the government.

“As a member of the government, you must be toe the line, you must have one voice,” he said curtly during a press conference at his office in Putrajaya.

Najib’s statement comes in the wake of three of his cabinet ministers calling for Waythamoorthy’s resignation after the latter released statements questioning police action.

Waythamoorthy was handpicked by Najib to be appointed as a Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department.

Act 4 “Another Malaysian Minister Joins In..??”

kj1Bro.this is nothing its just UMNO Ministers getting in the act as they prepare for the UMNO elections and if they can score points by joining in the fray they will. Nothing for the PM to be worried so says a BN youth leader. “

Moreover, its going to be tight contest especially in the middle ground of UMNO and to be seen as a champion for a cause it will be something positive. Some of the deciding fence sitter votes will certainly reconsider and in their uppermost mind is,“A party leader who dares to champion and speak

Earlier we wrote:-

This is extracted from the internet portal in which Khairy jamaluddin Minister of Youth and Sports has this to say,’ I agree … If he wants to make baseless accusations and use inappropriate channels (to do so), then do it. But he does not need to be in the government,” the youth and sports minister said in a Sinar Harian report today.

it seems that P Waythamoorthy, a deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Department is getting a “left,right and an uppercut” from 3 UMNO Ministers in PM Najibs cabinet.

Obviously, many will say that PM Najib is “losing it and it does not bode well” for his administration as the Seniors are taking out on the juniors in his cabinet. the sooner it STOPS the better it is but unfortunately with UMNO elections drawing near it will not cool down just yet says a veteran UMNO member.


Malaysian Ministers Outboxing Each Other..??

Yesterday we wrote,”Najib No Control.??”- and in one of our paragraphs we also voiced our CONCERNS,”

th1It does not seem to let up and it would get worse before its under control. 

Will the Bloggers get involved in this too..?

Many bloggers, and several NGO’s are jumping down the throats of a Junior Deputy Minister and today the Defence Minister Hishammuddin is also saying this we extract,” I support Datuk Zahid….101 percent

You can make your own opinion,be a judge and even give comments by reading the internet portals full report by clicking :-

We have said our piece but the PM is still waiting for the right moment and this we said earlier,”The Rakyat pays and voted them in to be administrators for MALAYSIA and not paid to be ‘quarrelling,bickering,misbehaving and unleashing their loose tongues against each other somemore” cabinet ministers or deputies.”

Najib will act soon but it does seem he is giving “ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES” to all of them to air their grievances first.

Oh! Please STOP ALL THIS Mr. Prime Minister.

Najib No Control..??

It is all happening in Putrajaya in the corridors of power and the “Seniors are taking it out on the Juniors“. It’s a fact and PM Najib is sitting down, watching from the sidelines and keeping a watching brief.

Could there be “ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES” in store for everyone?

HELL seems to have caved in after the two former PM’s Tun Mahathir and Tun Abdullah Badawi’s infamous and tongue twisting exchanges in the massmedia over the “Awakening” book everyone seems to go for “free for all” It all started with:-

Tourism Minister Nazri had attacked Rohani Women,Community and Family Minister with this,” Rohani is from Sarawak. Probably her focus of work does not cover many of the peninsula aspects… the ministry is used to the management done by those from the peninsula,”

Sarawakians in totality were disgusted and unhappy with the statement but remain calm and collected as everyone knows his character and personality. One could easily just answer back,” So Nazri you don’t know Sarawak too well too and you don’t need to come to Sarawak or for that matter be Tourism Minister for Malaysia but Peninsula Malaysia Tourism Minister.”

At least our Sarawak Minister has the decency now to even “POLITELY ask all bloggers to stop writing about Nazri and his thoughts and don’t prolong the issue. There are too many things to do instead of dwelling on this,she added

When one episode  stops another ‘bickering starts” This time its between Home Minister and  Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office  P Waythamoorthy.

It does not seem to let up and it would get worse before its under control. 

Will the Bloggers get involved in this too?

The extracted article,”If you like to criticise the police; if you like to give negative comments to the police, please resign and lead your own NGO. Be the NGO leader…

On this matter, let none of us sympathise with criminals,” Zahid told a forum in Bandar Sunway today on crime prevention.

Meanwhile in an immediate response this was said,”Waythamoorty, who is also the Persatuan Hindraf Malaysia leader, shot back at Zahid’s claim that he was interfering in police work, saying he could not remain silent on the issue.”

PM Najib after the first 100 days have now to contain the Seniors from bullying or over reacting to the juniors in his administration. He needs to bring them into his office and like a Principle tell them to behave or ship the ones who cannot stop criticising or misbehaving OUT.

The Rakyat pays and voted them in to be administrators for MALAYSIA and not paid to be ‘quarrelling,bickering,misbehaving and unleashing their loose tongues against each other somemore” cabinet ministers or deputies.


Rohani’s or Najib’s Special Advisor Shahrizat..?

Rohani-Abdul-KarimThe media circle is abuzz with news that Sharizat Abdul Jalil, former minister is making a comeback. The Prime Minister  when queried on her  appointment as his special officer on women’s affairs has kept mum on the subject.

One of the mosts obvious reason is that over the past few days there have been too much negativity churned out by “Tourism Ministers Sons” appointment as Special Officer.

  • When will Shahrizat be appointed and sworn in as not only a Special Officer but with Full Ministerial powers?
  • Will Rohani relinquished the Women Ministry for Shahrizat?
  • Is there in the pipeline a structure to re-engineer the Ministry to accomodate Shahrizat?

Surely,this will get the opposition all worked up with renewed enthusiasm to smear PM Najib’s administration. On the political plus point Najib would have a new “guard” and “barricade” to avoid all the arrows pointing towards him as many will hound Shahrizat.

Even before officially named as special officer on women’s affairs there are “some within”the inner circles in the corridors of power who take pleasure in lambasting openly against Rohani the current Minister. It’s such a shame that these so called “TEAM MEMBERS” are looking down on Sarawak Ministers who have made to the top due to her calibre and being involved in three other ministries before  being appointed as Minister of Women,Family and Community Development.

The “malicious and disturbing” statements have been echoed out looking down on Sarawak’s Ministers credibility and this has not gone down well with the ones whose names have been implicated.  

The Malay Mail had reported Nazri as saying that Shahrizat had been appointed to assist Rohani.  “Rohani is from Sarawak. Probably her focus of work does not cover many of the peninsula aspects… the ministry is used to the management done by those from the peninsula,” Nazri said.

Has this game been played too far, too long and now the “bloggers” are getting very juicy stories that ‘Shahrizat is after all the UMNO Wanita Chief and deserves a place as in charge of Women Affairs instead of a Sarawak Lady Minister? How they want to spin the stories or make up that Rohani is not capable is for them to judge.

Could the SPINS/WITCHHUNT also have started from within Sarawak itself? Plain jealousies seems to be the order of the day.

Rohani was pushed to the corner and our article “ was a testament to what happened prior to GE13. You musts click the above in order to get the whole picture of what is actually brewing underneath Rohani’s shoes. This was what was included too in the article and we extract,’The movement ABR-anyone but rohani is gaining momentum and grassroot leaders in the exco committee are being given “poison juices” to see an end to one of PBB’s loyal servants

How true and more realistic can this quote be” keep your political enemies even closer so that you can monitor them and neutralise their every move.”

It does seem that Najib wants to neutralise Shahrizat in the UMNO elections and the appointment would not come at a better time when Najib knows the vultures are circling ready to take his carcass. The former Puteri Chief and MP Pengerang Azalina Othman Said  has already indicated that she will challenge Shahrizat for the Wanita posts and Shahrizat has said that eventhough the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) scandal ‘hangs” on her incumbency she says she will defend her posts.

Is there an understanding for Sharizat to be appointed as Special Advisor in charge of Women Affairs to assist the Wanita Chief? Without a doubt those in Azalina’s camp plus Rohani’s detractors sensed that Rohani is being downgraded.

One of Rohani’s loyalists in a telephone call said to us,” Boss, has no time to play this political game with all them. There are so much to cover and work for everyone that the Minister has NO TIME to do politiking. She will serve the PM Najib with full enthusiasm,commitment and be responsible to the Ministry. She has given her all to her  three previous ministries namely- Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism,Rural Development and Agriculture and Agro-based Industries  and she is not about to LET UP AND WILL GIVE HER ALL to this MINISTRY .

As for all the rumours,spins and voices on the corridors which are seen to be “ghosts with a vengence attitude” the loyalists said.”we know who they are and we will deal with them accordingly in the mosts democratic way we can”

The Minister Rohani will know that whoever PM Najib decides she will abide with the decision and she for one has never failed in her duties as a deputy Minister and now will not fail the PM as a Minister.

The positive signs are there for this ministry to move forward and should Sharizat gets the nod to be a special advisor for women affairs it will also go down well with all the staff of the ministry and all aides close to Rohani.

PM will be assured that Rohani will let her actions do the talking and she will not let “anyone for that matter” destroy the credibility of the Ministry for their own selfish gains.

Mahathir..Not Only UMNO,BN in General..!!

Tun-Dr-MahathirTun Mahathir is not everyone’s favourite leader. Many love him for his “quick witted tongue” on some issues but many also “loathe” him for his ruthlessness. But when we saw this statement from him we just can’t help but Applaud his Openness. What else could he say on UMNO when the party are due to have its election year.

This we extract,”  the party itself is not the problem, the problem is the people who run it. If you do not know how to run something, then the best organised organisation will not help.”

ISN”T THIS HAPPENING IN BN COMPONENT PARTIES AS WELL? Mahathir does not want to to be caught meddling in other component parties and that’s why he touched his own party.

Fair enough though but we know lately,some youth SUPP members have indicated and complained to us and since Mahathir has set the ball rolling it is indeed something to ponder for BN parties.

Does Mahathir need to spell it out in FULL? 

This is the Malaysianinnsider article:-

Umno is losing out to PAS in the battle for young talent, with doctors, lawyers and engineers joining the Islamic political party.And the reason for this trend: Umno leaders fear those smarter than them.

Former Umno president Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad  who held the helm for more than two decades told reporters at his Hari Raya open house in Seri Kembangan today that, “the party itself is not the problem, the problem is the people who run it”.

“If you do not know how to run something, then the best organised organisation will not help.”

He also said that the party has to attract younger people as some of the leaders have been there for far too long.

“They will need to re-examine themselves, because the party has become old and a lot of the leaders have been there for quite a long time. The young people don’t find the party attractive anymore.”

Dr Mahathir added that the younger generation seem to want to play a bigger role but looking at the leadership at state and national levels, it looks like they are not given the chance.

“So the problem is this… Umno don’t like and fear ‘people smarter than their leaders’,” he said, adding that as a result of this the credible ones from the party join PAS.

The former prime minister also pointed out that previously, PAS had ustaz as members only but now they have lawyers, engineers and doctors.

Still an influential figure within the party, Dr Mahathir in an open letter to Umno members earlier today, said the Malays must not sabotage Umno in the coming party elections.

This, he said, is because Umno is the only party which can ensure that Malays profit.

He acknowledged that the ruling party has lost touch with the Malays as its members are more interested in pursuing their own individual interests rather than helping the public.

“The spirit to fight for the people, religion and country is no longer present. There is no loyalty to Umno because allegiance has now shifted from the party to selected individuals,” he said in the letter published in the Umno-backed Malay weekly, Mingguan Malaysia.

“Members are bribed with money, overseas trips and to perform umrah. With that, all Umno members are involved in bribery by selling their votes for money,” he said.

However, Dr Mahathir said the party still has much to offer to Malays compared to opposition parties.

“Accept the reality and be thankful. Do not complain that no benefits were given despite years of supporting Umno,” Mahathir added.

We asked,” Are You Ready..?”



“ARE YOU READY.?” when we completed this article


Barely ten days after the Hari Raya celebrations it does seem that the first salvo is already fired by this blog with this extracted article In all fairness, this blog does stir some controversies especially if one is “implicated or mentioned”. One though have to take some of their articles with a pinch of salt as it does create uneasiness and at times ‘gets the nerves frayed and tempers at boiling point

We covered PBB watching the UMNO elections and its a fact that many will try to earn ‘brownie points” or even “put their heads on the guillotine” as we wrote earlier” the youth elections will be again be the centre of attention as there are nearly more than half over 45′s who are ineligible to be part of the movement.

In the worse case scenario Fadillah will have to use his political know-how to stop an all out assault by certain groups trying to wrestle power in the youth wing for their own personal Agenda. He will confide with the President of the Party and seek his wisdom to ensure all parties will be democratically looked and that is by PBB consensus.

No matter who tries to create,stir or whipping up a storm especially when its party elections time in PBB it will be quelled before it gets UGLY.

After you are ready it’s time to face the political manoeuvring within PBB. see you next time…

DAP “Live To Fight Another Day.?”

We somehow knew it was coming.Oh! really?

 The present DAP CEC should have deliberated at length at last nights meeting and this would be the answer,”let’s live to fight another day’ Its another way to score” political mileage” by giving as good as DAP gets.  They perfectly know also that the Registrar is appoijnted by the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and their chances would have been slim to fight the battle.

THEY TOO WILL NOT EVEN SURVIVE ROUND 1 IF THEY GO AGAINST ROS. Clearly clause Section (5) hangs too at their ‘doorstep to deregistration.

We have tweeted and the following are some of the tweets and guess DAP ‘bottled up’?

  • 31 Jul ROS wants DAP 2 hv fresh polls.DAP questions on what grounds? What if Minister uses clause 5(1) of Societies act?
  • Aug 4 DAP Y so afraid 2 hv CEC polls?ROS says”DAP grassroots wants? Rakyat too wants transperancy also from DAP says ROS
  • Aug 5 ROS has d power n authority vested 2 them DAP LKS.Letter states Fresh CEC elections correct? Unhappy don’t do n don’t blame ROS
  • Aug 12 Headlines at Malaysiakini”Tyrannical ROS acts without giving reason” DAP IF NO FLAWS u think ROS Want to Check?
  • Aug 14 If ROS have valid reasons and requests for FRESH CEC elections. DAP playing for political mileage?

This article published today:- 

The DAP has decided to hold a re-election of its central executive committee (CEC).

Sources told Malaysiakini that the decision was reached at a CEC meeting, chaired by the party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, in Kuala Lumpur last night.

It is expected that Lim or the party will issue a statement to reveal the latest developments soon.

Bloggers”Truthtellers,Bloodsuckers or Shit-Stirrers” Part 1

AA017945It ain’t half funny. You are just getting to the bottom of things. If only the editors of the main stream media can see this they would just tap the brains of this “shit-stirrers” and use them for better causes. The bloggers all have a story to tell and they are just about to explode into your face if you still deny them the space.

A Sabahan blogger Bugi Wijaya just put it mildly to me,”We are the New Media truthtellers” We are not for the money but we have what it takes to full blown the story or facts just for everyone to see. Believe it or not and if its good enough it will sell.  A YB said to us,”We need to have more punches. We are accessible to all facts and only the main stream reporters can dream off. The main stream media reporters lacks behind the bloggers that walk the corridors of power.”

Raja Petra’s article many brushed it aside as saying rumours,tell-tales or in the worse case scenario “BLOODY SHIT-STIRRER”

An Assistant Minister even cheekily mentioned to the pressmedia that,”they know how to spin the stories but the fact remains they never attack me personally” We did not rebuke that statement as it came from a ‘shit-stirrer” blogger who posed the question to the Assistant Minister in order to gain readership mileage.

A word of caution says a political enforcer to us as we try to gauge where we stand in the blogworld. We are presently not being paid to write. spin or even create a “Wag the Dog”situation where it will jolt the political administration.

Where does that put us in

  • TRUTHTELLERS-( yea yea yea that’s whats we are hearing)
  • BLOODSUCKERS-(By the way we were told we were paid $25,000 by our Chief Minister Taib Mahmud..great ain’t it?)
  • Shit-Stirrers (Sim Kwang Yang former Bandar MP said about us-you are camouflaging it too well and not openly attacking the subject-reveal more )

Mind you, the whispers in the political field even got as far as saying,if you are not making enough ‘DOSH“-monetary benefits you are in the wrong camp. Are they so afraid of us that we can reveal it all about their wheeling and dealings that they have no where to hide. They just have to antagonise us to see our reactions. No,we are not going to give him the satisfaction of it all. Just a reminder to him,” where did you keep all your secrets/black book..?”

We were so close to writing the “AWANG TENGAHS MEN CHAPTER 12” but someone did overtake us to ‘CASH IN“- (oh no! poor audie61 did not make it again and worse than a church mouse. Its OK as the message was delivered but “somehow, somewhere, someone” forgot about us again-Blood suckers oh..!! please)

The “AWAKENING” is already an eye opener to many in the political fields in that you must know how to wield your power and be bold enough to play your part in the administration of the country which sets you apart from the rest of the group.

My ‘semut” friend said to me lets be “Independent” and in which I told him we are and yet he cant believe how we have been treated. The Truth-teller mentioned that eventhough some have taken upon themselves as so called “looked after us” and can reveal all it is afterall “peanuts” as compared to what they have lined themselves in their pockets. Sad but another way of putting it -{ WE ARE BEING USED FOR THEIR BENEFITS-By the way we run a “charitable blogger organisation in audie61 hahaha }

We did find too many lies upon lies that they have in fact being rewarded handsomely but still they do deny the fact. The can of worms will be open sooner than they expect and it might really be a LIST OF WHOSE WHO. My “semut” friend had me in stitches when he said,”Don’t worry we know what to do” IT”S SO FAMILIAR those words and we cannot help but to ask you to read this,”HA HA HA HA HA HA” Sorry bro..

Are bloggers really blood suckers or in other words ‘mercenaries” Come on if they are they must be really good at doing their work and demanding for it.” This type of statement is actually a blow to the face to the person who says it and his/her time will come to the “SURFACE WHEN ALL SHIT FALLS“-Sakit hati tak ? Mesti pun sebab kamu tidak bagi PERHORMATAN kepada ahli bloggers

My friend-Every blogger is worth his salt and if we were to pursue someone we will ensure that nothing escapes our eyes and that “BROWN ENVELOPE REVEALING THE FACTS WILL BE AT YOUR POSTAL BOX IN YOUR HOUSE“- moreover we might use the POSLAJU MALAYSIA to you. No you are not afraid but one have to ask PapaGomo whether we tickled him or not.

BLOOD SUCKERS-please show some respect that we are the new media boys who knows how to get the news and even get ‘some reporters scurrying (did we not.?) for the news which we have” The Ministers Press team are always looking over their shoulders on how the perception of their Ministers are being portrayed and they too ‘sikit sikit’ love the bloggers for their honesties. (hear hear we do not want to be in the line of fire of the reporters who are being paid to do their jobs- sorry bros/sisters of the press BLOGGERS ARE NOT PAID and its not BS….) 

SHIT-STIRRERS -A Pakatan Rakyat propaganda specialists even told his YB ‘the BN cyber-team have their own work to do and we do ours and they audie61 Spdp team are part of their parties machinery and we are also doing likewise. We cannot blame them when they defend their territories. We do get many hate fan mails,smses,middle fingers but we know we are protecting our parties rights when we are not going for the STATE OR GENERAL ELECTIONS. Period

How can we be called shit-stirrers when we only reveal what we have. Every blogger has his ways of doing thing and how he writes. No two bloggers are the same in putting their articles/message across. A good example would be if we ask the politician.

  • “YB Heard things from sources/friends/news that you are having extra marital activities behind your poor wife -?(direct shoot) another way
  • “YB isn’t things doing too well in your private life?” (bit subtlety)

The shit-stirrers sorry if we offend some and they are the ones who are hell bent to create religious, race, cultural uncertainties and they are certainly termed  and called BIGOTS. Its also a B  but Bloggers are and should disengage from these hate-mongers. Their postings be in their blogs or in the social media FACEBOOK are just to create an impression that they are above all and are more or less ATTENTION SEEKERS.

audie61 started in 2008 no doubt but that was to stay relevant in the political field and also to help a friend to secure a project which was delayed by JKR SARAWAK for nearly a year. The rests they say is history.

Part 2 God willing will reveal how and what part we played in walking the political minefield and who we assisted in becoming YB’s, our UNIT MEDIA BARU affiliation plus many more juicy (not shit-stirring) news,Sarawakreport exposures …….. ( Have you send your emails to us yet..? Did someone stop us…?}

DO WE REALLY CARE……WE ARE AFTERALL TRUTHTELLERS..CORRECT UNCLE..( say this hik hik hik with a vengeance and venom

Awang Tengah’s Men,” Goodies Aplenty..”

Audie61's Weblog

Awang Tengah 4 (1)In the previous article on Fort Betong Next we ended by highlighting this”

[Always Remember though PBB will take care of their own traitors or overly ambitious men and BN Sarawak will still be intact.}


Sweet Promises are not the order of the game when it involves Awang Tengah’s Men. They will go to all lengths and breadths to ensure that the King is brought down and their BOSS is uplifted and ascends to the 22nd Floor Chair.

One cannot take forgranted now and brush aside the capabilites of Awang Tengah’s Men. They are in place and  implanted in every little corner in the State. The machinery has worked overtime and in getting to their goals many have been sacrificed especially so even when it involves component parties in SPDP,SUPP and PRS to a lesser extend.

Its too easy to point fingers and blame…

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