SPDP.”Sun Tzu…OR Loyalty Battle..!!”

frenemySPDP Warring factions Let’s make it brief.

Sun Tzu “military” strategy and “Machiavellianismare good examples to FOLLOW in politics.However,no matter how brilliant the exact theories are the ones used the strategists must be be able to use it for the right century,right moment and above all be RUTHLESS about it.

Let me ask you..my friend do you know what century this is..? Don’t be stupid to answer. You are caught and smacked right in the middle of it all.

Swimming in “murky” waters where you cant even see your own feet.

This is way past the age of “surat-layanglayang or “bisik bisik”. This is the age of cyber warfare and everyone is reached with just a push of a button. The news media takes no prisoners and no matter what one can say about “name dropping” at this instance directed especially on the SPDP Party President it does seem that they are calling him a “LIAR”.

Shall I protect him further..? His Generals knows better. They seem to follow the clear direction of a strategist who has never even seen to be a political member yet giving directions and strategies to those whose life is spent dwelling in political battles come rain, shine ,wintry conditions or even still fighting when in the middle of quicksand.

The President is at its most vulnerable and he still maintains So which theory is he being advised. Could it be this,” Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”

They are many on the opposite faction who knows the Presidents ways and his detractors are capitalising by using this AGENDA to the leader of their own group,” Sun Tzu quotes simply reads as ,”“Treat your men as you would your own beloved sons. And they will follow you into the deepest valley.”. It’s GOD-SENT and whatever they asked “as and when the battle is won” will be fulfilled.

So the question of why and who gave the green light to have the article below published  is CLEAR AS THECLEAR BLUE SKY. I don’t need to be a Harvard graduate in politics to answer….

Even CM ADENAN Knows what to do next..Will the State BN let them Battle it out and let the WINNER stay??..!!

The fundamental rule “No Prisoners in POLITICS…”

No-confidence vote reflects SPDP grassroots feelings’

Posted on May 6, 2014, Tuesday

KUCHING: Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) Youth and Women’s Wings say that the vote of no confidence by the Women Wing recently is a reflection of the feelings of grassroots members.

In a joint statement sent to The Borneo Post yesterday they said calls by various individuals and groups including certain divisional chairmen through the newspapers and blogs for the Wanita Chief, DatukChiew Yen Chew’s resignation along with some of her committee members for passing that vote of confidence were undemocratic.

“We wish to remind our party members that SPDP is a democratic party, and we should be able to agree to disagree on certain issues and should be able to resolve them including leadership issues in the General Assembly of the party, not in the media. Most divisions have requested for a change in leadership, not just the Wanita Wing. The vote of no-confidence is a reflection of the grassroots’ feelings.” the statement said.

The statement refuted claims by Mawan and some party members that the readmission of the four former party leaders collectively known as G4 was the instruction of Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Haji Satem.

“Dragging the chief minister into party matters is outright naughty and unethical! At a recent meeting with the chief minister, he made it very clear that he does not meddle in Barisan Nasional component parties’ affairs. Neither does the prime minister. This practice of ‘name-dropping’ should be stopped immediately.

At the same meeting, the YAB Tan Sri Adenan suggested that Tan Sri William Mawan be given a chance to explain to members of the Supreme Council for ‘re-instating the G4’ into the party.

He has failed to do this despite requests for him to convene an urgent Supreme Council Meeting.”

Both the Youth and Women’s Wings made an urgent call to Mawan to immediately convene a Supreme Council Meeting and fix a date for the Triennial Delegates Assembly to resolve the issue besting the party.

“The stand taken by Wanita SPDP should never be viewed as an affront to BN. In fact, it is in BN’s best interest that each BN component party maintains a strong leadership with character, integrity and principle. It means a stronger BN! Mawan has failed SPDP on all counts! By ignoring party principles, he has unwittingly dragged BN into party matters. The party, had it got good leadership, would have been able to deal with its own issues”

The statement reiterated that the re-admission of G4 is unconstitutional, thus null and void.

“Contrary to Mawan’s claim, the G4 are not legal members of SPDP. The grassroots are unhappy and angry with the Party leadership. He, of all people, instead of upholding the party constitution has blatantly ignored and turned his back on it.”


4 thoughts on “SPDP.”Sun Tzu…OR Loyalty Battle..!!”

  1. wong sie teng says:

    I suspect someone would move the motion of no confident against the Prisident but susprise it come from wanita chief with Law degree. If you want to be yb, dòn’t use the fast lane, it is to dangerous. Alway remember
    SPDP is multi racial party and the number of chinese in the party is so smaĺl and also is the ulu base. Mana u mahu standing??? Bagus continue your law practice than be a politician.

  2. veteran says:

    It’s normal that members may be at odds with one another.But if those who have an ulterior move to suggest to remove a President is not normal.A President is deemed to enjoy some privileges.It’s common believe that a President should be supported at all cost.He’s the boss.He’s the power of the party.He must be accorded special power to make him a President.He must be seen strong becoz the members give him undivided support.He’s there cos the members put him there.If one isn’t happy with him (because of whatever reasons) one must follow the party’s prosedures or wait till an AGM or a next party election to get rid of him.SPDP must follow its President.His decision is for SPDP not for himself.

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