Sarawak Coalitions,”Rumours..Ground Shaking..”

“Rumours remain just that… rumours,” But when it turns to reality no one can say that it was the trees swaying but in actual fact it started from the ground. The next PRN12 in Sarawak will be a Battleground in the 82 seats on offer.

gps12The Political Truth  is that the present GPS Ruling Coalition will know that they are not going to have an easy outing. PH is now breathing down their throats together with another entity Sarawak Baru 

72 seats were won by the Sarawak BN led by the late CM Adenan Satem while 10 seats fell to the opposition. The whole political landscape has changed tremendously where the PH has wrestled the Federal Government and captured a number of Peninsular States too.

Sarawak remains an elusive dream for PH Federal Government as the state is abundantly rich in natural resources plus many areas where economic spin offs could be exploited to sustain their political will.

Without a doubt if Sarawak falls into the hands of the PH Federal Government the burden would be very much eased off .

Do we need to explain why here? Maybe so, as PH which is made up of Bersatu,PKR,DAP and Amanah are non local based parties and they will need to toe the line of their Political masters. We don’t need to be graduates from ‘Harvard University” to be in the know,do we…..

They don’t have the “Situational Licenses” which the State of local based parties hold. The air we breathe,the water we drink, the land where we step foot on. The Federal Government holds the Army,Navy,Police and others which are specified when Sarawak, Sabah joined in as countries to form MALAYSIA.

Besides the above the lists goes on that even printing and publication licenses(newspapers) are under Federal jurisdiction and also gambling houses of Magnum,Sports Toto and DamaCai. 

Sarawak GPS Parties PBB,SUPP,PRS,PDP has embarked on “SarawakFirst, UtamakanSarawak”  slogan to ensure that the Sarawak Voters know what Sarawak stands to lose if they are not returned to power after PRN12.

Moreover GPS also put forward the 9 Pillars which they will uphold.

The pillars are:

• Upholding the Constitution

• Respecting the Rule of Law

• Safeguarding Sarawak’s rights and interest

• Building prosperity and a greater Sarawak

• Political integrity and patriotism

• Strengthening Sarawak’s economy

• Fostering unity and peace

• Building future generations

• Preserving heritage and sustainable resources.

Well thought off  says a political analyst but they remains the selling and marketing part of the GPS Logo going into PRN12. PH Logo is also new and so will be Sarawak Baru if its registered in time.

So who is in Sarawak Baru? Where does this put UPP?( name changed to Parti Sarawak Bersatu )

Will they be leading the SB charge? They say and we will say it again for now,”“Rumours remain just that… rumours,”

At least the imagination of the voters will be tested to the fullest as for past 50 years they have gotten used to Barisan Nasional logo, DAP logo and PKR pitting against each other on the ballot papers and the paraphernalia war. 

It’s going to be colourful but that’s not the point for Sarawak voters. They would want to have a choice of who will “work for them and be their representative in the State Assembly. The 3 coalitions of GPS,PH and SB would need to put forward their best candidate on offer(of course real documented qualifications and degrees if any..hmm #fakedegrees )

This article  was written on 23rd February 2010 and PRN12 will be held in late 2020 or beginning 2021. 10 Years on and the message will be similar or if not strikingly honest to all the wannabe candidates who aspire to be in the Next Sarawak State Assembly .

We quote from 2010″

You need to work hard and the people will put you in or show you the door. The same goes for the oppostion YBs or MPs in Sarawak.

“Deliver and you will be assured of another term. Failing which you will do the arrangements  for your OWN FUNERAL

Will the election manifesto,promises or coalitions be enough for sarawakians to say to each other,”LET”S TALK ABOUT US” and who we see fit to ‘Out with the old ways of running the state and lets put a new agenda for all Sarawakians to be proud off.

The warning signs are already up on the sleeves of each voter to see and they will know what is best for their livelihood .

The Situation remains in the heart and mind of the voters,”air we breathe,water we drink and the land where we set foot on and we call our own Sarawak.

Which License are you willing to put your TRUST in?

The Love of Sarawak will be in the hands of the Voters come PRN12 and the aspiring candidates will need to know how to win the seat.

Don’t answer the questions sweet,salty or sour for now. Be prepared to face the truth and let the aura of the 82 constituencies take you there.

Rumours….What rumours…? Go easy on your mind and keep working….