“$10,000 Bucks Story”


We would not even give him the title KING. We might as well call him Emperor as it seems that he is so Arrogantly sure of himself and the way he said “CHARGEEEEE” Hmmm…

Well, now you are going to be referred to the Advocates Inquiry Committee.We hope they find a CHARGEEEEE against you…..

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9 thoughts on ““$10,000 Bucks Story”

  1. pulanganas says:

    Damn RIGHT We need an apology. This idiot thinks we “villagers” are so cheap. How about his ancestors 50-60 years ago? Don’t they live in the village meh? Don’t tell me Sarawak got “city”at the time before the British rule & Japanese occupation?

  2. Orang Asal says:

    While I felt absolute distaste of this Alvin fellow, at the same time I am even more disgusted by Fatimah Abdul Rahman. Who you think you are, a spoilt brat, doing nothing, but raking in millions because of your cousin taib. Her action reflect how the ruling elite treats our natives people all this years. So to all the natives, let wake up, together let free ourselves from the shackle of oppression from this ungrateful family. show that you have some dignity left in you. Come this election you know what to do!!!

  3. 2012 hope says:

    ONLY businesses that depend on BN’s cronyism as their life support fear a change of government,

    All rent seekers and Alibaba entreprenuers are having sleepless nights now

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