DAP+PSB-PKR in Sarawak PRN12..??

The rumour mill has been on full throttle for the last few weeks but it only surfaced yesterday at the DUN Sitting where DAP and PSB looks set to go as a United Front in Sarawak PRN12.

Will it be a Reality?

The missing link for PSB would be PKR. The lesson for PH/PKR in their post mortem the Sabah elections is very clearly spelt out. They would have fared better if they had just used the WARISAN symbol as a United Front.

Will ANWAR advice his Sarawak Branch Chairman to look into this or go alone?

The demographics,landscape,terrain and racial mix are different in each constituency in Sarawak and the advantage is towards the ruling GPS Coalition.

However,there must not be complacency or infighting within which will of course be an advantage to the opposition to capitalise.

The former DAP and now independant Padungan Yb Wong king Wei made a very strong point in an interview with an online article ,”that only if they the Sarawak based local party PSB are in coalition with PH going into the elections there would be a “chance for them” to create more than a ripple.

The Voters would see this as a Choice to choose the GPS Coalition or the PSB Coalition. It’s going to be tough for both sides of the fence to convince the voters but it will be interesting to say the least as it is “An Option and a Choice.” says a Sarawak registered voter.

He further added that the coalitions will put out their best winnable candidate forward.

The Social Media will also play a very significant and major part in this PRN12 and he also said #fakenews #realiblenews will be VIRAL TO THE MAXIMUM by both sides of the political divide.

IF PSB is together with the PH Coalition it will be a close call for many areas. GPS holds the advantage if there is a Free for all amongst the opposition front.

Come what may for PRN12 Sarawak it will still be under the Elections SOP #COVID19 says the voter.

{An extracted article from an online portal with thanks}

PARTI Sarawak Bersatu (PSB) is not ruling out the possibility of collaborating with DAP in the 12th state election, which could be called anytime soon.PSB president Datuk Seri Wong Soon Koh today said the party would be willing to work together with other parties which share its struggle to help the people in the state.“As far as we are concerned, we work with like-minded people, sharing the same vision and mission. If it is good for the people of Sarawak, why not?” he told a press conference during a break at the Sarawak State Assembly sitting here.

Wong, the Bawang Assan state assemblyman, was state Second Finance Minister before he quit the Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) government last year.

Three other assemblymen who joined him in PSB are Datuk Ranum Mina (Opar), Johnical Rayong (Engkelili) and Baru Bian (Ba’ Kelalan), who is also the Selangau Member of Parliament. Sri Aman Member of Parliament Masir Kujat also joined the party.

DAP Sarawak chairman Chong Chieng Jen, who accompanied Wong at the press conference, said DAP could work together with PSB, as evident today when they objected to an amendment to Article 16 of the Sarawak State Constitution.

The Bill for the amendment, however, was deferred by Speaker Datuk Amar Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar at the end of the debate, citing anomalies in the Bill and the need for clarification of certain definitions.“We from DAP and PSB have stated our strongest objection to the tabling of the Bill this morning for the mere fact that DUN (the State Assembly) is the last bastion of Sarawak’s rights and privileges,” said Chong. – Bernama