The 12th Sarawak Elections will be called as soon as and when the Emergency is lifted.

PBB Wanita Wing have “instructed their members that their operations room to be open and also to activate their election machinery and to comply with the SOP’s. This is in view to prepare for the upcoming state polls and possible snap general elections’

They have also noted that “The general election, state elections and by-elections will not be held during the period of the COVID-19 emergency proclaimed to remain in force until Aug 1.

This means that the existing mandate of state assembly members will continue to be in effect until Aug 1, when the emergency is scheduled to be lifted.”

By law, elections must be held 60 days after the legislature’s term expires. The Sarawak assembly’s term expires on June 6, and elections must be held by Aug 6.

Should the emergency be lifted on Aug 1, the assembly could be dissolved at that time, which would mean elections must take place by Oct 1.

PBB Wanita Wing in their Press Statement also urged the public to jointly fight Covid -19 and comply with the SOPs outlined by the State Disaster Managament Committee (SDMC) and not to be easily swayed by rumours or fake news.

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