Don’t Destroy the Fort P205..!!

dont destroy the fort“Hancurkan Kubu Kuat BN..!!” Haven’t we heard this rallying cry before?

This must be the ultimately aim of the Opposition party PKR for the Parliamentary Seat of Saratok. Without a shadow of a doubt no one can deny that PKR have their roots nicely buried in the Krian State Seats. The 3″Ks” State seats of Krian,Kalaka and Kabong makes up the Parliamentary seat of Saratok. The increased speculations that there is a very ‘ likely chance” that one of the lobbyists would replace the incumbent BN MP have made PKR all the more hungrier to capture the Saratok Seat.

However BN have got wind of the opposition intentions. The writing is on the wall and the previous article ended with “BN Top Leadership would be very cautious and the winnable seats would not be sacrificed for any party or any individuals selfish needs.” Read further at (

The Incumbent MP knows that the party PDP has the 3 lobbyists making their presence felt in the area and he ‘wished them well,encourages them as it is their democratic right but he reminded them that there is line that they should not cross. They must not elbow out the incumbent in this BN stronghold and on top of that not even WEAKENING the opposition. The lobbyists must also not play in the hands of the opposition.”

audie61 spoke to the MP and he added further,”Don’t destroy the Fort and further fuelled a cauldron of anger‘. It must be told though that during the dark days of Saratok Parliamentary seat not many gave the Mawan much hope against the PKR Ali Biju who SLAYED an Assistant Minister in Peter Nyarok in the State Elections.

Ali was unstoppable and very popular at that time and he was going for a bigger scalp in a Full State Minister who was a first timer in the Parliamentary seat. The Prime Minister came down to Saratok during the 2nd day of campaigning to assist as he too would not want to lose this seat to PKR. Today,PM still keeps his radar open on the work carried out by the incumbent and has placed Saratok very close to his heart.

The BN top hierarchy knows very well that in his first term as Parliamentarian the incumbent has done tremendously well and have even picked up an award. The award is a recognition which even the party PDP cannot overlooked. This cannot be ignored.  (  )

audie61 asked Mawan on his current relationship with PDP President  Tiong? We are still very good friends and politically we are on the same side which is Barisan Nasional. Obviously, there is still very much the glimmer of hope that the Party President Tiong and Mawan have something in common. The enemy is not inside but outside in PKR who are quietly infiltrating and using the lobbyists against the Incumbent MP.

There is a lot at stake for BN and they will not want to be drawn into a mess at a later stage which according to INFORMED AND INTELLIGENCE SOURCES could materialise. Sarawak BN would want to deliver this seat too and they will consider all options and to drop the incumbent WITHOUT EVEN going for ‘renewed patching up of the leaders in question” would be doing injustice to the BN democratic system.

Morover, Mawan has been very consistent in ensuring that most of the policies are in tandem with the government of the day and many programmes by various agencies in the parliamentary area are successfully carried out . Appropriately without question BN will ensure that Mawan and Tiong see eye to eye to defeat the common enemy in PKR.

It would also certainly be a very wise political judgement  if one of the lobbyists own up to be under the internship of the Incumbent and stay focused to help BN retain this seat in GE14 and await his turn. The BN hierarchy knows that the Incumbent MP is a WINNABLE AND TRUE BN LOYALIST. The person who assisted the MP Incumbent would not be in the political wilderness but will have an added advantage in his profiling.

The Incumbent MP is an experienced politician and has served in various state ministries and he stood in the Saratok seat during the CRITICAL INFIGHTING of SPDP. As a former President he still have fond memories of the party and he knows BN would want to win this seat at all cost. The Seat matters and BN will not jeorpadise it.

There are no buts and ifs and BN knows that PKR would want to capitalise on any weakness to win this seat P205.

Destroying the Fort would be defeat not only to BN but will be a total loss of the Development plans which the incumbent have put forward in Parliament.When he decides to step aside the next MP of Saratok will benefit greatly. It will be a continuity for the better good of Saratok.

The P205 FORT will remain a BN Bastion if all parties are working together to stop the opposition in their tracks.

Loyalty and Winnability are the conclusive attributes for BN candidacy.

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“Another Attack on UPP,TERAS…tsk tsk tsk!”

Two Senior BN Ministers helming friendly BN parties seems to be constantly attacked by their former colleagues in Barisan Nasional Sarawak. Are both of them the real enemies to BN?

If audie61 may, the writer wrote this or have been told by his sources,”Perhaps he thinks Teras can hit out at any BN leader except Adenan. Perhaps everybody else in BN is not important except Adenan.

Why only Adenan? Because Adenan is the all-powerful? Because it is up to him to decide if you get to stand on BN ticket? Because it’s up to him to say Teras and UPP are in a special position where they enjoy better rights than PRS, SUPP and SPDP? .”

Was this recorded or was it just passed through word or mouth which was also a statement against a Senior Minister in James Masing. This is political allegation of the highest degree to defame and “profile” another Senior Minister’s Men when he spoke in Meluan.

During the PBDS struggles the BN symbol in 1991 was shared equally amongst the 8 seats two factions. The writer knows perfectly well on this matter. In our previous article we wrote and we publish the link for him to read,” By the way we did say we did not stalk his writing didn’t we.?

Unfortunately for him his SUPP boys seems to like to tag people in FB and this appeared constantly and there was no way it could hide in cyber space.

Its also so coincidental that a TERAS SC member called us to remind them on the Prime Ministers statement and publication. This of course was even before the extracted article below went on cyberspace.

ateras uppPM endorsed Teras & UPP at June 3rd BN rally at Stadium Perpaduan Sarawak. Some one must have forgotten that Najib Razak is still the Prime Minister or is someone in the BN party not telling us something?

Did Borneo Posts get it all wrong or there is a conspiracy which Adenan should know? We know,politics is so fluid and political parties can choose whether they want to opt out or be in a coalition. Surely,Mawan and Wong are very much part and parcel of the BN government and they are serving under the administration of Adenan’s government. We can also say that its not Adenan’s government as he inherited from Taib Mahmud midstream.

Adenan have made it clear that he would not change the cabinet midstream didn’t he? Does that sound familiar? Did he or did he not say that we may ask the leaders from PRS,SPDP or SUPP or even his own party PBB? Adenan could have drop anyone and pushed his friend as many would know William Mawan up as Deputy Chief Minister ahead of James Masing. Did he ? No,he didn’t and this allegation of him having a soft spot for Mawan is thus untrue.

Still,stop this harassment and untruth against both these leaders. By the way, am not siding with any of the leaders or audie61 would have losts all relevancy. Whatever happens in the Supreme council by the Presidents of the party remains and they need to bring it to the BN supreme council meeting. If there are uncertainties or disagreements one should sound it up between the BN leaders inside the meeting.

Why are they harping it outside and in the mass media as if Wong and Mawan are TRAITORS to Barisan Nasional. They are not Pakatan MInisters in BN Government are they?

A source even said that he spoke to the SUPP President that ,”he should name all the candidates now for the losts seats to DAP and PKR . At least the “aspiring” or winnable candidates are known by the voting constituents instead of only revealing them during nomination. Get an agreement for them to sign and its easy to even politically assassinate them if they turn against the party.”

Does that sound logical? Certainly, it does then to fight against each other claiming who can do this and do that. UPP and TERAS are very much part and parcel of BN Government whether the other parties in SUPP,SPDP or PRS like it or not. Adenan have kept his words not to disrupt anything before the State elections and let’s leave it to him to sort it out.

May we recommend to the writer a new article,” Adenan’s winning formula and strategy for BN”

He should write about who is winnable in the 16 losts seats and 11 New seats rather than attack the two BN friendly Party Presidents. He writes better than audie61 but we do know a bit more inside a political party more than him. Please do check our CV or resume (* not being arrogant though*)

I rests my case,

Extracted article from the writer

It’s easy to see why Wong Soon Koh is such a confused person nowadays.

United People’s Party (UPP), which he leads, is not a member of Barisan Nasional (BN) but he is a minister in Chief Minister Adenan Satem’s BN Plus government. 

The dividing line is razor thin, any man in his position, being neither here nor there but everywhere, would tend to overlook the fact that he is only a minister in the BN Plus government, which does not make him a member of BN. 

To be a member of BN you have to belong to a party that’s a component of BN.

In Sarawak, it means you have to be a member of any one of the four parties namely, Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS), Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) and Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP).

If you are not a member of any one of these four parties you belong to the Opposition; or at best you can claim to be friends of BN as in the case of Wong and UPP, and William Mawan and Parti Tenaga Rakyat Sarawak (Teras). 

But the problem with Wong and UPP is they say they are friends of BN but they are all out to deprive SUPP of its traditional seats. 

Similarly, Mawan and Teras also claim they are friends of BN but they are no friends of SPDP. Everybody knows they want to force SDPP out of BN and take over. 

Dr James Masing

They even criticise Dr James Masing, the president of PRS, the second biggest party after PBB in the Sarawak BN, for telling them they should be brave enough to use their own symbols in the coming state election. 

Even little known grassroots leaders of the party show no respect for the senior members of the state BN, saying they have every right to talk like BN does. 

In the state seat of Meluan for example, a Teras leader was saying because Teras acted like BN and talked like BN, “Where is it wrong when we resort to using the name of BN as far as government machinery and BN policies are concerned?” 

What the guy didn’t realise was he was speaking against Masing. Perhaps he thinks Teras can hit out at any BN leader except Adenan. Perhaps everybody else in BN is not important except Adenan.

Why only Adenan? Because Adenan is the all-powerful? Because it is up to him to decide if you get to stand on BN ticket? Because it’s up to him to say Teras and UPP are in a special position where they enjoy better rights than PRS, SUPP and SPDP? 

Such a statement against BN leaders and coming from people who are not BN members is not only being disrespectful but also being ignorant of how the BN system works.

Who says Teras is not desperate? Is there anyone in UPP who dares say UPP is not desperate either?

The state election is likely to be called within the next six months, let’s be frank about it – Teras and UPP are desperate about being admitted into BN because they know they can’t even win a single seat if they use their own symbols. 

Without the ‘dacing’ symbol, Mawan cannot win Pakan and Wong will lose Bawang Assan. They know it, which is why they will be lying if they say they are not desperate.

“No clear Line in Politics ..Theory yes!”

aacca1A senior political analyst said to audie61,”There is no clear line in politics. He also made a clarification regarding PBDS candidates who stood in 1987 and 1991. During the Ming Court 1987, PBDS was at odds with Taib Mahmud and they joined forces with PERMAS to try to oust the then Chief Minister. PBDS leaders held positions in the Federal BN Government during this period but were outside BN in the State.”

So the headline on the article which is extracted fully Masing”Get this clear, Sarawak BN does not include Teras.UPP” leaves very much to be desired. The writer should have clarified the Minister’s statement instead of agreeing fully.

A source telephoned audie61 and even said,” the name of the game is that Masing only wants to rid off all challengers so that the DCM posts is within his reach. Fair enough to harp about it,but isn’t that challenging the Chief Minister’s statement of BN plus in the present ruling government?” PBB,SUPP,PRS and SPDP are of course the BN coalition but TERAS and UPP are helmed also by BN assemblyman and their members.

Teras,UPP are not anti-BN are they now? In political theory they are but politics is never a clear line.

The final candidacy will be very much to the Chief Minister wouldn’t it be? The 3 Presidents of the party will be giving their names of their candidates and its up to CM Adenan to give the nod to all the lists submitted. CM Adenan will want winnable candidates for all those seats which BN will be contesting. Isn’t that his decision plus inputs from the BN coalition members and his strategists?

Maybe,for the record audie61 would not know yet as they are not sitting in the Chief Minister’s chair.By the way,we are not stalking the writer but only asking why is that his focus is only UPP and in particular TERAS.

The full article which has been extracted. 

The people in Parti Tenaga Rakyat Sarawak (Teras) and United People’s Party (UPP) will find BN’s door wide open if they take the cue from PRS president Dr James Masing’s statement on Oct 5. Masing had said the current political scenario in the state would not be an issue if the people concerned were not only thinking of themselves. The current stalemate could easily be settled if those involved were serious in serving their constituents. “In the 12th general election, we had a situation in Julau. It’s PRS seat and (Datuk) Joseph Salang wanted to stand as BN candidate but he was not a member of PRS.

So was Kanowit. It’s a BN seat and (Datuk) Aaron Dagang wanted to stand as a BN candidate but I said it’s a PRS seat. “So I went to see (then Chief Minister) Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud. Sir, I have a problem. Julau and Kanowit are my party’s seats, but the guys who want to stand there are not from BN. What am I going to do? “He said: ‘It’s simple, ask them to join you’. So I talked to Joseph Salang and Aaron Dagang to join us, which they did,” Masing was quoted as saying.

He said the reason Salang and Aron agreed to his proposal for them to join PRS was because they had the voters’ interest in mind. Masing further added: “So that’s how I solved the problem. Why make it so difficult, I cannot understand it because they think of what there is for them and not for the people who vote for them.

That’s the difference.” By “they” he can only mean the people in Teras – William Mawan, Peter Nansian, Sylvester Entri, Rosey Yunus and Paulus Palu Gumbang – and those in UPP – Wong Soon Koh, Dr Jerip Susil, Ranum Mina and Dr Johnical Rayong. Mawan’s declaration of “I am always Barisan, Barisan, and Barisan, through and through” will be seen as only political rhetoric if he keeps insisting Teras is a member of BN whether or not some component members of the ruling coalition agree.

Similarly, Wong’s BN posture cannot be genuine if he thinks UPP is the sole representative of the Chinese community and brushes aside Sarawak United People’s Party’s (SUPP) presence in the ruling coalition. Mawan and Wong must not think for a while that Teras and UPP are so important to BN that the ruling coalition will not hesitate to expel Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) and SUPP just to facilitate the admission of the so-called BN-friendly parties.

BN will not do that to its component members not only because that’s not how BN solves differences in the coalition but also because there are people who know too well the difficulty, or rather the impossibility, of winning in the election if they don’t stand on a BN ticket.

I think that’s what Masing was hinting at when he said anyone aspiring to be BN candidates should not just rely on the ‘dacing’ (scale) symbol to win seats, but more on their own popularity. Who in Teras will dare say they can win even without having to be on the side of the BN?

Mawan, whose election debut was as a DAP candidate, certainly can vouch that the surest way to lose is as an opposition candidate like he once was. Who in UPP, with the exception of Rayong, dare claim they don’t need to use the ‘dacing’ symbol to win in the coming state election? Rayong won the Engkilili state seat under opposition Sarawak National Party (SNAP) ticket in 2006 while Masing stood on Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) ticket against the BN twice – in 1987 and 1991. “

The real test of winnability is the ability to win without the use of BN symbol, especially in rural areas. So non-BN candidates cannot be supported by the BN political organisations until and unless they have been admitted to BN; otherwise BN is seen as fighting against the very laws it created,” Masing had said in his Oct 5 statement.

Right at this moment, Teras and UPP are not components of BN, until and unless they have been admitted into the BN, their winnability is not only suspect but irrelevant. However, the Teras and UPP people can make their winnability relevant if they are willing to play by the BN’s rule.

And Masing has just set the tone, if BN and your voters are your prime concern, then swallow your pride and play by BN’s rule. In Sarawak, that rule is set down by Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), PRS, SUPP and SPDP. It can’t be any clearer, Teras and UPP can’t be so dumb not to understand that. –

TERAS “certainly not from Pakatan stable.?”

auuuuWhat actually is the fuss that’s being ‘spiced up” and trying to crucify William Mawan. He is still a very Senior Cabinet Minister under the Sarawak Barisan National Government. He perceived without a doubt that there was a mutiny undermining his leadership in SPDP and switched sides to TERAS on 15th May 2013 and had 11 YBs by his side. Of course politics being so fluid  a new party “UPP” was born. The rests they say is history as branches from both BN friendly parties were set up.

There are movements as well to see an end to this unhealthy saga by talks to see William Mawan back to SPDP. It all depends though on how the Barisan Nasional Senior leaders can come to a compromise. No matter how we analyse on the situation the final card will be shown come the Sarawak State Elections.

For now lets look at this article from the antdaily with an open heart and an open mind.

The Sarawak state election is due in a matter of months but the future of Parti Tenaga Rakyat Sarawak (Teras) is still as uncertain as on the day it was born, Thus, it is not a wonder when its president William Mawan keeps telling himself he is not dreaming. 

You can’t blame him for thinking he is in a dream world. He has to keep pinching himself, poke his sides and give his cheeks some light slaps to convince himself he is wide awake and in the real world. 

Saying “Teras is a BN party as it was born inside the BN” is giving himself the assurance he is standing on firm ground, not imagining things. 

That’s because it has all been like a dream, from a nightmare not too long ago. 

And not too long ago he was a captain of a ship but because life is precious anytime, all the time in fact, he jumped overboard when he thought a mutiny was brewing. 

The Ibans liken such a jump for dear life to jumping off the longhouse in a moment of fright and desperation instead of running down the ladder. 

When life is at stake, a 20-foot ladder is a long journey down, but jump, the next second you have the feel of Mother Earth under your feet. 

So Mawan took the plunge. 

In politics what he did is seen as a frog act, so politicians who jump are called frogs. 

And like any political frog, he swam safely ashore where be built himself a new ship.

His nightmare ended, and now it has been like one unbelievable beautiful dream. 

Teras is not a member of BN yet it has been treated like one. In fact, it is being treated in more special ways than Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP), the ship he abandoned when he did that frog act.

He remains a minister and his loyal rag-tag of frog soldiers continue to hold office even though they are not BN members.

They dish out grants and projects. They get to appoint their cronies as community leaders, councillors, even GLC-linked board members. 

If all that is not enough, Mawan has just appointed his sick brother as Temenggong. 

Say what you want, frog or toad, whichever of the species you tag him as, Mawan is power. 

Appointing his brother to the highest office in the native administrative system shows the kind of power he wields.

Now he thinks it is “a matter of time, formality and technicality before other components in BN accept us”. 

But right there he is probably lapsing into a dream spell because which BN component party or parties have changed their stand from confining Teras to the opposite side of the political fence?

State BN chairman and Chief Minister Adenan Satem, has lulled Mawan and company into a surreal world for too long and for that same length of period, Teras has been on cloud nine.

The fact is Teras is still not a BN member no matter how Mawan sees it, and no matter how he tries to convince himself and his followers.


BN Plus will do “More Harm than Good” to CM

auuuuThe Rural Bastion of BN will only be secured if there are no infighting amongst BN parties and its grassroots. That is the rule of politics and it cannot be more specific than that

The younger set of dayak educated intellectuals and voters are now weighing all the options and they are slowly and surely a force not to be taken lightly.

A number of them when interviewed by audie61 said,” yea we have high respect for CM Adenan but  6% GST, 1MDB,currency exchanges, high prices of goods , plus political instability does not help Mr.UU.”

His rhetorics are well received but he needs to ensure that the TERAS & SPDP loggerheads must be solved before elections is called. 8 seats on offer and seriously, if dissatisfaction sets in it will allow the opposition to capitalise.

CM Adenan with over 30 years of experience knows the Opposition well enough but he has reservations on the voters.His warcry of “Bagi saya Peluang 5 tahun lagi” is certainly well thought of but its the infighting amongst BN members which will turn to “hollow” victory if there are major losses.

Surely, his recent meetings with Tiong King Sing have set the wheels in motion for an amicable solution. The top leaders might be hugging each other but the 2nd echelon leaders would be aggrieved if Mawan does take a step back to his former bastion of SPDP.

Politics anything is possible and we wouldnt be surprised if CM thanks Mawan and Tiong for putting differences aside for the better good of BN Sarawak.

Stay tune for more….!!!!

Sarawakians RESPECT each other


arespectMasjid besebelahan Gereja di Lutong, Miri, Sarawak
Masjid sebelah Gereja di Lutong, Miri, Sarawak – Setiap kali solat jumaat,pihak gereja akan membuka pagar untuk membenarkan jemaah meletakkan kereta bagi mengurangkan kesesakan.

Hari ahad pula, pihak masjid membalas budi.Cuma dipisahkan oleh pagar. Tiada tembok dibina. Ini di Lutong, Miri, Sarawak. Walaupun berbeza pegangan agama tidak menjadi penghalang kepada penduduk kawasan Lutong mengamalkan sikap toleransi sesama mereka dalam hal kemasyarakatan.

Yo! Mawan dares youths to up the ante on recreational sports

KUCHING: The government is looking into the possibility of promoting the state as a destination for youth sports, in line with the focus to promote a healthy lifestyle among the younger set.

According to Social Development Minister Tan Sri William Mawan, the youths should be actively involved in sports and dare to compete with their counterparts from other states.

“International events can be held here in the state with our youths capable of competing internationally and therefore I urge our youths to buckle up and get involved in sports,” said Mawan.

His speech was read by his representative Aishah Edris at the Sarawak Regional Yoyo Contest held in conjunction with ‘You Are The 1- Youth Carnival’ at Plaza Merdeka on Sunday.

According to Mawan, his ministry is committed to assisting youths by offering the right platform for them to be active in such sports.

“We are proud to provide support and commitment and this year alone, more of such programmes are in the pipeline, such as the I.M.A.G.I.N.E Retrowalk this coming October which is expected to attract thousands of youths,” he said.

The minister also lauded the effort by Yoblitz Team Sarawak and the 1BFF Sports and Recreational Club Pending for bringing the yo-yo event to Sarawak.

Meanwhile, event chairman Ryan Chung said the event which was held for the fifth time, was first held in 2010.

“It is our wish for yo-yo to get the attention from the state government and for consideration to be included as one of the sports in Sukma 2016 to be held in Sarawak,” he said.

The event, which saw judges comprising world yo-yo champion Marcus Koh and Malaysian champion Mohd Shakeel, saw participants from Singapore, Indonesia and other states such as Sabah and Penang.

Sarawakian Adi Hisham Mohtar was crowned the winner and will represent the state at the Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship in Singapore.

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“Tuai Kayau” Mawan…!!

mawanterasMany have taken the character and personality of SPDP President as easy going and indecisive to a certain extent. But through the years little do they know that he has built an “alter ego” which has come to his aid when he needs it the most.

A close aide says, “I have noticed it coming and that’s the reason why I have stuck with him. They tell me on the other side lies a character set in the days of Three Kingdoms period of Chinese History by the name quite similar to Cao Cao.”

Don’t you fear him? Do I need to?

Mawan is to me is looking every bit an Iban Warrior and he would be described bests as ‘Tuai Kayau” It does sound brutal though but lately Mawan’s back has being pushed to the wall and stabbed by many FRENEMY. We rather have him now as this rather than the more subtlety named “Raja Berani or “Panglima Perang”.

Back to some history he was engaged in the SNAP wars with the same group together with Tiong that fought and fend off James Wong. Round 2 was the Battle with Tiong and him and against the G5 and now its developed into ‘Tiong vesrus Mawan”

The part players who have been busy coming out to engage Mawan have been the Wanita Chief very much earlier and now the Youth Chief. Mawans patience were tested to the fullest and as we interviewed him there was a tinge of sadness in his eyes when he spoke of events leading to this “crisis”

He was even at his mosts brutal when he spoke on how he has helped the very people who turned on him and suddenly the eyes popped up and there were goose pimples on our hands.

Its all headline news and suddenly he was his calm and collected self and he was like an enthusiastic leader breaking new grounds when he spoke of “passing the CAPE OF GOOD HOPE”

.Many phone calls have been received eversince especially so after what we wrote in our last article on

” Tuai Kayau did say I stopped them from taking further action even after what the wanita chief had said ‘Maybe I am not a Politician lah..!!” which was really absurb for an SPDP Wanita Chief. The Vote of No Confidence against me would have any other Presidents jumping OUT OF THEIR CHAIR and weild their sword.

Today the youth chief was implicated or designed by others to ask this,”“What makes the president willing to exchange his loyal supporters during the previous crisis for the very people who caused him so much trouble and called him all sorts of names in public?”

They have been told for the sake of Barisan Nasional Solidarity we must not think of Personal gains but rather the whole coalition. My God,It’s amazing how they have kept on with it. My gears have shifted forward and they can keep on harping on the “same subject” but the new entity put forward will be in place sooner than they expect.



The leads points to the article which will be published in the main stream media

If an SPDP grassroots leader’s statement yesterday has anything to go by, then the BN Plus is few more steps to become a reality.

SPDP Meluan divisional chief Jerry Clement said SPDP deputy president Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing’s outright rejection of  the readmssion of members of the G4 into SPDP and / or party Teras as possible new entity in state BN only serve to fast track the registration of the BN Plus vehicle to accomodate several elected representatives whom might be rejected by their own parties.

That also applied to unsavouary statements of SPDP Youth chief Robert Ayu in condemning SPDP president Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom and SUPP Bonfire team in rejecting Teras as solution to their squabbles with those elected representatives aligning to SUPP Sibu chief Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh, Jerry told The Borneo Post yesterday.

The G4 refers to assemblypersons Datuk Peter Nansian Ngusie (Tasik Biru); Datuk Sylvester Entrie Muran (Marudi); Rosey Yunus (Bekenu) and Paulus Palu Gumbang (Batu Danau).

He stressed that based on Mawan’s body language and his (Mawan) statement in The Borneo Post on Wednesday, it appears that Mawan has given the blessing to Tiong to take over leadership in SPDP.

“That to me, is a suggestion by the president (Mawan) that since the deputy president (Tiong) is adamant in rejecting the readmisison of the G4, there is no point arguing about it. The president (Mawan) will go ahead driving a ‘rushing supersonic train’ with VIPs as passengers,” said Jerry who sounded irritated with the Bintulu MP Tiong and lawyer Robert.

He said he was also not fine with a statement by PRS Youth chief cum Belaga assemblyman Liwan Lagang in condemning Mawan for rejecting PRS president Tan Sri Dr James Masing’s proposal of a PRS-SPDP merger.

“Someone has to tell the dissenting ‘lawyers’ in SPDP and also in PRS that Mawan is not confused but opening more options for several YBs (or elected representatives whom may be ousted from their own parties). Neither is Mawan deceptive. All he does is trying to his best to accomodate all these YBs in a new entity. Now who are in fact confused and deceptive?” he asked.

By ‘lawyers’, Jerry said he meant those SPDP, SUPP and PRS politicians who are still aruging along the constitutional or legal line over the readmission of the G4 and the setting up of the BN Plus as political solution.

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DAP “After Pakan..?”

DAP1DAP is getting bolder by the day and their going rural “Impian Sarawak Programme” must not be underestimated. They have seen of SUPP Presidents in Wong Soon Kai and George Chan and now they are targetting SPDP President William Mawan. The groundswell is building up and they have been “bisik bisik” that Mawan is theirs for the taking. SPDP members beg to differ and see that Mawan has grown from strength to strength after overpowering Ali Biju of PKR in the last GE13.

Chong Chieng Jen is underestimating the strength of SPDP and even has targetted Mawan by saying,” We want to take on Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom. I think for him to hold a ministerial post as well as attend parliament siting is too much for him to handle”

This was written to in an internet portal,”The DAP sees Mawan as a lame duck who is burdened with duties that he cannot handle effectively. ( )

SPDP divisional members in Pakan ask Chong,”who are you to determine what Mawan can and cannot do? He is healthy and capable and he is the President of SPDP. Keep your thoughts to youself Chong and find someone who you can wipe away instead of attacking Mawan. Come over to Pakan to stand against Mawan then.”


World Record Attempt Retro Walk

Imagine-record-attemptJohn Lennon said,”A dream you dream alone is only a dream.A dream you dream Together is a reality”. 1BFF Pending Recreation and Sports Club have initiated the I.M.A.G.I.N.E. Retro walk which they will attempt the World Record Backwards (Retro)Walk in April 2014.

I.M.A.G.I.N.E. acronym means I MAKE A GO IN NO EXCUSES”

Preparations according to the Guiness World Record Attempt (GWRA) are in place and the Email which confirmed the participation was received on 28th August 2013. The Email reads,”Guinness World records is pleased to CONFIRM that your application has been accepted. In this email is all the information you need to proceed with attempting a Guinness World records title.

1BFF sent the email on the 22nd of August and within 6 days came the positive response. The only difference from the original application which 1BFF submitted was the distance covered. it was originally planned for 500 meters but GWRA set under its specific guidelines as the minimum distance for the walk must be 1KM.

Many corporate companies and individuals are already making preparations to be involved in this World Record Event. The registration process for this GWRA will be handled by Proud Partners of this event  “Prudential Group GMG ” The launching date will be fixed for the middle of October at a renowned Shopping Mall in the centre of the City.

1BFF have also tasks the following Event companies to be the coordinators for this GWRA. The companies are Jude Events & Sports Management, Events Horizon,Fest Event Solution and TEEM events. There will be other activities which will be put up during the 3 days World Record Attempt according to the Main Coordinator spokesman Julian Ong.

There will be more than 100 booths set up for entrepreneurs to showcase their products. We will also be witnessing new activities such as 18 hours dancing competition, 1st time ever Hospital Bed race which will see the participation of pharmeceutical companies,International Tattoo with a twist,Hotel Waiters/Waittreses Run which will be participated by all Hoteliers,Under 14 Imagine singing competition, Moreover a Fashon Designers Show by Only Sarawak Women Fashion Designers will also add prominence to the occasion.

The organisers 1BFF have also approached and have received confirmation that the Internationally famed 5 times World  YOYO Champion “Hiroyuki Suzuki” and also 5 time Malaysian Champion Shakeel Rose will be making an appearance and will also participate in the RETRO WALK.

The YOYO international “Wow Get Together ” with over 500 Yoyo exponents will also add colour to this Event in 2014.  

The organisers 1BFF have fixed the dates  for the World Record Attempt for 24th to 27th April 2014 and the venue will be at MBKS  Jubilee Ground.

The Following Organisers can be reached at pertaining to Guiness World Record Attempt (GWRA) or for the Events :-

  • 1BFF President Keith Sim -0198860806
  • Jude Events Julian Ong 0138003030
  • Fest Event Solution Edwin Then 0168927770
  • GWRA Marketing and Sponsorship  Sutaghani Zaidoll  0198180888
  • GWRA Registration Winnie Lim 0178035500
  • GWRA Welfare Wendy Earnest 0128804595
  • GWRA Protocol Director Priscilla June Ding 0168849337
  • GWRA Specific guidelines Director Valerie Patrick 0128989788
  • GWRA Liasing Coordinator Jason Pui 0109621967
  • GWRA Press and Media Director Kas Alwi Sepawie 0135614014
  • GWRA Legal Officer Nyam Teck Chiew 0138061329
  • GWRA Legal Officer Wilfred Yap 0198887688
  • GWRA Security and Logistics Director Captain Zainuddin Hj. Hamden   0133500279
  • GWRA Official Photographer Victor Voon 0168888897

Lets all join in to ensure that this programme will be a Success for Sarawak and also Malaysia. Lets welcome all to Visit Malaysia in 2014.


It’s conceptually a New Frontier for Positive Minded Achievers in Corporate and Personal Responsibilities