“Betrayal of the Highest Order in Coalition Eyes..?”

no confidenceAre there any thing worse in politics than to go against the President of your own Party and the Chief Administrator of the State? Well, if you say NO.,,you just go ahead with what you are doing.

Even the best negotiator in the market there are a few (do we need to name names) will find it difficult to go against the POLITICAL DECISION.

In the midst of all the misunderstanding there lies a bigger picture for the group of recalcitrants to have their hands on. The Holy Grail( The Presidents) chair is what they want and Prsident William has been told about it very bluntly.

Its not about calling an EGM or to have a forum to stop the readmittance of the G4. It’s CLEAR AND VERY PRECISE THE MOTIVE BEHIND THE THREE VOTING SLIPS.

We are pretty sure that there will be excuses and such and all sorts of LAME EXCUSES. One senior member of the SC group knows and he himself uttered”It’s a political decision” but less than a minute after walking out their so call acceptance of the decision turned sour.

They moved their “modus operandI’ to muster all the divsions to go with them with sweet talk and also that the moves made by the President contravene the party decisions passed by the Supreme Council.

We are just wondering and crying out loud,” HELLOOOOOOOO are you all in a political organisation of in a charity organisation run by persons handing out GOODIES?     

They will knives,arrows and even usage of mystical forces directed at yours sincerely but when it comes down to defending the Chief Minister and the President of the Party on a political decision I will stand FIRM and will not be MOVED.

This I will also tell my 2% insider source that I do stand by my principles and that’s “when good people do nothing the whole world will be in Chaos” I am willing to write this article not based on hearsay but facts and luring out the ‘recalcitrants” to come back on the right path. There are many negotiators for them and “some are doing it” to capitalise on the situation. Please do not be overzealous and selfish as GREED will overcome your senses.

Seriously, haven’t the Wanita Wing of SDPDP been used as GUINEA PIG..? which ultimately means “SOMEONE IS TRULY RUSHING TO SIT ON THE COVETED “PRESIDENTS CHAIR.?”

We want to say more but in any tactical battles we need to have some reserves and see how our FRENEMY moves too.(see..https://audie61.wordpress.com/2014/04/19/spdp-shocked-and-total-disbelief/

 It will be a short battle or it could turn to be a long winters day. Stay tuned….(latest the ground is swelling as battle lines are drawn..on the ground visitations by ONE GROUP)

4 thoughts on ““Betrayal of the Highest Order in Coalition Eyes..?”

    • prs says:

      Stop all political shit and rubbish,curb corruptions, root cause to bankrupting the country by the all those unethical and irresponsible leaders.

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