SUPP ‘Disturbing Statements from Party Members”

I will “swim and sink together” with the party. There is no other party for me except SUPP. How often have we heard these words coming out from politicians. Countless I presume and we will not hear the last of it. This sort of promise is so easily said and broken easily too.

I remember someone told me once,”my friends could not swim so they sank ; and we could swim so we swam to safety. So will the SUPP loyalists sink or swim?

audie61 met two party members at different locations and also had a lunch meeting with a number of veteran political boys. Earlier we heard from the SUPP lawyer and a party loyalists,”My blood runs deep for the party but the dragging on of leadership changes after losing so badly will be like another nail in the coffin when the General Elections is upon us.

The former President Wong Soon Kai stepped down immediately after his loss and why not George Chan. He is just putting on a show and he does not want to step down it seems. He controls the party and the SG does not have much say in the party as one can read from the constitution.

Does the party want him to stay and thats a million dollar question?

Isn’t there anyone else and as second echelon leaders we are indeed very concerned. The people in the urban areas have spoken loud and clear and its up to the next generation of leaders to show their mettle. The longer it goes on and even with the 58  bringing the party to court it will not solve anything. It’s high time the President thinks for the party and just let go.

The other Youth member of a Kuching Branch told us this you can put it and see whether its true or not. “Many young SUPP members have left the party and are staying out and does not want to be associated with the party when the leaders are still the same. They have had enough of false promises and thats why the voters also turn against the party.”{ Chin A- truth in Hockien}

He told audie61 to just write it and dont worry thats the truth. The truth hurts he says and only if we keep pressing them, we just hope they will realise and decide to go. Why want to hold on when your powers are no more there and gone. He added you just put this out,”

Many young SUPP members have left…

does not want to be dragged in to write negatively about the party but those words are from their own long serving members. We will try to reveal the feelings on the ground for the any parties concern.

A group of veteran native politicians also said,”SUPP needs to solve their own problems fast or else they will be irrelevant. To have a long political history  is good but what good is it when the people dont want to vote your party anymore.?

Seems the Chinese in urban areas have made up their minds and if not for the 4 native seats SUPP would just have 2 left out of 19. We think SUPP needs to address whatever issues very fasts or else it will be a total wipeout soon. SNAP was strong once and don’t forget see what happened to them at the lasts state elections and thats a good example.”


SUPP “The sunset years No.1….?”

 We are in the process of compiling an overall true picture of what has happen to SUPP and why it has not got the “clear mandate” from the Chinese Community. There are more than a thousand “WHYS” and “IFS” but the truth is it has fallen from a giant to a mere mosquito party. The Chinese have rejected the party in droves and if the Dayak YBs did not deliver SUPP will have only 2 Assemblyman. Doesn’t that have similarities like the Peninsular based party “Gerakan..??”

audie61 had breakfast with a senior political veteran and he suggested that the independant candidate George Lagong be ‘roped” into SUPP as Pelagus has many SUPP members. It will be good for SUPP and maybe in the next State elections the urban seats can be exchanged with other component parties. This audie61 played up many ‘moons ago” and it was suggested even to give Pending seat to PRS Batu Lintang to  SPDP and Kota Sentosa to PBB in exchange for other safe seats for SUPP.

Who knows what might have happened? The allocation of seats is by concensus and as such no one should make full claim of the seats. (This should be seriously considered by the BN coalition as SUPP has losts the seats twice already. Other seats should also be looked into and a clear cut one would be Kidurong.

We would not be well loved by SUPP members but reality hurts and the members must know how to swallow their pride. James Masing  President of PRS swallowed his pride as told by CM Taib and look where he is now.The second largest component party in Sarawak. SPDP had some minor problems in infighting and this played a little paert in the loss of the two seats.”Krian and Ba’Kelalan”.The power sharing concept was losts in Krian as told by sources on the ground.

PBB remains solid eventhough there were minor skirmishes here and there. They were unafraid to seek assistance from other component parties in the areas which they had problems in and maybe SUPP needs to learn a thing or two from them. If SUPP does not pull up their socks we would not be be writing the “sunset years No.1.”

It would be SUPP “The Return of a GREAT PARTY” 

It’s up to the BN coalition to do an indepth research and come up with the realistic facts and figures on the fallen of SUPP. There is nothing more to hide and please the politicians in SUPP as the mandate from the people is clear and seemingly LOUD in the ballot boxes. We will on our part be truthful as we have collected the facts plus datas and as such some divisions are in for a good hiding from us at audie61. The sunset years No.2 will be no holds barred ,straight and cooked from the oven.  

SUPP remember we said “wake up in our earlier article………………….check it up..

Pakatan/BN..Whats Hot….!!

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SUPP ‘An Advantage Certainly on the Menu”

The calls were loud and clear amongst the Chinese community that they were very unhappy with the SUPP leadership and it was shown at the last parliamentary elections in Sibu. However,the government of the day and the SUPP top leadership and the grassroots have been working extremely hard to win back the support. A lot of good work has been put in by their leaders to put it right and their ears and eyes are very much on the ground now. DAP supporters have even boasted that this election might signal an end to the party of ‘towkays” 

The Chinese community are watching the sandiwara played out by PKR/DAP.Azmin Ali Deputy president of PKR knows that when there is infighting amongst themselves they will stand not a ghosts of a chance  against BN. Does he need to be reminded that he mentioned it at Grand Continental Hotel in Kuching. BN will not be over excited but will love that advantage on the menu.

 It will not be known just yet as nomination day is on the 6th and BN especially SUPP will not want to have their pants caught undone and on fire. Are their strategists and scouts looking at the movements of DAP representatives being moved from one constituency to another? The DAP top boys are looking at safer seats than usual to pull through knowing very well SUPP have indeed done their homework. Two can play the same game but who will come on top depends on the parties involved. BN will quietly go on with their work and preparing their candidates for the nomination day.

As much as we want to write more this image sent to me by an upcoming Youth member incharge  of publicity for the elections does show that the time is about right for SUPP. Many will still say..No way but always expect the unexpected in politics.

BN Kalah”Over My Dead Body”

In an angry tone and pointing his fingers at the report which appeared at one of the internet portal PBB Youth Vice Chairman Pandi Suhaili chatised the so-called report and in one of his strongest offensive statement to date said,”BN Kalah”over my dead body” as the figures from the imaginary or ‘secret’ polls were seemingly meant to discredit the Chief Minister and his leadership.

What was more glaring was that it was carried out by the information department and this in turn has terrifed both Putrajaya and the ruling household in Petrajaya.

 Why,Who and Whose orders was this made public to the internet portal? 

Whats more is that the anti BN blog “sarawak report ” cashed in by saying “that this was the reason for the unprecedented appearance of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin in Kuching last weekend.”

According to the report, both leaders came to Kuching to force Taib to step down.“I have seen them (the results) with my own eyes. In this election, Najib and Muhyiddin know that it is inevitable that Taib will lose.

“He is finished… the results from BN’s secret polls is devastating. Najib and Muhyiddin came down to tell Taib there is not going to to be anymore compromises,” said an insider.

It seems the spin on this story is being done to discredit not only the CM but also halting the ‘feel good factor” and the momentum of the BN as it prepares to face the opposition.

The Pakatan cybertroopers are already entrenched in their foxholes and they are training their guns towards the BN Unit media. BN losts the war in 2008   GE and the guns of the Pakatan are all geared up to fight and slug it out to win the blogsphere. CM Taib and his BN candidates needs all the necessary help they can muster .

Ground zero does not look too good according to PRS president when he was quoted to say,”PRS was aware of the powerful influence of the alternative media, adding that the party was reaching out to the IT-savvy Dayaks to to counter the negative propaganda against Barisan leaders.

He continued,”The alternative media is a very powerful tool. It nearly caused the collapse of the Federal Government during the last general election. We should never underestimate the powers of the alternative media.”

An SPDP SC member was very upset and he did not mince his words,”We in SPDP are all ready.What secret poll.??This state election is about the people of Sarawak mandate and they will know who to choose. They know who to choose and BN government after 47 years doesn’t suddenly become a bad government does it.?

SUPP Youth Chief (BN Batu Lintang likely candidate) Sih Hua Tong was equally not too happy with the secret polls. He said,”Where are the figures and datas for all to see and its only speculative by the portal.

 We in BN/SUPP have not stop working for the people of Sarawak and we will continue to ensure that SUPP will remain close to the hearts of the people. The people will not abandon BN and the report of “90% of its current votes, amounting to 10 out of its 12 seats has been made to give the opposition all the more reasons to attack SUPP. We are ready and we will give them a good fight and will not justs believe in the speculations. We believe in statistics and figures and we have done our homework.

According to an opposition supporter he says that the BN leaders are indeed not too comfortable with this report and are blaming the portal for stirring up the speculative nature of this article. This will make them(BN) more ready and it might just have a backlash on the Sarawak opposition parties.

Very Soon we will know who rules right…!!

“Sarawak Elections after Lent….??”

Sarawak CM Taib knows that the “Bible” issue is now very hot of the racks. He will not be pushed into calling for a dissolution anytime now as he will be seen as being very disrespectful to the Christian community which makes up nearly half of the voters in Sarawak.

Many are speculating that he has the date already set up on the 9th of April and polling will be on 16th. Consider this writeup from Wikipedia and tell me whether CM Taib will take the chances of annoying and turning it into anger for the Christian community.

(  Wednesday March 9th- Sunday 24th April 2011 )

Lent in the Christian tradition, is the period of the liturgical year from Ash Wednesday to Easter. The traditional purpose of Lent is the preparation of the believer — through prayer, repentance, almsgiving and self-denial — for the annual commemoration during Holy Week of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus, which recalls the events linked to the Passion of Christ and culminates in Easter, the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

According to the Canonical gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, Jesus spent forty days fasting in the desert before the beginning of his public ministry, where he endured temptation by Satan.[1][2] Thus, Lent is described as being forty days long, though different denominations calculate the forty days differently.

This practice is common to much of Christendom, being celebrated by Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians, and Anglicans.[3][3][4][4] Lent is increasingly being observed by other denominations as well, even such groups that have historically ignored Lent, such as Baptists and Mennonites.

If you are CM Taib will choose any of the dates during this time…???

The Bible issue:-


DAP “SUPP Need not Answer…”

It seems that the Samarahan Sarawak International Medical centre is being questioned by the Sarawak DAP. Does SUPP need to answer..??

We are not trying to cover the party but it seems that the DAP Assemblyman and MP has all the answers in his hands. Is he probing to find the truth or is he trying to score political points especially attacking Dr Sim Kui Hian who SUPP has just identified to stand in the Pending State Constituency.

Logically Chong has all the answers as per this report from the internet portal,”The total cost of the hospital three years ago was about RM400 million, but I have heard that this has jumped to over RM600 million,”

Moreover he continued,”Chong said the hospital has turned out to be the most expensive in Malaysia, if the total cost of construction was RM400 million as reported and the number of beds at 168 were to be taken into account.”Based on calculations, the cost of one bed in the hospital will be RM3.2 million, way above the RM500,000 per bed Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai mentioned last year.

He went on to say,””The people demand transparency on the part of the BN government, and Dr Sim is in the best position to let the people know.”

DAP Chong it seems that you have the answers and you are just going for Sim as he will be the candidate for SUPP. There is a time and place for all this and the DUN ,PAC,ceramahs sounds the most appropriate avenue. Don’t you think so..??

DAP Chong has even elevated himself  another notch to put his party in a good light and his report card will be impeccable when he said,” DAP did not oppose the construction of more hospitals in Sarawak, but that this should be done in a transparent and efficient manner.”

Wow! Questions and Answers All in Place…..

Sarawak “Dissolution of State Assembly”

The window is closing and after the State Security briefing last Thursday many of the BN YBs and members who attended said,”It will be very soon as the feel good factor especially with State PKR in disarray and the urban chinese coming back to BN and the rural bumiputera voters solidly behind the coalition.”

A Senior Minister added that the local and world economic factors are being closely monitored too. The BN machinery is ever ready to face all the challenges which the Sarawak Pakatan 4 will throw at them.

We are ready but we would not be “complacent

He continued,”It does point to the dissolution of the State assembly to be before the next DUN sitting in early May. The election commision would then be ask to fix the date for nomination and polling dates.

A SUPP asst minister said the urban voters will look at all  factors affecting the state before they vote. Its easy to just say,”Coffee,Onions and bread are up and the government is not doing anything about it. The urban trend of voters needs to be pacified and a lot of hard work in dessimination of information is needed. Our YBs are working hard and they know it will not be an easy ride anymore.

I ask you,”Does anyone go into a war thinking that he will be defeated.?

We know DAP and their partners are working doubly hard and they are using all methods and ways to run down the government of the day. They just can’t wait for the dissolution date too.


BN “Which YB Seat Will Fall..?”


When I was asked this question at Christmas time in Bau I was dumbstrucked but still managed a smile.  Am I going to be truthful and make them happy just for the sake of the yuletide season? No way, so  I replied DAP/YB from Sentosa and Pending.

Cheh..It’s like a tsunami hitting Bau town maybe they will be ousted said a former headmaster. I have hit the ‘core” of their conversation and it has irked them. 

 These two YBs Chong Chieng Jen and Violet Yong are unshakeable come what may in the eyes of the many “elders” of the bidayuh hinterland in this village/kampung which was present at the open house.” { The elders are so called here as they will have the final say in matters of the whole family.If one goes against their wishes they will be cast aside and away from the family. }  

How well they know the politics is that they have their sons and daughters who are working and living in the urban areas. Others they would not dare to speculate as they see SUPP has hardly reformed and will find it still difficult to recover the ” losts ” seats.

If  the party president George Chan does something drastic and put in a team of ‘very new and dynamic faces” and drop some of the existing YBs the voters might just be swayed. Other than that SUPP will still have a mountain to climb.

Just then a young engineer in the 30’s butted in.You see,”BN YBs from the coalition are just not doing enough some of them I dont want to mention names and are thinking or “sleeping on their jobs”that they will be voted back in with the amount of money,machinery at their disposal.


Have the Rural YBs check their EYES recently?

Can’t they tell that mosts of the young ones are in towns and they will tell the elders who to vote and why? The politics of yesteryears are things of the pasts.  When the election is called before July 2011 many information will be shared and it seems the BN regime will be in for a major hurdle. No Seat is safe and now the people are starting to count which BN/YB will fall.

We do not want to be the prophets of doom for the BN YBs but seriously and honestly have you yorselves YBs done enough to be elected again to the State legislative Council or Parliament? The  DAP YBs and 1 PKR YB are not exactly faultless. They don’t have the development funds to see them through but somehow or rather they still manage to strike the ‘ nerve point” of the people of their constituency.   

The word on the ground is obviously now,”Who will FALL.?” Even YB Peter Nansian N2 Tasik Biru is under threat and he knows it. There is a significant drop in visitors to his ‘open house” from nearby constituents and he knows that he has to double his efforts to maintain his stranglehold.

He even used the scouts motto,” Be Prepared” to  stay ahead of the opposition which has been very busy moving about in his area. He has been diligent,been working hard and above all he will not let his guard down.

The elders said others we worry as there are too many unfavourable stories,gossips and rumours but we can’t see Nansian been caught with his pants down.

The differance always lies with the responsible YBs themselves. One though should not even cry a little tear for those who thinks that they are in the position because they deserve it.

“The people put you there the people will remove you” 

There are many issues at the moment which needs to be addressed by the ruling coalition before they are ready to face the people for a new mandate. If the State and Parliament elections are held simultaneously we will not know how the people will vote. It could mean like the old days,‘State we give to BN ,Parliament to Opposition.”

What if ,Pakatan makes significant inroads in Peninsular Malaysia? Isn’t this dangerous ground for the present BN coalition. The Pakatan will use whatever means to get to PutraJaya and BN will need to be on their toes. The Propaganda machines available at each others disposal will play a very huge part in the next general elections.

The village elders said,”Everywhere its just a touch of the button” and the YBs must know where to find them and how to turn them into votes.Their final message was,” 


DAP Sarawak’s “Incessant Attacks on Taib”

It was early morning and at 7am DAP supporters were all out in full force. Their strategy cover as much ground as possible at all the coffeshops in the Kuching area. Why? The political bureau and the strategic think tank has come out with a very eye catching leaflet which is bi-lingual to capture and inform the people of Taib Mahmud. First meeting with the DAP members at Green Heights at 7.30am.

It is almost incessant attack and the leaflets which are printed to the tune of 100,000 in each division according to a DAP party member will be distributed state wide by all the members in each respective divisions and DAP branches. audie61 happened to make his way for another brunch meeting with a business partner and met MP Chong Chieng jen at 11.15am at Chonglin Park.

The DAP supporters were having their brunch together with MP Chong and we asked him is there any significance in choosing the leaflet printed in purple? Could it be Purple Rain by Prince? Also the tree roots looks very devilish hmmmm.

 He smiled “Imagination and somehow It does look more SINISTER.” Don’t you agree?

We covered an article earlier and somehow this is a CHANCED MEETING with MP Chong and he said “WE all got our own responsibilites and today we are distributing the leaflets asking for answers.


  • 1.Are the reports about Taib’s family overseas properties true?
  •  2.if these reports are true,what is the salary of the Chief Minister of sarawak? How could Taib’s children have such huge amounts of money to buy such overseas properties at such a young age?
  • 3. Other than the properties reported in the website,are there any other property owned by Taib’s family members or their companies? What is the worth of all these properties?
  • 4.Why is Taib’s family so wealthy and yet,the state of Sarawak which has been under Taib’s leadership for the past 30 years,ranks 10th in the Composite Development Index in Malaysia making Sarawak the fourth least developed state in Malaysia?
  •  5. If the reports are untrue,what action will Taib take against the writer and publisher of the reports?

audie61 plainly said to MP Chong”The fact remains however that Taib will just brush this allegations and lies aside and leave it to the people to judge for themselves. He will point to the fact that under his leadership the state has enjoyed tremendous growth in terms of development and advancement.”

Chong countered saying the people knows and its a matter of time only and his lieutenants will also be wondering what hit them. IT WILL BE A LITTLE TOO LATE

After their quick lunch the supporters and members went on another round of distribution at some new areas in Bandar Kuching.

AM very sure you will receive a Purplish leaflet Soon….