‘Warring Factions At Each others Throats..??”


When party grassroots gets involved in TOP leadership tussles the only logical way out for ROS is to ask the factions to have another AGM or face the consequences of having the party deregistered. There are many options available amongst them which was used before an “INDEPENDANT COMMITTEE” to overseer the whole election procedures.


The news which has appeared in the major tabloids/internet portals (see below) in the last few days does not look very promising for the BN component party. The BN top leadership having secured the mandate to form the Federal Government would not want SUPP to further deteriorate into the abyss. Presently SUPP has 6 0ut of 19 State assemblyman and the ones who are holding the SUPP’s rein have no State Assemblyman on its side and has only 1 Federal Full Minister in Richard Riot.

The party is beyond redemption says a political watcher as the once powerful party has sunk deeper into a “State assemblyman versus the Party diehards”  What else is there for them to fight for.? Seems the sooner the ROS rules the faster the problem will be solved. It’s a mockery to the political system and the infighting not only affected the equilibrium of the adminstration but the peoples needs are being overlooked.

When you are engrossed in infighting do you honestly think the RAKYATS needs are looked into? Do they have the TIME? Their times are only left to fight each other with press releases, dinners and get togethers to show each others strength says the political watcher.

The extracted article from Borneo posts below:-

SIBU: The issue between the two warring factions in SUPP is no longer one of  five assemblymen standing up for a comrade.

The wounds inflicted by the spat between party chief Tan Sri Peter Chin and  Sibu branch head Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh worsened yesterday when 3,000 Dayak  members from its Sibu Bumiputera Unit announced their support for Wong’s  faction.

Unit chairman Andrew Shilling said his members were unhappy over the party’s  Central Working Committee’s decision to refer only one of the six assemblymen in  Wong’s camp to its disciplinary committee. On Sunday, the group of six – Wong  (Bawang Assan), Datuk Francis Hardin (Simanggang), Datuk Lee Kim Shin (Senadin),  Dr Jerip Susil (Bengoh), Dr Johnical Rayong (Engkili) and Ranum Mina (Opar) – said in a statement they would `sink and swim’ together if Chin dared to sack  anyone of them.

In yesterday’s press conference, Andrew said: “We stand united here. If you  (Chin’s faction) dare to touch one, you touch all – the 3,000 Bumiputra members  of Sibu Branch. We remain one with Wong’s faction.”

He said party headquarters in fact had no authority to handle such a hot  issue as the Registrar of Societies (ROS) was still investigating irregularities  reported in the run-up to the party’s triennial delegates’ conference (TDC) in  December 2011. Asked by reporters what their next course of action would be,  Andrew reiterated that his unit would stick with Wong’s faction. Andrew said his  exco members were unhappy with SUPP Central Working Committee for stirring  actions leading to the burning of the reconciliation bridge.

He said they supported the statement by Dr Jerip Susil about Wong’s faction  being united in pulling through this turbulent period, and about Chin’s faction  being insincere when talking about reconciliation.

“Now that they want to take disciplinary action, they are burning the bridge  of reconciliation.”

Although the show cause letter had been issued to the Piasau and Bekenu  branches, he said there were 12 other branches which had yet to receive the  show-cause letters.

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