SUPP’s Central Committee Press Statement

audie61 tweeted earlier about 6 hours ago when we met SUPP President Peter Chin at the Youth Chiefs Office at the party headquarters and he told us frankly. Inform all the BN Sarawak friends “we are not leaving BN” We dont make rational decisions and we go through the proper party processes.

As Tweets allowed only 150 words we put it down as …SUPP Prexy said to audie61″ We will not leave BN as speculated n as responsible Partner only a serious breach will make us do it”


ANWARJETANDA ..Ooh la la..Jetsetters!!


The mass media.tweeters and blogsphere are just CASHING on the latest Pakatan or Anwar spunned Propaganda to boost up Pakatans image that they too have “FRIENDS” in the Corporate World who are willing to take the risks.


We tweeted this morning

1. Mohd.Taufik Omar says to Utusan Malaysia’he is not Anwar’s friend and rental service done professionally.


2. Mohd Taufik Omar rents d jet Sarawak businessman pays d rent? Who is Sarawakian who paid?

  • Did not Nurul Izzah(maybe some conveniently does not know that she is Anwar’s daughter the MP for Lembah Pantai) tweeted “”wht’s d issue w a jet trip loaned by a friend? Aint ours, aint public funds.

Ooh la la Next its ANWARJETANDA..(translated ..IT’S ANWARS JET)

One by one its coming out of the closet and its revealing itself as Propaganda 916 as we mentioned failed and Anwar is trying to get BN off his back by using another BOHONG of pitting the intelligence of the rakyat to vote for them and using a private jet is nothing.

  1. Whatever happened to Everybody can Fly?
  2. Is Air Asia/Maswings/MAS too inconvenient for Anwars itinerary? 

We should look further than what it all boils down too.If they come to power all his cabinet will be loaned with Private jets. They might justs have private escapades and meetings outside the country. Many businessman would be cashing on  $96000 for them to crisscross to Sabah/Sarawak.


I still will ask PKR YB See Chee How to tell his boss to tell me looking in my eyes and say,” Audie do you believe me now.


On September 9th 2008 we wrote “Anwar-Now 916 Bo-HONG” I remember when we looked back telling the Legal Advisor of PKR Sarawak in 2008 See Chee How now a YB, his boss would love to tell me in person” looking in my eyes and say,” Audie do you believe me now.

So much have happened from that date and even Abdullah Badawi has handed the baton to Najib as PM of Malaysia. Anwars dreams and aspirations were WASHED AWAY on that fateful date of 916.

He has been jostling with 916 until now and must have had many sleepless nights. But what really caught my attention going through “BN Bloggers Blogs ( I say we musts read our own too hmmm)was this heading:-Anwar Airlines: Now Every Liar can Fly!

The introduction was a masterpiece though we feel there was a spelling mistake..Ooops!  didn’t mean it my friend..{Not enough with fancy bus, Pakatan Rakyat is now showing their private jet to  ‘get sloser’ to rakyat} Is it closer..??

Anwar also a LIAR or shall we say BO-HONG. someone out there might just correct me on that later. 916 seems to be following Anwar up and down and for reasons only he knows has caught himself in another Web of Controversy.

WAH! TRAVELLING TO SARAWAK SABAH TO CAMPAIGN AND BE WITH HIS PEOPLE…which even his daughter Nurul Izzah tweeted “”wht’s d issue w a jet trip loaned by a friend? Aint ours, aint public funds. 

So very defensive and edgy with the tweet Nurul and seems that there is but a twist to the whole Anwar Airlines as mentioned by the blog as he rightly pointed out:-( BN leaders would be given budget with facilities provided by the government, and  they would not use their own personal fund. Even the Prime Minister could not go  that length.){}

GOSH! 916 was a clever ploy and a GREAT PROPAGANDA many said but with the heading now by the blogger Anwar Airlines: Now every LIAR can fly! It has certainly made Anwar a Liability to realise Pakatans goal of reaching PUTRAJAYA.

DAP and PAS should seriously say ANWAR “JANGAN BO-HONG LAGI” translated to Hockien hopefully no one will give me an earful { DONT NO WIND NO MORE} English- {DON’T LIE ANYMORE}


Please read and click to view earlier article:-

OMG ” Now In English”

First my mistake,” I did not copy and paste the full malaysiakini article” Some and many too, say Malaysiakini is not VERY PRO-BN and I should not be quoting from there. audie61 should not be popularising the article eventhough they said something good about it.

This is what the Prime Minister said from the article which I fully support.ExtractedPrime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has dismissed allegations that Sarawak Chief
Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud had amassed billions of ringgit.”There are
all kinds of allegations, jangan kita layan (let’s not entertain it),”
he said at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur this morning.

Najib was responding to a question on a report produced by Switzerland-based NGO Bruno Manser Fund (BMF) claiming that the chief minister, who has been in power for 31 years, has emerged as the country’s richest man with an estimated wealth of US$15 billion (RM46 billion).

PM said “There are all kinds of allegations, jangan kita layan (let’s not entertain it}  (This is the statement  I support)

  1. Isn’t PM supporting the CM? Isn’t this English?
  2. Where did audie61 go wrong?
  3. Reading and extracting not Very PRO BN internet portals and quoting is wrong?
  4. How are we going to put things right when we dont even know what are our enemies/opposition are doing?
  5. One can have their own opinions and evaluate what we have done. The cyber world was captured nearly 90% by the Pakatan cybertroopers in 2008. Today we are fighting back. Is it wrong to read even an opposition blog and tell the BN Boys how we need to put it Right against Pakatan?
  6. Is MY ENGLISH too difficult to understand ? Oh Gosh……!

OMG do we need to explain further.Maybe we dont really know how to write??????? Or for that matter people or some of our readers don’t understand MY ENGLISH. Oh My English have suddenly been misinterpreted.


It saddens me when some are trying to hang on someones shoulders trying to make an easy kill for their own benefits.

Without a doubt I stand by Chief Minister Taib and Prime Minister Najib. CM Taib said to me” If I am so VERY RICH I would not be working in my office in the 22nd floor from 8am -5pm.

OH YEAH ! I can hear and feel the flying daggers coming my way…

Lucky ME MY FORCE FIELD is still intact…hahahaha

* not looking down on those who dont understand me and the English Language but to tell those who are out to defame me. Judge it yourself where I stand…

46Billion “Jangan Kita Layan”

It’s Now Pretty Clear that the Federal Government is very much with the CM Taib on Sarawak’s agenda on politics of development. If not PM Najib would just have kept silent on the issue of CM Taib amassing wealth in the region of $46 Billion as alleged by Switzerland-based NGO Bruno Manser Fund (BMF)

Instead when he was asked by reporters in a press conference the PM Najib said “There are all kinds of allegations, jangan kita layan (let’s not entertain it),”

Many would be wondering why the PM have said what he said but as a leader he needs to look after his flock( CMs and MB of BN controlled states) in times of an imminent power struggle from within UMNO and PM need not make an enemy out of CM Taib.

The Taib haters would be showing us the middle fingers and we are pretty sure our email would be flooded with  emails of “apple polishing of the highest order’. When Elephants collide its wise to stay out of range as one would not know what will hit us.

It is really up to the top boys to do battle obviously. PM Najib knows Taibs man are everywhere ready to push the knife further in to destroy his Premiership stay. Najib must have been advised to stay clear of any other controversies as a strong Sarawak BN mandate of 31 Parliamentary seats is the survival factor for UMNO to continue to stay in power.

CM Taib needs to deliver or else his stay as CM of Sarawak would also be in jeopardy. The BN Federal Government needs Taib to deliver and this statement from PM Najib,’jangan kita layan” speaks VOLUMES of how CM Taib is very much needed to deliver the required numbers out of 31 Seats in Sarawak to BN in the upcoming GE13.

 GE13 is the mother of all battles both for BN and Pakatan.

Lim Kit Siang Leaving.??

Lim Kit Siang DAP Supremo seems to have forgotten a “Golden Rule” look at yourself first before you talk about others. He can rant,condemn and tell the whole of Malaysia that Taib should keep his part of the deal to step down by midterm but what about he HIMSELF.

Hasn’t he been part of the Malaysian bookshelf for a good 40 years or more as he first won as an MP in 1969 in Bandar Melaka Constituency. Age too is not on his side and he has already succeeded in making his son the Chief Minister of Penang.


Surely,Lim Kit Siang knows that he like many veteran opposition leaders feels that Putrajaya is within their reach and its unfinished business. If they signal that their time is up they will miss the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY. We shall see wouldn’t we and the GE13 is not too far away.

Taib too have a final hand to play in GE13 and Kit Siang knows unless the grandmaster of Sarawak politics is no more ,winning Sarawak State is still an impossible dream.

The person who takes over from Taib will not be able to control and dictate by just the looks of the eyes. The successor will have a large shoe to fit and the opposition will have more leverage.

The same will happen too for DAP when Lim Kit Siang calls it a day.

The article which appeared in the internet portal:-Looks like Taib is here to stay.

About a year and a half ago, tensions between Kuching and Putrajaya rose when there was a debate on when Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud should step down.

Worried that Taib’s 30-year rule of Sarawak would sour BN’s chances in the April 2011 Sarawak state election, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak crisscrossed the state, promising that Taib would step down soon.

As the heat poured on, Taib declared that he would step down in “two years” midway through the campaign, only to say ambiguously he would step down “mid-term” after it was clear that he had won the election convincingly.

However, all this talk of Taib stepping down in “two years” – which would mean April next year – appear to have all come to naught based on the speeches of Najib and Taib last Sunday.

In a press release today, DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang pointed out that the duo seemed to be complementing each other on stage during the national-level Malaysia Day celebration in Bintulu.

Najib praised the cooperation and support of Taib administration’s for the federal government, while Taib praised the premier and alluded that his administration cannot be replaced by a “political newcomer”.

These on-stage theatrics did not impress Lim, who described it as a public “love fest”.

“But what the Najib-Taib ‘love fest’ in Bintulu camouflaged was the clear victory hands-down by Taib in the political tug-of-war with Najib.

“The reason is also very simple and straightforward – the tables have been turned, with Taib now having more political leverage vis-à-vis Najib instead of the other way round 18 months ago before the state election,” said Lim.

DPM Is this Not Sabatoging?

They are In.No questions Asked.This is how it Works.

Lets look deeper and not just point the finger at the organisers and the Organising Chairman Abang Johari who seems to be getting the blame. He has no choice but its coined in such a way that his deputies in Rosey and Entri are calling the shots.

Why? They both are YBs who are in the northern part of Sarawak and they are both backed by hidden hands who are more powerful and their whispers are enough to send shivers down Abang Johari’s spine.

Moreover,Abang Johari outside Kuching is easily manipulated and many have even termed him as Tourism and Housing Minister for Kuching Division and not Sarawak. He did try to put his foot down and defuse the situation but ‘the internal infighting of PBB succession plan” is rearing its head (follow up indepth on this in the next article.soon)

SPDP and G5 are still locked in bitterness and going by what has happen it involves a very much bigger picture than what we can see openly says a senior PBB member. It does seem that there is a struggle to get ahead of each other and the tussle of the northern boss versus the southern boss is nearing its final stages.

Mawan looks to be being pushed to the limit and the partymachinery though very much with him is being attacked from outside forces who feels that YBs and MPs on their side will mean a stronger base for pushing ones candidacy to the top.

Eventhough DPM Muhyddin has strongly made his statements on sabotaging and Mawan also especially when he worded it as an “insult and ridicule” not only to SPDP but to Barisan Nasional as a whole with the participation of an “illegal entity in the TYTs parade in Miri. Mawan went on to say it is an”act of sabotage to the Barisan spirit of solidarity to happen is perplexing, very disturbing and intolerable.”

Najib and Muhyddin have too much on their plates and the MPs who will be standing in Ge13 is very much on their minds and SPDP having 4 seats will need to deliver if the party needs to survive after the GE13. The party needs to make a stand and Najib have to openly put a stop to this infighting or else what Azmin Ali Deputy President of PKR says will come true. If there are infighting the party will loose and its a fact.

CM Taib is watching with hawks eyes and call what you may “Act of sabotaging or indisciplined by G5” the fact remains if Sarawak BN delivers CM Taib will be rests assured that his time will not be up.

There have one too may calls for his tenure to come to an end says an Assistant Minister and its nothing new but the fact remains PBB delivers as one can see 36 out of 36 seats contested and if PBB delivers 14 out of 14  who says he is not needed.

Can one blame Abang Johari for having a part in in sabotaging Barisan National Unity and solidarity? Surely, you have looked at the crystal bowl and have seen the faces who are very much responsible. Will tell you more very soon….

For now lets see whether Najib or Muhyddin will say G5 is illegal or very much part of the system of being a BN friendly entity.

A word”STOP THIS G5” will be music to the ears of BN SPDP.