UMNO Elections Closely Watched by PBB too.

pbb&umno_The focus after the Hari Raya Celebrations will turn to two(2) BN component parties. UMNO will hold their elections on October 5th 2013. Any movements will definitely be closely watched by all as the outcome of the UMNO elections affects the leadership of the country.

The Tiff between Tun Mahathir and Tun Abdullah is being monitored very closely. There are also clear indications that camps are already mushrooming. Many in the social media blogs, mass-media fraternity and bloggers aligned to their respective camps are already “ON TOP” of these developments.

Many in the “UMNO family” will be divided as to their choices of  candidates and though the fight might be very bitter it might even caused ‘some permanent damage“. It is only normal to have elections in a democratic process but once the elections are over everyone must be able to accept the lists of elected officials and close ranks. It’s of course easier said than done.

The UMNO elections will also have some effect on the local based BN strongest component party PBB. The youth elections will be again be the centre of attention as there are nearly more than half over 45’s who are ineligible to be part of the movement. Even the incumbent Youth Chief Fadillah Yusof who is now the Minister of Works is still undecided on his posts.

The Wanita Wing will see some changes at the helm as it will only be relevant to have an assemblyman or an MP to helm the wing. This might not go down very well with the current Wanita Chief former Senator Empiang who led the wing very well and have succeeded in grooming able leaders in Rohani, Nancy and Fatimah who are all full State and Federal Ministers.

The rantings, divisional meetings will go full swing to pick the leaders who will be the next echelon leaders to lead the party way beyond 2020 if their paths are politically destined.

The Top Leadership and Supreme Council seats might not see much changes but they will be a lot of horse-trading. It’s a clear signal from many YBs when we went on the ground that they will see that the No.1 and No.2 posts be maintain at status quo.

It does mean that the President of PBB Taib Mahmud and current Chief Minister of Sarawak will have unanimous support from all the 71 divisions to lead them for another 3 years.

When and What the party PBB has decided it will be foolhardy for anyone to signal even the slightest hint that they are about to take over. The Party President has indicated that his successor is not only the Chief Minister for one race but for all races in Sarawak. This will be the yardstick which not only UMNO leaders have to toe the line but all who are within the FRAMEWORK OF THE STATE ADMININISTRATION.

The ball has been rolled by some UMNO face bookers and bloggers aligned to certain leaders and they will use this social media machinery to their fullest advantage. Those who think that their grassroots are strong without using this technology have something coming their way.

PBB leaders will also not want to be caught out without making use of the ready made machinery and they too are promoting themselves to be seen,heard and most of all acceptable by the ones who matters most.

UMNO elections will have a determining factor on PBB and though some say no way but truthfully they know its a FACT.



“Hot Tussle”at SPDP Pending Division TGM

The Pending Division SPDP division AGM/TGM scheduled for Saturday at 3pm at the party Headquarters Conference room will see some members going for the Coveted 5 Exco seats.

According to the Organising Chairman Cilla Balla as per closing time nominations for the 5 posts have seen an unprecendented nominations of 13 names put forward to the committee.

We are preparing the ballot papers and there will be “caucus”session. We will also be getting three scrutineers for the election to ensure that all the votes are counted properly and in accordance to the by laws of the constitution.

Meanwhile at press time a Supreme Council member Capt.Zainuddin will be keeping a watching brief on the divisions meeting and the adherance to the meeting procedures.

There will be a full turnout of SC,Youth,Wanita,Puteri and Putera members to the divisions AGM and the confirmed attendance is very encouraging says Cilla Balla.

We’ve said”Khairy Not So Easily written off”


On October 18th 2008 I wrote  “Khairy’s days are numbered”. Today against all odds when many within UMNO “Khairy,Oooh No way and also NOooo chance.. ” he proved them all wrong. First of all we congratulate those who always proves otherwise.

This we wrote thenon 18/10/08,”A veteran politician said to me over coffee at the MCA assembly,” He is being pushed to the wall and he will come out fighting.Believe me.” I smiled and said to myself and Khairy himself an Oxford graduate will have learnt the ‘British Bulldog spirit” and learnt from Sir Winston Churchill,”Victory at all costs,victory however long and hard the road maybe,for without victory there is no survival.”  So do you think Khairy’s days are NUMBERED..?  

Why had I so much FAITH  in the man Khairy..? Maybe its the British 4 seasons weather and education that has had an affect on our lives and as fighters we always come out fighting. I dislike  the word “AP” “Angkat P….” or “Apple Polishing” but when they are good and when the walls are caving in these qualities will shine. Khairy has shown it and many others too before him..Kuddos to those who believe in the “Perserverance the mother of All Successes

So Khairy Jamaluddin has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat by winning the much-coveted Umno Youth chief. His 304 votes was  a majority 50 against Mohd Khir Toyo (254) and 72 over Mukhriz Mahathir (232).  Related article:-

We say as always,” Good man will always come out fighting no matter what obstacles are infront of them. You can’t keep a good man SILENT..Remember That.”GIVE CREDIT WHEN IT’s DUE…  

“This is A Significant Date..April 15th Empress Dowagers”

The UMNO elections,President of UMNO,by elections would be done, over and dusted but April 15th seems to be a rather significant date. Malaysians would be wondering whether that will be the day when PM Abdullah officially hands over the reins. Could it be so obvious and clear cut now?

What got me wondering is this firstly,”Fuel Price cash rebate extended to April14th.” The claim period was supposed to end on March 31 but the Government has agreed to extend it for an additional two weeks, Pos Malaysia said.  

Secondly,Tun Mahathir spoke on the possibility of a “motion of confidence” be tabled in Parliament to have Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi remained as the Prime Minister. It’s a possibility; it’s not against the law. The law provides that to be the prime minister, you must have the support of the majority in Parliament but it does not say from which party.

Thirdly,Ali Rustam and Taib would play major starring roles in the coming weeks and its PAYBACK TIME according to some political analysts. Its not so much 007 “From Russia with Love” but Badawi’s,”Malaysia with love”.

Abdullah has been saddened by events happening in which it seems not all his men are only being targetted but also the opening of an old wound and spat between Mahathir and himself which does not want to go away.

Events moved so fast when Abdullah was out of the country in Brunei and in Indonesia. This will have hurt him more as speculations are such that Mahathir is going on an overdrive and wants to remove Abdullah soonest.

Najib must know what happened to Anwar when he was about to ascend the PM throne. He needs no reminding and he will be overly cautious. Nothing will escape him but it seems a number of Empress Dowagers will bite back at Najib.

Who then are the Empress Dowagers who will stop Najib at all costs? Take your pick and even Najib could not have seen it coming. An hour in politics is a long time and the scheming behind by the Empress Dowagers who has incredible influences cannot be discounted. There have 3 weeks to weild their swords and for all we know its already in place.

Unless Najib is sworn in as the PM in an official ceremony then he is safe. If not,the waiting game will be just like what Mahathir had said“Abdullah Badawi has to go . . . He’s the most despised man in the country. He’s not just a lame duck but a dead horse.”

Mahathir knows that legally the current prime minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi could continue serving his term until the next general election if he wanted to. So he is pushing Najib and also Muhyddin but also aggravating not only Ali Rustam but also Muhd Mohammad Taib with his overzealous comments.  

We say as always,”  Could Najib be caught with his PANTS down? No wonder Anwar was grinning and smiling when he left after the lunch meeting Pak Lah.The Empress Dowagers are at their deadliest when their backs are up the wall. Interesting…???

Oouch..Suspension Charges Belted Out..?”

A month and a week ago I wrote on CHAP GOH MEI“ in which I mentioned “It was a Monday full of “twists and turns”in Malaysia. I remembered Boomtown Rats song in July 1979 when I was in England doing my ‘A’ levels” I Don’t Like Mondays” was a UK number one single.

Today, Parliament and UMNO has taken the limelight and both these issues are on everyones lips be it in Malaysia or in the International  arena. So who loves and who doesn’t like Mondays? Any offers….

It all started in Parliament and this is extracted from Malaysiakini,”Minister in the PM’s department Nazri Abdul Aziz’s motion to suspend Puchong member of Parliament Gobind Singh for 12 months was passed in Parliament today.

Even when Lim Kit Siang mentioned that a seven-day notice should have been issued before it is debated it was rebutted flatly by the Speaker of the House, Pandikar Amin Mulia. He said,”it should be debated now since ‘Parliament is no longer like a first-world Parliament anymore’

So Gobinds day took a turn for the worse as This Monday is a Monday that he does not particular like or fond of. Gobind is suspended with immediate effect, without salary, allowances and perks. Gobind must have gone to a place where no one would hear him shouting and singing to the tune of Boomtown Rats,” I Don’t Like Mondays”

It seems that just as Gobind has finished singing his song we were also alerted by an sms. “Check out Malaysiakini“. Wow !! Could this be happening to UMNO?  Yesterday we read about “Mr.Likeable” in the NST and the interview.

Today some one must have made it a Monday where he will also sing,”  I Don’t Like Mondays” Its only speculations and we would not know whats coming until it happens. But its like a BRICK ON THE FACE on this Monday for anyone suspected of money politics which may or may not lead to an immediate suspension which very much depends on the findings.

Malaysiakini extracts,”All eyes are on the Umno disciplinary committee meeting tomorrow following widespread rumours that a senior party leader, who is slated to contest in the upcoming Umno polls, could be suspended for money politics.In Umno circles, the name of the particular leader, who is known among the delegates as ‘Mr Likeable’, has also been openly mentioned.


We say as always,”  Pretty sure Gobind will be belting out Boomtown Rats I Don’t Like Mondays but the UMNO aspirants will be hoping that the sms alerts  flying around will be just mere rumours on this Monday. Oouch it will hurt someone..!!!

“Democracy at Work..Brilliant..!!!”~ ref Malaysiakini

Today,I had the pleasure to meet one of Sharizat’s trusted lieutenants as she was on a stoppover enroute to KL to show support to her boss. She said to me,”Ask not what the country can do for you BUT what you can do for the country.” She says the BOSS feels that she needs to do more and something is just not done eventhough the defeat by Anwars daughter Nurul is behind her. How ironic and its confirmed now that they will be a contest as she answered the phone. Brilliant and thats just what UMNO needs.

In Malaysiakini today it is reported Umno deputy chief Sharizat Abdul Jalil today announced that she will contest for the wing’s top post next year.


sharizat abdul jalil 01Sharizat, who was appointed as a special adviser to the prime minister after the March 8 elections, made the announcement via a two-paragraph statement this afternoon.

“Wanita Umno must be united in strengthening the party as well as be bold in bringing about changes and renewal,” she said.

“3 M’s for No.2 Posts”~ ref Malaysiakini


Coincidental don’t you think..? So what..? Does it matter..? Malaysiakini has also this as the headlines: Three in fight for deputy UMNO post . The three are former Selangor Menteri Besar Muhammad Muhd Taib, two present vice-presidents Muhyiddin Yassin and Mohd Ali Rustam.

The question is as to who will become Najib’s deputy from the trio of Muhyiddin, Muhd Taib and Mohd Ali. The contest next March is the first for the deputy president’s post in 21 years. By convention, the deputy president is slated to be the deputy premier. So which M will be the Deputy to Najib.?

As for Sarawak,Alfred Jabu is the present dayak deputy Chief Minister. We would not have to look for too for these three gentleman.There seems also to be three M’s in line for the deputy posts in Masing,Mawan and Manyin. Will the deputies for Malaysian and Sarawak be all M’s? The top posts will be N and the No.2 will be M.

Do we need to look far for Sarawak’s new CM? It must be someone with the initial N. Hmmm, look around you and find someone with the intial N and his chances will be pretty good. Coincidence but they always say one’s political career is already written in your stars. Would you not believe it?

The “Finishing Line”

An emeritus Professor said to audie61,”Tun Mahathir knows what is coming and thats why by all accounts he wanted the UMNO polls to be shifted back to December.” Unfortunately, Abdullah used the Supreme Council to launch a scathing attack at the ‘Powers behind” who are planning to destroy his friends and associates. Was Najib worried? He only needs to wait until March for the party elections to ascend HIS RIGHTFUL THRONE.”

This Malaysiakini report had Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today won the Umno president post uncontested by virtue of being the only candidate having the necessary nominations from the party divisions to qualify for the election. So audie61 and the crew says “CONGRATULATIONS to the DPM” but the main story and headlines will be unveiled in March.

The long campaigning period will see a lot of resources being used ,energy and funds. Money politics will be the question of the day and productivity level for some involved in the tussle will drop quite a few notch. So where is the finishing line for some and the proxy fights it seems is in the Deputy’s posts and Youth Posts. Three cornered fights in both the posts..? 

Tun and Abdullah will engage each other and we can see now with Muhyddin,Ali Rustam and Muhd Taib tussling for the posts but they might be a sting in this tail yet. Our reliable source has informed us that we can even see a DIRECT BATTLE between Tun backed Muhyddin against Abdullahs Taib or Ali. The youth wing will see Khairy going all out to ensure that he makes it or else his intended climb in UMNO would never ever materialise again. Abdullah will try to use his time as the Prime Minister to assist his son in law and deputy youth chief. The fireworks and the outburst by Abdullah at the last supreme council meeting will affect how the UMNO battles will chart out.

This tirade by Abdullah,”Yet Mahathir goes around saying he is not given a chance to speak and there are those among you here who support Mahathir’s views publicly. Did I sack you for opposing me and supporting someone who is not even in Umno?” he asked the party leaders.

The FINISHING LINE for Najib and his favoured lineup will be under attack and there will not be any letup. Najib himself will not be spared as he lately he has been attacked. Libelous and slanderous statements and news report has been published about Najib.The fake manifesto which was published in Malaysiakini was an example.

The Altantuya and Eurocopter deal will still hang over Najibs head as long as he has not taken over as PM. Be rests assured that Anwar will attack Najib and try to find faults and try to weaken UMNO. Tun Mahathir is obviously a favourite target of Anwar as he can forgive but I’m sure he cannot forget the Political damage Mahathir has inflicted on his promising career. Najib plus Mahathir is not everyones Cup of Tea and Abdullah will use the time available to see that Tuns powers are really curbed. Many say this is the HEAVYWEIGHT fight of the Year. The Finishing Line will be not for the Faint-Hearted…………


Oooh..! “Tengku Only 89 left ”

Seems that the ” WORLD MARKETS SLIDE “ today has taken most of the “SHINE” of the UMNO Elections race. Moreover Malaysians would have been celebrating Deepavali a joyous occassion for the Hindus. Malaysiakini report has the latest UMNO race and it really looks BLEAK for Tengku Razaleigh as he has yet to obtain a single nomination from the party’s 191 divisions to contest the president post. Why is this so? It is a rallying call for UMNO to ensure that the succession plan for the No.1 posts is upheld and the divisions involved are following orders and instructions.

Whats next for Tengku? Sad though but he still says that he will make it. WE ASK FROM WHERE..?? As of 6pm today, the divisions that had held their delegates meetings today all nominated the Najib for it, bringing his total nominations to 102 so far. When is Tengku going to break the EGG? Only 89 divisions more have to hold their meetings, which must be completed by Nov 9.

Tengku must have known that his POLITICAL SHARES VALUES has nosedived but he still will not withdraw from the race and face further humiliation. Tengku said,””I’ve stated from the beginning that I’m only offering myself to contest for the post and at this stage, it is not a contest.It is up to the delegates to elect anyone qualified but I am urging the delegates not to be afraid of making a decision because it will determine the party’s future.” Very BOLD WORDS INDEED but the Divisions and delegates concerned have not taken the cue. 

Party contests are even harder than going to the rakyat to seek a mandate. The party members sees who they want to represent them and bring the party forward.Though a bit of GOODIES might be the order of the day before BUT now with UMNO in a dire need for leadership the CANDIDATES CREDENTIALS  are under scrutinized more than ever. The CHOICE of the President and the UMNO hierarchy will either make or break the party as ALL will be revealed in the next General Elections. It’s the party members choice and they know what is BESTS for their PARTY.

Muhyddin seems to have ‘Lighted the Fuse”

In this Malaysiakini report Muhyddin deputy president candidate seems to have losts some friends within the BN coalition partners when he said that there is no urgent need for Deputy BN chief post. Why just put a plug in or give himself no space for any manouvering? Muhyiddin today said the vice-president’s posts held by other BN component party leaders were good enough platforms from which they could express themselves. Has he shot himself at the foot or has he suddenly found power too hard to resist.?

 Moreover he was implicated and it was also speculated that he was slamming the transition plan when he recently said the campaign period for the Umno party elections was too long. All is not to well and Tun Mahathir has also come out and sounded with his ‘USUAL” trademark sarcastic remarks on Badawi’s needs and it really has irked the PM today.  This report from another source in Sabah has a lot of political intonations and it is solid in nature and has a very hard hitting political message by PM. It will bring with it some reactions from Tun I’m sure. We shall wait and see…..

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi lashed out at Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, whom he described as behaving like the party elections director who decides “the leaders in the Umno party and whom should be removed”.He said Umno had never needed instructions from leaders who were not in the party.“Who is Tun (Dr Mahathir) who has left Umno and trying to issue orders to Umno people which should be followed?

“He is behaving like the director for the party elections, determining so and so should hold such a position … this person should hold this position, who needs to be in the party, who needs to be removed. What right has he to do this?,” he said at a press conference at Kota Kinabalu International Airport, here tonight.

Abdullah said this when commenting on Dr Mahathir’s statement wanting Umno delegates to “remove Abdullah’s men” in the party elections in March.“Actually he wants to create changes, anger and hatred.“Is it really wrong for people to work with me. Should those people who don’t speak and don’t make noise be considered as bad people…people who have never done good for Umno and the government.

“Who is he to make such decisions. This will create hatred among Umno members, teaching Umno members to quarrel among themselves,” he said.Abdullah said he had decided not to defend his Umno presidency to avoid quarrels among party members.

“Because of the contests which normally happen especially at the top level, there will be splits. We should learn from what had happened in the past.“Such talks will raise anger among those who are considered unacceptable, (those who) must be sidelined. I consider what Tun had done had actually led to quarrels within Umno,” he said.

According to the Prime Minister, what Dr Mahathir had called for would not bring any good.“Is this the reform that we want…We have freedom, every Umno member has the freedom to contest.

“I hear that there was an attempt by someone to ask Ali Rustam (Malacca Chief Minister), who wants to contest the deputy president’s post, to withdraw … why ask Ali to withdraw? What is bad about Ali?“Let him contest and let Umno people decide whether they want Ali or otherwise,” he said.

In this matter, Umno members did not need outsiders to give orders.“It’s better for Tun not to speak at all today,” We say,could this be a direct reaction to the Mahathir telling PM to “SHUT UP”. Seems that PM is absolutely right this time round as Mahathir has resigned from UMNO and he should not meddle in UMNO party matters. Sometimes we say,”BETTER TO PLAY DUMB AND NO ONE WILL SAY YOU ARE A FOOL OR A STUPID PERSON.”

Muhyddin has actually put the cats amongst the pigeons and he will need to watch his steps as the crocodiles are about to pounce on you. An hour in politics is a long time and whatmore 5 more months. The fuse needs to be stopped or Mahathirs old guards will also be blown away. Malaysiakini and other portal sites will surely give more insights to this newest spat between Mahathir and Abdullah. Its getting interesting again………….