BN Slagging Time..”The Gloves are Off..”

‘Kalau tiada angin,pokok takkan bergoyang’…Really Let’s go”

aacca1Political Slagging and the upcoming “Storm” will certainly get worse and hit the epicentre and cause substantial damages before it will subside. It will take its natural course eventhough many are trying to diffuse it.

SUPP President have also sounded the bugle publicly,”19 seats belong to SUPP” SPDP President “those 8 are our seats.’ PRS President ‘U touch one you touch all” PBB they { TERAS & UPP} are very much BN YBs and Ministers. CM Adenan naming winnable candidates has open up the pandora box and stirred the “hornets nest”. Where are the CM’s executioners and executors? We will get to that later.

Poltical friends today will be enemies tomorrow. No two buts about it. But remember there is a saying” True Friends are hard to come by, but Political ‘Friends or Alliances” can be put together to serve the bests interests of both parties.

Decisions taken by certain parties depends on who helms the Supreme Council at the time with little disregard for grass root decisions. It hasn’t change in Sarawak’s Politcal climate and it will not be any sooner. The Supreme Council decisions are final and any party members who goes against will certainly feel the heat.

When Taib Mahmud was the Commander in Chief he had a number of able ‘hatchet men” in ,Adenan.Asfia and Abdul Karim who would be able to signal Taib Mahmud even when he closes his eyes for a ‘power nap”. They can smell the enemy a mile away and today both are still serving but in a different manner as to their mentor Taib. Adenan was an Taib’s executor but today he helms the  state and his decisions will affect how and where the State goes in time to come. Could Asfia and Abdul Karim be the new executors?

Asfia even though how hard he tries to camouflage he cannot hide from his allegiance to Tengah  Karim very much Taibs able student is now seen aligned to Abang Johari. How will they be able to execute fully the demands asked by CM Adenan.

The BN coalition is in for a “BIG FIGHT’ says our sources from the various BN Parties. DAP Chong has even put the sword in the chests of Adenan and said that they are aiming to deny the BN coalition 2/3rds in the state assembly.

  • Is this Chongs way of trying to blindfold the rakyat?
  • Could DAP and their new found Alliances be able to achieve that?
  • 1987 the BN won 28 out of 48 seats and 2016 with 82 seats how will it turn out?

The gloves would certainly come off if all the seats are being challenged and in politics they say anything can happen in the 11th hour. The FEAR factor of being left aside is now very evident and all parties are claiming what is rightfully theirs. The social media age has taken over and any single wrong move would be blown out of proportion. Adenan might say ‘ we believe in consensus in BN” but remember those being dealt a bad card will leave it to the public to judge”

We know we have gone from a vertical society to a horizontal society where everybody has an opinion about any decision a leader makes. It’s readily available and all opinions are shared which means the gloves will be off and the clash will not only be a small matter but will escalate into from an easy win seat to scrapping through. Basically the RESPECT will be gone and every decision has to be carefully evaluated and understood by all.

Asfia and Abdul Karim needs to execute what ever is being laid for them to solve for CM Adenan . Populists agendas are only to hoodwinked positive vibes but its the right policies plus capable and most appropriate WINNABLE candidates which will turn into votes.

We know sandiwara comes in many forms and Politicians are very good at it. The “‘merger of minds “coalition needs to be addressed carefully as they too will give a big jolt to PBB and the main beneficiary would be the opposition pact. This is nothing new in the political annals and most veteran polticians knows it but many still IGNORE the threat it brings.

Adenan cannot look behind his back and he needs the two executors to move and address the problems. PBB could have met for 3 hours and spent half the time strategizing and trying to find a solution to the problems but they know this will not just go away.

The storm is coming no matter Adenan likes it or not. He said he has been telling the ‘parties involved” to solve the differences but it has lingered on and the wounds are now so deep it needs not an executor but an executioner to address it. The slagging has got so bad in the eyes of the public that the voters are turning their backs from the parties.

Adenan still charms his way across the state with his populists agendas and his ooo ha’s and U U but the fact is the problem still remains intact. Adenan needs to clamp down on the slagging  matches openly amongst the BN3 against the BN plus  and will need his two executors to sit them down and find a political solution.

All these winnable candidates will be of no use if the solution still displeases someone. The disease has already spread and its hardly unlikely it will just go away. Even DAP Chong knows that BN will win in first past the posts but DAP or the opposition pact is to deny the 2/3rds to BN Sarawak. Don’t say they wouldn’t as its been proven it happened in 2008 in Peninsular Malaysia.

Let us reiterate here ,”the literacy rate of the voters have gone up and many are well informed and what is happening in Peninsular Malaysia will also affect the mind-set of the voters in Sarawak. The currency has slumped,the business climate is not exactly thriving and basically costs of living has escalated.

BN Sarawak needs to addressed the “internal bickering”  sooner rather than later. A component party leader said,” its getting messier but our calls to CM are being ignored” Is this a sign of things to come?

“Fishing in Trouble Water”

1bn sarawakIt all started with “merger of minds” and now it has snowballed to this. Do you blame the SPDP President for speaking his mind to the press in this statement? One may ask,‘what do you know about the intricate details of politics in Sarawak where the Chief Minister of Sarawak knows since 1979?” He won his first contest in the Muara Tuang constituency and has seen it all in his 30 years in office.

He too remembers the PBDS days where the party was at odds with the State BN but very much in tune with the Federal BN. Could this happen again? It will be a matter of time when it will unfold and the CM Sarawak is not making many friends from the SPDP,SUPP and PRS ‘merger of minds” coalition of BN partners. UPP/TERAS are BN friendly parties as the Ministers/Assistant Ministers/YBs sttod on Barisan Tickets at the 10th Sarawak elections. They are of course not Pakatan YBs? That’s for sure.

There has been a lot of mudslinging amongst the BN component parties and obviously it is so unhealthy. The State itself does not want it to be too unstable as it will not be good for foreign investments in the long run. The time will be soon when Adenan decides to dissolve the assembly and call for fresh elections in 82 constituencies.

If the bickering continues many pro-BN supporters will be looking over and above their shoulders and even will tell ADENAN a thing or two. CM Sarawak says’Bagi saya Peluang” but who are giving the voters and the people chance? Word on the ground is that its harder to make a living now than the final stable years of Taib Mahmud where everyone finds it so much easier.

Of course, Adenan has taken the necessary actions against corrupt practises, demanding autonomy,looking after Chinese and Christians’ Allah” issue and other populists agendas to ensure a comfortable MANDATE. Will that be enough? One must remember that the literacy rate amongst the youths and the people have gone up and they will not be fooled by just popular jargons.

Pakatan have had their fair share of promises to the people but everyone knows that DAP’Impian Sarawak” semi and rural drive are making headways. We do not need to put a blanket over our head and keep on harping all is well,all is well.all is well and BN with Adenan at the helm will win it for us.

Adenan is one person and he will win comfortably in Tanjong Datu Constituency or even might face a no contest. Will all the other 81 seats be so plain sailing? At the moment according to our Emeritus Professor its going to be a battle not only pitting BN v Pakatan/Independent but also BN v BN friendly v Pakatan/Independent.

1bn swakPBB spokesman did harp on UPP/TERAS are in line with Najib’s call for ensuring the BN will win handsomely but with the outburst from SPDP President Tiong it will be anything but plain sailing. The BN principle comes very much to the fore for Adenan on the discussion table. Though Adenan has echoed the names of TERAS incumbents at his election dry runs that they will be standing it still will depend very much on how the situation looks nearer the election date.

Word has it coming out from the ground PBB is his party but not the others PRS/SUPP/ SPDP or even TERAS or UPP. He is BN Sarawak Chairman and is the coalition head by virtue of his office. This statement was unheard of in his predecessors years.

Of course, SPDP has every right to shout from the roof tops and scream but it is only a small thin line which will see the BN Sarawak coalition in tatters if an amicable political situation is not reached. The wheeling and dealing within the BN framework will fall squarely on Adenan’s shoulders. He will bear the brunt of it if at the eleventh hour if the “merger of minds” grouping sees that one of their partners are not being politically satisfied and a breach of contractual seat arrangement is not met. (contracts must be kept or rewritten to serve all parties concerned.No other way around it. Verbal contact is a contract but in Malaysia…hmmm depending on who you deal with   )

Its like we say,”TOUCH AND GO” and Adenan needs to listen to seasoned political strategists instead of listening to raw,gungho and untested green horn politicians who only want their best interest served instead of looking at Sarawak in totality. We have even heard that they want to RUN THE WAR ROOM. Gosh!!! We gave you the chance and we know in this social media age the pen and in this case the keyboard is mightier than the sword..

 They know who they are and its bests that names are not mentioned or they will come after audie61’s back with more HATE AND VENOM. We are waiting!!!

Till the next episode in a few days time..

ooo Ha..even we have losts the ooompphhh

No one is Indispensable

 indispenEven the TITANIC SUNK…..

We are now focussing on Sarawak Elections 11 which will be held very soon. August 17th will see a One Day DUN seating which is done for the obvious scenario of the 11 New Seats on offer.

This will then be brought up in Parliament and the bill will also be passed and by the time of Elections there will be 82 seats up for grabs. No one is indispensable also refers to the Golden Boy of DAP. Our sources on the ground says that this time around his seat too is no more a safe seat. He himself knows that and BN are making inroads and it only takes the right candidate to unseat him.

We only have to remember the words of a veteran politician. It used to be said,” DAP harps on give us one rocket to fight for your rights in DUN Sarawak but now its reversed to the BN component parties especially in the urban areas.”

It will take more than oo0 Ha,oo0 Ha to reverse the trend. There are so much infighting within the UPP/SUPP camps and also TERAS/SPDP which will only benefit the opposition based parties. 11 new seats will that solved all ooo Ha’s headache? CM Sarawak used to be behind the scene directing traffic for Tun Pehin Sri Taib but now he needs all his prowess and years of experience, wisdom and Art of War to pull through.

The responses he got from the people during the recent Kibar Jalur Gemilang launching was as crystal clear as they come. There is nothing to hide as far as the URBANITES are concerned. Its the rural areas that will still be the bastion for BN. DAP “Impian Sarawak rural programme are not so much a threat but word on the ground is that A Bidayuh majority seat is very shaky and will even fall to the DAP. Not trying to boost the DAP morale and deflate BN but all systems needs to be checked and counter checked. The question on everyones lips especially on the BN camp would be DAP/PKR/PAS are also embroiled in party fights. Their seats are also up for grabs don’t you think?

Who then will try to sink the Titanic this time around? In any elections there will be casualties and this time around is no different. The poltical parties in Sarawak will pit their election manifestoes,rhetorics,winnable candidates against one another. But it does boil down very much to how the new political paradigm and how the Commander in Chiefs lead their charges forward.

Sad to say, Political Popularity does not last. Every one will have their day the Golden Boy and the CM Sarawak will need to fight it out for their turf. BN must not neglect the URBAN areas to the extend of ‘saying,” No chance,waste of funds which was clearly heard at the corridors of power. This words should not be repeated. The opposition parties are very good in camouflaging and they are united in that respect as compared to those in the ruling party.

Even incumbents who have been working hard are being threatened and pushed to work extremely hard and Taibs words must be heeded in order that BN remains a powerhouse,”we’ve to learn and learning how to be humble to serve our people,especially when will continue to face challenges and changes with the tide of time”

Was the Titanic unsinkable? It was at the time but little did the owners thought that could have happened to its SHIP. Be prepared, fasten your seat belts and the people will work out who will come through unscathed as the incumbent YB.

Many people know many things. There are some who thinks they have all put together an application of indestructible and unpenetrable winning margins. Even the CIA or the Kremlin needs all the information and covert operatives that they need to succeed. If the ruling government depends on outside forces and not the Commander in Chiefs they will fail.

The commander in chief intent must be understood by his Supreme Councils in the component parties,decisions must be devolved to the lowest level to allow the frontliner grassroot members to exploit the opportunities to win the marginal war at the constituencies. Of course there are war rooms for all the parties involved but who RUNS it will determine the Indispensable One.

Golden Boy has shone but will ooo ha ooo ha  ooooo ha regain the confidence for the Urban enclave. Tell me that his strategists are not watching over us and our writing, More are coming which will benefit for those who thinks they need help but be reminded NO ONE IS INDISPENSABLE.


DAP + PKR = 0

dapSarawak DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen said as long as PKR was working with PAS, the cooperation between Sarawak DAP and Sarawak PKR was almost at zero.

He said the reason why Sarawak DAP quit the state Pakatan Rakyat (PR) was because despite the PAS policy to pursue the implementation of hudud law nationwide, Sarawak PKR still wanted to work with PAS.

“The implementation of hudud law has no place in Sarawak,” he said, adding that he could not understand why Sarawak PKR still wanted to work with PAS although this was going against the wishes of the majority of Sarawakians.

For that reason, he said Sarawak DAP had to sever ties with PKR or anyone else in the same boat as PAS.

“If PKR still has any doubts about it, then it should be clear by now. It is also time for PKR to sever ties with PAS. Only then can any form of cooperation between DAP and PKR be possible

DAP only “Noisy Thunder” says CM Chief Political Secretary

saidolDAP Only “Noisy Thunder”
YB Abdullah Semop Assemblyman and Chief Political Secretary to Chief Minister  who is also Sarawak State Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club Chairman, said that year in and year out, what the people had witnessed and heard from DAP was plainly populist demands and idealism without any solid follow-up on the execution of their “artificial or bluffing” manifesto.

The majority of Sarawakians treat YAB CM’s announcement of his vision and mission as the GENUINE “lightning” and on the other hand DAP’s Action so far is just noisy “thunder”.

Abdullah Saidol joins in together with Fadillah Yusof, Dr.Stephen Rundi and Karim Hamzah who have taken turns to hit out strongly at DAP Chairman Chong Chieng Jen

Sarawak State Leaders Lambasting DAP Chairman Chong

cm11Incessant attacks have been launched against DAP Chong over the past few days eversince his call for the adoption of the 10 Point Policy Reform to the Chief Minister. DAP is seen trying to capitalise and claiming credit for all the State’s good work and also trying to discredit the Chief Minister who have managed to turn many doubters to his side.

There is an air of uncertainty on DAP’s side as it tries to recover losts ground and trying to tarnish the good work of the Chief Minister. DAP feels that with CM Adenan they are losing the INVINCIBILITY where the Pakatan coalition wrestled 16 out of 71 seats in the State Assembly in 2011.

The next state elections will be due in 2 years time and Pakatan have started to unleash their fury towards the State leader and checking him on all angles. The Pakatan coalition feels threatened for once and CM Adenan might just be DECEPTIVE enough to wallop them at their weakest point.

Moreover,the infighting in DAP has not be suppressed with the removal of former ADUN Voon and sacked YB Fong. Professionals are having second thoughts about DAP and Chong is seen to be building a family legacy. The last notable professional to join DAP was MP Julian Tan and the professional chain have now stopped says an insider.

The Sarawak State Government under CM Adenan is giving many sleepless nights to mosts of the DAP ADUNS as the Chinese electorate sees him as more as a “FRIEND OF THE RAKYAT”

DAP are finding ways to make itself still relevant with the people and they are seen to be capitalising on the CM noble intentions by riding on his feel good factor.

Will DAP be able to maintain their grip on their seats in PRN11?


BN vs DAP in Teluk Intan

gerakan mahIts a straight fight between BN Gerakan Gerakan president Datuk Mah Siew Keong  against DAP Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud.of the Pakatan Alliance in the Teluk Intan by elections.The by-election in Teluk Intan was triggered by DAP Seah’s death due to cancer on May 1.

The seat has 23,301 Malay voters (38.6%), 25,310 Chinese voters (41.9%) and 11,468 Indian voters A total of 60,349 registered voters consisting of 59,927 ordinary voters, 410 early voters and 12 overseas absentee voters are eligible to vote in the by-election.

The early voting will be held on May 27 while the polling day is on May 31.



chongThe sacking of Pujut assemblyman Fong Pau Teck is indeed a wake-up for DAP Sarawak. It does seem that the current DAP Chairman YB Chong Chieng Jen has his “pocketfull” eversince he took over the chairmanship from YB Wong Ho Leng.

The indications are clear as now the truth is out there and the main stream media is having a field day. They know DAP stories sells like hot cakes and everyday after the DUN sitting the journalists will interview Chong and Fong separately.

The RAKYAT and the voting public are watching how this UNFOLDS and if anything they will require a stable party to look after them and also to voice their concerns in the State assembly. In-fighting YBs are of no use to the RAKYAT.