PAS..?? Only BN,PKR Flags Allowed in Batang Ai N29


Hmmm, a political observer said that the story in an English daily will not be go down well with PAS-Pakatan supporters. Some of the PAS MPs and YBs were here in Lubok Antu and witnessed these scene and Mafrel was on hand to witness it unfolding. According to a MAFREL official it was a mere “miscommunication”. Will they include this in their report..??

This is the newspaper report,” Political parties and supporters of Barisan Nasional (BN) and the opposition have been reminded not to put up flags of parties other than the contesting ones during the campaign period.”

State Police Commissioner Datuk Mohmad Salleh said,” Only the BN flag, PKR flag can be put up. There should not be any PAS and DAP flags and posters put up by supporters from both sides throughout the campaign period,” he warned.

Please find the video recording which was captured yesterday and it was after some intervention and common sense that this scene did not turn UGLY..


N29 Batang Ai To win: “Women Voters Crucial”

The phrase ‘ Women’s instinct ” must not be discarded in this byelection campaign. Womenfolks make up around 45% of the total votes in Batang Ai and they are placed of utmost importance says both sides of the political divide.

 PKR and BN wanita movements have started their programmes to coax and to ensure that the votes are secured. The women folks in the Batang Ai longhouses practically live a very simple life tendering to their families needs. They are not really concerned about what really is happening politically outside their longhouse boundaries.  

The women wings of both the parties will use all their women persuasive powers and not forgetting their instincts. Surely if $$$$$ are offered as assistance it will come in  handy though it might just be a temporary relief for their basic needs. In any elections there will be talks of “MONEY POLITICS” “BUYING VOTES” plus all the  usual niceties that comes along with MONEY.

Nobody will come out be it BN or PKR dare to declare that we DID NOT USE ANY MONEY IN THIS RURAL CONSTITUENCY.  Women folks play such a significant role in this rural remote area and their votes will also determine in the final analysis who wins. To forget the women voters the candidates are doing so at their own peril.

The candidates wife would be another crucial factor in N29 and we all  know too well that,”Behind every successful man……………” Do I need to finish the sentence and say some more..!!!  

We say as always,” Never ever underestimate ” WOMEN’S INSTINCT” they will make or always break many a GOOD MAN…hik hik hik

Batang Ai N29 “Two Chief Ministers and 8000 crowd.


audie61 crew made their presence felt as they mingled with both sets of Pakatan and BN members and supporters. Amongst the audie61 crew who made it were Andrew,Leo and Tony besides Natasha,Cindy and Joey.

Leo commented this is history as for the first time ever in Sarawak a byelections sees the presence of two CEO’s of the state in Sarawak’s Chief Minister Pehin Taib and Selangor MB Tan Sri Khalid. The SB (from IPK Kuching) who informed me that there was no untowards incidents and the crowd is estimated to be around 8000 strong. Police presence according to Andrew whose relative is heading the police operations is around 800.


Natasha noticed that most of BN supporters were from outside Lubok Antu and many were PBB supporters. It seems its a clear message to PKR that BN Sarawak will go ‘all out ot help their coalition partner’ and use all their knowledge and experience in rural elections.

Cindy interviewed an SPDP Political secretary who says that we must not underestimate the PKR candidate who is vastly experience but in the end BN will prevail.  

 Joey asked supporters of PKR who said ,”where are the PRS grassroots members.We see a lot of YBs,Ministers,Exco’s but it seems that there are hardly any soldiers here. Have they defected to PKR?? They all laughed.

Tony saw that after the results were announced BN supporters just dispersed. The Pakatan group was very organised as MB Khalid and his entourage led the 2500 crowd on a tour of Lubok Antu town. He ws indeed very disappointed that there were no cheer leaders for BN. Are they becoming too complacent..??

It was a testing day to say the least and my newhandycam failed on me.Oh No! I had to use an alternative, that is my DigitalCamera.Its so foreign to me and pardon my inexperience. I tried…………(

We say as always,” It was indeed a colourful and Yet a very “HOT DAY”

N29 “Its the System & KWA HONG, SAI CHUN”

The most obvious question before the nomination day in Batang Ai N29 is:-,”Can anyone change the mindset of the dayaks..?” ‘Its already in place the system says  a local Engkilili resident but votes in the N29 State constituency”

 He wants to remain anonymous and he went to school with the BN candidate Malcolm Mussen and there were only 16 of them and Malcolm was the only bumiputra in the class. 

What is the system as Natasha asked him? Its like no one goes against the ‘ Government ‘ and the Ibans who are under the government system will always vote for the BN dacing and no one else. Now with the youths factor and fence sitters PKR maybe stand a chance but its an uphill tasks.

He says the local chinese community who does business are as usual the ones who always ‘ KWA HONG SAI CHUN “. They must not be seen to favour any political parties and they only make up 297 of the voting strength. DAP and PKR members are making inroads he said but can the local chinese community just shun BN.

This is not like the URBAN AREAS in the Peninsula and will the Chinese here in Batang Ai just ‘ COMMIT SUICIDE ” Don’t think so but the opposition can try to convince. Natasha of audie61 was giving him all the issues which has been used by the Pakatan group somehow or rather it doesn’t convince him.

Just then a phone call was received from Engkilili and it was a confirmation that 3000 specially prepared food for election workers are to be handed to Lubok Antu. This was ordered by BN and they have distributed it accordingly to 4 contractors. “It’s like projects fairly distributed in this Parliamentary seat of Lubok Antu,he said”

Engkilili and Batang Ai make up this Parliamentary seat in Sarawak.One must realise that politics of development still counts and the convictions are still very much strong for BN. The dayaks are stillvery much in this SYSTEM and it will still take years to change their mindset.

He even said,Anwar can win the cheers from the crowd in his ceramah (campaign talk). However, here in Sarawak, winning cheers doesn’t mean that you are winning their votes.Though PKR Jawah will present a formidable opponent but it seems that BN campaign will withstand all and has a fair chances of defending the seat N29.

As it stands the ground zero is still not very noticeable eventhough SB has given PRS a headstart and  PKR is not lagging behind. The dayaks will still go for PRS-BN says the local confidently.

 Its the usual bombardment which holds the key to this rural constituency unlike the urban voters. This I have NOTHING TO HIDE. What has PKR got to counter when BN does in the last few days with their aerial bombs and swift forces penetrating the interiors…??

You will remember the song,” To know Malaysia,is to love Malaysia” so how will PKR make this Dayak Sentiment  to turn to votes for them. Sentiments can also change when the COLOURS OF $$$$$$ are shown in their faces.PLEASE dont be hypocritical and say that ‘I have my ” PRINCIPLES ” Come on,its all B.S.

Even a former PRS dayak SC  said to me when we met,”Dayaks can be bought” and this sentiment will not lasts. THe PBDS dayakism era is long gone and it has not really caught fire just yet. PKR represents not a local party and if there is another local based dayak party which is not PRS or SPDP or even SUPP maybe the challenge thrown to capture the dayaks imagination that the fire is still burning. If not,let’s just forget about dethroning the present BN government.  

So has Anwar or PKR done enough to change the dayaks mindset? BN Sarawak is so strong that even when 916 was proclaimed no dayak leader even dared to cross the line. So PKR making inroads,please says the former SC member.?    

All is not losts though for PKR as this comment from Mata Kuching in audie61 comments gives some HOPE..”All that the BN give just take…take and take but vote PKR. Show no mercy to all BN leaders who betrayed your trust elections after elections. It is time to change all Dayak leaders who chose to continue to betray our trust and use government projects as a commodity in exchange for our votes.

We say as always,” The truth hurts but many are shutting their ears to it.At least the Lubok Antu Chinese KWA HONG SAI CHUN “Do you think they believe in CHANGE..??What about the SYSTEM..?

“All Soldiers BN or Pakatan making their way to Batang Ai”

Though its only about 4 hours journey from Kuching to Batang Ai the return trip and stoppages would have wasted at least 10 hours of the day. The troops or soldiers of both coalition have made last minute arrangements as they will spend a good two weeks away from home.

Knapsacks,toiletries,medicines,mosquito repellants and other personal items are all packed up by their loved ones as the ground forces starts to make N29 their home away from home. Without the advance parties the party machineries would be considered useless. Preparations and all the contacts to the longhouses where the polling stations are nearby have all been earmarked.

Both sets of supporters or party members would try to avoid each other at these longhouses eventhough they crossed paths quite often as they crisscrossed the rivers.

The word though is that N29 would see amongst the biggest turnout of both sets of supporters and party members from  BN and Pakatan Sarawak. The estimated figures according to Special Branch is that at least 15000 people would converge on this little town of Lubok Antu. Seems that Lubok Antu would be overcrowded and security measures would be tight to avoid any untoward incidents.

It is confirmed that amongst the many names who will be in Sarawak Lubok Antu for the nomination day are newly appointed UMNO Vice President Shafie Abdal together with his counterparts from Sabah parties of PBS,UPKO,PBRS.Meanwhile Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim and a strong team from PKR would also be making their presence felt.

Nothing though beats the political boys or soldiers who will be camped out to be on the call twenty four hours and on the move as and when they are required for BEAT DUTY.

These troops are not in any way the exco’s of the parties but usually like the ‘mercenaries’ or ‘rent a waiter’ types who are unknown in the political fields. They are amongst the most effective of the political machinery. In my early years I had a stint as one and was airdropped(excuse my political jargon) more than once into the rural battlefields.

Sometimes we just received immediate instructions and just vroom, vroom,vroom and of we go into the interiors. The dangers or political landscape could either be friendly or at times scarry. N29 is also a constituency where the unknown lurks if you are a visitor from outside Sarawak.Of course the nomination centre is in the town but real battles are waged in the interiors and in the longhouses of N29.

We say as always,” The battle has already begun and April 7th we would know the outcome. For now the troops and soldiers are all awaiting their instructions. 

Mission 407 Muhyiddin Heads BN Machinery

In an immediate handing over of duties President of UMNO Najib Razak has handed and put his deputy to tasks as the ‘Head of BN Machinery in the 3 byelections.” 

Muhyiddin will oversee all the 3 areas in Bukit Selambau(N25),Bukit Gantang(P59) and Batang Ai(N29). According to informed sources UMNO political strategists and BN headquarters have been instructed to “OIL THE PARTY MACHINERY INORDER NOT TO SUFFER ANY HICCUPS.” This is Muhyiddins first tests as Deputy to Najib and he would use all his experience to counter the Pakatan assault and onslaught.

There has been too  much negativity and ‘dirt thrown”on UMNO says a newly elected UMNO Youth Exco and we will be on the ground to prove it otherwise.The perception that UMNO cannot be reform has been proven otherwise.

The delegates have chosen a “Dream Team’ in UMNO. The people will see that the new “Leadership of UMNO” will deliver what it promises more so than what the Opposition can.

We will be behind our new General on the ground and that is our new deputy President of UMNO Muhyiddin. Mission 407 will be a tough battle on three fronts between BN and Pakatan. Who will capture the hearts and imagination of the voters and the constituents?  

The ground zero seems to be pointing to 3-0 or 2-1 either way for both coalitions. Informed sources from the 3 areas have put the BN lagging behind in two areas and just slightly ahead in one area. The respective political machinaries in these 3 areas needs to complete their Mission 407.

They need to revise their strategies in areas where they are  strong and work on their weaknesses.There is still time but it needs to be FAST and FURIOUS.

Nomination is this weekend and Mission 407 will clock off at 5pm. The results will determine which coalition will come out on top.  

We say as always,” There is no such thing as “NO PROBLEMS” in politics and there should be discussions to MAP new strategies at the spur of the moment and counter all negativities.Mission 407 is already in ORBIT and will land in 11 days..

N29 Batang Ai “Is it a Battle of the 3 “J’s”..???


It’s a fact. Whatever has happened to the BN candidate Malcolm Mussen. Is he working so hard or is he a reluctant politician? Is he leaving the BN party machinery to answer all before him? Is this complacency or is this his way of being a Politician? Is he leaving it to the people to choose a quiet politician but yet effective administrator?

Dr. Chua Jui Meng (former Health Minister )had said,”A politician should not be where he is if he is QUIET.He is not a Politician” Also a PBS member who is in town in Sarawak said,”Your candidate is too news and camera shy and this is not good.” He is the flag bearer of BN in Batang Ai and not the rests of the party machinery.

Malcolm must have his own strategy and for us to lambast him or to take it out on him would be very unfair. However in this constituency the political climate does not allow you to be the “FOODY GOODY TWO SHOES CANDIDATE”.

There is no need  for Justification and to substantiate the statement a political observer said as Batang Ai is a volatile constituency and it has always surprised us. Moroever this constituency will be amongst the first with the results known  in any State elections.Also as we can see below:-

Three quarters of the voters are below 50,Half of the Voters below 40 and many of them are highly educated,intellectual and working in corporate fields. Most of them have left this remote constituency to work in the bigger towns and cities and will be making their way back to vote on April7th.  BN and Pakatan are all making their own correct noises with propaganda and campaign materials to boost their candidates.

The 3 ‘Js” who are the main players seems to be Jabu(Deputy CM),James(PRS President) Jawah(PKR candidate). The 3 Js have started and unleashed their campaign to win and woo the voters to affix the X and to make sure the candidate is acceptable to all. 

Jabu in a meet the people said,”The majority of rural folk in the Batang Ai constituency do not really know about Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and its cause.“As such, sensible and mature voters will not welcome or accept PKR or its candidate in the by-election.”

James meanwhile said,”“Jawah has been there for five terms. I don’t have to explain to the people who Jawah is. It’s easier for them to decide. What he can and cannot do is an open book for the people. His record will speak for itself.”

Jawah,”“I have already covered several longhouses, met the voters there, heard what they have to say and have come away with the good feeling that past support is still intact – and that there is a  new wave of support,”

We say as always,” More will be heard in the days to come and Malcolm must make use of this platform to sell himself well. One can be a good administator but sometimes GOOD POLITICIANS are not taught but BORN with it…One cannot have the bests of BOTH WORLDS..Ooouchh!! 

Agi Idup,

Agi Ngelaban

We’ve said”Khairy Not So Easily written off”


On October 18th 2008 I wrote  “Khairy’s days are numbered”. Today against all odds when many within UMNO “Khairy,Oooh No way and also NOooo chance.. ” he proved them all wrong. First of all we congratulate those who always proves otherwise.

This we wrote thenon 18/10/08,”A veteran politician said to me over coffee at the MCA assembly,” He is being pushed to the wall and he will come out fighting.Believe me.” I smiled and said to myself and Khairy himself an Oxford graduate will have learnt the ‘British Bulldog spirit” and learnt from Sir Winston Churchill,”Victory at all costs,victory however long and hard the road maybe,for without victory there is no survival.”  So do you think Khairy’s days are NUMBERED..?  

Why had I so much FAITH  in the man Khairy..? Maybe its the British 4 seasons weather and education that has had an affect on our lives and as fighters we always come out fighting. I dislike  the word “AP” “Angkat P….” or “Apple Polishing” but when they are good and when the walls are caving in these qualities will shine. Khairy has shown it and many others too before him..Kuddos to those who believe in the “Perserverance the mother of All Successes

So Khairy Jamaluddin has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat by winning the much-coveted Umno Youth chief. His 304 votes was  a majority 50 against Mohd Khir Toyo (254) and 72 over Mukhriz Mahathir (232).  Related article:-

We say as always,” Good man will always come out fighting no matter what obstacles are infront of them. You can’t keep a good man SILENT..Remember That.”GIVE CREDIT WHEN IT’s DUE…  

N29 Latest Ground Zero Bookies Odds


It seems no matter how much BN throws the $$$$$$ or promised “Maggie Mee or Kilat Projects” the ground zero voting trend is very much in favour of PKR.

A week ago,even before the candidates were announced BN had a handicap of 300 over PKR in the opening bell. It shot up to 1000 when projects and other perks were handed out by BN. How come now its dropped down to level pegging at 9.00am 25th March 2009 which is no more votes handicap and PKR winning at 78 cents. Take BN you win $1 for every bet.

Why the sudden shift? This was the feel of the bookies world and so far they have been accurate in the last few byelections. The phone call which we received was from a “reliable insider or shall we call him”Cartoone”.

These three by elections are money spinning machines for Bookies from Malaysia and they are anticipating the windfalls in their millions as they do battle against their distant bookie cousins from Singapore,Indonesia and Phillippines. (Surely when someone GIVES they must be TAKERS)  

The fact is this reading on ground zero in BOOKIE ANALYTICAL WORLD, forget the political analysis or whatever Harvard or Cambridge thinktanks  theory its the BOOKIES $$$$$$ that will also determine the elections. Correct me if I am wrong..?? Simple,who determines the stock exchanges..??? $$$$$$ right..!!

We say as always,” Be careful with punting on elections. The EYES are watching and they say don’t vote your VOTES AWAY. VOTE WISELY AND MARK THE RIGHT X hik hik hik

PKR,DAP,SNAP working together in Sarawak N29

DAP Sarawak Vice Chairman Chong Siew Chiang said that Anwar’s wise decision in naming and nominating Jawah Gerang was a wise one. However when Natasha of audie61 interviewed a number of  BN grassroots members there were mixed reactions.

  • 1. Its a tough one this by election
  • 2. He has served as BN ‘What has he done..?”
  • 3. Jawah should be supporting Bawin and not this way round.
  • 4. Bawin would be harder to tackle than Jawah. 
  • 5. Its a PROXY fight.(ex PRS vs present PRS)

Obviously when one goes to interview Pakatan boys it will be different set of  answers even though the questions are similar. It seems that this is the first time that the three parties are working together in an election. In Batang Ai there are about 300 chinese voters and DAP are wooing them to vote for the Pakatan- PKR Sarawak candidate.

On another challenging note audie61 was asked whether we will posts the same article as dayaknation on BN malpractises. Its an opinion by the writer of dayaknation.We will continue to posts without fear or malice if there are facts,figures,statistics and authentic pictures to substantiate and accompany the article. In this instance its up to the blog to answer the charges if he was hauled up.

Below please find the extracted version from the dayaknation blog. We received a lot of phone calls from sources to inform us of this practise. If there are evidences there should be Police reports and also to the MACC. Why are PKR Sarawak members not doing just that?

BN Malpractices, Corruption & Votes Buying Has Begun.

  • Kidnapping of Tuai Rumah & Community Leaders by Jabu/Masing. Confinement at Hilton’s Batang Ai
  • Each Tuai Rumah given RM1000 ‘angpow’
  • Tomorrow 25th March – Rh. Kino RM500 per door  22 doors, Rh Menyang sedi 27 doors, Rh Mangat Menyang Taih 13 doors
  • Personal attack on Anwar Ibrahim and Jawah Gerang by JJM & William Nyalau at Rh. Lampih, Bulo. No Fuel in Lubok Antu all Block. Helicoptors flying every day…….Kasih Bala Iban di kemelika Jabu Masing.  Polis everywhere, Excavators, tractors…..  

 We say as always,” In any elections there will be ways to outdo each other in campaigning for their candidates concerned. The question is “WERE YOU READY..? THE ONSLAUGHT and ASSAULT  teams will have to be ever ready..THATS ALL..”