2030 “Walking through a Fire….!!”

8.30 PM Monday 16th November 2020 .The clock ticks as TVS Channel 122 was about to air an exclusive interview of Tan Sri William Mawan with hosts Dr.Jeneri Amir on TVS Twenty30 (2030) programme.

We were joined by a group of 6 social sciences,business and political graduates who watched the recorded show which lasted 30.08 minutes which was telecast at precisely at 2030PM.

There were insider”talks” that this interview would be a lively debate but what was presented was way beyond what could have imagined for a ‘Sarawak Political Talk”.

The group was very kind to summarise it as similar to BBC HARDtalk but this is HARDtalk Sarawak which was hard hitting but not in depth as the hosts was overtaken after 10 minutes where his consistent jabbing landed him a right hook on the chin.

Hurried, Hussle,Harsh and Humbled in the end.

There was many words of “Hangat” meaning “Hot” which was used by the hosts where many were taken aback by the script used. Tan Sri was his usual self Calm,Collected and Convincing to the end.

Was this Preplanned? Or was it done in a such a way just to get the best out of the Social Media Friendly Politician?

He is afterall a Veteran in this field,has served as a Former Senior Sarawak Cabinet Minister and also a Parliamentarian .

It all started graciously with honorifics and demure and no one would have half expected what was coming.
In this era the script would have been halted by the Public Relations (PR ) team of the assemblyman but everyone knows that he does pull a punch when the need arises. The issue would surface as the interview took its course.

The earlier questions were mild :- a} Tan Sri has been spending a lot of time in Pakan in the last two years, so what have you been up to? b]What keeps you moving? c] You have been moving actively on the ground for the last two years. Does this indicate that you are keen to contest in the next election?

The bubbling cauldron of fiery questions were laid down and for anyone to go through this interview in 2030progamme emerging unscathed would be relatively low.

It was after all Sarawak’s way of HARDtalk so that the detractors,enemies of the assemblyman would feel satisfied and gleefully happy with the media outcome.

What happened and how it came about was totally unexpected when the hosts tried to do a body blow plus undercut instead of jabbing away.

As the clock shows at 11.39 minutes into the interview the question came about which even after 10 days many in the social media and politicians still can’t help but continue to talk about.

The slip of the tongue which was irreplaceable and body language of the hosts was for all to see. One would have seen from the ringside very much like Iron Mike Tyson being knocked out instantaneously.

Before we go further into this article we made a phone call to the assemblyman and we reached him eventhough he is on the ground in his constituency in Pakan but he has just this to say,”I thanked Dr.Jeneri for the tough questions and TVS for giving me the opportunity to be on 2030 programme. I walked through the wall of Fire,coming out the other side,still WHOLE.” Certainly it’s not for the Faint Hearted.”

We thanked Tan Sri for his wise words and the group of 6 feels that Tan Sri has come out politically refreshed and would deliver the seat of Pakan at the next State Elections. Dr.Jeneri has played his part in beheading the serpent.

The question which sparked off where Tan Sri took over was,”Personally what have you done over the years to Transform Pakan?
The hosts kept on about ,”Based on feedback he got and on he said he talks on facts and finding.” That was the start and we do not want to dwell on this matter as it was for all to see.
At 12.33 minutes Mawan unleashed a right blow to the chin and humbled him and thereafter he was holding on to the ropes.

What was ask? One needs to watch the Interview in Full.

Of course, the Dr. himself has gone through this process many a times on the other side says the group of 6.
We do not want to blemish nor condone the good work by Dr.Jeneri and we also know its never easy to be a host rather than an interviewee.

We also thanked Dr. Jeneri for hosting the show and do continue to amaze us all.

Furthermore let’s be reminded though that there are many theorists who tries to put a factual report for their stakeholders without leaving the comforts of their airconditioned rooms and writing without even ever travelling to ground zero. Don’t be caught with your pants down.

All is well but if we were to score points this would be high nearer a Perfect Ten for Political viewers and many pointing to the fact that 2030 must do a LIVE SHOW in the Future. Surely, there do have plans for this says the group of 6.

Are they any other takers ready to take on Dr.Jeneri on Twenty30 Sarawak’s version of Hardtalk?

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