Cakap Besar Macam “Tin Kosong!!”

Blah! Blah! Blah..! He has not stop yapping away unnecessarily ever since before GE14.

As far as we know his “too demure character..oops being sarcastic here ” it does seem that it will not be anytime soon that he is going to “lip it up” or in other words “shut-up” even though now he is part of Malaysia’s Cabinet under  Prime Minister Tun Mahathir .

In PRU 14 the 5% swing votes in the Malay hinterland and the 1MDB Saga was too humongous an issue to cover which eventually saw to the downfall of the former ruling BN Government. Of course there was some other “bombastic promises” added and included in the Manifesto which the middle income earners were somewhat mesmerized too and also played a significant part in them voting for Pakatan Harapan legislators.

However,time is ticking by and PH is in office for well over a year and what has been promised laden with “the sweetest honey” is still very much kept “locked and stocked” in the cupboard. Is this affecting the PH Sarawak Chairman ? Has PH Sarawak lost its direction?

The PH Chairman has boldly predicted in October 2018  he believes “75 per cent of Sarawakians want a change in the state government in the next state election, which is due in 2021

Then recently on June 25th 2019 nearly a year later  he said this ,”Unlike the elections before this, the election this time will be fair because we think that PH can win the next state election. There is no need for us to manipulate all the machineries in our favour.”

He is BOLDLY PREDICTING even after his Malayan Chieftain in Federal FINANCE MINISTER has politically declared Sarawak will be “BANKRUPT” after 3 years in a political dinner “Sarawak here we come”


Wow! Bricks, Bottles, Tins, Plastics and even Rotten Eggs and virtually anything that anyone can get their hands on WOULD BE thrown at his Political Master if he dares to UTTER THOSE WORDS again in SARAWAK.

To be honest, we are not been bias but he has openly been criticised left,right,centre,top and bottom by most sectors who felt their SARAWAK PRIDE has been tarnished. We are not Greece or Kelantan for that matter and majority are fueling their anger towards an irresponsible statement by a Finance Minister.

There is a time and a place to propagate but using FEAR PROPAGANDA without facts is very detrimental to the Sarawak economy says a local entrepreneur.

Very much in tandem with his master the PH Sarawak Chairman added some more spices to an already HOT ISSUE.

“DONT BE OVERLY EMOTIONAL” which irked many and by now the fence sitters who voted for PR in 2016 and PH 2018 are convinced that their VOTES have been wasted.
What has happened to the Sarawakian Spirit of protecting our own turf?
Has absolute power put a Wool over this new deputy minister’s eyes says a women voter?

achong1Their “so called fanatical” supporters will still raise their flags, hands up high and shouting at the top of their lungs but will that be enough we ask?

A senior politician has this to say about this young upstart.
“He says a lot of things LOUD plus NOISY, here and there and all the TIME.
It doesn’t mean he knows Everything what he says.
There is a lot of things he says he DOES not know enough”

To put matters worse Sarawakians have not forgotten what he said prior to GE14.

All that is being spewed out by the PAKATAN HARAPAN Chairman at the moment are pure rhetoric’s or one would say, trying to stay RELEVANT. These words which is still fresh in the Minds of Sarawakians who voted for PH during GE14 as it was replayed many times by their propaganda election war machine.

The graphics below courtesy of  the designer are a true indicator of what was delivered in the DUN prior to GE14 and moreover there was evena live feed and recorded.

  • 50 % of all tax revenue collected from Sarawak will go to State Coffer
  • 20% Oil and Gas Royalty will go to State Coffer
  • 100,000 Jobs for Sarawak Unemployed Youths

achong2.jpgIn the video recorded he was so sure and said,”You don’t need to beg….
Who is begging now? Of course the PH and DAP Chairman.

By the way Sarawakians are not suffering from DEMENTIA or as the IRANIAN President Hassan Rouhani bluntly put it ,”The White House is afflicted by MENTAL RETARDATION and does not know what to do.” 

Over 1 year has passed and patience are running thin on the ground and Sarawakians being nice would have this to say which would be more appropriate,” You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. 

Maybe the PH Chairman needs to be reminded by our late and good friend in the 16th President of United States in Abraham Lincoln .

We are not here to guide him on how to be a Minister Material but more so to tell him don’t sell your soul away to the Malayan Masters without even putting up a fight.
Rightly or Wrongly a FB page even put up a caricature and had the words “Keldai Malaya” which am sure his “fanatical supporters” would brush aside or even consider using MCMC to check it up.

BN Leaders were subjected to worse name callings and even a video of Rafizi Ramli PKR Vice President had him saying  their job is to “Penghasut”

The point now is that the PH Chairman of Sarawak must know where and what he represents as he is a part of the MALAYSIAN Cabinet.

Does he not even heed the Council of Elders Tun Daim Zainuddin words to watch his words when he opens his mouth? Tun Daim on the 29th of May 2019 said “that ministers should avoid making knee-jerk statements.”

Sarawakians are quietly ashamed that this young upstart needs to go for further grooming and for that reason Tun Mahathir might in his wisdom be correct to put Baru Bian as a Full Minister and Chong as Deputy Minister. 

Correct me if am wrong but his Malaya DAP Chieftain couldn’t assist him for a Full Minister’s Post in Tun M Cabinet. 

Maybe PM Tun M knows that too many Tin Kosong would be bad for his Cabinet.



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