The White Tumbler and the Tablet did the Job for the Finance Minister as the Budget 2021 was Presented.

He started well in his presentation touching on the pulse of the nation in combating the Pandemic #COVID19. The Government Allocation on Health Sectors, Benefits,Tax Relief and Token of appreciation from the Government for Frontliners was the right subject matter.

He had the Parliament and Malaysians drawing their breadth but he managed to have everyone in the palm of his hands..

His only moment of hesitation must have been when he “touched screen too fast” on his tablet.

Wow! he even showed us his white tumbler flask and drank from it which was rather cool and very refreshing for a Finance Minister.

Overall he did himself proud and Malaysians must be thankful for a very professional approach and attitude shown by him.

Well done Minister of Finance!!!.

Below an extract line from an online portal

Zafrul ends his budget speech without the usual political swipes and heckling from the opposition as witnessed in the past,

The minister wraps up his more than two-hour speech by stating that while Malaysians can disagree, they need to reach consensus on policy matters.

“If we can unanimously agree with setting up the Covid-19 fund, it is hoped that members of this House and the public will support this budget and that it will become that which unites us all,” he says.

It appears that the PN government can ill-afford to fire salvos at the opposition when it requires the latter’s support to pass the budget.

Meanwhile, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong has also called on politicians to stop squabbling amid the pandemic.