PR Taking over Sarawak Government..?

Is this threat real? If left unchecked slowly and surely it will happen.

The government of the day must not just brush this as just another PR Propaganda or Day Dreaming to PetraJaya. We highlighted this 7 years ago long before it hit the shores of Sarawak and where BN/SUPP was given a “grievous bodily harm”to the party.(13 seats losts out of 19 )

The article which created a stir and also got yours truly given a “right smack in the face plus many unkind words” can be read HERE. There is no denying that times have changed. The strangledhold and iron grip by the present CM is being chipped away by the PR coalition but it has yet to penetrate the 35 PBB held seats and 7 PRS seats( one seat losts to independent and since now belongs to SWP).

In 2011 BN managed 55 out of 71 seats and with Taib understandably not getting any younger the PR coalition with YB See Chee How boldly stating ,‘we are gearing towards capturing power in Sarawak in the next state election” (see below newspaper article )

Warning signs for BN Government? Do we need to tell them more? It does seem though that many BN Facebookers and Bloggers have already made their stand and ultimately it plays into PR hands. The “war-room” must be ready to answer if PR achieves their target which is of course from what we gathered denying the 2/3rds majority and see an end to many veteran assemblyman.

There will be an influx of PR assemblyman and strategists unlike what we have experienced in the next state elections. Its a worrying sign and no one can deny the importance of the parties very own media team. The BRAIN must be identified now and we would like to quote from Pengerang MP Azalina Othman who said”it takes a local to understand local conditions and specific events” which must be read and targeted as “the right man for the right job and producing results and keeping “EVERYONE’S INTERESTS LOOKED AFTER AND WORKING TOWARDS THE DESIRED RESULTS” 

“The bottom line is to win an election and not to BACKSTAB,BACKBITE,BADMOUTH  each other. Still, we would not be everyones friendly ally but the groupings and togetherness of our own CYBERTEAM are now STRONGER THAN EVER and have receive due recognisation to be a vital cog in the Administration.”

The destiny of the BN Sarawak government is in their own hands and the WAKE UP CALL was when the “KEY TO ANWARS LOCKED DOOR WAS FOUND” The rests as we say is history and the momentum is gaining traction. The rumour mill have even spun viciously that it will still be BN4 v PR4 (new addition SNAP out..another new player ) in the coming state election.

PR4 will be in place sooner rather than later and the final surgical instrument will be used to carve BN4 piece by piece says a PR strategists and an assemblyman. You know where we going for and the BN/SUPP areas are a foregone conclusion as he sounded confidently.

My mind is saying “NO WAY PAKATAN” but the reality and its a fact that the grounds are shifting and those who are sitting pretty have better realise that its not as comfortable as it seems.


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