G5 and SUPP 7..Whose Lovin’ You..??”

equation-split-1In 1960 Smokey Robinson wrote the song,”Whose Lovin’ You..?” Eversince the songs release many have taken turns to sing the song with the Jackson 5, late Michael Jackson, Michael Buble and recently Shaheen Jafargholi singing at the Michael Jackson Memorial.

A former political secretary during the SNAP era said the present G5 “sacked”and SUPP 7 “staying out of SUPP’s hq”-factional disagreement will need to be solved as the impending elections will leave the 35 out of 71 seats in jeopardy.

The 3 coalition parties in SUPP,PRS,SPDP needs to change with time. Politics changes with time and the parties cannot hold on to the same “formula” to stake a claim for their ‘agreed and consensus ” seats.

SNAP during its peak time had 18 seats but what happen to SNAP? Is SNAP still around or for that matter PBDS?

PBB with 36 seats no doubt he said “tried and tested” will still be a tough nut to crack and PR would not find it easy to even break the stranglehold. The past few months prior to the GE13 there were a lot of ill-feelings and mistrusts amongst the Barisan partners.

There was ‘open warfare” plus sabotaging but though the grassroots were fighting each other for their parties survival the top echelon leaders have yet to use the “guillotine” to chop the traitors to BN.

The usual brushing under the carpet syndrome “show us the proof..?” plus they are doing just to out manoeuvre the opposition will catch up with BN sooner than expected. BN must squeeze the living daylights out of the ‘traitors’ or what we know bests and nothing will happen to BN will shatter in front of everyone.

Did we not hear what the former SUPP President George Chan said to the Prime Minister when he losts in 2011?

Let’s be realistic and James Masing is up to his usual notoriety says a political enforcer in SPDP.

This extracted from FMT,”Irrespective of how SPDP president William Mawan feels, PRS will accept the ‘errant’ five if they decide to join, said its president James Masing.

Did James forget to ask someone else says an SPDP Youth Exco. If we remember rightly please check the May 16th 2013 article and we did find the statement as ,’Bengoh state assemblyman Dr Jerip Susil seems to think the possibility of this happening is “very real”.


He should be saying to SUPP,”Whose Lovin’ You ..?” Instead he chooses to court the G5. This extract,”In an immediate reaction to Nansian, Masing who is a Senior Minister in taib’s state administration said: “Since Mawan and SPDP cannot compromise with the group, it is better for them to join any of the existing BN parties rather than joining the opposition.’

Looking at events happening in recent days it does seem that the G5 are getting “jittery” says a senior SPDP supreme council member. SPDP will still lay claim to the 4 seats eventhough the assemblyman joins another component party. SPDP will still maintain its 8 seats and will not compromise of anything less. 

The G5 must be reminded  that in 2011 Assistant Minister Larry Sng was not included in PRS candidates list. Will they be given the seats? Of course the risks is there if BN breaks the consensus and “all hell will break loose”

What if SPDP makes the move and offer Wong Soon Koh and his assemblyman to join them? Did not Jerip said the deregistration is ‘real.?”

Why is James not courting the SUPP7..? 

Well this is what a former SUPP member who has drawn up a way for the politicians as an escape route:-

Option 1 is for Chin to register SUPP Baru for his supporters.

Option 2 is forming a new party and

Option 3 is for members to join any of the existing parties within BN.

“Don’t forget there is also the Barisan Nasional Party (BNP) which was registered as a political party in January 1974. It receives anyone who is not a member of other BN political parties as a direct member of Barisan Nasional.

Could this be the formula to be applied to solve the problems of the elected representatives from being partyless in the event that SUPP be deregistered?”

PRS can court the 4 of them making their assemblyman to 12 for now but what if SPDP courts SUPP. This will make SPDP with 7 and going into the elections provided the scenario winning all seats after 8+7=15 seats.

Whose lovin’ you is a HIGHLY CHARGED song and G5 and SUPP7 will need to weigh their options soon. The word is out that the State elections would be held sooner than expected. Even Noroden Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department is getting in the act by predicting it to be held in 2015

( extracted from Borneo posts-Normally, our state election is called a year earlier, so my prediction is it  will be held in 2015)


In time the picture would be clearer and it must be done to benefit the present ruling BN government or PR would cash in on the weaknesses.

The threat is real and when you finish reading this please don’t say these words,”NO WAY,IT WILL NOT HAPPEN..”


SPDP Pending “AGM Resolutions”

spdp pendingSPDP Pending held its annual general meeting yesterday in preparations for the Party’s AGM which will be held in Bintulu on the 24th of August 2013. The Pending Division will sending a 20 member delegation led by the Divisional Chairman and the Youth,Wanita,Puteri and Putera will also be represented by their respective Chiefs. ( Pictured right are The Executive Committee of SPDP Pending with Chairman Audie Chua are the Vice Chairman 1 Cilla Balla and Vice Chairman 3 Narashima Barathy,Youth Chief Keith Sim & Secretary Surash, Wanita Chief Winnie Lim & Deputy Wendy Earnest and Puteri Chief Priscilla June .)

The Divisional Meetings Resolutions:-

  • 1. The Division fully supports the recent statement by our President Tan Sri William Mawan on the 7 new faces for the 11th Sarawak State Elections.
  • 2. The Division recommends our newly elected MP Anthony Nogeh to be considered for a Federal Deputy Posting in the next reshuffle/addition to the Federal Cabinet.
  • 3. The Division strongly recommends for a “fair representation” on the posts of Political Secretaries. SPDP Kuching Divisions should be represented and the division has submitted the divisions choice for consideration by the party and the Chief Minister.
  • 4. The Division will be  submitting a number of names to the party headquarters for consideration for directorships in GLC’s and Councillorships which will all be due in November.

Sarawak Boiling Hot 2

undur3When we wrote this on 30th june 2013. “Sarawak Boiling Hot”  we were told in so many words “Bro.ground swell is against the ruling government at the moment’ and “the uncertainties in the political BN Sarawak coalition leaves much to be desired.

All too is not well within the PR setup though they have somehow created a PERCEPTION  that their problems are ‘containable“.

We have a lot of work to do in order that the ruling government stays relevant. It will be tough but we will prevail Bro . if the right strategies and tactics are implemented

The earlier article:- https://audie61.wordpress.com/2013/06/30/sarawak-boiling-hot/

It is “Boiling Hot no doubt and it needs to be sorted out soon.   The following were some headline grabbers  :-

  • 1. SUPP “warring factions” to trigger full blown. (A number of articles already written and appeared in the mainstream media. Even a Youth Central committee and another veteran Chinese community leader says he is FEDUP!  and they will have no choice but to leave/resign from the party if matters are not resolved.)
  • 2. SPDP’s groundswell in Bau “Church allocation” turn from bad to worst .   ( cheque withheld leaves bad taste to rakyat and is BAD PUBLICITY for the party. Heads must roll..  )
  • 3. The speculations of CM Taib to step down after November to make way for “New leadership” (watch this space)
  • 4. DAP to make “inroads to supposedly PKR areas” Bad Blood spilled?                ( articles can be viewed in internet portals)
  • 5. Federal leaders suggesting to the State leaders to have the State elections latest by end of 2014  in order to have a “GENERAL ELECTIONS in 2018” which will also include Sarawak this time round.
  • 6. The component parties are all cleaning up their acts and getting rid of traitors”Disciplinary actions” from within and ensuring their coalitions will win in the allocated 71 Sarawak State seats.
  • 7. PRS to consolidate the party and  ‘grassroots” calling to put in new leaders in coming State elections and replace those who did not “toe” the party’s lines.
  • 8. New faces in PBB highly likely as many veteran YBs will have had served their time. Jostling to be candidates will be the order of the day in the months to come. ( An assemblyman said,’ Usual as when election nears everyone will want to be in the good books of the party and wants to be renominated. Of course it will not turn ugly but it will not be for the faint hearted he said. PBB will remain intact though they will be some unpleasantries on the ground. It’s common he said and this is politics”  )

This from President of SPDP will trigger some reactions from the 4 State Assemblyman who are still partyless but they call themselves the BN CLUB members

PAKAN: Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) is in consolidation mode and will field seven new faces in the 11th state election, disclosed SPDP president Tan Sri William Mawan.

He told BAT3 yesterday the party’s Supreme Council would pick the candidates.

For now, the party has identified young and capable people to rejuvenate the party.

“Now is the time for us to consolidate. We have reached rock bottom. The only way for us now is moving forward,” he said when met after a meet-the-people session at Rumah Jilap Taji, some 8km from here, yesterday.

Mawan, who is also Social Development Minister, admitted he was more confident now to lead the party after winning all the four parliamentary seats – Mas Gading, Saratok, Bintulu and Baram – it contested in the May 5 general election.

The current term of the State Legislative Assembly expires on June 19, 2016, but the chief minister has the prerogative to dissolve the Assembly earlier.

In the 10th state election in 2011, SPDP contested in eight seats and won six. It lost Krian and Ba Kelalan to PKR.

But after the state election, the party suffered a huge blow when the party sacked five members, four of them assemblymen and one an MP, for gross insubordination. The MP, Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe, defended Mas Gading in the recent polls as an independent candidate, but lost.

The assemblymen are Tasik Biru assemblyman Datuk Peter Nansian, Datuk Sylvester Entrie (Marudi), Rosie Yunus (Bekenu) and Paulus Palu Gumbang (Batu Danau).

The situation in SPDP worsened when its Meluan assemblyman Wong Judat quit and joined Sarawak Workers Party (SWP) as its vice president on Sept 1, 2012.

When asked whether the party would reconsider taking back the four assemblymen, who formed the yet-to-be-registered BN Club, Mawan said the party would consider all options to tackle the issue.

“We have had enough. Now you will not see the same Tan Sri William Mawan. We have had enough of all these,” said Mawan, who is also Pakan assemblyman and Saratok MP.

He added the party would soon have its triennial general meeting (TGM) and then hold inner circle meetings.

“On the new candidates, the Supreme Council will decide who would be the fielded. We will not be talking about the BN Club members. We will only talk about SPDP seats.

“$10,000 Bucks Story”

He is not fit to stay in Sarawak as he has made a mockery of all Sarawakians

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We would not even give him the title KING. We might as well call him Emperor as it seems that he is so Arrogantly sure of himself and the way he said “CHARGEEEEE” Hmmm…

Well, now you are going to be referred to the Advocates Inquiry Committee.We hope they find a CHARGEEEEE against you…..

all quotes


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Sedition “Who is going to be Charged Then.??”

Nobody is above the law. if there has been overzealous reporting or “usually they say misquoted statement” there must be a FOLLOW-UP Press release. In this case the Acting Police Chief has come out strongly to defend himself.

After reading the extracted article below netcitizens and bloggers would have a clearer picture.


Extracted from Malaysiakini


Selangor acting police chief A Thaiveegan has denied stating that the police would use the Sedition Act against those who spread photographs with regard to the shower room canteen imbroglio.

Selangor deputy police chief A ThaiveeganIn a Sin Chew Daily report, Thaiveegan (right) claimed that he was misquoted by a “certain newspaper”.

According to the police chief, he had not said anything to the effect of using the Sedition Act.

Yesterday, Utusan Online (below) reported that Thaiveegaan in stating that those who spread the photos could be investigated under the Sedition Act, warned that such images could result in provocation and racial conflict.

“Police would not hesitate to take action against those found spreading seditious information about the school over the social network,” he was quoted as saying.

A check on Utusan Online today revealed that while the URL for the online article still carried the original headline regarding Thaiveegan’s threat, the content has however been replaced with an unrelated story.

The pictures of non-Muslim children of SK Seri Pristana having their meals in the shower room during the current fasting month have been posted on various social networks over the past three days, and have angered netizens.
NONEImages uploaded on Facebook on Monday show the pupils sitting around tables set up in their school’s shower room.
The school authorities have been accused of forcing the children to eat in the makeshift dining room, located next to the toilets.
However, it was later reported that the school canteen has been closed for renovation while Deputy Education Minister II P Kamalanathan denied that the matter was related to race or religion.


Assistant Minister Unscathed In A Driving Incident

This has the Video

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Assistant Minister for Youth Development and Housing  YB Karim Hamzah officiated the Borneo Auto Great Wall “Wingle 5” auto show this morning at the “Travillion” in Kuching Sarawak.

He was impressed with the SUV eventhough he was involved in the “incident” which made the vehicle turned “turtle”. The driver was hurt and he was sent to hospital for a further checkup. Reporters and guests were at the scene of the incident.


23 July 2013 20:45
This video is recorded during our Tour in Kuching. During a normal routine stunt by our professional driver an incident during a H5 demo run at the Great Wall tour of Borneo in Kuching involving YB En. Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, Assistant Minister of Social Development for Youth Development & Assistant Minister of Housing along with VIP’s from GWM happened this morning. Everyone in the H5 walked way without any injuries. The H5 was executing a reverse flick flip over…

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‘Warring Factions At Each others Throats..??”


When party grassroots gets involved in TOP leadership tussles the only logical way out for ROS is to ask the factions to have another AGM or face the consequences of having the party deregistered. There are many options available amongst them which was used before an “INDEPENDANT COMMITTEE” to overseer the whole election procedures.


The news which has appeared in the major tabloids/internet portals (see below) in the last few days does not look very promising for the BN component party. The BN top leadership having secured the mandate to form the Federal Government would not want SUPP to further deteriorate into the abyss. Presently SUPP has 6 0ut of 19 State assemblyman and the ones who are holding the SUPP’s rein have no State Assemblyman on its side and has only 1 Federal Full Minister in Richard Riot.

The party is beyond redemption says a political watcher as the once powerful party has sunk deeper into a “State assemblyman versus the Party diehards”  What else is there for them to fight for.? Seems the sooner the ROS rules the faster the problem will be solved. It’s a mockery to the political system and the infighting not only affected the equilibrium of the adminstration but the peoples needs are being overlooked.

When you are engrossed in infighting do you honestly think the RAKYATS needs are looked into? Do they have the TIME? Their times are only left to fight each other with press releases, dinners and get togethers to show each others strength says the political watcher.

The extracted article from Borneo posts below:-

SIBU: The issue between the two warring factions in SUPP is no longer one of  five assemblymen standing up for a comrade.

The wounds inflicted by the spat between party chief Tan Sri Peter Chin and  Sibu branch head Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh worsened yesterday when 3,000 Dayak  members from its Sibu Bumiputera Unit announced their support for Wong’s  faction.

Unit chairman Andrew Shilling said his members were unhappy over the party’s  Central Working Committee’s decision to refer only one of the six assemblymen in  Wong’s camp to its disciplinary committee. On Sunday, the group of six – Wong  (Bawang Assan), Datuk Francis Hardin (Simanggang), Datuk Lee Kim Shin (Senadin),  Dr Jerip Susil (Bengoh), Dr Johnical Rayong (Engkili) and Ranum Mina (Opar) – said in a statement they would `sink and swim’ together if Chin dared to sack  anyone of them.

In yesterday’s press conference, Andrew said: “We stand united here. If you  (Chin’s faction) dare to touch one, you touch all – the 3,000 Bumiputra members  of Sibu Branch. We remain one with Wong’s faction.”

He said party headquarters in fact had no authority to handle such a hot  issue as the Registrar of Societies (ROS) was still investigating irregularities  reported in the run-up to the party’s triennial delegates’ conference (TDC) in  December 2011. Asked by reporters what their next course of action would be,  Andrew reiterated that his unit would stick with Wong’s faction. Andrew said his  exco members were unhappy with SUPP Central Working Committee for stirring  actions leading to the burning of the reconciliation bridge.

He said they supported the statement by Dr Jerip Susil about Wong’s faction  being united in pulling through this turbulent period, and about Chin’s faction  being insincere when talking about reconciliation.

“Now that they want to take disciplinary action, they are burning the bridge  of reconciliation.”

Although the show cause letter had been issued to the Piasau and Bekenu  branches, he said there were 12 other branches which had yet to receive the  show-cause letters.