“Ashamed and Shocked says Sarawak Minister”

OMG!!! says a health worker.

Our DG who has been working round the clock to ensure that Malaysia’s Health System is in order is under attack.

How can someone a Parliamentarian some more a Prime Minister’s Special Envoy to China with Ministerial status go so low and even utter such words as “TAKUT MATI?”

What is he actually driving at? His words and actions which was telecast live has gone viral and even his Facebook page comments have reached an unprecedented high of over 9000 “disturbing “comments.

Some comments from the general public are asking him by and large to just APOLOGISE TO THE NATION AS A WHOLE.


We have seen political leaders or Chairman of large conglomerates apologising and bowing in front of a Press Media and TV around the World.


He is a political leader in his party in PDP which is a coalition of GPS and GPS is an alliance with the Federal PN Government led by the Prime Minister in Tan Sri Muhyiddin.

A leader in PBB {attached below} has also come out to state his disgusts at the PDP Party leader and MP for Bintulu.

It seems that the netcitizens and the health fraternity personnels will not forgive him until he goes on the Nation’s Television and Press Conference to just say “I’M SORRY”

It’s up to him and his party faithful to heed the warnings as this will have adverse consequences and a far reaching effect on the party as a whole.


Please don’t be like “Kong Kali Kong” where you are so fond of uttering.


DATUK Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah has challenged his colleague in the GPS, Bintulu MP Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing to spend a day at the front-line with medical workers, wearing the full personal protective equipment (PPE).

He said if Tiong should go to the ground if the latter was confident that he can do better than the frontliners.

“I watched his debate specch in Parliament and I was “shocked and ashamed” as he is one of our GPS leaders and also a Sarawakian,” he told reporters when met at the state assembly building yesterday.

“Don’t say things like ‘takut mati’ (afraid of dying). I don’t agree with his words.”

Karim, also the Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister said Tiong should be mindful of his words and should not have expressed his frustrations against Health director-general Tan Sri Noor Hisham and other frontliners, who had scarified and worked hard for the country in the battle againt Covid-19. 

“He shouldn’t have hit out at civil servants that way,” he said.

On Wednesday, Tiong had claimed, while debating the Bill for Budget 2021, that Dr Noor Hisham hardly visited his constituency during the Covid-19 period, before wondering aloud if the latter “takut mati” or feared death and if that was the reason for his alleged absence.

Karim said generals don’t go to the front-line with the soldiers to fight as they work behind the scenes.

“So, it is the same goes to our health DG, we can’t expect him to be everywhere or on the ground whenever there is an outbreak.

Besides, he had gone to Sabah in September before the state state election there. So how could you accused that he never go to the ground” Karim said.