World Record Attempt Retro Walk

Imagine-record-attemptJohn Lennon said,”A dream you dream alone is only a dream.A dream you dream Together is a reality”. 1BFF Pending Recreation and Sports Club have initiated the I.M.A.G.I.N.E. Retro walk which they will attempt the World Record Backwards (Retro)Walk in April 2014.

I.M.A.G.I.N.E. acronym means I MAKE A GO IN NO EXCUSES”

Preparations according to the Guiness World Record Attempt (GWRA) are in place and the Email which confirmed the participation was received on 28th August 2013. The Email reads,”Guinness World records is pleased to CONFIRM that your application has been accepted. In this email is all the information you need to proceed with attempting a Guinness World records title.

1BFF sent the email on the 22nd of August and within 6 days came the positive response. The only difference from the original application which 1BFF submitted was the distance covered. it was originally planned for 500 meters but GWRA set under its specific guidelines as the minimum distance for the walk must be 1KM.

Many corporate companies and individuals are already making preparations to be involved in this World Record Event. The registration process for this GWRA will be handled by Proud Partners of this event  “Prudential Group GMG ” The launching date will be fixed for the middle of October at a renowned Shopping Mall in the centre of the City.

1BFF have also tasks the following Event companies to be the coordinators for this GWRA. The companies are Jude Events & Sports Management, Events Horizon,Fest Event Solution and TEEM events. There will be other activities which will be put up during the 3 days World Record Attempt according to the Main Coordinator spokesman Julian Ong.

There will be more than 100 booths set up for entrepreneurs to showcase their products. We will also be witnessing new activities such as 18 hours dancing competition, 1st time ever Hospital Bed race which will see the participation of pharmeceutical companies,International Tattoo with a twist,Hotel Waiters/Waittreses Run which will be participated by all Hoteliers,Under 14 Imagine singing competition, Moreover a Fashon Designers Show by Only Sarawak Women Fashion Designers will also add prominence to the occasion.

The organisers 1BFF have also approached and have received confirmation that the Internationally famed 5 times World  YOYO Champion “Hiroyuki Suzuki” and also 5 time Malaysian Champion Shakeel Rose will be making an appearance and will also participate in the RETRO WALK.

The YOYO international “Wow Get Together ” with over 500 Yoyo exponents will also add colour to this Event in 2014.  

The organisers 1BFF have fixed the dates  for the World Record Attempt for 24th to 27th April 2014 and the venue will be at MBKS  Jubilee Ground.

The Following Organisers can be reached at pertaining to Guiness World Record Attempt (GWRA) or for the Events :-

  • 1BFF President Keith Sim -0198860806
  • Jude Events Julian Ong 0138003030
  • Fest Event Solution Edwin Then 0168927770
  • GWRA Marketing and Sponsorship  Sutaghani Zaidoll  0198180888
  • GWRA Registration Winnie Lim 0178035500
  • GWRA Welfare Wendy Earnest 0128804595
  • GWRA Protocol Director Priscilla June Ding 0168849337
  • GWRA Specific guidelines Director Valerie Patrick 0128989788
  • GWRA Liasing Coordinator Jason Pui 0109621967
  • GWRA Press and Media Director Kas Alwi Sepawie 0135614014
  • GWRA Legal Officer Nyam Teck Chiew 0138061329
  • GWRA Legal Officer Wilfred Yap 0198887688
  • GWRA Security and Logistics Director Captain Zainuddin Hj. Hamden   0133500279
  • GWRA Official Photographer Victor Voon 0168888897

Lets all join in to ensure that this programme will be a Success for Sarawak and also Malaysia. Lets welcome all to Visit Malaysia in 2014.


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