“We Just wait jak.Sapa lah Kita tok.” An Emeritus Professor was heard saying to a number of BN members who were giving their “political expertise and theories” on candidacy and how the voters would vote for their preferred candidates.

They were particularly keen on the MP situation on Julau and Saratok. Of course yours truly audie61 did not want to interfere but express concerns especially when and where BN Incumbents matters.

What is particularly interesting is that both Salang and Mawan have been seen together lately and moreover they have been carrying on their MP duties with full commitment and never wavered from their responsibilities.


The timing of both of them being scrutinised and undermined is indeed part of the strategy being used to ‘reveal and sway the voters minds” in both the BN areas. Let’s take the first case of Julau which the argument started. Larry on himself,”“I believe that with my experience in government and my commitment to serve the people of Julau, I will be the best person to represent this area. “

Salang being a veteran and seasoned politician said,”“I have been a deputy minister for two terms. This is my fourth term as Julau MP. What type of experience has he?

One of  Salang’s supporter said,’ Deputy CM and President of PRS Masing said it right. Larry even took on a BN PRS Candidate in Lubok Antu and losts. Of course, the DCM Masing words were this,”PRS president Tan Sri Dr James Jemut Masing said Larry could not be a BN candidate anymore after he left PRS, a BN component party and formed SWP.  Julau MP seat belongs to PRS and Larry is not a PRS member. Case closed.”

It’s taking on Barisan Nasional and not even Direct BN candidacy as agreed upon by the BN hierarchy. Many BN Supporters consider that as “taboo“and one must go through the process of ‘QUARANTINED like astronauts coming back from space. Ini bukan main-main keluar dan masuk BN sesuka jak. Mana Prinsip?

Argument Number two which audie61 is more familiar with, especially is on BN Incumbent Mawan. Both he and Tiong have been very close buddies and still very much are.

 Their differences are not “personal” but over politicking by members in the alignment of politics have been the case of “Imbroglio” in the Saratok Parliamentary seat.

There has been much talk about 3 lobbyists now becoming (2) two from PDP who are stacking their claims to the BN Saratok Parliamentary seat as Mawan is a BN Incumbent but partyless which the PDP faithful are not too politically happy.

The picture was painted out to the President Tiong that much have been done by the PDP Saratok members. They not only paint but also are writing “compositions” instead of factual reports and using all political methods and ways to undermine the first timer Parliamentarian in Mawan.   

President Tiong while being a leader had to comply and see for himself in which one or two of his “over perceived egoist” members claimed that they have managed to convince the voters to go with their candidate.

akketua1It was also reported in the main stream media that,”PDP leader had reportedly said the party wanted to wipe out Mawan’s influence and support in the area, but added the move would contribute to breaking up the BN support base.

Mawan is the BN flag bearer and a Member of Parliament in this constituency and PDP is a BN component and according to the BN members they said,”Isn’t this wiping out the BN support base and giving Pakatan in which PKR have insisted that they contest a breakthrough and wining this at the expense of Barisan Nasional.? No,No,No and they too concurred with Mawan which was headlined,”DONT ROCK BN BOAT”  

What should be commended on Mawan is that he is trying to tell Tiong and his party in PDP and shows the maturity of the man even when he is politically and mercilessly attacked. “Even if they (PDP) feel they must take over the seat, they should have contacted me first instead of trying to dislodge me or wipe out my influence in Saratok. I am not the opposition. I am not your enemy. I am the custodian of BN Saratok entrusted by the BN.”

These words and statement are very much a Parliamentarian that is respected by the voters in the area and those who voted him will not have any qualms whatsoever to VOTE him again.’ BN will certainly not want to overlook an MP who will win them the seat as his support base have been build ever since he took office in 2013.

Tiong and his men came and went away and even mentioned to those present at the Rumah Jabu, Nanga Senulau,“I have met the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Ahmad Zaid Hamidi) and discussed at length with them. This time the candidate will be from PDP and PM has agreed there will not be BN direct candidate in Saratok.”

The BN members said why didn’t he picked the PDP Candidate for Saratok there and then? Is there something which we don’t already know? This was said in a very sarcastic manner. In the grapevine one of them even remarked that there is a “pact” to see an end not only to Salang but also Mawan. How true this is we need to do more investigative work.

Salang meanwhile was in uncompromising mood and he said this  “I cannot stop people from contesting – it is a part of our democratic practices. Still, they should never cause the people to split, to be hostile toward one another, or for them to succumb to money politics.

The print media,” Larry’s argument that he was there to replace Salang with ‘blessings’ from certain Barisan Nasional (BN) top leaders, Salang said this was certainly news to him and also the PRS.’

This was like a big stone tied to one’s legs and dropping him in the big ocean and creating a rift within the BN Family which irked the BN members in conversation. They said “Kalau angin tidak tuip mana ada pokok goyang?

They were not too amused with Tiong lambasting Karim Hamzah too in which was printedbroke the BN spirit of cooperation and consensus’ by trying to influence the choice of candidate in a fellow BN component party.

He further mentioned,”“It is ironic that he (Abdul Karim) said he concurred with Mawan (that) no one should rock the BN boat when he ‘himself has shaken the boat’ by his statement on Saratok candidacy.

They asked audie61 on how an SPDP member the former Senator Datuk Pau Chiong Ung and close ally of President crossed the line in becoming a direct BN candidate. This was in the issue of the news media of April 7, 2016, Thursday,”Negotiations are on for Pau to resign from SPDP to stand as a direct BN candidate and for him to join SUPP if he won.

Did Pau become a candidate in the State Elections in 2016?

Of course, the final decision lies with the BN hierarchy and DPM Zahid have been echoing his Presidents words and they will continue to ensure that all dots are joined. His words which all BN component parties must take note,”

The call by Deputy PM Zahid Hamdi for BN candidates now are winnable,likeable and of course acceptable by the Top BN leadership.

PM Najib has this formula and he stressed that state BN component parties must nominate only the most winnable candidates. “Please give only winnable candidates and I want only winnable candidates. I don’t want your favourite persons to be candidates.”

Without question when Salang and Mawan came to BN defence it is not for their own selfish agenda’s but ensuring BN will not be short changed as some candidates still needs to be “QUARANTINED.”

Mawan’s statement on don’t “ROCK THE BN BOAT” as the real test is very much winning an election.

Fadillah Yusuf Sarawak BN Youth Chief  and Federal Works Minister  ,”A big win for Barisan Nasional (BN) in the 14th general election (GE14) is crucial in ensuring that the voices of Sarawakians would be heard by the federal government.

Tiong himself concurred that “Ultimately we leave it to the Chief Minister and Prime Minister to make the final decision” and until the BN “watikah is issued” nothing is final and the ‘dirty linens” should be confined within the BN Family and not in the public domain.

Salang and Mawan remains True BN Blue even though their resolve is severely tested.

Its always agree to disagree that  will promote greater understanding and viable relationships. Disagreements will always happen, but you don’t have to let them become a real problem and all true BN Blue supporters will testify to that.

One must show RESPECT and Mawan and Salang has full trust in the BN Hierarchy in which their voters put them in Parliament to represent their respective constituency.

The  words from the emirutus professor have managed to keep all the BN members united in their spirit to win the seats for BN in GE14.

Sik “Nunjuk Dirik” No Bragging Rights but Execution.

Nya nang jenis sik suka “Ngeso-ngeso..!!” Sik pernah cakap besar,nunjuk diri, nya polah jak kerja. Cam tok YB kamek.  

The defining moments for any politician is of course the sweetness of winning an election . Those words above were uttered by voters who know their Parliamentarian well enough as since 1990 to 2013 they have given him a resounding mandate.

wan junaidiIt’s not that he is a man who is in a hurry. He is always on the move and when he walks he expects those with him to walk with him and if they can’t they need to run along with him. Ask any of those who have served with him and they will surely tell you.

When audie61 first met with the Parliamentarian MP Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar in 2004 he was telling us that he needs to redo his thesis as his computer has “somewhat crashed” We were wondering then why he needs to pursue “that piece of paper“as he is already an MP and an established lawyer by profession.

14 years down the line he is Malaysia’s Natural Resources and Environment Minister who has performed exemplary and of course with it comes “iri hati‘ or envious. It’s only normal as we are only human.

If I may, he was in a conversation which i overheard him saying Albert Einstein quote ” Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. So where does this lead us to pen our thoughts on him. 

We did write earlier  and also included a piece of him there.

Wan Junaidi is a man with very little words when he needs to execute things. He will just look at you and his ‘eyebrows’ will twitch and that is a sign he is serious and he wants it done immediately. Knowing him well enough, it is always “Rakyat First not Me.”

Of course, many in the political and government civil service will find it tough in the first place working with him and we are sure his family will testify to that.

What makes him the person he is will have to do with his upbringing and his time spent in the Police force where Discipline and Commitment was the order of the day.

As a Politician and a Member of the Malaysian Cabinet he is very careful with his words in the public domain and he knows any false or unwanted remarks will see a “barrage of criticisms” coming his way and ultimately affect the running of the administration.

When Suara PBB Sarawak Jiwa Bakti published an article on the Minister we thought we WILL NOT WANT TO SING PRAISES or go on overdrive to raise his stature. There is no point as the Minister is not what everyone thinks he is or have an “INFLATED EGO

88fad89c-c3a4-4bca-b28d-71ddaed6840fThe PBB Party faithful within his constituency knows how,why,what their Division Chief, Parliamentarian and Minister does and is more than capable of reaching out including the “touch and pulse points” of the constituents he serves and the nation as a whole.

There is no denying the fact that he is not “young” anymore in age but that doesn’t mean he is slow and incapable of making the right decisions and serving the nation wholeheartedly.

The lobbying to be candidate in the next GE14 is intense be it in PBB or any of the 31 available Parliamentarian seats in Sarawak. There are many factors to consider before the State BN Hierarchy and Federal BN hierarchy arrives at the decision.

We must however take note on what the DPM and PM have to say on the candidates for GE14, This quote by DPM and Deputy BN President in a statement, 

The call by Deputy PM Zahid Hamdi for BN candidates now are winnable,likeable and of course acceptable by the Top BN leadership.

PM Najib has this formula and he stressed that state BN component parties must nominate only the most winnable candidates. “Please give only winnable candidates and I want only winnable candidates. I don’t want your favourite persons to be candidates.”

In our eyes, the Minister Wan Junaidi has truly kept up to expectations and performed to the best of his ability and have made Sarawak proud to have a Parliamentarian that walks his talk. His voters will not have hesitation to utter this about the man.

“Mun nya diberik peluang sekali gik PRU tok, untong la kitak. Arap-arap..”




GE14 -“Battle Lines Drawn”

One can win Popular Votes but to win GE14 in Malaysia its all about first passing the magical number of 111 seats.

Thats the Political Reality and its not about to Change.

apas1222 seats is all there for the taking to form the Federal Government of Malaysia. Politics is taking centre stage as the country gears up for General Elections. Both sides of the political divide in theory are saying they have the ‘upper hand” as the voters are already in their pockets. Is that so?

One thing for sure though the theory should be backed by empirical evidence rather than speculation or hearsay. The ruling BN coalition in Sarawak and Sabah are not going to give up their safe bastions on a platter to the newly formed Pakatan alliances. The 56 seats are “Crystallized Gold Nuggets“and BN will not want Pakatan to make any further inroads. (Pakatan holds 10 out of 56 Parliamentary seats)

In the Peninsular of 166 seats there are many issues which both the coalitions have to address and the campaign tactics and strategy would be scrutinised by the voters. The feel on the ground is what makes and breaks an election campaign. We must not take for granted that simply assuming that because one political party is dominant victory is assured.

There is no room for ‘risk taking” on new and untested candidates for both coalitions and also for PAS be it in Peninsular or Sabah or Sarawak. One thing for certain their main aim will be to field the Candidate that will win them the seats first.

Its a fact though that it does take a lot of experience in elections to be able to devise a WINNING STRATEGY even though one might have some insights into the process. Whoever fails will need to look back at their election drawing boards. But it will be too late/

Its all about The Winnable Candidates and both these coalitions will use all known tactics and strategy to outdo each other and win the hearts plus the minds of the voters.

BN and Pakatan will not disclose their plans and strategies but in winning the war. However its the candidates who are picked who needs to win the battles on the ground to secure the war. parliament seats

We must always remember this,” one may have the greatest campaign plan ever written but if you can’t implement it, it is worthless. That’s where experience on the ground is so invaluable and could be the difference between winning and losing. 

The battle lines are already spelt out and Pakatan have fired their first salvo especially in Peninsular as they have announced their seat allocations.

Barisan Nasional will not take it lightly and will further tighten up their fortress in East Malaysia.

Without a doubt, all theories and political cases being canvassed or lobbied, it’s all about WINNABILITY ON THE GROUND  that matters in the end for the magical 111 number.



The platform was set. The people of Saratok were ushering in the New Year 2018. This was not a rehearsed speech and it was very spontaneous. A very Senior Administrator  serving the Government of the Day had kind words for an Elected Parliamentarian.

4fefba5c-9293-4db1-92c2-e1cc31db6dadHe mentioned,” We know No Other Candidate Except Tan Sri Mawan” His words are not Praising him or an Election speech but what is Significant is that he knows very well that the Incumbent MP of Saratok has delivered in his term and have been very people/centric.

Many have benefited with the development which the MP has seen and attended to. Mawan who is a BN/MP even though he is partyless for now is making the right calls at the corridor of powers to be the renominated for a second (2nd) term to represent the voice of Saratok

The constituents of Saratok knows about the intense lobbying which usually comes around during elections. 3 names from the party PDP have been submitted to BN which the people know “very little and a bit  lighweight” as compared to the opposition front.  (see below link of earlier article)

Saratok people from all races, religious backgrounds are already very contented and unified with the Incumbent MP and they certainly will not want “someone new” who will make grand promises but still uncertain to deliver as their representative.

Mawan in his foray in his Maiden Parliamentarian election did enough damage to the opposition to win by a majority of 2081 dampening Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s (PKR) dream of having a parliamentary seat in Sarawak’s rural area.

There are certainly talks of having a rematch between the two.

Sources on the ground have downplayed this but interestingly the Assemblyman of Krian knows he will WIN OUTRIGHT against any other BN candidate besides Mawan. 


Ali knows the 3 personalities better than anyone as they were at one time moving around using the same umbrella.

Mawan a seasoned politiion is quick to point out,” Sun Tzu said one must always engage the enemy on your terms and not on your enemy’s terms. You must also decide when and how the engagement should happen and an attack must be a surprise and not anticipated.

Furthermore, you much engage the enemy on your turf and not on your enemy’s turf. So you must draw the enemy onto your turf and never get drawn onto your enemy’s turf. Most importantly, use deception to defeat the enemy and let your enemy think you are attacking from the right when you are actually attacking from the left.”

Mawan’s lobbyists are all politically envious of him but they fail to understand  that he has a proven track record and has worked tremendously hard.

apeop1 (1)His amazing personality has seen him carry on regardless of the obstacles which he first encountered in 2013 in Saratok where he said,”we also need to bring all the necessities for an election campaign from a neighbouring constituency. We had only 10 days to prepare and there was hardly support from those who are “SUPPOSED” to assist the BN machinery.

The people have put their trusts to Mawan as their Parliamentarian and he has delivered in his first term. It is not easy to win the hearts and minds of Saratok constituents and Mawan knows that too.

Mawan is buoyant about his chances and he remains Grounded and ensures his action does the talking. He knows his detractors are ever ready to pounce on him if he lets loose his guard.  

The Incumbent BN MP205 Saratok has earned his praises and is looking forward to continue to serve the people he represents.

The BN Hierarchy knows very well Mawans Value and the Grassroots have made their voices heard. It is without a doubt that “there is no other….. “







Dr.Hazland,Syed Hamzah Kekal Jawatan

1 demak laut1KUCHING: Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Demak Laut Dr Hazland Abang Hipni menepati ramalan apabila kekal menerajui Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Demak Laut.

Dr Hazland mengekalkan jawatan selaku Ketua PBB selepas tidak dicabar sekaligus menang tanpa bertanding semasa Mesyuarat Perwakilan PBB Cawangan Demak Laut bagi sesi 2017-2020.
Manakala, Dato Sri Syed Hamzah Syed Paie, 44 tahun yang merupakan Setiausaha Politik Kepada Menteri Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar Malaysia turut melakar kemenangan dalam pertembungan satu lawan satu menentang seorang usahawan Datuk Dr Paruwadi Musa, 48 tahun bagi jawatan timbalan ketua cawangan.
Syed Hamzah yang tidak menghadiri mesyuarat perwakilan tersebut kerana berada di luar negara tetap mendapat sokongan untuk mempertahankan jawatan Timbalan Ketua Cawangan PBB Demak Laut bagi penggal kedua dengan meraih 62 undi manakala Paruwardi mendapat 42 undi.
Jawatan lain menyaksikan Rahmad Sabang menang jawatan Naib Ketua PBB Cawangan Demak Laut manakala Rokiah Temben (Ketua Wanita) dan Kamaludin Husain (Ketua Pemuda).
Khalid Sulong pula dilantik sebagai Setiausaha PBB Cawangan Demak Laut.
Dr Hazland mengingatkqn ahli PBB Cawangan Demak Laut untuk terus merapatkan saf perpaduan sebagai persiapan menghadapi Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-14 (PRU14).
“Saya berharap Parlimen Santubong sekali lagi akan berjaya meraih majoriti besar seperti dilakar pada Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-13 (PRU13),” katanya-Sarawakiana

(Fully Extracted and Courtesy of the Portal)