“Fishing in Trouble Water”

1bn sarawakIt all started with “merger of minds” and now it has snowballed to this. Do you blame the SPDP President for speaking his mind to the press in this statement? One may ask,‘what do you know about the intricate details of politics in Sarawak where the Chief Minister of Sarawak knows since 1979?” He won his first contest in the Muara Tuang constituency and has seen it all in his 30 years in office.

He too remembers the PBDS days where the party was at odds with the State BN but very much in tune with the Federal BN. Could this happen again? It will be a matter of time when it will unfold and the CM Sarawak is not making many friends from the SPDP,SUPP and PRS ‘merger of minds” coalition of BN partners. UPP/TERAS are BN friendly parties as the Ministers/Assistant Ministers/YBs sttod on Barisan Tickets at the 10th Sarawak elections. They are of course not Pakatan YBs? That’s for sure.

There has been a lot of mudslinging amongst the BN component parties and obviously it is so unhealthy. The State itself does not want it to be too unstable as it will not be good for foreign investments in the long run. The time will be soon when Adenan decides to dissolve the assembly and call for fresh elections in 82 constituencies.

If the bickering continues many pro-BN supporters will be looking over and above their shoulders and even will tell ADENAN a thing or two. CM Sarawak says’Bagi saya Peluang” but who are giving the voters and the people chance? Word on the ground is that its harder to make a living now than the final stable years of Taib Mahmud where everyone finds it so much easier.

Of course, Adenan has taken the necessary actions against corrupt practises, demanding autonomy,looking after Chinese and Christians’ Allah” issue and other populists agendas to ensure a comfortable MANDATE. Will that be enough? One must remember that the literacy rate amongst the youths and the people have gone up and they will not be fooled by just popular jargons.

Pakatan have had their fair share of promises to the people but everyone knows that DAP’Impian Sarawak” semi and rural drive are making headways. We do not need to put a blanket over our head and keep on harping all is well,all is well.all is well and BN with Adenan at the helm will win it for us.

Adenan is one person and he will win comfortably in Tanjong Datu Constituency or even might face a no contest. Will all the other 81 seats be so plain sailing? At the moment according to our Emeritus Professor its going to be a battle not only pitting BN v Pakatan/Independent but also BN v BN friendly v Pakatan/Independent.

1bn swakPBB spokesman did harp on UPP/TERAS are in line with Najib’s call for ensuring the BN will win handsomely but with the outburst from SPDP President Tiong it will be anything but plain sailing. The BN principle comes very much to the fore for Adenan on the discussion table. Though Adenan has echoed the names of TERAS incumbents at his election dry runs that they will be standing it still will depend very much on how the situation looks nearer the election date.

Word has it coming out from the ground PBB is his party but not the others PRS/SUPP/ SPDP or even TERAS or UPP. He is BN Sarawak Chairman and is the coalition head by virtue of his office. This statement was unheard of in his predecessors years.

Of course, SPDP has every right to shout from the roof tops and scream but it is only a small thin line which will see the BN Sarawak coalition in tatters if an amicable political situation is not reached. The wheeling and dealing within the BN framework will fall squarely on Adenan’s shoulders. He will bear the brunt of it if at the eleventh hour if the “merger of minds” grouping sees that one of their partners are not being politically satisfied and a breach of contractual seat arrangement is not met. (contracts must be kept or rewritten to serve all parties concerned.No other way around it. Verbal contact is a contract but in Malaysia…hmmm depending on who you deal with   )

Its like we say,”TOUCH AND GO” and Adenan needs to listen to seasoned political strategists instead of listening to raw,gungho and untested green horn politicians who only want their best interest served instead of looking at Sarawak in totality. We have even heard that they want to RUN THE WAR ROOM. Gosh!!! We gave you the chance and we know in this social media age the pen and in this case the keyboard is mightier than the sword..

 They know who they are and its bests that names are not mentioned or they will come after audie61’s back with more HATE AND VENOM. We are waiting!!!

Till the next episode in a few days time..

ooo Ha..ooo Ha..even we have losts the ooompphhh

Enemies are INSIDE and not OUTSIDE..

When we wrote the Trilogy way back in August 5th 2011 https://audie61.wordpress.com/2011/08/05/sarawak-trilogyroad-to-22nd-floor-finalwhose-my-boy/ we did say this,”The political shift and movement of forces are anything but cordial amongst the many political rivals to the chair. They may appear as friends in front with their pleasantries but once the backs are turned all ’hell’ is let out to wander.

Today we were reminded that the PERCEPTION is otherwise. The enemy is indeed inside your own backyard and they have turn from being friends to being spies for a bigger ‘chests” which might just come along nicely. CM Taib and his deputy will no doubt stay on as we have mentioned in our previous article https://audie61.wordpress.com/2013/09/12/taib-mahmud-to-be-uncontested-as-president-2/ and it has a significant spiral effect on PRS too. James Masing and his deputy Joseph Entulu will also be reelected uncontested at the party’s TDC in Sibu on 19th September.

CM have already indicated that he will in time make way but still the arrows and swords have not stop brandishing amongst the “greediness that looms” as sitting on the 22nd Floor Chair for Sarawak yields absolute power which the masters (i.e.enemies) yearn very much for. CM Taib watches with eagles eyes on the development within the PBB party in its elections but has eyes on UMNO which will no doubt affect the future administration of Sarawak in totality. Whose my Boy will be added flavour to many in the new UMNO lineup?

The screws are being turned on many of the top leaders within the country and they are playing the PERCEPTION game which in itself is a very DANGEROUS APPROACH. In the end reality will bite in and many will be left to lick their wounds and some may even be left to rot in the abyss. The fighters will continue and the saying goes,” If you’re going through hell, keep going.’ There is nothing to loose so its time to reengineer…..

This goes back to all the articles which we have written in the Trilogy and others connected with it and the following quote is so powerful…..

‘Enemies becomes friends and friends become enemies. An enemy of your enemy becomes your friend,even if the former is also your enemy,but as long as the latter is a bigger enemy. An enemy of your friend also becomes your enemy,even if the former is also your friend,but as long as the latter can serve your POLITICAL INTERESTS. That is the political game. You must learn to treat all political friends as potential enemies and keep them close where you can watch over them..plus keep your political enemies even closer so that you can monitor them and NEUTRALIZE their every move.

The enemies within will use the tried and tested formula” allegations,defamation,character assassination” to hamper or put a hurdle in front to stop the rise of the so called vibrant and forceful leaders who are not in the same TEAM as them. This not only happens in the BN coalition but also within the Pakatan fold.

We have been told on many instances that our writing is very “hot” for some to handle and its hitting at our own coalition. Like we say and we repeat it here which is extracted from the previous,”On this note we would also like to inform our detractors not to capitalise on this subject and to smear the blog.  We have no doubt created ripples of discontentment but it is to ensure that the “MESSAGE IS DELIVERED” to those who harbours to create chaos and disunity amongst the ruling BN Sarawak coalition.

READ BETWEEN THE LINES AND YOU KNOW WHO OUR MASTER IS…..If you dont know please dont read anymore of our blogs and stay in your own nutshell where you will be happy without outside interference.

For those who love to defame and character assassinate audie61 please continue to do so and we wish you well….

The following articles which must be read inorder to understand the picture clearly:-

https://audie61.wordpress.com/2011/07/26/sarawak-trilogy-road-to-22nd-floor-part-1-dayaks/ https://audie61.wordpress.com/2011/07/29/sarawak-trilogyroad-to-22nd-floor-part-2-the-chair/  https://audie61.wordpress.com/2011/08/05/sarawak-trilogyroad-to-22nd-floor-finalwhose-my-boy/ https://audie61.wordpress.com/2011/12/27/taib-leap-of-faith/ https://audie61.wordpress.com/2011/02/14/taibyesterdaytoday-and-tomorrow/

The internal scheming stopped somewhat short of its tracks and finishing line with the articles which ended with https://audie61.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/awang-tengahs-men-pre-emptive-move/ but it was the earlier articles which checked mosts of the daredevils who have tarnished the PBB Senior VPs name badly and used it to somehow put a stop to his political career unknowingly. The plot hatched and used was the result of his fighting men and their overenthusiasm of overthrowing Taib Mahmud.

OH BOY! IT got better however when audie61 were linked and even made to be financed by http://www.sarawakreport.org/

For the persons who still thinks we are connected please read this introduction which we extract,” Sarawak Report has received an explosive dossier from sources close to Taib, detailing a powerful conspiracy to depose the Chief Minister at the next PBB Party Convention, due in May.”    http://www.sarawakreport.org/2013/01/the-plot-to-dump-taib-exclusive/

Please read their blog and understand that they too can copy and paste ones writing…YOU ARE SO CLEVER NOW….ARE YOU SATISFIED NOW..?? BE VERY AFRAID NOW..ITS TURNING UGLY NOW…


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BN”Reach Out to the Grassroots .. “

You must know your Constituency Wants and Needs. You must REACH OUT TO THE GRASSROOTS and only then the voters will know whether you are sincere and can be trusted. The times are changing and one should be equip with all the knowhows , wheeling and dealing in the economic field too. We should also not Preempt anything but work towards achieving it . 

Minister of Housing and Tourism Abang Johari telling audie61 at the sidelines of the Press conference who were with the visiting delegation of SPDP and SUPP members at a courtesy visit to his office.

Step up cooperation, BN components told

Posted on August 7, 2012, Tuesday


WORKING TOGETHER: SPDP vice-president Captain Zainuddin Hamdan (seated third right), SPDP Pending chief Audie Chua (seated second left) and SUPP Youth chief Tan Kai (seated second right) showing the logo of the charity show to Abang Johari (third left) after their courtesy call.

KUCHING: All BN component parties in the state must step up their cooperation to improve communication between the people and the leaders.

PBB deputy president Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg said this culture of working together had always been there from the start and was pleased to see young leaders continue the efforts.

“Such cooperation has existed since many years ago and I personally had experiences working with other component parties.

“The political landscape nowadays has changed. There is need to explore new directions in order to improve communication between the people and the leaders,” the Housing Minister said yesterday.

He was speaking to reporters after receiving a courtesy call from the organising committee of ‘1 night with P195 and P196 Friends Charity Movie Show’ at his office.

He pointed out that the contribution from young leaders was important, especially in the present challenging political environment.

“It is important to work together to provide the best service to the people.

“We have all the basic ingredients so we need the best chef to prepare the right food.

“The best chef is always the most experienced and in BN, we provide the chef because we have the experience,” he said.

He commended the programme as a very good initiative by young BN leaders that would enable BN to get back the Bandar Kuching parliamentary seat and defend the Stampin seat.

The charity show is an initiative to strengthen solidarity and unity among BN component parties and will be shown at The Spring’s MBO on Aug 29.


GE13 ” We Are Ready..!!”

There has been so much negative analysis that the Federal Barisan National is and will not be ready for the GE13. The main reason is the drop of popular vote for BN from 63% to 55% and also the growing influence of the opposition in the semi-urban areas.

 The PM Najib has not been given a frsh mandate yet and what he has says a political observer is,”making use of the government of Abdullah Badawi former PM of Malaysia. Najib needs a fresh and a very convincing mandate and he needs to do it fast.

He is also a PM who has not gone to the people within a year in office. Previous PM”s have very quickly asserted their own style with his own people serving him directly.” No matter how he reshuffles the cabinet it will still be recognise as Abdullah’s mandate and as such Najib needs to get rid of this tag which still holds onto his coat tails. The BN machinery is ready to face the opposition and the longer Najib holds on the worse it will be for him.

The fact remains,”The opposition will use all the time they have available to make inroads into BN’s bastion and as such the BN should strike while the Pakatan are looking at all angles to regroup and fight back.”

 Its like going into the football field thinking that the opposition has so many star players and your legs shiver and your body can”t move and you are a pale shadow of yourself. If BN are united as a group and coalition which sticks together like a bunch of bamboo sticks no one can break it up unless it loosens from inside. 

The Sarawak State elections does not determine the opposition are that strong that Najib is afraid. The whole country will have a GE and everyone in their respective States will be involved and as such the “winnable and right candidate” is and will be the peoples choice. BN and Pakatan will give their all but it will be the PEOPLE who will have the final say. Najib don’t wait too long or else the opposition will have too much firepower to end your tenure as Prime Minister Of Malaysia. 

GE13 Sarawak is ready to do battle …..

Are their Signatures still HOT..???

The tears have almost dried up.Their eyes suddenly still lit up after so much disappointing outings. They had their finest hours as MPs in Tatau and Julau respectively and these political characters has reverberated the Sarawak political landscape in their prime years. 

We are talking about Sng Chee Hua and Ting Ling Kiew. One is a former Deputy President of PRS while the other is Deputy President of SNAP. Much has been written about them the last few days  in the mainstream local english, chinese tabloids and also in the internet Blogs. There were cries of disgust,trojan horses and also nods of approval from BN.

Are they still relevant? What makes them so special or feared? Is another political party in the offing in Sarawak? Has the Lions suddenly realised that its time to come back to their cages..? What is so special about them?Are they renewed partnerships and a smell of LOSTS POWER regained?

A senior wanita in a political party says,’This is just the beginning and its just timely as Najib will be monitoring these two very closely.” Haven’t we heard about ‘Keeping your enemies closer” 

Sng has come out with a three paragraph statement stating his stand as a ‘Barisan National Man” while Ting expressed full support for incoming premier Najib Abdul Razak . Personal agenda’s one may ask.?

This is politics at the highest levels and we must never ever discount anyone out as it will come back and HAUNT YOU. There are no enemies in politics BUT mostly friends do become enemies.

Political analysts are already spinning their wand and saying,”that these two has been given the tasks to monitor and to update information to the incoming PMs political boys on matters of concern.

Both sides of the political divide has had a lot of say in the last few days. We can only View this Development as something which will generate into a more viable vehicle if they both have been tasks to start another  ‘ POLITICAL ENGINE “.

Never ever say never in Politics and also NO WAY…!! Stranger political bed partners have emerged overnight and we do hope that this might just be a breaking story in making the political landscape of Sarawak more interesting. 

We say as always,” It is BN’s gain while Pakatan would be saying to them,”GOOD LUCK…or will they just say that..hahaha..???

Bloggers… Why?Why?Why? 3 Whys on Batang Ai N29?

It was more than 2 whys when I touched down at Kuching International airport this evening. This is an extract from a conversation which I had with a senior journalists/political analysts at Mcdonalds restaurant this evening.  Its meant to happen and this is the first why?

My phone was off and as I landed in Kuching there was a message. It seems a day away from action packed newsapapers in Sarawak has awaken the journalistic feelings of one who never seems out of touch with the realities of everyday Sarawak.

Seems for two consecutive days,the bloggers have been under attack.There is no need to mention WHO and the readers have already envisaged who. Never the who but question the WHY WHY and WHY the bloggers? Are they being feared?  It’s a food for thought  and  it seems the bloggers have indeed ruffled the state administrators  that they have to come out and say a thing or two. Do they need to…???

Its a ‘People’s right” and with the advancement of  IT savvy technology the public would seek an alternative and has a right to seek a balance of alternatives in this political divide. The people will be the judge to associate themselves with the mainstream media or the alternatives.

There has been too much SWEEPING STATEMENTS of late on BLOGGERS. According to the senior journalists blogs provide important information and its an avenue for citizens journalism. We need to use the technology that is before us and a blog serves as a ‘personal diary” With blogs its an invention and things are more open. It is away from the norm and the mainstream media knows that they have a competitor and its a NEW MEDIA TOOL.  

This is the NEW REALITY of the IT ERA. Unless if and when BN adminstrators or YBs wake up and accept this new trend or new media their days might just be numbered. There is no need to criticize the who and why who has written but to view it as something constructive and do some evalution or a case study.

There is nothing to hide and whether you like it or not the POLITICAL LANSCAPE IN SARAWAK HAS CHANGED.The IT era  brings about greater democratisation across the nation of Malaysia and Sarawak is no exception.

To condemn outright the Sarawk blogs and therefore deny the PUBLIC an alternative new source is tantamount to insulting the intellect,educated public and putting a brake on DEMOCRACY.

There is an upsurge of public interests in the blogsphere of personal opinions and if they are positive the government should adopt the ideas but if they are malicious and spreading unnecesary lies there must be a stop on the nonsence.

Its up to the governement press/media boys to churn out a statement to deny or rebutt with statements to the blogs. There are ways to look at it and different ways are needed as if not we are entering a political minefield. Why should we do the work of those who are supposedly paid in the thousands by the political masters? WHY?WHY? WHY…???  should be Correct,correct and correct…!!!!

Batang Ai N29  has provided a rather unique platform for BLOGS to be the challenger to main stream media. No news is too far away. Even a former magistrate can say,”main stream can write once while we can write 10 or more times and posts it in the cyber world on the same subject mind you…”

Take the 3 paragraph statement from the former PRS supremo Sng Chee Hua where he denied he was working against the BN in Batang Ai. Why or Why does he need to come out with this statement? He even added,”“I am a BN man and I believe that the BN will deliver the seat.”

Sure,now what does that make him? There is even proof  that there is clip on why the former PRS members were made to to get ready on their next move…Do we need to expose this? Surely, many will wonder when and why it was done? Do we need to answer that? WHY WHY WHY now..??? Don’t tell us it will be like it sounded like me and I think thats me…

Facts,figures,statistics they say never lie and all ruling government thrives on information technology. James Masing PRS President must have enough evidence to substantiate his claims in the chinese dailies or else he would be getting himself in a bigger HOLE against his former deputy. 

BN has got enough supporters and its no use to ever think of making use of people who goes against the principles of the BN spirit. BN in times of trouble needs the true soldierss and captains to fight for their cause and Pakatan would also do likewise. Is there a place called IN THE CENTRE..?? 

Bloggers they say, are here to stay and unless the internet/cyber space  is shut down for good the BLOGGERS have a place called home IN MALAYSIA.

We say as always,” Let’s be honest and say Kuddos for Bloggers or else the mainstream media newspapers will take things easy and for granted.WHY..there is no more WHY..?????? 

N29 Batang Ai To win: “Women Voters Crucial”

The phrase ‘ Women’s instinct ” must not be discarded in this byelection campaign. Womenfolks make up around 45% of the total votes in Batang Ai and they are placed of utmost importance says both sides of the political divide.

 PKR and BN wanita movements have started their programmes to coax and to ensure that the votes are secured. The women folks in the Batang Ai longhouses practically live a very simple life tendering to their families needs. They are not really concerned about what really is happening politically outside their longhouse boundaries.  

The women wings of both the parties will use all their women persuasive powers and not forgetting their instincts. Surely if $$$$$ are offered as assistance it will come in  handy though it might just be a temporary relief for their basic needs. In any elections there will be talks of “MONEY POLITICS” “BUYING VOTES” plus all the  usual niceties that comes along with MONEY.

Nobody will come out be it BN or PKR dare to declare that we DID NOT USE ANY MONEY IN THIS RURAL CONSTITUENCY.  Women folks play such a significant role in this rural remote area and their votes will also determine in the final analysis who wins. To forget the women voters the candidates are doing so at their own peril.

The candidates wife would be another crucial factor in N29 and we all  know too well that,”Behind every successful man……………” Do I need to finish the sentence and say some more..!!!  

We say as always,” Never ever underestimate ” WOMEN’S INSTINCT” they will make or always break many a GOOD MAN…hik hik hik

UMNO President No doubts..PM When..??


PM Abdullah told the reporters after his Presidential meeting with the delegates that Najib Abdul Razak will be the the new Umno president.

The BIG QUESTION MARK REMAINS,”No date has been set for the power transfer and it is still no clear when Najib will be sworn in as the new prime minister.”

We say as always,” Has PM Abdullah officially announced..? I am indeed puzzled and please enlighten me if there is an official notice hidden somewhere from the publics eyes.

“This is A Significant Date..April 15th Empress Dowagers”

The UMNO elections,President of UMNO,by elections would be done, over and dusted but April 15th seems to be a rather significant date. Malaysians would be wondering whether that will be the day when PM Abdullah officially hands over the reins. Could it be so obvious and clear cut now?

What got me wondering is this firstly,”Fuel Price cash rebate extended to April14th.” The claim period was supposed to end on March 31 but the Government has agreed to extend it for an additional two weeks, Pos Malaysia said.  

Secondly,Tun Mahathir spoke on the possibility of a “motion of confidence” be tabled in Parliament to have Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi remained as the Prime Minister. It’s a possibility; it’s not against the law. The law provides that to be the prime minister, you must have the support of the majority in Parliament but it does not say from which party.

Thirdly,Ali Rustam and Taib would play major starring roles in the coming weeks and its PAYBACK TIME according to some political analysts. Its not so much 007 “From Russia with Love” but Badawi’s,”Malaysia with love”.

Abdullah has been saddened by events happening in which it seems not all his men are only being targetted but also the opening of an old wound and spat between Mahathir and himself which does not want to go away.

Events moved so fast when Abdullah was out of the country in Brunei and in Indonesia. This will have hurt him more as speculations are such that Mahathir is going on an overdrive and wants to remove Abdullah soonest.

Najib must know what happened to Anwar when he was about to ascend the PM throne. He needs no reminding and he will be overly cautious. Nothing will escape him but it seems a number of Empress Dowagers will bite back at Najib.

Who then are the Empress Dowagers who will stop Najib at all costs? Take your pick and even Najib could not have seen it coming. An hour in politics is a long time and the scheming behind by the Empress Dowagers who has incredible influences cannot be discounted. There have 3 weeks to weild their swords and for all we know its already in place.

Unless Najib is sworn in as the PM in an official ceremony then he is safe. If not,the waiting game will be just like what Mahathir had said“Abdullah Badawi has to go . . . He’s the most despised man in the country. He’s not just a lame duck but a dead horse.”

Mahathir knows that legally the current prime minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi could continue serving his term until the next general election if he wanted to. So he is pushing Najib and also Muhyddin but also aggravating not only Ali Rustam but also Muhd Mohammad Taib with his overzealous comments.  

We say as always,”  Could Najib be caught with his PANTS down? No wonder Anwar was grinning and smiling when he left after the lunch meeting Pak Lah.The Empress Dowagers are at their deadliest when their backs are up the wall. Interesting…???

BN Perception “2 Good starts 1 False start”

Every picture tells a story and an emeritus professor was quick to point out to Joey of audie61. He said,” you just look at these pictures,compare them and tell me what’s wrong.” We have written earlier on this subject and we are not going to ‘Kutuk,Kutuk ,Kutuk” again. Judge for yourselves and you will be uttering the words,”Correct,correct,correct” Hmmm..Isn’t Politics about Perception..???


Datuk Seri Najib Razak introducing Ismail Safian (second from left) as the BN candidate for the Bukit Gantang parliamentary seat yesterday. From left are Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir, Trong state assemblyman Datuk Rosli Husin and Bukit Gantang Umno deputy chief Kamarulail Sulaiman

najib2 Datuk Seri Najib Razak and MIC vice-president Datuk S. Veerasingam with BN’s candidate for Bukit Selambau, Datuk S. Ganesan, in Sungai Petani yesterday


Parti Rakyat Sarawak president Datuk Seri James Masing holding a photograph of Malcolm Mussen Lamoh, the Barisan Nasional candidate for Batang Ai.

It seems that “Nearly…all Hell Broke Loose” as the Sarawak tabloids,also the internet portals and blogs are cashing on this subject.”

Malaysiakini portal played this up,”The ailing chief minister, in a huff, refused to announce the name at a press conference and stalked out after reminding Masing starkly that BN chief and outgoing Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had yet to endorse his candidate.

We say as always,”  Every picture tells a story and you will have your say. At audie61 Joey said we have had enough phonecalls to satisfy Maxis ,Celcom and Digi for todays profits.