N47″Fully Entrenched in Pakan”

When an internet portal published at its site”Mawan working hard to strengthen his support base in Pakan” it captured the imagination of netizens especially so with a media savvy assemblyman who doesn’t mince his words and knows how the digital technology age revolves.

A wrongly worded or misconstrued political statement would in this day and age send any political personality spiralling down and damage control would naturally be the order of the day.

amawan88aThe assemblyman from Pakan was in touch through a telephone conversation and he further stressed the need of being on the ground, reaching out to the voters and also identifying them by MAN MARKING.
Its a football analogy but he has directed his officers, party members to start the headcount as GPS Priority is to win the seat.

Besides the football analogy he touched on some other key factors which obviously does come from Grinding and experience over the years as a man on the ground namely:-

  • 1.The Right way- Ingenious in varying tactics
  • 2.Heavenly Timeliness- Weather conditions
  • 3.Ground-Geographical conditions
  • 4.Command- Fearless , Strictness and Resolute in Political action.
  • 5.Institutions-Requirements and definations of duties.

This can all be found in the many theoretical and strategical books in the open market as they are Guidelines which must also in all fairest be noted.

He also mentioned that this PRN12 for GPS is not and will not be “A Walk in the Park” as the opposition PH will have the full armoury and assistance from their Federal Counterparts.

A  Veteran PBB member who have at least 8 state elections under his belt even agreed with Mawan on that count.

Let me add this he said,”GPS is a new brand and like a new brand it needs to be marketed at all the 82 constituencies to touch ground. BN in which the 4 parties left to start a Sarawak local based party is still very Fresh with the Bumiputera and in the Interior.

The GPS Commander being the Leader and Chief Minister must go down to each and everyone of the 82 seats Individually and to make sure its a combined effort.

Let us just touch on an example Pending seat which is under the opposition DAP . The commander in chief with the President of the Party in SUPP (they held this seat before) should meet up only the 4 Division Chiefs in PBB,SUPP, PRS and PDP together with their members of youth wanita and executive committee.

If it happens to be Pending seat the SUPP Candidate if already identified meets them in a closed door meeting for the Pending kawasan. This is one way the whole machinery will be motivated to fight to win back the seat from the opposition.

He was also very blunt by saying,” many following CM rombongon just to be seen as politically relevant atau ” ngegeh ngegeh’.

Moreover he said being new in the market GPS must not hold back on resources and use every ounce of their manpower to fight the opposition.

Sik boleh”LOKEK”

The senior member further reiterated that ,” you see this is the sad truth and enough of the get together  and combination of many constituencies just to bring in the crowd. Now we have to BRAND GPS in the mindset of those who will vote for us and not just to make our members FEEL GOOD. The constituents are the ones who determine who wins each individual 82 seats.

Hopefuly, my small little advice is taken in good faith and the leaders do follow it through.

GPS is facing the NEW BRAND SYNDROME which was also echoed by the PBB Bukit Kota assemblyman Dr.Abdul Rahman Ismail who is also an Assistant Minister of Agriculture made a rallying cry to GPS to intensify its ground level support.

The statement,From now on, all GPS party members have an important task which is to let people throughout the state know about our logo, especially at branch and sub-branch level.

It is because we will use the GPS logo during the coming 12th state election and not contesting under BN ticket because we have already left the BN coalition.

GPS as a true son of Sarawak has the responsibility to safeguard the state’s racial unity and religious harmony as well as to fight for the interest of the state and its people.

All taken in the stride GPS as a local based coalition party will still be in for a tough and brusing battle come PRN12 says Mawan and also agreed with his PBB colleague on the above statement.

We must be open to all suggestions if it is to win the seats and form the RULING STATE GOVERNMENT after PRN12.

Mawan asked us to check out his book “Reflections- a journey of hope,aspiration and perseverance” which was published in late 2016.

In our telephone conversation Mawan said that  internet portal did touch on the subject of retirement on which he coolly replied ,’ I still work as hard as i used to be.At the moment,i will just work until I am told to retire.”

As the State Legislative Assembly Speaker Datuk Amar Mohammed Asfia Awang Nasser said in the Reflections book,”Mawan is a “cool cat’ and one who is able to make wide decisions unclouded by emotions even under the most stressful of situations.

Retire, is very far away from Mawan’s political vocabulary and as one may notice and true to his words his programmes are full every weekend and he is seen criss crossing the Pakan constituency informing the people that he is a PBB Member which is part of a local coalition in GPS .

His weekends are very much with the people of Pakan who he has served for the last 6 terms since 1991. The people would want him to represent them come PRN12 and judging from all ground activities which he has carried out he would not be short of Support from his constituents.

Mawan ended the telephone conversation with these words which are excerpts from the book ,”our strength as a Coalition are sustainability which is built on unity and cooperation that cut across social and cultural divide.

GPS he says the stand remains the priority to win the seats in which they contest. Individual interest of component parties is secondary.We cannot afford to learn another LESSON.

There is no Winnabilty without loyalty and for that he is very much ENTRENCHED IN Pakan N47.

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