Perak Chronicles”Final Piece in JigSaw…??”

A number of politcal obesrvers are saying,”Polls in Perak very soon.Its the final jigsaw to solve the crisis. Momentum is with BN and the winds of change has drifted and blown back to the Zambrys administration. Another said Nizar will use the hammer for the final nail in the coffin and this time BN will suffer huge losses. The cards are ready to be shuffled and its about time to solve it once and for all this Perak Chronicles.

The SNAP polls will benefit the State and the foreign investors will flock back if the line is clear on who rules. Times of uncertainty business will suffer and the people would appreciate if they have the final say in this JIG-SAW o.Afterall BN took over due to the defections of Pakatans legislators who crossed over. The crisis has created many firsts amongst which were the TREE DEMOCRACY and many others which has been covered earlier.  


2-1 Perak Chronicles

Nizar asked for 11 Judges to sit in but the final decision will rests on the shoulders of 5 of Malaysias Top Judges. Will we be able to come to a conclusive agreement with a verdict.Sure it will be 2-1 but to who Nizar or Zambry..?? The full article from Malaysiakini portal is copied in full for everyone to make their own  respective opinions.   

The Federal Court today dismissed ousted Menteri Besar Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin’s application for an enlarged panel of 11 judges to hear his crucial appeal.

NONECourt of Appeal president Justice Alauddin Mohd Sheriff – who is leading a five-member bench – said this was an unanimous decision and made no order as to costs.

The decision has raised questions as the apex court had previously allowed a panel of seven judges to hear two drug cases.

Former Bar Council chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan, who is representing Nizar, had earlier submitted that an 11-member bench was necessary as this is a case of huge public interests and implications.

“It affects all the states and would also affect the Federal Constitution. The whole world is watching, academics and the man in the street, as this is a unique case,” she said.

However, attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail, who is acting as an intervener to help interpret the Perak and federal constitutions, said the application should not come by way of motion.

“It should come by way of judicial review,” he added.

In her submission, Ambiga also quoted passages from ‘May Day for Justice’, a book written by former Lord President Mohd Salleh Abas regarding the Umno crisis of 1987.

“It seemed to me that one of the way to eliminate suspicion particularly in view of the hearing of political overtones surrounding the case was to review the case (Umno) before a full bench.

“This is to allow every variety if judicial opinion available to come to bear on the matters.”

Salleh also said it is also obvious by including all the judges, it could eliminate any suggestion of bias on his part.

“No one can say I picked the judges or pick the bench,” the former Lord President said on having a full bench to hear the Umno matter in 1988.

However, before the idea could be implemented, Mahathir replaced him.

Much is at stake

Nizar’s appeal would determine the future of the Perak Pakatan Rakyat state government, which had been driven out of power in February after three of its elected representatives resigned from their parties and pledged support for Barisan Nasional.

Much is at stake at this hearing which would decide not only who is the legitimate menteri besar but also set a precedent for future similar political imbroglios.

NONEFive of the country’s top judges have been picked to hear the case despite Nizar having sought a full 11-member bench given the importance of the case.

The basis for his 11-bench application, as the former Perak MB stated in his affidavit, is that it involves constitutional issues regarding the interpretation of the Perak constitution which would have a direct impact in the interpretation of the provisions in the federal constitution.

Nizar also said that the apex court’s decision would affect all Malaysians and would become a precedent to similar cases in the near future.

“The issues and constitutional problem in Perak have not been resolved and a full quorum of Federal Court judges is important as it involves public interests and the jurisprudence history of the court in Malaysia.

“Furthermore, the legal issues which is raised following the Court of Appeal decision involves the rejection of strong constitutional cases involving the powers of the menteri besar or the chief ministers of Sabah and Sarawak,” Nizar had said in his affidavit filed on Oct 28.

Others on the five-member bench are Chief Judge of Malaya Arifin Zakaria and justices Zulkefli Ahmad Makinuddin, Mohd Ghazali Mohd Yusoff and Abdull Hamid Embong.

Nizar is represented by a team of lawyers led by senior counsel Sulaiman Abdullah, while another senior lawyer Cecil Abraham is representing Perak Menteri Besar Zambry Abdul Kadir.

Journalists and members of the public were at the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya as early as 7am, where the hearing is held.

Security was tight as police and security personnel require those planning to go into the courtroom to obtain special passes.

Three key questions

Three constitutional questions have been posed for the country’s highest court to decide:

1. A proper interpretation of Article 16(6) of the Perak constitution under which a menteri besar can advise the sultan to dissolve the assembly. What if there is no motion of no-confidence against the MB and that he refuses to resign?

2. Can the sultan determine if a menteri besar commands the confidence of the majority of the House without a vote in the assembly?

Article 16(6) of the state constitution also relates to a motion of no-confidence being made at the state legislative assembly and an interpretation is being sought on this.

3. Whether the state constitution allows the sultan to sack a menteri besar or can the position be deemed vacant if he chooses not to resign.

Nizar wins one, Zambry wins one

The MB vs MB case, which began in March, saw Nizar winning in the High Court on May 11 when justice Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahim declared the PAS leader the rightful menteri besar.

Subsequently, Zambry was granted stay within 24 hours by recently promoted justice Ramly Ali on appeal at the Court of Appeal.

This was followed with the appellate court decision by a three-member bench on May 22 to overturn the High Court decision and acknowledged Zambry as the legitimate menteri besar.

Nizar had encountered problems filing his application for a stay at the Federal Court after the three judges delayed submitting their written judgments.

Two of the written judgments were only made available on June 27, a month after their oral decision, while the third was made available in early July.

“Perak Chronicles-A Hollywood Script..??”

If a Hollywood script writer was to write about this chronicles he will not only be confused but also puzzled. It seems the democratic rights of  the people in Perak are being challenged by the legislators themselves. Is there an END to all this.? Surely,only a  SNAP ELECTIONS in the Perak State can stop this from deteriorating further into a complete mess of Democracy. It’s  Perak ‘s call and we can only sit and watch and tickle ourselves silly.

Consider this movie show: Firstly there is the appointment of Senators:-BN proposing Datuk Azian Osman while Pakatan Osman Abdul Rahman.There are 2 sittings chaired by2 Speakers Ganesan and Sivakumar and both sides of the political divide with at least 20 ADUNs(legislators) on each side.Exact numbers 31-28.  BN and Pakatan holding 2 separate proceedings. You tell me what the hell is going on? It certainly is beyond REPAIR and DEMOCRACY is surely the loser here.

audie61 copied this from internet portal Malaysiakini on the sequence of events for you to make your own judgement. We have said our PARTY PIECES and its your call the readers out there in cyberspace.

11.45am: Pakatan reps left the House after Sivakumar adjourned their sitting. They are now holding a press conference in the library, located near the chamber.

11.30am: Ganesan’s statements were met with Pakatan jeers, but he ignored this.

At the same time, Sivakumar is addressing ‘his’ assembly.

Effectively, two concurrent sittings are taking place in the House, with motions being ‘passed’ simultaneously, including one approving the state budget.

11.20am: The BN sitting resumed amidst much noise from the opposition bench although their mics have been turned off.

The rivals are exchanging banter, with Pakatan’s refrain being : “Speaker haram sila keluar.”

Ganesan ordered civility, threatening to take action against unruly members. Still, each time a BN member speaks, the Pakatan bench responds with jeers.

11.05am: Sivakumar has adjourned the Pakatan ‘sitting’.

11.00am: Nizar tabled a motion to suspend all National Service camps and other outdoor co-corriculum activities in light of the Kampar tragedy, pending the outcome of investigations. This was unanimously ‘approved’.

He then spoke on the findings of the 2008 Auditor-General’s Report, saying that his administration had done well (during its 10-month tenure in Perak). He recorded his thanks to the auditor-general and all government departments.

10.55am: Police have chased off about 80 supporters outside the building, back behind the security tape. The supporters obliged, but are taunting the cops, with some shouting: “1 Malaysia, 2 Perak, 3 Katak!”

One held up the front page of the Sin Chew Daily today to display the headline on the ‘1 Malaysia programme’ tragedy.

NONE10.45am: Sivakumar started the Pakatan sitting with a doa, although he is sitting at the Tronoh seat.

He asked for a minute’s silence on the Kampar tragedy and this was observed, despite some BN reps shouting “tadi dah buat”.

Sivakumar and colleagues retorted: “Itu speaker haram yang buat.”

Nizar asked to speak, but his mic was turned off.

Ganesan has not acted on this, while BN reps are ignoring the speeches. They are walking about and talking, appearing to pretend that their rivals are not in the House.

10.35am: Sivakumar took his seat on the opposition bench.

Chang Lih Kang (PKR-Teja) turned on his microphone, saying: “Speaker haram, sila keluar dewan.”

NONEGanesan attempted to say that he had adjourned the session until 11.30am, but was ignored by Pakatan members.

A Sivasubramaniam (DAP-Buntong) stood to explain why
Ganesan is the ‘unlawful’ speaker. Pakatan colleaguues responded with repeated thumping of their tables to express approval of his points.

Ganesan remained in the chair, rubbing his chin with his left hand.

10.22am: Pakatan reps finally entered the House, deriding the speaker even before taking their seats.

Comments were heard: “Wah! Speaker haram, bodyguard banyak”; and “Woi, Ganesan pakai sari lebih baik lah!”

10.20am: Ganesan adjourned the sitting to 11.30am.

10.15am: Menteri Besar Zambry Abd Kadir has begun the budget speech. There is still no sign of opposition members.

NONEOutside the building, however, there was drama.

A police team led by Ipoh OCCI Anthony Glenn was accused of blocking the Pakatan reps from entering the House several times and of roughing up some of them.

Pasir Panjang rep Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin told reporters that they were blocked even before they could take the lift.

Sivakumar claimed that the police had grabbed his songkok, but did not succeed in taking away his robe.

The reps re-entered the building after the press conference, but Sivakumar re-emerged with Jalong rep Leong Mee Meng – this time, he was not wearing the robe.

“They grabed my robe and beat up a few reps inside the building” he claimed.

NONE10.05am: Ganesan began with announcements, stressing the ban on the use of visual recording devices and mobile phones in the House. The sergeant-at-arms has been authorised to confiscate these items.

He said additional sergeants-at-arms have been deployed – at least 22 are in the House – to prevent a repeat of the ruckus at the May 7 sitting.

The House observed a minute’s silence over the tragedy in Kampar on Monday night, in which 1 student drowned after a suspension bridge collapsed. There is still no sign of opposition members.

10.00am: The session started with the doa, after the sergeant-at-arms brought in the mace.The opposition bench remains empty, with speculation being that Pakatan representatives are still going through the screening procedures.

9.50am: All Pakatan representatives are now in the building after going through two police check-points.

Aulong representative Yew Tian Hoe, who is disabled, was driven to the building. He was wearing a black t-shirt with the slogan Bubar Dun (Dissolve the assembly), but there was a coat on a hanger in the car.

NONE“This is to express my protest,” he told reporters.

In the House, Ganesan is in the speaker’s chair, flanked by about 20 individuals wearing jackets. The BN bench is full, but the opposition bench is empty.

9.45am: Pakatan representatives have started marching from DAP headquarters to the state secretariat building; Sivakumar is wearing the speaker’s robe

9.40am: Thorough checks underway with the use of metal detectors, on bags carried by journalists

NONE9am: Still no sign of any crowd but elected representatives are slowly trickling into the state secretariat.

Among the first to arrive were DAP state chief Ngeh Koo Ham and Thomas Su but were prevented from entering the building, leading to an argument with the police. The police relented and allowed them in.

“It’s a shame and a mockery for police to block us,” said Ngeh.

Earlier report:

Police have thrown a cordon around the Perak state secretariat in Ipoh for today’s budget sitting.

azlanThe sitting was called by both the Barisan Nasional speaker R Ganesan and Pakatan Rakyat speaker V Sivakumar.

Ganesan replaced Sivakumar under questionable circumstances during the last assembly sitting in May.

With Pakatan continuing to dispute the legitimacy of the BN state government, the police are expecting tension-filled proceedings today.

In anticipation of trouble, the police obtained a court order late yesterday to bar people from gathering within 50m of the state secretariat building where the legislative assembly is located.

The order took effect from 1am today and is valid up to 11pm on Friday.

NONEEarly this morning at least eight trucks, one van, two jeeps, two Federal Reserve Unit trucks and two water cannon were deployed just outside the state secretariat.

The first police vehicle arrived about 6.20am. Several police personnel have also been placed inside the building.

By 7am, police personnel had put up barricades and barbed wire to prevent unauthorised access. Some 450 police personnel are on standby.

The sitting is due to start at 10am but the main gate to the building will open at 9am.

BN elected representatives will be allowed into the House from 9.30am, while Pakatan assemblypersons will be admitted from 9.55am – apparently to prevent them from grabbing the speaker’s chair.

Anwar “PKR Sarawak disintegrating..H1N1??”

It’s on ‘Overdrive”. This were the words used by one of the movers of seeing a new political party In Sarawak to emerge. It seems that all these has and is vey well connected with The Surrendering of Anwar as the State PKR chief. Our earlier article covered

Even a Senior PKR member said that he has been told that such a plan has been making the rounds in the Sarawak political arena. If Thanenthirran  Hindraf national coordinator can form a new party Parti Makkal Sakti Malaysia within a short notice after meeting the PM Najib there are no reasons to stop a New Sarawak Based Party. This new party will inevitably derail part of Anwars plans to get the dayaks on track to go against the BN government.

A veteran Bidayuh leader even said,”There are more problems in PKR Sarawak which spells doom for the ethnic origin members. There are no clear cut leaders who will be able to bring PKR to greater heights. Yes,Anwar is good at oratory skills but his action has brought more harm than good by appointing a much  junior EXCO member to sort out the problems faced by the Peninsular based party in Sarawak.

What if there is a new party inviting Sarawakians to join? Could this just be making up the numbers? In other democratic countries the mushrooming of new political parties are seen as a “Healthy sign for Democracy“.

Sarawak based parties will be seen as the the vital cog and a bargaining chip for either the BN or Pakatan in the tussle for WHO TAKES OVER THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. It is happening and Najib being a military trained man knows too well of the advantages of controlling his array of allies and supporters. 

Anwar is seen doing housecleaning acts in PKR while Najib focusses more on long term achievements. Najib does not want to be embroiled in a war of words with Anwar as he knows too well the proverb,”A quiet dog has a more deadly bite”. He lets his close aides do the works for him while he goes about moving the country out of economic turmoil and breaking newer grounds in International relations.

The group of politicians who are very much part of Anwars vision for the future  of Sarawak has where it hurts Anwar mosts. Propaganda and rheotorics aside the worms in PKR Sarawak will eventually turned into more than positive for influenza A (H1N1). Something drastic needs to be done Anwar. Will it be a little too late..??

If PPP is being investigated by the ROS immediatedly by the PM there are even chances that Sarawak based parties will be given the chance for a breakthrough. These statement by Najib which appeared in Malaysiakini,””I will verify PPP’s status with the Registrar of Societies (ROS) first (before deciding on whether to attend the assembly.”

Its an all out action stance by PM Najib and he wants clear cut answers. He is not about to sweep things under the carpet.As long as the parties are not extreme in ideology there shouldn’t be any reason for ROS not to entertain the submission,registration and new existence of a new Political Sarawak entity. We shall see….

We say as always,”The movers and shakers of the New political identity will soon be making arrangements to file their party name and may even drop in at the PM’s door….Would we know..??

“Perak Chronicles..Wow! Just like that..!!”

perak FLAG09

Zorro Unmasked a Peraknite and a fellow blogger must have been very hot under the collar. Phew! Phew! Goddamn!!Mosts people would have been especially those who wants to see justice done. But does those who are aligned to the ruling government do they care.?? No need for me to spell it out.. Have your say as Bernard Khoo of Zorro Unmasked drums more support to injusticeness. Are you angered..??

I was telling a PKR divisional leader and also a State PKR Exco that ‘The judiciary in this country is not worth two cents let alone a cent. The politicians are more powerful than the judiciary unlike other countries where the judiciary are an independant entity. In Malaysia lawyers might just as well forget about their profession.

Clearly this was one of the many reasons why I turned my back on the Law Faculty. THANK THE GOOD LORD THAT I DID..or else today I would also face the Wrath and the ” Spit of the people”. Many other words which are not PUBLISHABLE  could be heard through the telephone calls made to the crew of audie61.

We say as always,”Its your turn now and express whatever you need to destress ..!!

“Perak Chronicles Worth Waiting..??”

It seems that Malaysia is holding its breadth for the legal battle between Nizar and Zambry which is largely seen by many as the final judicial attempt by either party to stamp their authority as the rightful and legitimate Perak menteri besar.

Will we know today..?Everything can be fast forwarded in Malaysia but in this case it might just take a few days to deliberate. Will the decision be worth waiting for..?? Malaysians throughout the country has accepted the fact that this legal battle is affecting the country as a whole in terms of economics and political stability.

We say as always,”Whatever decision is arrived at we hope that its for the better good of Perak State and Malaysia as a whole.Politicians from both sides have had their say and its TIME TO PUT AN END TO THIS POLITICAL STANDOFF…

Perak,”Limbo Rock..??”

A lecturer friend of Joey of audie61 from a local university said,”Perak-A crazy twist of events” and  “How low can you go..?” He went on to sing the Chubby Checkers song ,”LIMBO ROCK”. It seems the whole of Malaysia are really wondering when this Perak Chronicles is going to end.

 The fictional Chronicles of Narnia has Azlan as the saviour. There are similarities in the name of the Sultan of Perak and coincedently the name starts with an A. The Sultans name is AZLAN while the fictional fantasy story of  Narnia is  “ASLAN” which is Turkish word for Lion.

So who is in the position to stop all this? Isn”t it in the hands of the Sultan? Even in this Malaysiakini extract “PM Najib said it would be up to the Perak sultan to do so but did not say whether BN would advise him to dissolve the assembly.”That is one of the options but under the constitution, it is something that does not have to happen. It depends on the sultan to consider,”.

This Internet portal posting,”Perak remained in a political limbo yesterday, as leaders from both the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition and its rival Pakatan Rakyat (PR) alliance insist their chief is the rightful mentri besar. The full report can be read HERE.

We honestly hope that this Perak situation would be solved amicably and it should not go on and on. Fresh Polls are the only way of resolving the situation and BN and Pakatan must both get ready their machineries. There is no two ways about it and now in the eyes of the International community its a whole POLITICAL CIRCUS.

Lets not stress ourselves out and lets sing this song and we attached herewith the lyrics.

Every limbo boy and girl
All around the limbo world
Gonna do the limbo rock
All around the limbo clock
Jack be limbo, Jack be quick
Jack go unda limbo stick
All around the limbo clock
Hey, let’s do the limbo rock

Limbo lower now
Limbo lower now
How low can you go

First you spread your limbo feet
Then you move to limbo beat
Limbo ankolimboneee,
Bend back like a limbo tree
Jack be limbo, Jack be quick
Jack go unda limbo stick
All around the limbo clock
Hey, let’s do the limbo rock

la la la etc (instead of instrumental break)

Get yourself a limbo girl
Give that chic a limbo whirl
There’s a limbo moon above
You will fall in limbo love
Jack be limbo, Jack be quick
Jack go unda limbo stick
All around the limbo clock
Hey, let’s do the limbo rock

Don’t move that limbo bar
You’ll be a limbo star
How low can you go

We say as always,”What else is there to say..? How Low can you go..??”

“Perak Comedy.. PLUS PLUS PLUS”


Perak Chronicles No.8.Comedy more like it.??

Ooooh Perak..!! I’ve given up hope says a Peraknite to Natasha of audie61 in a telephone conversation. Its not only a mockery but also a comedy and a political circus. Pakatan and UMNO  will keep on fighting to be the right claimant to administer and have overall control of the state.

 Its going nowhere eventhough the harbour can be seen from a distance. Both of the political parties are rocking the boats but the State suffers economically. Do you honestly think FOREIGN INVESTORS dare to invests in our Perak State..? Tell me,tell me would you dare .??

She even asked Natalie to refer and posts Tengku Razaleigh’s Statement ” Courts cannot solve Perak Crisis.” Herewith we copied and paste from the internet portal MalaysianInnsider.

The Perak crisis is a tragic comedy of errors and bad political judgement that reflects a failure of political leadership. As it continues to spin out of control, it damages our democratic system of governance.

For all intents and purposes, one of our most prosperous and developed states has been reduced to a failed state, with a possibly illegal state government in place. This is a condition that can propagate outwards to the rest of the country.

I stated at the beginning of this crisis that by our Constitution, a change of government can only be brought about by democratic means, which is to say, through the ballot box or through a formal vote of confidence in the elected Legislative Assembly.

These are the constitutionally mandated means by which the people decide on their government. Any other means of changing the government is unconstitutional and undemocratic, and subverts the basis upon which we are a civilised society.

We now have reason to fear the loss of the people’s confidence in the Constitution, in democracy  and in our constitutional monarchy.

Responsible political leadership must support rather than destroy the confidence of the people in these practices and institutions. In particular, powers reserved for the Legislative Assembly, which represents the sovereign will of the people, cannot be taken away under any circumstances by anyone.

This foundational constitutional principle has been affirmed by the Court. We are all sworn to uphold it. Those who do not understand or accept this principle have no place in government.

Some issues can be solved by a court of law, but the Perak crisis is not one of them. The back and forth events of the past week demonstrate this fact abundantly.

The Perak crisis cannot be solved by a decision of the Court because it is at heart a political rather than a constitutional problem. There is really no doubt about what the Constitution says.

What is now unclear as a result of an ugly series of manoeuvres is whether Perak has a legitimate government, and there is only one way to resolve that issue.

Perhaps our political leadership has not understood how important it is that the people’s voice must prevail, and be seen to prevail, in the choice of their government.

The only solution to the Perak crisis now is for the State Legislative Assembly to be dissolved and free and fair elections held. At this stage there is no other way to restore both public confidence and constitutional legality to the Perak state government, and by extension to our entire system of government.

Our survival as a democratic and constitutional monarchy depends on our acceptance of the judgment of the people as expressed in free and fair elections. Any attempt to circumvent that judgement betrays the basic principles and values upon which our nation and incidentally, UMNO itself, stand.

I appeal for wisdom and a broader concern for the wellbeing of our country.

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah

Member of Parliament, Gua Musang

We say as always,”The only solution it seems is to “GO BACK TO GET A MANDATE FROM THE PEOPLE.” Politicians can fight in courts till the SUN SETS IN THE WEST but the REALITY remains…Perak is in a BLOODY POLITICAL MESS… 

“ISA Releases..FREEDOM..??”

Call it timely or is it an engineered move by the ruling government.? Nevertheless the opposition front will say,”Its done as a Cover up to Perak Assembly Chaos..!!” Damage Control and it will show to the world and Malaysians that BN are taking steps to stop the bitterness of the people towards the ruling coalition. On the ground zero level BNs popularity is facing a battering of some sort and it needs to boost its deteriorating image.

‘Freedom for ISA Detainees” is the headlines for major newspapaers around the country. 13 Internal Security Act detainees including Hindraf leaders P.Uthayakumar,M.Manoharan and K.Vasantha will be released. The Home Minister Hishamuddin said,”They are no longer a threat to the Country” Moreover all the 69 people arrested in the gathering in front of the Perak Darul Ridzuan Building has been freed on bail.”

PM Najib says also the move to release the ISA detainees shows that the claims by opposition parties that we are practising  repressive policies and trying to suppress personal freedom is baseless. I want to show that the government is acting based on the principles of justice and fainess and respect for law and civil liberties.”

Of course the opposition will always find fault with the government. We know for every action there is a counter reaction. Its not unusual and now the ball is thrown back to the oppositions courtyard. Certainly the people who fronted the ISA releases would say,”If we had not made such an outcry and the propaganda that follows the ruling government would not have bowed down to the requests. Fair enough and its a check and balancing act for both BN and Pakatan coalitions. This issue of ISA is not only detested by one side of the political divide but by BOTH.

Steps are being taken to stop using the draconian act and it was supposedly used for ‘TERRORISTS and THOSE WHO ARE REALLY A THREAT TO THE COUNTRY.” Could the legislators in Parliament discuss this further and come up with a more acceptable “ISA ACT” .The brains are available in Parliament and its high time the PARLIAMENTARIANS THINK for the countrys economic survival and stop all this nonsensical politiking.

Whoever has been given the mandate to rule at a GE should be given the chance to rule and if they are not up to it the PEOPLE will change them. Don’t worry the PEOPLE are POLITICALLY MATURED and they know where the X should be.

We say as always,”The CANDLES  have been burnt and the STREET protests has all shown results and its TIME to move on and ensure now that the COUNTRY will ride through the economical STORM facing the whole world.

“Perak Chronicles No 7..???”

Oooh Perak.!! What more can we say? It has happened today and Malaysians all over the country were busy finding out through phone calls or smses. Those who were there witnessed all the proceedings and broadcast it all out as events unfolded in front of their very eyes.

audie61 crew received a lot of smses today and we replied them accordingly with ‘More to Come” Now the hot item on everyones lips is none other than,”Already belum solve dua (2)MB case,Sekarang pun ada dua(2) Speaker”

We can’t be writing about Chronicles No 7 as nothing has been accomplished just yet. So what exactly will No.7 be? Its going to be really good and as every story goes the writer will take over and fill you all in. Give me a clue says a political observer. Can I? Could you? Will you?

Perak is already being watched closely by the international community at large.Investors are watching by the sidelines as they will not want to be riding the WRONG WIND. Its not the magic carpet of Aladdin as Perak is more like the Chronicles of Narnia. The Solution………………

Simple and its BACK TO THE PEOPLE. Chronicles No.5 we said ‘FRESH POLLS” but can it be very near? It’s up to the 28 BN Legislators,3 BN friendly and 28 Pakatan legislators to find a way. The people of Perak must be screaming at their top of their voices,”ENOUGH as we have given the Mandate” Believe me, there has been too much politiking and its high time this is PUT TO A FULL STOP.

Most blogs are having their say on Perak and for us its simple,”Lets go for Chronicles No7″ Find a solution to the problems and as we say,”WHOEVER DARES WILL COME OUT ON TOP” There is never a 100% that the legislators will be voted by the people again if they are not the peoples choice. Will another state election in Perak solve all these? We are not trying to act stupid but can another ELECTION be good enough…? Aren’t you all a bit CHEESED OFF..??

We say as always,”The answer lies in the maturity of all the 59 assemblyman in the Perak State assembly and they alone can only SOLVE THIS PROBLEM  and no one ELSE…