The Art of Politics never fails to disappoint us. As even we try to settle with the Perikatan Nasional (PN) Government there was already talks within the elitist in the hierarchy circles that a New Alliance might emerge after GE15.

Any Possibility? Surely, amidst the chaos which developed after the Sheraton Hotel Move there must be another Partnership or Alliances of Coalition or Parties which will bring out the best of all Malaysian Leaders in Politics.

PH pulled out the rabbit from the Magician’s hat before GE14 and another political plot is being hatched in the quest to take over PutraJaya which will and might just about have the peoples mandate.

UMNO with PKR/DAP looks unlikely at the best of times but when its for a common political goal the reality might just set in.

Bersatu will rely heavily on PAS/GPS/GRS and others in order to keep this coalition alive and continue to be helming the Prime Minister’s post.

Looks like UMNO is making a FAST AND CALCULATED MOVE to reengineer itself to the forefront again.

All eyes will be watching the political elitist in the next couple of months.

{ Article extracted from an online portal with thanks }

Umno has launched an internal survey involving critical communications staff to gauge whether members are open to working with PKR and DAP.

Just a few months ago, it was a foregone conclusion that the Malay party would have no form of cooperation with the two parties, seen as its staunchest enemies.

But that could have changed following a revelation that former leader Najib Razak, who still wields influence in Umno, and current president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi gave their backing to Anwar Ibrahim in the PKR strongman’s bid to topple the Perikatan Nasional government last month.

Sources in Umno told MalaysiaNow that the survey, an internal “opinion poll” involving its communications staff nationwide, will also gauge views on the party’s cooperation with PAS in Muafakat Nasional, the year-old historic charter signed by the two biggest Malay parties during their time in the opposition.

“Interestingly, one of the questions in the survey is whether Umno should forge a cooperation with PKR and DAP,” the source who is familiar with the survey told MalaysiaNow.

It added that there was also a critical need to find out the political direction of Umno, and whether it should stick with Muafakat or extend such a cooperation with Bersatu, the other Malay party formed by a breakaway faction of Umno at the height of the 1MDB saga during Najib’s rule.

Last month, MalaysiaNow revealed that Najib and Zahid, who between them have been slapped with a total of 79 corruption charges, had jointly written a letter to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to express support for Anwar.

The letter was sent to the palace just two days before Anwar’s audience with Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, where the veteran politician failed to make good on a promise to provide proof that he had the majority support of MPs to form a government.

Najib and Zahid have never denied the contents of the letter.

The internal survey comes just days after Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s government survived a crucial vote on the budget which the opposition had planned to turn into a confidence motion against him.

A coming together of Najib and Anwar, who were once allies in the Umno echelons in the 1990s, was apparent during the recent budget debate.

The duo said their support for the budget was conditional, and there was intense speculation that they were bent on scuttling the budget.

But a much publicised plan to vote down the budget on Nov 26 did not materialise.

Instead, MalaysiaNow reported that Najib’s refusal to proceed with the plan forced Anwar to instruct Pakatan Harapan MPs to stand down, leading to the budget being passed by voice vote.

The Umno survey also comes amid talk that the 15th general election must be held in the coming year to put to rest allegations that Muhyiddin’s government, which was formed on the back of PH’s collapse in February, has no mandate.

“One answer the survey hopes to find is whether Umno’s exclusive cooperation with PAS at the election would translate into overwhelming support from the Malays,” the source told MalaysiaNow.

Political observer Shamsul Amri Baharuddin of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia believes that Umno decision-makers hope to kill two birds with one stone with the internal survey.

“It wants an honest evaluation of its influence on members and non-members,” said Shamsul.

He added that Umno is keen to know if PAS is still committed to the Muafakat charter, following the Islamist party’s change of fortunes having tasted federal power for the first time in four decades.

Muhyiddin Elections “Ready,Set,Go-After #Covid19 Subsides”

The people’s choice or back to the people to choose the Government will be realised in PRU15.

At this present moment many political analyst and entrepreneurs knows that the Pandemic #Covid19 are tearing into peoples lives and Politics is certainly not in their minds.

People’s Livelihood “bread and butter issues” , Safety and Health {Vaccines or cure for #Covid19} remains top priority.

The Prime Minister knows that opposition politicians are all but ready to oust him and he did not mince words when he told his party machinery in their AGM to be ready and not to wait for the last moment to serve the people and see to their needs and wants.

{Extracted from an online portal with thanks}

PETALING JAYA: PPBM president Muhyiddin Yassin has indicated that a general election will take place once Covid-19 subsides.

In his speech at the third PPBM annual general assembly today, the prime minister said some politicians were of the view that the national budget needs to be rejected to pave way for fresh elections.

“There is no need for that. If you ask me, I would have advised the Yang di-Pertuan Agong yesterday to dissolve Parliament so elections can be held.

“But we know the problem is Covid-19.”l

He said once the pandemic ends, a general election can be held.

“We return the mandate to the people and let them choose the government they want.”

Separately, Muhyiddin called on PPBM leaders to strengthen the party and increase membership and set up new branches.

“Make sure all branches are functioning, with a complete lineup of committee members. Carry out welfare and community activities at your branches.”

The party’s machinery, Muhyiddin said, must also be prepared for elections.

“Let us not wait till the last second to prepare. I know the people are sick of endless politicking. They want politicians to help them and not try to hold on to power forever.

“Let us rise to the occasion. This is the time to serve the people.”

BN Parliamentarians Clear Winners for 2021 Budget

From the ashes of defeat the phoenix will rise and that was a clear indicator that Barisan National ( BN ) has stamped its authority on Budget2021.

There was a lot of negotiations by their parliamentarians and they (BN) utilise the power of the social media to ensure that their demands are met in the interests of the people.

It will do them a world of good and the BN Parliamentarians will know that Muhyiddin the PM from PN and Anwar the opposition leader from PH needs them in the battle for power come PRU15.

Could they be New Alliances in the Foreseeable Future for Malaysia?

One cannot rule that out as the ancient proverb which is still being practised and made use of,”The enemy of my enemy is my friend .”

BN after being the government of the more than half a century has taken shape to reengineer,reshape,rejuvenate and New Fresh Leaders has emerged from their ranks.

They will come out stronger which one cannot deny as they have enjoyed the platform before as the Government of the day which in fact will be easier for them if their HOUSE IS IN ORDER.

Ultimately,its up to the Malaysian Voters to Choose in PRU15 who will look after their wants and needs.

BN stands tall in the first round of Budget 2021.

More will be seen in the days ahead in Parliament.

{Extracted from an online portal with thanks}

PETALING JAYA: Despite yesterday’s approval of the 2021 budget at the policy stage, political analysts say Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is not in a safe position yet.

Azmi Hassan, a former lecturer with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, said although many saw the approval as a confidence vote for Muhyiddin, the budget can still be rejected in the upcoming debate at the committee stage, which will see the MPs going over the details of the proposals.

“Muhyiddin is not out of the woods yet, however, the decision reached yesterday demonstrated that the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government is willing to accommodate the dissenting voices in the coalition,” he told FMT.

Azmi said the approval at policy stage only showed support for Muhyiddin as far as the budget was concerned.

“I don’t postulate the support on the bill (Supply Bill 2021) equates to support of Muhyiddin as prime minister (as a whole),” he said.

He also said yesterday’s decision has positioned Barisan Nasional (BN) in a good spot, especially when discussing matters concerning seat allocations.

“The big winner in the vote is BN and not PPBM. BN will have the upper hand against PPBM (on seat allocations),” he said.

BN had laid down two main conditions for supporting the bill – raising the withdrawal limit in the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) Account 1 to RM10,000, which was granted, and for a blanket extension of the loan moratorium until next June.

Mohd Izani Zain of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) agreed with Azmi, saying that Muhyiddin would continue to come under political pressure.

Meanwhile, Universiti Malaya’s Awang Azman Pawi said the instability of the government would likely continue until the dissolution of Parliament and the election of a new government.

“The PN government is still fragile and can collapse at any time depending on the support from BN, especially Umno,” he said.

2030 “Walking through a Fire….!!”

8.30 PM Monday 16th November 2020 .The clock ticks as TVS Channel 122 was about to air an exclusive interview of Tan Sri William Mawan with hosts Dr.Jeneri Amir on TVS Twenty30 (2030) programme.

We were joined by a group of 6 social sciences,business and political graduates who watched the recorded show which lasted 30.08 minutes which was telecast at precisely at 2030PM.

There were insider”talks” that this interview would be a lively debate but what was presented was way beyond what could have imagined for a ‘Sarawak Political Talk”.

The group was very kind to summarise it as similar to BBC HARDtalk but this is HARDtalk Sarawak which was hard hitting but not in depth as the hosts was overtaken after 10 minutes where his consistent jabbing landed him a right hook on the chin.

Hurried, Hussle,Harsh and Humbled in the end.

There was many words of “Hangat” meaning “Hot” which was used by the hosts where many were taken aback by the script used. Tan Sri was his usual self Calm,Collected and Convincing to the end.

Was this Preplanned? Or was it done in a such a way just to get the best out of the Social Media Friendly Politician?

He is afterall a Veteran in this field,has served as a Former Senior Sarawak Cabinet Minister and also a Parliamentarian .

It all started graciously with honorifics and demure and no one would have half expected what was coming.
In this era the script would have been halted by the Public Relations (PR ) team of the assemblyman but everyone knows that he does pull a punch when the need arises. The issue would surface as the interview took its course.

The earlier questions were mild :- a} Tan Sri has been spending a lot of time in Pakan in the last two years, so what have you been up to? b]What keeps you moving? c] You have been moving actively on the ground for the last two years. Does this indicate that you are keen to contest in the next election?

The bubbling cauldron of fiery questions were laid down and for anyone to go through this interview in 2030progamme emerging unscathed would be relatively low.

It was after all Sarawak’s way of HARDtalk so that the detractors,enemies of the assemblyman would feel satisfied and gleefully happy with the media outcome.

What happened and how it came about was totally unexpected when the hosts tried to do a body blow plus undercut instead of jabbing away.

As the clock shows at 11.39 minutes into the interview the question came about which even after 10 days many in the social media and politicians still can’t help but continue to talk about.

The slip of the tongue which was irreplaceable and body language of the hosts was for all to see. One would have seen from the ringside very much like Iron Mike Tyson being knocked out instantaneously.

Before we go further into this article we made a phone call to the assemblyman and we reached him eventhough he is on the ground in his constituency in Pakan but he has just this to say,”I thanked Dr.Jeneri for the tough questions and TVS for giving me the opportunity to be on 2030 programme. I walked through the wall of Fire,coming out the other side,still WHOLE.” Certainly it’s not for the Faint Hearted.”

We thanked Tan Sri for his wise words and the group of 6 feels that Tan Sri has come out politically refreshed and would deliver the seat of Pakan at the next State Elections. Dr.Jeneri has played his part in beheading the serpent.

The question which sparked off where Tan Sri took over was,”Personally what have you done over the years to Transform Pakan?
The hosts kept on about ,”Based on feedback he got and on he said he talks on facts and finding.” That was the start and we do not want to dwell on this matter as it was for all to see.
At 12.33 minutes Mawan unleashed a right blow to the chin and humbled him and thereafter he was holding on to the ropes.

What was ask? One needs to watch the Interview in Full.

Of course, the Dr. himself has gone through this process many a times on the other side says the group of 6.
We do not want to blemish nor condone the good work by Dr.Jeneri and we also know its never easy to be a host rather than an interviewee.

We also thanked Dr. Jeneri for hosting the show and do continue to amaze us all.

Furthermore let’s be reminded though that there are many theorists who tries to put a factual report for their stakeholders without leaving the comforts of their airconditioned rooms and writing without even ever travelling to ground zero. Don’t be caught with your pants down.

All is well but if we were to score points this would be high nearer a Perfect Ten for Political viewers and many pointing to the fact that 2030 must do a LIVE SHOW in the Future. Surely, there do have plans for this says the group of 6.

Are they any other takers ready to take on Dr.Jeneri on Twenty30 Sarawak’s version of Hardtalk?

No Quarantine the Cause of Spike in Numbers of Positive Cases

Sarawak Positive #Covid19 cases is well under control as the Sarawak GOvernment through Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) has kept a tight leash on the Mandatory Quarantine on arrivals from Sabah. Other Foreign Nationals were also not excepted from this ruling.

The Pandemic is into its 3rd Wave and Sarawak’s policy as per Professor Dr. Datuk Seri Sim Kui Hian who is also the Minister of Local Government and Housing has not changed.

Sarawakians will feel relieved that the Sarawak Government and SDMC has exerted its powers to exercise a tight control.

Extracted from an internet portal with thanks

PENINSULAR Malaysia may not be facing a new wave of Covid-19 infections now if they had adopted Sarawak’s policy – requiring all arrivals from Sabah to undergo a 14-day mandatory quarantine.

Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Seri Dr Sim Kui Hian said since September, the state had imposed the mandatory quarantine for those returning and coming from Sabah.

“If West Malaysia had been following Sarawak, (to have) compulsory hotel quarantine for anyone from Sabah in September, probably there will be no such outbreak,” he wrote on his Facebook.

Dr Sim said the policy to enter Sarawak will not change despite Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba saying that those who returning from Sabah will no longer have to go through the mandatory 14-day quarantine and only required to do a swab test three days before departing.

Dr Adham said the decision was made by the National Security Council after seeing the number of Covid-19 cases in Sabah dropping over the last few weeks.

According to Dr Sim, the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) acting chairman Tan Sri James Masing had said the SOPs to enter Sarawak will remain the same, whereby all arrivals from other states and countries must undergo the 14-day quarantine at designated centres and hotels.

He said Sarawak is surrounded was Covid-19 ring of fire from West Malaysia, Sabah and Kalimantan and this was the only way to keep Sarawak safe.

“We will continue to exercise our immigration autonomy power and will not follow the West Malaysia policy,” he said.

National Service For Malaysians

When the Defence Minister and Senior Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob brought this up in Parliament in response to Ahmad Mazlan’s suggestion that the National Service{NS} be revived we could not agree more.

Of course there will be various opinions,debates by net citizens and the public at large which could be both pro and cons but ultimately what is good for the Nation as a whole should be Continued.

Just browsing through some of our neighbours National Service Programmes in Singapore and in Korea where it has been successful it is high time we as Malaysians put all our negativity of this NS programme aside and build on one which will do more harm than good for the Nation of Malaysia as a whole.

The downside would be FUNDING where it would costs the taxpayers extra’s but they for sure would not mind if the country remains stable and knowing that the young ones who have joined this Programme are there for them when there is a need for the country to be protected.

We know also through various sources what the programme is and extracted here is just a short brief:-

“In some nations, military service is voluntary. Citizens opt to sign up to join the military as their career. In other nations, there is a conscription system. This is also known as a draft. A draft is where a group of people (such as men over the age of 18) must sign up for military service but will not report for duty unless they are called to serve. Other nations have mandatory military service, where all citizens or a select group must sign up to serve their country. Some nations have a combination of these systems.”

Malaysia needs its youth to be patriotic and to serve the nation and what better way than to ensure that the Nation is in Good Hands where all Malaysians will understand and know the simple basics of living together in harmony and working together as one.

The National Service to us has more PLUSSES than Negativity.

We Support the call for the cabinet to seriously consider this and reorganise it to make this Programme appreciated by all Malaysians.

{Extracted from an online portal with thanks}

The government is planning to re-establish the National Service Training Programme (PLKN), which was abolished during the Pakatan Harapan administration in 2018.

Defence Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob said this was because the programme had boosted the patriotic spirit among the teenagers who participated in it after leaving school.

“The PLKN was abolished in 2018, but based on the positive impact effect in the development of patriotism in the youths who have participated in this programme, the ministry will recommend to the cabinet to implement this project again.

“We will prepare a cabinet memorandum paper (on this issue) to be submitted to the cabinet,” Ismail Sabri said during the closing session of the debate for the Budget 2021 in the Dewan Rakyat today.

He said this in response to Ahmad Maslan’s (BN-Pontian) suggestion that the National Service programme be revived.

During the Harapan administration, both the National Service programme and the National Civics Bureau (Biro Tata Negara) were abolished.

The National Service programme received heavy criticism after a number of trainees died while undergoing the service.

In 2007, the family of a trainee Mohamad Rafi Ameer filed an RM10 million negligence suit, following the death of the 18-year-old after allegedly eating contaminated food at a training camp in Kemaman, Terengganu.

In March 2012, another 18-year-old trainee, R Vinoth, died after having fever for three days. According to the post-mortem, Vinoth had succumbed to leptospirosis, or commonly known as the “rat urine” disease.

In June 2009, Abdul Malik Ishak, 18, was found dead on his bed at Kem Guar Chenderai, Padang Besar, Perlis. He had no medical condition as shown on his health declaration form.

Dozens of others were also believed to have lost their lives while serving under the programme.

Cakap Besar Macam “Tin Kosong!!”

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Blah! Blah! Blah..! He has not stop yapping away unnecessarily ever since before GE14.

As far as we know his “too demure character..oops being sarcastic here ” it does seem that it will not be anytime soon that he is going to “lip it up” or in other words “shut-up” even though now he is part of Malaysia’s Cabinet under  Prime Minister Tun Mahathir .

In PRU 14 the 5% swing votes in the Malay hinterland and the 1MDB Saga was too humongous an issue to cover which eventually saw to the downfall of the former ruling BN Government. Of course there was some other “bombastic promises” added and included in the Manifesto which the middle income earners were somewhat mesmerized too and also played a significant part in them voting for Pakatan Harapan legislators.

However,time is ticking by and PH is in office for well over a year…

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Sadness #Covid19 and the Reality of the Virus

The death toll around the world as we publish this article is 1.34million while those who are positive stands out at 55.6million.

We have also been informed by our Malaysia Health Ministry that we need to follow the Standard Operating procedures {SOP} and they too update us daily and in Malaysia 20/11/20 our latest figure we have had 329 deaths and 52638 positive cases.

The Facts as we all know is that Coronavirus disease (#COVID19) is an infectious disease.

The virus that causes COVID-19 is mainly transmitted through droplets generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or exhales. These droplets are too heavy to hang in the air, and quickly fall on floors or surfaces.

You can be infected by breathing in the virus if you are within close proximity of someone who has COVID-19, or by touching a contaminated surface and then your eyes, nose or mouth.

So we must at all times practise #socialdistancing #wearyourmasks #washyourhands #avoidcrowdedareas #staysafe

We are saddened by the passing of a fellow Malaysian who fell victim to this Virus #covid19 and we pray for his soul and we hope that his family and friends remain strong .

Our prayers and thoughts are with the Family and relatives and we Thank YOU for this post as its a TIMELY REMINDER TO ALL MALAYSIANS IRRESPECTIVE OF COLOUR,RACE,RELIGION,CULTURE that this Virus is deadly and will not spare anyone who are not careful and does not follow the SOPs by the Authorities.

God Bless us all in Malaysia and wherever you are. Take Care

{Extracted from an online portal with thanks}

A 58-year-old man had scribbled his parting words to his family on a piece of paper before he died of Covid-19 at the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital (HRPB) in Ipoh, Perak on Wednesday.

Tolong doa dan terus solat hajat. Abah mintak maaf. Jaga diri semua (Please pray and continue performing solat hajatAbah is sorry. Take care, everyone),” read the note written by Ahmad Ahmad Taib before his passing.

His 32-year-old daughter Syafiqa Humairak posted pictures of the note on Facebook, which has since gone viral.

“This is the final note that abah left before he was sedated last Monday. I cry every time,” she posted, along with the pictures of the note, as well as the funeral at the Jalan Bendahara Muslim Cemetery in Ipoh.

She later said the family was not allowed to keep the note due to concerns that it may be contaminated with Covid-19, as reported by the New Straits Times.

Ahmad, who suffered from kidney disease, tested positive last Thursday and was admitted to the HRPB for quarantine and treatment.

However, Syafiqa said her father’s condition soon deteriorated,, and the doctors decided to sedate him on Monday.

“He wrote the notes before he was sedated. He was not able to talk. We also managed to make a video call to him before he fell into a coma,” she said.

Most of the family were not able to attend her father’s funeral, she said, as many of them, including her one-month-old nephew, had tested positive for Covid-19.

She also clarified that she, her husband and one other relative were the only ones not to get infected among her family members.

James Masing is Acting Chairman of SDMC

The Sarawak cabinet has appointed DCM James Masing as the acting Chairman of Sarawak Disaster Management Committee{ SDMC} in the absence of DCM Douglas Uggah who is on medical leave after a minor heart procedure.

The Appointment is from 18th November till 17th December 2020.

Please find below an extracted article from UKAS

KUCHING: Timbalan Ketua Menteri Sarawak, Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr James Jemut Masing dilantik sebagai Pemangku Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Pengurusan Bencana Negeri (JPBN) Sarawak.Menurut satu kenyataan media hari ini, Mesyuarat Kabinet Negeri pada 18 November lepas telah memutuskan perkara tersebut dengan Tan Sri James Masing memangku jawatan berkenaan daripada Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas.

Ini susulan Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah kini berehat sebulan selepas menjalani pembedahan kecil di sebuah hospital swasta di Kuching.

Dalam mesyuarat JPBN Sarawak hari ini, Tan Sri James Masing telah mengingatkan semua rakyat untuk kekal sentiasa mematuhi Prosedur Operasi Standard (SOP) yang telah ditetapkan oleh kerajaan Persekutuan dan kerajaan Sarawak.

“JPBN Sarawak juga akan bermesyuarat pada Ahad ini (22 November) bagi memutuskan status Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan Bersyarat (PKPB) di Kuching sama ada perlu dilanjutkan atau sebaliknya.“Ini juga mengambil kira bilangan kes baru dalam tempoh dua hari ini,” katanya lagi. -EDISI UKAS

Elections In Sarawak not due till June 2021. An Emergency Needed?

The Sarawak Government has until June 2021 as it has been mandated to rule by the people. The So-called Emergency which netizens have been harping on is not a necessity as yet.

The Sarawak Government would want to have a fresh mandate no doubt but many Voters across the constituencies would think otherwise.

The Pandemic #COVID19 is on the rise in Peninsula Malaysia which seems highly likely that they have been sparked off just after the recently concluded Sabah Elections in October where campaign workers and election officials came back after their work commitments.

There is obviously a fear that it might also claim lives as seen by the recent surge of deaths.

As recently as the 30th of October Health Director-General Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said,”ELECTIONS NOT ADVISED BUT CAN PROCEED” and laid down the rules that there should be no large gatherings during campaigning, no walkabouts, and a restriction on travelling across state and district lines unless for emergencies.

“If we could, we would postpone any form of elections as we are also worried about having an election. 

“However if we have to, we use three principles. One is no crossing state or district lines, secondly no campaigning in large groups, and thirdly no walkabouts or home to home visits,” he said during his Covid-19 briefing.

The Chief Minister of Sarawak Abang Johari on November 3rd 2020 said this to an online mass media portal

Abang Johari reiterated that he was guided by the Health Ministry and experts as well as by the preparedness of the Election Commission to deal with the pandemic in deciding when to call the polls.

“Why should you rush? The people are more important. I have mentioned it before, we have always put the safety and health of the people and will only want to see the election be held if the situation allows us to.” 

He thus assured Sarawakians that the state government would not put their lives in danger, despite the nation’s constitution requiring the state election.

“Number one is the people’s health, number two is constitutional decision.

Due to the Emergency ruling on the Batu Sapi Parliamentary by elections netizens are up in Arms looking for answers.

Below please find an extracted statement from an online portal in which a Sarawak Federal Minister spoke to the press/media.

AN EMERGENCY can be declared in Sarawak to delay its state election but the Federal government must first discuss the matter with the state government.

Santubong MP Datuk Seri Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar said that by right, the Cabinet should not decide on its own over any such emergency declaration.

He said in a statement that this was important as an emergency meant suspending the right of the people to give a mandate to the State Legislative Assembly and renewal of peoples’ mandate for the state government.

The Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives also emphasised that the authority over state elections through the dissolution of the State Legislative Assembly was in the hands of Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Abang Openg and the Yang di-Pertua Negeri Tun Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud.

Under the Sarawak Constitution, the state must hold an election within 60 days after the dissolution of the state assembly,  either by a decision made by the Chief Minister or when the five-term lapses automatically.

Wan Junaidi said that when deciding to use emergency powers to extend the deadlines of the election due to a health crisis, natural disasters or other emergencies, all relevant agencies must sit and confer with Abang Johari before a decision is made.

“All parties including relevant agencies like the Election Commission, Ministry of Health, the police and army must discuss with the Chief Minister,” he said.