The phone rang and Tan Sri Mawan answered and mentioned “Inspiring the Frontliners” on the subject matter of ‘COVID19″

Little did we know our interview was postponed as he was on the way back to his constituency in Pakan,Sarikei after only been back in Kuching for one and half days.

Our obvious reaction was Eeeeh..! Back again.. It does seem that most assemblyman during this Pandemic #covid19 is pushed to the brink and its no different to this experience and veteran assemblyman from Pakan in Tan Sri Mawan.

Will call you back or text u back he said as the phone will be out of range and our conversation will be cut off.

Wow! We know that during election time assemblyman/candidates would be criss/crossing their constituencies to ensure their vote banks are secured.

This is not election time but a Pandemic #Covid19 time and the positive figures have shot up to 255 cases in Sarawak on 24/1/21 where 1646 cases are being treated in hospitals in Sibu, Miri , Bintulu, Limbang and Sarawak General Hospital in Kuching and deaths have multiplied significantly too.

Obviously, as curious as our minds maybe but we waited for the TS Mawan to call back.

We looked up a few articles on this subject matter and these 2 caught our attention ,’Don’t relax on Vigilance despite zero-cases on four days” on 22nd August 2020 and “Sarawak CM announces RM1.15bil aid package.”

DCM Uggah who is also SDMC Chairman reminded everyone and informed the general public,”Though our figures for the last four days have been zero, it doesn’t mean that we have won the war.

The war is still going on and the situation has not stabilised as expected. Therefore, I urge Sarawakians to keep complying with the SOPs, whether we are shopping or in public places or in restaurants. As we have seen from previous experience, when all of us adhere to the SOPs, the chain of transmission can be broken.

The Chief Minister on March 23rd 2020 on the RM1.15bil aid,“The package is a balanced people and business-centric model to cushion the impact of economic slowdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The GPS (Gabungan Parti Sarawak) government shares the pain of the rakyat during this trying time. We do not know when this pandemic will end but let us go through this together for Sarawak.

“Let us pray for the betterment of Sarawak.”

The Positive Figures have spiked and the third wave has also seen a major increase from zero transmissions to single digit and now its reached 3 digit. Most areas in Sarawak were Green but the virus has spread from the urban areas to reach the rural enclave of Sarawak. Some areas too have turned into RED ZONES.

The majority of Sarawakians do follow the SOP’s but there are some minority they do know who they are who are at fault but of course the asymptomatic are excused from the blame game.

The DCM and his SDMC team are up to their necks too with trying to contain the spread of the virus but as always its the people who will determine whether the COVID19 can be under control.

We must always be reminded though of this message,”I stay at work for you, you stay at home for us”

The post is a reminder to Sarawakians and all Malaysians that staying home not only curbs the spread of COVID-19 but lightens the burden of many medical experts and also front liners during this crucial time.

The phone rang and Tan Sri Mawan said to read his text message,”Going back to constituency to meet up with the frontliners ,to inspire them, to thank them for their unselfish work plus dedication.

We need to to appreciate them with not only words and gestures but also showing care, attention plus giving moral support to them.

They are putting their hearts and souls to contain the spread of Covid 19 and a word of “THANK YOU,TERIMA KASIH and Gestures of Thumbs up and Love hand symbol will be very much appreciative and music to their ears.

The GPS (Gabungan Parti Sarawak) Government under the leadership of CM Abang Johari has worked non stop,working extremely hard to minimize the inconveniences which the Pandemic has caused.

We are very much part of the team and we are back in “our kawasan” to ensure that the people’s welfare in terms of needs and wants are delivered and handed out.

The Frontliners are there for us and we must be there for them. Thank You. TS”

We know very well that the people will be encouraged and appreciative if the government does its utmost for their safety.

We must also be very thankful for those who sacrifice their services, in order to fight the virus and serve the country.

The Frontliners knows that the Sarawak Government have their backs and they will put in their shift to ensure that all of us will be out of reach from this Pandemic Covid 19.

It is up to each and everyone of us to also, “INSPIRE the FRONTLINERS”

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