” Fight For The Seat After BN Wins….”

 am3Collude? What does it really mean? A check with the ever reliable dictionary it refers to ‘come to an understanding,conspire.” Audie61 have been receiving some serious whispers on the ground that some BN component party members are up to “NO GOOD” or doing ‘DUBIOUS MANOEUVRING” on the ground in P205 Saratok.

The BN Incumbent MP for Saratok got wind of it but surprisingly was not too flabbergasted. The statement which was used at this particular meeting was,” Fight for the seat after BN wins it, not before. There is a serious challenge,you rise or you fall. Internal problems can be settled after GE14.”

The BN Machinery in Saratok is already in place for GE14 and the Base support is Solid as he has worked the ground ever since he won the Parliamentary Seat in 2013.

He would not be drawn into the candidacy for GE14 which to him is still very much the prerogative of the BN hierarchy but he was more concerned with the way that some elements within the lobbying factor who are stacking claim are using this method which is an Act of Desperation to say the least.

amawan5This will certainly give an Avenue for the opposition to capitalise as they have found Saratok Parliamentary Seat a BN Fortress. The Incumbent have been working the ground non-stop covering the length and breath of the constituency listening and handing over necessary Infrastructure grants requested by the People. 

It is not an election gimmick for the Incumbent as he was elected by the people of Saratok and with it comes the HEAVY RESPONSIBILITY of ensuring that what has been promised in the BN Manifesto in GE13 must be delivered.

He is very FIRM AND TRANSPARENT on this issue and will not be drawn into the “Election Grants promises” by others.

The BN structure is in place but some are undermining the good work being put in by the MP Incumbent. He chose also to use the titular character of a legend from the town of Hamelin, Lower Saxony, Germany which is the Pied Piper. There are some significance in which the ‘political lobbying” by some have turn to a stage whereby colluding with the enemy is the only way to DISLODGE the Incumbent BN/MP. 

The picture looks bleak for the opposition and their only way to wrestle the seat from Barisan is to ensure the Incumbent would not be a Candidate for GE14.   Mawan is very much entrenched in the constituency and he will ensure that BN remains a fortress for many years to come.

This Rural Parliamentary seat is seen by PKR/Pakatan Harapan as a way to ‘breakthrough” and unlock the stranglehold which BN has on the rural enclave. CM and PM knows very well the sentiments of the people on the ground and they will ensure that Saratok remains BN.

There is undoubtedly good work that has been and is still been carried out by Mawan as the Incumbent and the final decision of the candidacy will be left to the BN Hierarchy.