“I-Sinar”scheme to Become “I-Die scheme….!!

Many of us have experienced the feeling of being unemployed. We too have had to share a packet of “maggi mee” to be eaten during lunch and dinner. We have felt we must have done something wrong and even have hit a “Brick Wall”

Morever ,it wasn’t that we do not want to work.

But its likely more to circumstances at that time or that their employers were forced to close their business due to reasons best known to them.

Well, after all the years working for the better good of the nation and the economy of Malaysia some would want to have some assistance.

EPF {Employment Provided Fund} to mosts who have worked their lives is where their savings are and it is used for their advancing years when they need it when they grow old.

At this present time with the Pandemic #COVID19 many Malaysians are going through tough times.

The former PM Najib have come out with his explanation of this I’Sinar scheme ,’We would not want the i-Sinar scheme to become an ‘I Die’ scheme for those who don’t meet the eligibility criteria just because they have not lost their jobs.

Netizens who are entitled to the scheme have come out in force and viralled their opinions, suggestions,ideas to ensure that their EPF Savings can be utilized to help them through their difficult times.


{Extracted from an online portal with thanks}

PETALING JAYA: Former prime minister Najib Razak has urged the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) to extend withdrawals from Account 1 to include those who have suffered pay cuts due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Najib said he initially estimated a total of 4.7 million members benefiting from the i-Sinar programme, with a total withdrawal of up to RM47 billion.

However, he noted that EPF expected only two million members to withdraw a total of RM14 billion, because of its eligibility requirements which limit withdrawals to those who have lost their jobs, been given unpaid leave or have no other source of income.

“EPF needs to understand that we cannot only target those who are unemployed. The biggest group is those with reduced monthly income as a result of pay cuts, who have got less commission and are underemployed.

“We would not want the i-Sinar scheme to become an ‘I Die’ scheme for those who don’t meet the eligibility criteria just because they have not lost their jobs,” he said in a Facebook post today.

He urged EPF to open up its i-Sinar programme to people who have faced a 20% drop in income as a result of the pandemic.

Failure to do so, he warned, might cause desperate people to deliberately quit their jobs or get themselves fired to meet the requirements of the programme.

EPF has announced that i-Sinar is an extension of the i-Lestari withdrawal facility, which has now reached an estimated total withdrawal of RM30 billion and will end in March next year.

Applications for i-Sinar, which allows withdrawals of RM500 a month over 12 months, may be made from December and the amount will be credited into the members’ bank accounts starting January.

EPF is expected to announce full details of the programme tomorrow.