Muhyiddin Elections “Ready,Set,Go-After #Covid19 Subsides”

The people’s choice or back to the people to choose the Government will be realised in PRU15.

At this present moment many political analyst and entrepreneurs knows that the Pandemic #Covid19 are tearing into peoples lives and Politics is certainly not in their minds.

People’s Livelihood “bread and butter issues” , Safety and Health {Vaccines or cure for #Covid19} remains top priority.

The Prime Minister knows that opposition politicians are all but ready to oust him and he did not mince words when he told his party machinery in their AGM to be ready and not to wait for the last moment to serve the people and see to their needs and wants.

{Extracted from an online portal with thanks}

PETALING JAYA: PPBM president Muhyiddin Yassin has indicated that a general election will take place once Covid-19 subsides.

In his speech at the third PPBM annual general assembly today, the prime minister said some politicians were of the view that the national budget needs to be rejected to pave way for fresh elections.

“There is no need for that. If you ask me, I would have advised the Yang di-Pertuan Agong yesterday to dissolve Parliament so elections can be held.

“But we know the problem is Covid-19.”l

He said once the pandemic ends, a general election can be held.

“We return the mandate to the people and let them choose the government they want.”

Separately, Muhyiddin called on PPBM leaders to strengthen the party and increase membership and set up new branches.

“Make sure all branches are functioning, with a complete lineup of committee members. Carry out welfare and community activities at your branches.”

The party’s machinery, Muhyiddin said, must also be prepared for elections.

“Let us not wait till the last second to prepare. I know the people are sick of endless politicking. They want politicians to help them and not try to hold on to power forever.

“Let us rise to the occasion. This is the time to serve the people.”