Nazri Went on an Overdrive, Over reacted and Overheated to “Samseng”

It was supposed to be an  Iftar@KL 2017 programme at Dataran Merdeka. The political journalist and those who know Minister Nazri Aziz well enough were waiting for the perfect timing. They got it spot on bang,bang bang and he shot everything that came his way.

at1.jpgNow #Sarawak is trending in social media at No.1 and there are many angry net citizens who are giving the Tourism Malaysia Minister a piece of his medicine. He called newly appointed Sarawak Tourism Minister “Setahun Jagung” (greenhorn) and also told him in so many words:-

“You should not talk big in politics. If you want to show samseng (thuggery), we are bigger samseng. I won’t let him be samseng like that; I have been a minister for a long time.”Don’t be a samseng when you are a new minister. If you want to learn to be a samseng, you can learn from me.”

When pressed further he even had a go at Miri,”On the city of Miri’s opposition towards the tax, “Miri only has one hotel”.
Wow, he even went further like a man possessed on a witch hunt on the byelection of BN’s chances in Pujut. Surely, this must have gone very well with BN Sarawak’s component parties and they will even lay out a RED CARPET TREATMENT for him to campaign for them.

Karim Hamzah does not want to aggravate the situation further and he was very magnanimous in his reply when asked by reporters in a programme “bubur lambuk”organised by the Island Big Bikers in Kuching Sarawak.

Karim reiterated that “We are not against the Federal Government.We are asking them to consult us because they are certain things that may need a little bit of adjustments.”

Is that wrong ? The bill as shown here extracted,” Tourism Tax Bill was introduced on April 4 and passed in the Dewan Rakyat a day later. Dewan Negara duly passed it, too, on April 27.

In the Dewan Rakyat, Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz read out the bill for its second and third readings at 1.39am on April 5 before it was passed at 4.57am”

Can it be delayed instead of being enforced by July 1st? Certainly in a democratic country the Prime Minister and his cabinet could be consulted again and deliberated on the table and that was what our newly appointed Sarawak tourism Minister was hoping and asking for.

Instead Karim got a tongue lashing and many are questioning Nazri’s agenda now? Is he doing it on purpose to show his mettle as someone very big and powerful within UMNO circles or is he doing for someone else across the political divide? We dont want to assume or else we too will get heavy “bombardments” coming our way.

Even now Fadillah Yusof PBB Youth Chief and Rahman Dahlan have come under attack when they are protecting one of their own. Nazri even have the cheek to say they are not ‘neutral” as they are both East Malaysians.

atourismIsn’t this going to blow over with now Sarawak pulling out its representation in the Malaysian Tourism Board in which the Minister of course is Nazri Aziz. This political statement comes a day after the spat between Nazri and Karim. Nazri also thanked the Sarawak government for pulling out and thats real “political sarcasm” on his part.

A political analysts just wants to touch the cream on top and said,”Federalism throwing their weight around as Sarawak’s Tough man the late CM Adenan is not there to rally the people and take the flak himself. Our source said Nazri himself will not be afraid to go in the ring with anyone but he did and does fear CM Adenan.

Is that the reason why he sees Karim Hamzah as a late upstart and “wet behind the ears” and even named him “Setahun Jagung” Many entrepreneurs are now capitalising on the Setahun Jagung term and have called their burger ANC SetahunJagung. Drinks ice kacang with Setahun Jagung,T shirts are also being made. This political spat will and are a windfall for some people who knows how to cash in.

Social media is abuzz and love him or hate him the Tourism Minister has waded into the battlefield and got on with his work. Nazri’s agenda will only surface long after he is gone. But it will do no good to Sarawak or Sabah if its already in full implementation. Sabah Tourism Minister Masidi Manjun have also joined in the chorus of agreeing with Karim and even PRS Youth Chief and Assistant Minister Snowdon Lawan came out to openly support .

Nazri as a senior cabinet Minister should not have reacted the way he did and he was Overheated in his responses which will have a detrimental effect on the Tourism Industry.

Anyway,Politics is interesting at the best of times when the right subject matter surfaces.

“Whither 1 Malaysia”

We have been receiving a number of smses on the protests of  Perkasa right wing members towards MCA. It wasn’t much towards them but the message of “1Melayu,1Bumi campaign” and a warning that comes with the protests.

Millions of dollars were poured into the campaign of 1Malaysia and it seems at every corner we turn there is a “1 of this and 1 of that” It has caught on and PM is smiling that Malaysians have taken towards the 1 but will not be too happy when there are “warning overtones”

( this extracted from Malaysiakini-the group had handed MCA’s top leadership a four point warning”,

Its supposed to unite the country through cutting out the barriers of multi-racialism,multi-culturalism and multi- ethnicity but not breakup the harmonious and tolerancy towards each others race.

The sms we receive in particular has this,”What abt 1dayak? Or 1Sarawak? Very soon the Chinese will have 1Foochow or 1Hockien and Melanaus will also have theirs 1MukahMelanau,1MatuMelanau while dayaks might have 1BidayuhBau,1BidayuhSerian or even 1Iban Betong, 1Iban Kapit.

What will become of 1Malaysia?

 It’s whithering right and directly under the noses of the Prime Minister Najib who is instrumental in making sure that this campaign will fit into every Malaysian life. It’s his campaign and surely he will not want it to be decimated.   

I received another sms which says the Perkasa boys are like West Ham supporters ‘blowing bubbles” and hoping their team will not be relegated at the end of the season while 1Malaysia Najibs campaign will see Manchester United as Champions for the 19th time. So will you choose Perkasa’s overzealous promotion of utusan malaysia’s brand 1Melayu ,1bumi or Najibs 1Malaysia? WE choose winners right……

Let the newspapers fight their own wars and we as Malaysians should safeguard our national identity of A Multi racial country made up of different races,cultures,religions and where we lived harmoniously side by side in peace.

Malaysia is united and 1Malaysia is here to stay…. 

Political “History Does Repeat Itself…..??”

Natasha of audie 61 received an sms from a former staunch SNAP supporter,” James Wong the former President of SNAP( Sarawak National Party) is still alive and he would be clapping his hands and clenching his fists and saying..Yes about time and Thank God History Does Repeat Itself. William led a walkout in SNAP 8 years ago and now he is swallowing his own medicine and its all his own doing. He has been trapped and he should have listened. Thank you.Comments please…

Slyvester Entri’s walkout was not staged nor angered or dissatisfied with the party. He was HUMANLY HUMILIATED infront of his own colleagues and those who followed suit are Principally Correct. Who wants to be treated this way? Would you.? The immediate concern of course will be the BN government who has seen a fair of power struggles in PRS and SUPP. PRS has survived the infighting and has grown stronger as a result while SUPP is still bothered with factional disagreements.

The next  question which will be asked by the BN poltical strategists would be,” What affects SPDP will have direct relevance and impact on the BN4 coalition.”

 Is they a need for an EGM.? There are already voices of discontentment of irregularities and versions too of Constitution being disregared and overuled.ROS does need to check it out.There are also calls for Mawan to resign gracefully.Also there are indicators of PBB interferences.In this regard SPDP leaders at all levels must learn to accept and indulge in interactive negotiation to solve the problems besetting the party now.The dirty linens are now being hung in the public which are totally scrutinised and giving pointers to the opposition Pakatan Sarawak to attack the coalition.

Is there a way out for Mawan.? That he has to answer himself together with his closest leiutenants. However there is light at the end of the tunnel for Slyvester Entri.There are already FEELERS being sent to Entri and his aspiring group to join forces with PRS. An aide said to audie61,”At the height of the infighting of PRS Mawan did say for the better good of BN and to strengthen the BN we will accept whichever faction be it Larrys or Masings.Now its Masings turn to recipocate and find a home or parking for those who have walkout and with additions of 5 ADUNS and 1 MP this will put PRS in a very strong and commanding partner in Barisan National. PRS itself has  8 ADUNS and 6 MPS.

Will it work..? Im sure CM Taib will use this to his advantage and if the need arises he will not hesitate to tell PRS to accomodate the legislators for the time being (parking)in preparation for the State elections which might be called sooner rather than later.Even Larry would be accomodated to stand in PRS if it is necessary according to the aide. Who stands to lose will be SPDP and Mawans “status quo” might come back to haunt him and the party. One will not discount this happening as its for the greater good of the coalition.The right political message needs to be handed down by the leaders in SPDP and addressed. There is little time to quarrel let alone fighting for individual egos.

The line has been drawn and if no one extends an olive branch the scenario might just be ripe for the MERGER which has been advocated by the Chief Minister for some nearly three and half years already. There has always been a stumbling block by someone but as we know History does have a hand in Politics.

It is better that they join hands with friends in the other BN component especially if PRS makes the offer to make Sarawak what it ought to be a place where multi racial  understanding at its best, and where goodwill and tolerance  continue to motivate people to work together and learn from each other. Sarawak has enjoyed politcal stabilty and socio-economic development and the shift in the partners in the coaltion might just be the right tonic for BN to go to the people to asks for a new mandate.

SPDP leaders must also look at themselves as agents of change and if History has her own way Entri and his team would be absorbed into Parti Rakyat Sarawak(PRS). A BN supporter aligned to SPDP said,”Let the elephants fight until they are exhausted.Meantime the mousedeer can only watch.”  The inclusion of the YBs does strenthen the BN and he is all for it.How very wise……….

“Bidayuhs Rejoices on News”

My brother in law received an sms,” We have a State Minister in Michael Manyin,Assistant Minister In Peter Nansian and now we have a Deputy Federal Minister in James Dawos. What else can our race ask for? The Bidayuhs up and down the country must be rejoicing and we thank God for a Belated Christmas Present. The groundswell of dissatisfaction on being left out and overlooked in positions and postings has paid dividends. Sometimes it does pay to make a little noise here and there and our Bidayuh leaders must be commended.

The full report from an internet portal Malaysiakini Mambong member of parliament Dr James Dawos Mamit has been named by the prime minister as the new deputy tourism minister to replace Sulaiman Abdul Taib who resigned recently.

James Dawos MamitMamit, 61, will be sworn in as the deputy minister on Jan 13, said a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office.

Mamit, a Bidayuh, is a supreme council member of the Sarawak-based Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB).

Yesterday Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud said that the vacant post must be filled by someone from his party, PBB, adding that he had submitted a name to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak

Sulaiman, 41, who is also PBB Youth vice-chief, was appointed deputy tourism minister on March 19, 2008, when Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was the prime minister and retained the post when Najib took over as prime minister in April last year.

However, he resigned recently for health reasons.

There have been speculations that Abdul Taib is planning to contest his son at the next Sarawak state election, due by 2011, and begin grooming him as a possible successor.

There were also rumours that Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin, who was overlooked by Najib when he named his cabinet eight months ago, be picked as a minister in a minor reshuffle hastened by Sulaiman’s resignation.”

“It is indeed a Joyous and Memorable day for all Bidayuhs around the country” Our congratulations from audie61 to the New Deputy Tourism Minister . Make us proud…

“Cobra …Christmas Carollers Ho Ho Ho”

Taman Primrose Riveria seems to have it all at the moment and the 110 houses at the outer ring road in Kota Samarahan is beginning to draw the attention of mosts people. Is this a coincidence..? Doubt it as just two days ago a cobra came too early for Xmas and visited the area.

 What about the Visitations of the Bees.???

Today at around 9pm around 35 SIB carollers came a calling to the area and sang their hearts out in wishing the Residents by walking through the “Lorongs-Lanes in English” siging We wish you a Merry Christmas

It was very impromptu on the part of the carollers and on behalf of the residents of Primrose ,Taman Riveria we would like to thank them for the  wonderful and joyous rendition of Christmas songs. The leader of the group thanked everyone and handed Chritsmas gifts as they passed by.

If it was all pre-planned it would not have such an impact and their sweet voices and smiling faces was more than enough to spread the fellowship of the Christmas spirit amongst all in Primrose. It seems that Primrose has its fair share of  activities in the last 8 months and we might just provide the tonic for a Friendly 1 neighbourhood  in the making.

Thank  you SIB carollers for Sharing the Joyous Songs of chrismas with us in Primrose.

On behalf of audie61 management and crew we would like to wish all our friends,readers,supporters and alliances a very Merry and Blessed  Christmas and Peace to all Man. God Bless you all  and we would be taking a well deserved break for the Holiday period. We should be back and kicking and punching our way around on Boxing Day!!!!

Sulaimans Resignation More Shocking or MACC Boss??

According to an internet blog the resignation of MACC boss is comes as quite a shock to the whole adminstrative system. Various theories and excuses are given for this sudden development and above it all it might just be another political manouevering.

The resignation letter of Deputy Minister of Tourism does come too as a shock to mosts of his “machais“. There were already word of it about a month and a half  ago but it was not revealed and word has it that the CM was not too happy then with his sons “rash act“. Exactly what happened we do not want to reveal all and as parents most of us will imagine what words came out and the subsequent actions. What would you have done..??

Taib is after all human and he wants the bests for Sulaiman his eldest son and for him to continue the family legacy. Would you have done the same in his position?   You would be lying to yourself if you say no,no,no.

audie61 had a breakfast meeting with a very close aide of Sulaiman this morning and he has mentioned that Sulaiman might quit as deputy as the signs of a U-Turn looks quite a distant.

HOWEVER  he will not relinquish his position as an elected MP.This wil quash all rumours about Samarahan getting ready for a Parliamentary by election and Najib will be very pleased nevertheless with such a move.

The next question is who will replace Sulaiman in the slot provided by Najibs adminstration for a PBB MP. According to our our sources five names does appear in the PBB radars with stong indications for  Alex Linggi and Henry Sum Agong( both very senior Parliamentarians) while Hasbibollah,Nora Rahman and Nancy Shukri are both first timers. Could Nora just succeed his cousin Sulaiman and pip others to the posts?

The PBB second echelon leaders are looking at Alex Linggi to be given the opportunity to take over from Sulaiman as he is known to very hardworking,approachable and is always on the ground willing to listen and assist the rakyat to  the bests of his capacity. 

Much can be written about the individual MPS but we know for a fact that Najib does believe that the MPs that works hard and are seen on the ground deserves a chance to be elevated. CM Taib does also believe in “hard work pays off  attitude and he will be too pleased to recommend without hesitation if the Big Boss says so. Its all up to what the leaders have in mind and we will only be too pleased if it is not taken away from Sarawak’s quota.   

So Najib will take it in his stride that it is indeed an opportunity for others to shine be it a new man as the MACC Boss or a New Deputy Minister. The platform is ther for for the person to take over and whoever is tasks will thank his stars that the time is right for him to SHINE BRIGHTLY.

No other words comes to mind except that only our parents who wants the bests for us will tell us that the stars are REACHABLE AND TOUCHABLE .

“Cheik Pa Boi..?”

( Cheik Pa Boi– Has a lot of different meaning in the Hockien language and when used in different cicumstances can be very Hurtful and Detrimental to ones cause. It’s like in English “You dont have Brains or Isn’t there better things to do?” If you used it aggressively in a round table its like asking for a Fist fight…hmmm


In Asian Coutries especially amongst the chinese community the usual greeting is,”Cheik Pa Boi.?” translated into English.” Have you eaten.?”

In the blogsphere in Malaysia it is now not a secret in that there is a tender out by the National Security council(NSC) to block”undesirable websites” which is quite similar to the one which was supposed to implemented in China under the Green Dam ‘regulation”.

There are obvious opposition and amongst them Veteran Opposition legislator Lim Kit Siang who himself blogs and he has condemned the proposed controls and urged government legislators to uphold the pledge of Internet freedom. He went on to say that,””(The plan) will be seen as a turn away from an open society and retreat to a closed society with all the grave long-term political, economic and nation-building implications,”

Suddenly with these news filtering through there was a sudden upsurge in the smses exchanged and one in particular which was rather significant,” The ruling government will find ways to stop or curb the social activists,NGO’s and especially the bloggers from dessimating their information. But it will not change the people’s mindset .However they will surely be obstacles and it ended with this,”Cheik Pa Boi

You do your own analysis on this short sms statement and to us basically it means we are slowly and surely going back to the dinosaur days.The world has progressed so far in technological terms and for Malaysia to even suggests a rather backward stance will only put Malaysia as a “FOLLOWER” and will never be a “LEADER” Our closest neighbour Singapore,Thailand and Indonesia will be at their respective little corners LAUGHING IT OUT LOUDLY.

 The statement,”This country must survive,”uttered by an official of the NSC and don’t you think that there must be and should be better “filtered words than that.” Come on, is he bluffing you and me..? Lets tell him this,”LU CHEIK PA BOI

“Do We Need Security Officials Like this at Boulevard Shopping Mall..?”

Hold on What’s going on..? audie61 and crew made their way to have lunch after our impromptu meeting. We were all wearing audie61 T-Shirts and Natasha,Cindy,Joyce and my wife commented that we will be very noticeable. How I wished that Bouvelard Shopping Mall Management had sponsored our T-Shirts. Why didn’t we think of that and while writing this report Boulevard could have got me a scanner to substantiate my posting. Never mind..!

We were all talking about the highhandedness of some security officials or people in uniforms. It certainy goes with the Job and some people just cannot be given that “POWER” if you know what I mean.. They abuse the system or does not follow the procedures or think that they are in charge and nothing else matters.

We sat down and had lunch and my wife had Coconut juice at M$2.00 and me drinking water at M$1.80. This happen at the vicinity of Boulevard Food Court at  precisely 15.03  Cashier 02 Change returned M$1.20 after giving a M$5. Happily all of us had our lunch and said how comforting the place was and the aircondition was just what we needed as the temperatures outside was very high and the weather hot and humid. After lunch we parted ways and I made my way to Boulevard Hypermarket.

Occasionally I do my weekend shopping here for groceries. This time we just purchased 12 items amounting to M$57.10 as shown by  Hong Leong Bank Credit Card Receipt. I wanted to pay in cash but the incident which is about to happen just got me going. There was no Encik or Sir when the security approached me and just stared at me and said ,”You minum Air bottle tidak bayar”  What! Huh! Whats your problem my friend I asked him?

You security “Sini  Kah“I said and asked him on what grounds do you suspect I drink this Boulevard Air Minuman Exp date 13/05/11 without paying for it. Please lah for M$1.80 I am going to be termed a ‘SHOPLIFTER” I gave him a piece of  my mine and I blog this article so that the management of Boulevard shopping Mall at Block 16,K.C.L.D,Jalan Datuk Tawi Sli Kuching will look at their security officials and SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE plus MANAGEMENT in order that this embarrasing situation does not occur again or be replayed. Who knows the person might not be so forgiving ..??

  • Firstly, The security officers do need a good and proper training.
  • Secondly, the on the spot questioning needs to be more courteous and polite.
  • Thirdly,maybe hmmm audie 61 can give them a TRAINING PROGRAMME to help the management.(Fee chargeable..!!)
  •  We would thought that this weekend would be much better after what we have discussed amongst the crew of audie61 and we touched on how crime /security /lawlessness in the country has risen up in recent years.
  • Did this incident have to happen to make us blog this article?

By the way if there are more proof needed this is our parking ticket No:03192441 Departure 16.30pm. We just hope that this article will indeed open up the eyes for the management of all shopping arcades/malls/hypermarkets. audie61 would love if you all could sponsor our T-shirts and in doing so the security in the areas patronised by shoppers would be ‘A HAPPIER AND CONDUCIVE ENVIRONMENT” We can be reached at the Drop us a line and see how we can assist you……

We say as always,”Boulevard receipt has,”Thank You.Please Come again. Have a Nice Day!!” We shall be waiting for the management to write to us and inform us that they have taken the necessary actions and steps to avoid another EMBARRASING SITUATION. There might be other implications if this situation remains…..

“Is this REALLY FOR REAL..MU..??


This breaking news in the world of soccer would have everyone asking,”Is this really for real..?? Michael Owen a Liverpool goal scoring machine joining arch rivals Manchester United. A phone call to a Liverpool fan and he said,” He has seen his glory days while a Manchester United fan said,” Alex Ferguson always brings out the bests in a player.”

This is the extract from soccernet,”Michael Owen looks set for a surprise move to Manchester United, after having a medical on his knee on Thursday. The striker will then have a full medical on Friday ahead of signing a pay-as-you-play deal with the Premier League champions.

So the smses keeps coming in to audie61,”Whats the latest on Entulu taking on James Masing.” Its all quiet and calm before the storm and if Michael Owen joins MU who will say,” I told you so...(MU) Manek Urai”  It is also similar to saying Anwar is ready to join back UMNO….”

We say as always,”There are always surprises round the corner and anything is possible especially in Malaysia….hik hik hik.. 

Beware,”Bomohs,Feng Shui Experts,Shamans,Spin Doctors..!!”

In this technologically advance age there will be no place where the law cannot get you. Maybe if you hide in the mountains of Afghanistan like “Osama bin Laden” there is a slim or glimmer of hope you will not be located. Really..! In all honesty someone is answerable especially the ” persons ” in charge of the sophisticated third eye in the US Intelligence. However this news really tickles me and I  really had an enjoyable and hearty  breakfast.

Would you believe if someone said to you  “An Astrologer is Arrested for Gloomy PREDICTIONS..?” You would obviously brush it off as nonsense or just a joke to make up the day. The question if it really happens what chance would you give Malaysian Bomohs,Feng Shui Experts,Shamans or Spin Doctors..?”

Here is the news and it comes from Sri Lanka and the Police in Sri Lanka have arrested an astrologer after he predicted serious political and economic problems for the government of President Mahinda Rajapkase. A police spokesman said Chandrasiri Bandara who writes for an astology column was picked up and questioned. The CID are asking him on what  “basis” he has predicted the outcome.

Moreover the astrologer had predicted a planetary change on October 8 will be inauspicious for Parliament and the government may not be able to arrest the rising living costs.(This is a prediction already predicted by private economists)

So Malaysians be careful in what you predict ,write or ask for ..? The eyes  of the law are always watching and their noses are always sniffing around. Wonder if a Malaysian Bomoh will somehow get him self noticed and create FRONT PAGE NEWS. Its not uncommon to hear nowadays around the world,”MALAYSIA BOLEH“.. Would you bet against this..??

We say as always,”Watch what you say as the long arm of the Law is just around the corner…Be careful on what you write on Najib or Anwar!!!”

*** THIS UPDATED PRS article is something worth reading:-