“DAP AT WAR WITH PKR Sarawak..??”.

It was supposed to be another normal breakfast gathering with my fellow “political brainstormers” One a former banker cum economic columnists told me the political situation is now so muddy and there are so many issues on both sides of the political divide. Another a chemists said that if the equations are not solve it might explode in front of our faces.

It is no more a clear cut single straight line and we have to tread very carefully. One false allegation,lies or defamation someone would justs make a police report and then we will see each other in court. Its too popular nowadays says our emeritus professor.

They said yesterday you mention in your blog on SPDP Princess in which we extract here”Nansian had refuted a recent statement made by Puteri SPDP Barbara Mawan that there was nothing to rescue as Mas Gading was still with BN.

The SPDP Princess he said mentioned that MAS GADING needs to be rescued.What is there to be rescued? I suggest they rescue the losts seats of Krian an Ba’Kelalan.

Guess what.. today another YB but this time from DAP came out to attack a fellow component ally in PKR Sarawak,”stop daydreaming and also in short stop lobbying which they cannot win without DAP” This was in reference to the lobbying of PKR Stampin for candidacy in GE13.(we will put her quote later..extracted from FaceBook)

Wong Ho Leng can say that he did not say that and we try to spin it (see Borneo Posts page 7 )but he musts have forgotten what was written in the February/March Issue of Rocket. Am pretty sure he has a copy.

Oh Yeah! we bought a copy as your DAP vendor sold it to us and we also found the title quite interesting:-HERE COMES THE FUTURE and also “the young and dangerous” an interview with your supremo Lim Kit Siang. Wong Ho Leng do I need to refresh you?

Lim Kit Siang a veteran politician would not even dare to utter those words”daydreaming,stop lobbying,one have to be sure of oneself and the party

Wah! Wisdom to know which party has better chance to win for PR.

Let us quote to you which is extracted from the interview by Lim Kit Siang in which a reporter asked,”Any pearls of wisdom to share with aspiring politicians?”answer..( They have to have the stamina and perserverance to last the journey;as well as commitment and sincerity in serving the people.It is is a long journey) not edited Wong Ho Leng.

We have interviewed previously Voon Shiak Ni lawyer and Women activists.We know her as a true fighter with zests and enthusiasm and she did not come to the fore in PKR until recently. She is all heart and soul for her boss and she will not waver easily and will be quite straight forward when issues are close to her heart.

PKR Voon and Puteri SPDP Barbara are both Wanitas in their own right and to be attacked in such a manner by both gentleman YBs I should say leaves a lot to be desired. CM Taib as much as many have written bad things about him does come good when he talks about PBB Wanita he does not even rule out new women in the lineup of PBB eventhough they have presently 3 Wanita MPs.

Imagine this” he said we already have 3 what more does the wanitas in PBB want?” Imagine the attacks…

We were caught off guard with this posting in the Facebook and with the Headlines “Support us fully in Stampin,DAP tells PKR Wanita” she has every right to answer:( Our apology to all our other dap comrades for this post – WONG HO LENG as an opposition leader in sarawak should not have belittled the whole PKR women wing in borneo post today. … NO one can deny that its the spirits of Pakatan Rakyat n joint efforts of the coalition of PR that broke the fort of BN in the sibu by election for the first time in history ! Mr wong , pls jaga the imej of PR in sarawak ok)

No political party is free from lobbying and there will be many casulties left fuming plus disappointed but there musts be a sense of respect. No matter who we are, both sides would like to present their bests candidates to be chosen by the people in this GE13.

DAP was suspiciously absent from the Jangan Lawan Tauke forum and we tweeted on April 15th”DAP Swak absence at “jangan lawan tauke forum” a surprise many said as they were instrumental in d FRUSIS ISSUE.” Oops, we attended and sorry to spill the beans….

G5 has been on the attack against the present SPDP leadership and it doesnt look good for BN. PR in Sarawak does not fare too well too with DAP Sarawak Chief Wong and also Vice Chairman Chong in recent weeks attacking PKR Sarawak. It is not boiling over justs yet but it might be another reddened boil about to bursts.(A boil is a localized infection in the skin that generally starts as a reddened, tender area. Over time, the area becomes firm, hard, and tender. Eventually, the center of the boil softens and becomes filled with infection-fighting white blood cells from the bloodstream to eradicate the infection.

This we wrote earlier in reference to the above boil. It did not go down to well with some in PBB and we were made to believe and were even termed in so many words”like an enemy within” Did we make our feelings known? No we swallowed our saliva but we will not want to be a fool to go on a full cyberwar ahead.

Maybe the person in question forgot to read the small prints or we should have headlined it” Simple last night I seem to have been given this tasks through an extraordinary ”dream” that the CM Taib is asking me to give him a helping hand to FREE HIM FROM ALL THE OCTOPUS HANDS that is squeezing the daylights out of him. He looked so innocent but yet his cries of help are justs not answered and someone is controlling him to the maximum.

It was an extraordinary dream and honestly does he think that we are justs making it up to get to PBB? Politicians sometimes do forget where they start and it might justs be timely to remind them,”Don’t BURN THE BRIDGE when you have crossed it”

Our political brainstormers agreed as unanimously that  

The mosts common though would be”REMEMBER WHERE YOU CAME FROM

PKR “Feeling Betrayed”

One can never predict what happens in politics.There are reasons on why certain things are done like this while others like that. We are often “fooled” into thinking and complacent about our positions and usually the obvious is not revealed until its thrown back at us.

Surely. one has to be dragged through MUD and sometimes the party or coalition does the unthinkable but still feels that their actions are necessary for reason only known to the select few. When this report of Dominique Ng hit the blogsphere: “I feel betrayed.”

“This announcement has taken me totally by surprise. DAP had announced that it had given up Padungan and Senadin, so how can this happen? It is incredible. I’m totally shocked.”
He even said,”Anwar was surprised..!!”

Burung Kenyalang 2011 said to audie61 ” Was Anwar surprised…? Did Anwar not see this AS perfect timing..?? Isn’t this a way of telling Ng your time is up..? Hasn’t Ng played too much politics for his own good?

Well maybe this move also took BN by surprise.It could also be done to see how far and true Dominique Ng will stick to party lines and discipline.

BN supporter Lim LC  from Padungan said,” This is indeed good news for Barisan National. Shows that the BN coalition has never wavered in its stand and eventhough SUPP losts the seat to PKR its still SUPP’s to regain back. How can we trusts the opposition when one of their own is even stabbed at the back. We will fight and get back the seat for SUPP.” 

The full report from the internet portal is copied here for you to make your own assessment.

In a surprise move, DAP and PKR will be swapping two seats they won in the 2006 Sarawak election.

At a press conference in Kuching tonight, the Sarawak PKR leadership said it will swap the Padungan seat it now holds for the Batu Lintang seat currently held by DAP.

NONEThis could mean incumbents Dominique Ng (Padungan) and Voon Li Shan (Batu Lintang) may be left without seats to contest.

Ng (left) and Voon are considered mavericks in their respective parties.

The press conference was attended by Sarawak DAP chairperson Wong Ho Leng, PKR state chief Baru Bian and PAS state commissioner Adam Ahid.

The last minute swap comes as a major surprise because Padungan is PKR’s first and only seat held in East Malaysia.

Moreover, Ng, a former DAP leader who fell out with the party in the 1990s, is well rooted in Padungan.

The move is potentially risky for DAP because Ng has a history of standing as an independent in three-cornered fights.

Voon, on the other hand, is believed to be a thorn in the current DAP leadership’s flesh.

Some see the move as attempts by both DAP and PKR to impede the political careers of Ng and Voon.

‘I feel betrayed’

When contacted by Malaysiakini, Ng said: “I feel betrayed.”

“This announcement has taken me totally by surprise. DAP had announced that it had given up Padungan and Senadin, so how can this happen? It is incredible. I’m totally shocked.”
He said that even Anwar was surprised about it when he called the de facto PKR leader after learning about the announcement.
“He (Anwar) is having a ceramah, so I will meet him afterwards.
“Baru did not even have the courtesy to inform me before making the announcement.”
Ng said he has made advance preparations for the election and that “even my posters have been printed”.
However he refused to comment on his next move, besides saying, “this is not the end”.
Voon: The people are important, not me
Voon, when contacted said, “I don’t know anything. I am watching football.”
Asked wheher he would will you contest in the April 16 state election even if his party does not niominate him for a seat, he said: “You should ask the leader what they will do with me.”
As to whether he would consider running as an independent, Voon said: “I don’t know anything at the moment… let them decide. Let it become that way.
“I am not important, the people are more important. The people and the country are more important than the party. Let the people decide, for they will know what to do.”
The three state Pakatan leaders also confirmed that PKR would be contesting at least 24 seats while DAP and PAS would be contesting 15 and five seats respectively.
PKR’s negotiations with Sarawak National Party (Snap) are still ongoing.
The full lists of Pakatan’s candidates are yet to be confirmed

“Configuration of The New Sarawak Party”

We Tweeted earlier and BROKE NEWS:- Rumoured New Political Party in Sarawak launching on 7th of July. Elections soon more parties mushrooming.. 5:19 AM Jul 5th.

Mushrooming..?? Disgruntled..?? Open revolt..??

There are so many ways to read the whole political set up of the new party which will be launched on Saturday at the Grand Continental Hotel in Kuching at 9.30am. In 1987 there was the Maju group made up of Permas/PBDS which openly fought a bitter elections against the BN coalition.

 Seems that PERS is the new name for the new political group and the acronym has significance in that stands for Parti Ekonomi Rakyat Sarawak Bersatu.Moreover PERS says it is willing to talk to PR parties to forge an alliance.

Our  insider source called a  PBB Supreme Council member and an assemblyman when news filtered through and he said,”They are somewhat disgruntled and they are openly revolting and but this is their democratic right. This usually happens as elections are around the corner and these parties which mushrooms will die a natural death when they are severely trounced.”

He was non committal though on the PERS Protem Secretarys readiness in contesting in the 71 constituencies in Sarawak. The ultimate reason given by PERS is that they formed this party to fight for the Economic rights of the sarawakians and also to fight for those who have had their land taken away.

A Pakatan Spokesman said to audie61 when asked on the yet to be registered PERS party forging an alliance,” The platform is already there for them to join either SNAP,PKR,PAS and DAP. We do not need to complicate matters when we are facing a common enemy in BN. The battle royale will be between BN4 and Pakatan4. Joining forces and using the resources available and togetherness we will achieve more.”

No doubt we are open for talks and if need be we are willing to listen, hear and discuss it at the ROUNDTABLE  in front of all our other partners in Pakatan. Until such time we will just monitor their movements. 

A veteran political watcher said that it is ‘looking very murky and gloom for the mosts political parties in Sarawak and it will get darker with more courageous people heading for the battlefield.”


N43 Ngemah ” The Battle Continues….”

The Old Chapter where BN/PRS losts in the State Elections in 2006 will remain closed. Even if we dug deep now to give a full fresh intelligence report nothing will change. However events have sinced overtook the Incumbent Independant YB Gabriel Adit. 

He was very instrumental in getting YB Jawah to join PRS under the Larry’s faction who later also joined PKR. Having failed to be with the PRS faction friendly to him  he too turned to PKR and was very instumental in creating a ‘WAVE OF FORMER PRS members to join him

Many have stayed and found a new home with PKR but he himself  soon found out that PKR was not his cup of tea. Obviously the leadership of PKR wished him well when he joined the newly founded Parti Cinta Malaysia(PCM). Now the incumbent from PCM will be facing a BN/PRS candidate again in Alexander Vincent who losts in the last outing.

A holder of Masters of Science Alexander Vincent now 48 knows that the BN would not want him to be defeated but to WIN. Ever since his loss when he was touted as “GREENHORN“by the mass media then he has worked very hard on the ground to win back the support BN losts to YB Gabriel Adit.

Many political analyst has even mentioned then “It was actually a BN internal fight.He was caught in a CROSS-FIRE

Adit has flipped flop in and out of BN as and when he politically needed to. He has thus far survived.  Meanwhile, Alexander has been seen on the ground according to the constituents/voters VERY FREQUENTLY at least once a week for the past 4 years.

Of course this is when his time permits and the 7849 voters will not begrudged him as he will come back stronger as his business stabilises. The voters will need an Assemblyman who not only will be the Ngemah N43 voice in the State but also one who will ensure that their ECONOMIC ASPIRATIONS of the constituency will be raised.

We were also informed by our reliable sources that a Dr.Jawa (retiring soon) is also pushing for a ticket under the BN. He has sinced joined PRS to be in with a shout and to be considered . On ground reports and other sources it is a choice between the two.

BN/PRS would not make a similar call by putting their hopes and trusts into a FRESH FACE. The Sarawak BN Chairman has been very happy with reports that eventhough Alexander losts in 2006 and now is being challenged he is still going round the constituency to wrestle the seat back for Barisan National. That in a way is a PLUS FACTOR.

BN will be rests assured this time round BN will not come out SHORT.ITS A NEW CHAPTER.

Besides PCM there is a high possibility that a local  will be fielded as a candidate from PKR. The PKR hierarchy remains tightlipped but they have identified a number of suitable candidates. Will Ngemah see a PCM versus BN/PRS and PR/PKR plus a few independants. It seems the Sibu p212 victory by DAP has seen many aspiring candidates joining the fray. No one wants to miss the boat for an office in the new DUN.


The battle will surely rage on and Aleaxnder Vincent hopes this June 1st 2010 Gawai meeting with audie61 crew will turn out to be a SILVER LINING. N43 is within grasps by BN/PRS and PCM/PKR will be wondering where and how they failed. PRS President James Masing has a nice headache on his hands and CM Taib will know that his medicine has already been delivered.

BN4 will now know that not only they have to contain with PR4 but also PCM. N43 will be a battle not for the faint hearted and there will only be one boat left with the INSCRIPTIONS YB N43 for the winner to board to the DUN.

Who is your money on..???


CM Taib has worded it strongly and push the message across said a Bidayuh Political analyst to audie61 who was amongst many present at Kampung Sagah celebrating John Jenos 70th Birthday. Here in the bidayuh hinterland politics,family and religion are the most talked about subject.

The newly completed Committee Hall can accomodate 40 tables and the birthday celebrant who happens to be audies father in law celebrated with close to 38o family members, friends and politicians from both political divide. There was no time to single out anyone whose political ideology they represent but only to enjoy the evening. Of course they were some who passed the remark,”Wah BN and Pakatan together” 

Coming back to the subject Taib said,” You know my trait…no sudden moves,it would not happen,’ He went on to say that he has not heard of any talk of the stdate election being held together with the parliamentary election. For both the elections to be held together Taib said he and the PM would need to think on the similar lines.There’s nothing against it as far as the law is concerned but the PM has to calculate his move and so must I.If the two coincide I can accept it.”

There were many Bidayuh professionals and voters of the area invited and the people will as always try to throw in some political remarks to make it a fulfilling evening besides the delicious food on offer.

 The local organising committee of the function is from the ruling party and he did invite Assemblyman for Tasik Biru Peter Nansian and Wilfred Nissom (political secretary to CM) but they did not give GOOD ENOUGH reasons not to be around. 

audie61 remember Larry Sng (Assistant Minister in CMs office ) did not make it to a local area in Kuching for a Church fund raising function he had to come back and ensure the people will not think that the YB Assistant Minister has shun them and have a negatve perception of BN. 

The presence of PKR Sarawak See Chee How,Baharuddin Mohksen and a few others  were enough to to send some message across. We can only say ,”Dont blame others when you have failed to deliver.”

A local BN supporter who was disappointed that the Assemblyman thinks he can just walk away with the seat and show himself during elections he has something coming for him.The “PKR leaders were supposed to be on time for the DAP dinner ar 645 pm but they still managed to put in half an hour talking and miggling with the local bidayuh committee.” What has happened to our local assemblyman and now Assistant Minister..?

 Isn’t every Vote vital and if they keep performing like that we on the grassroot level will have difficulites later. The Bidayuh community will remember and of course they will only vote for the YB/MP who are always working on the ground and also know how to bring their woes and requests in Parliament or the State Assembly.

PKR according to Baharuddin Mohksen will concentrate on where they will hurt BN mosts and its up to the people whether they are ready for the change. It will not be easy to dethrone the State Government but in politics he said,”Anything is Possible.” If  the polls are held simultaneously the whole scenario will be different. Will the BN be bold enough to sacrifice their trump card..?”

31 +71 together will still be a distant dream for now.. 

“BN Taib,Tiong,Sng,Chan,Jabu versus James and Pakatan”

Is it already written in the history books? It has already been simmering for sometime now and relations between James and the ones mentioned has not been at their bests.Pretty sure,no greeting cards will be exchanged during festive occasions.  

Taib crossed swords with James instrumental in KM1 and KM2 during the infamous Ming Court Affair and the PBDS ‘dayak struggles for power days.  Taib no doubt has been using the divide and rule of the dayaks and political parties to ensure that he is No.1 and also by living close to the enemies. 23 years on the dayaks are coming up again as now they have really grown up in economics and politics and the time is ripe.

Sng Chee Hua who aligned himself to Tajem and later James Masing has been casts into political oblivion though he has tried to use his Son’s platform and Ting Pek Kiing to stay relevant in BN. He got found out very fortunatedly as some dayaks and PKR members said during Lubok Antu by elections. One remembers what famous politicians will say to their ‘hidden machais or understudies”- Once you show your head you are term useless to me and in place someone will take over.” 

Tiong without a doubt and even a little kid would be able to point out ” has been labelled as one of the certain personalities” in the proxy fight and illusionary merger process of the SPDP Separatists 5 plus 3 with PRS.

The “CRISIS BREEDS OPPORTUNITIES” and “18 YBs in Kapit” in togetherness certainly has sounded the alarm bells within BN. Word has it also that there is no more turning back. James is listening more than ever to his trusted aides.  

Certainly dont even rule out that PRS will follow the footsteps of PBS said a final year political studies student. History has a funny way of coming back and Taib,Tiong,Sng,Chan and Jabu are watching these developments with curiosity.

 There needs to be a check on PRS movements and Taibs ears and eyes needs to be strongly planted into PRS or else it will be a little too late. Taib is 74 and James you are 61 and thats the blunt message which is blowing from the winds across the dayak hinterlands. If not NOW, WHEN similarities to someone’s remarks don’t you think..??

Tiong has even brought 40 MPs to Taiwan and Taib will know that Tiong is not someone who he can do without. Enemies becomes Friends isnt this common in the political alignment of politics when there is a necessity…?

Jabu as we know has always been attacked as he only focusses on his Betong Constituency and he was the giant killer in 1974 when he defeated SNAPs Kalong Ningkan at SNAPs fortress. In the internet blogs and in the political circles it is very clear that Jabu will be challenged and there might be a GIANT KILLER.

Who will present himself with this opportunity to write himself into Sarawaks political history books? There are a number of names being touted and Stanley Embat and Tedewin Ngumbang seems to be the GRADE A package. 

James is looking into the possibilty of leading the charge as the political scenario has changed more in favour of the dayaks who are now frustrated and disgruntled by the Melanau led regime of 28 years of as Chief Minister. Will James take this bait..?

It is without a doubt that Baru Bian himself an Orang Ulu will willingly step aside if the PKR leaders sees James as more than capable of overthrowing the BN Sarawak rule. 29 dayak majority seats,26 melanau/malay and 16 Chinese majority seats and one need not use geography/history but mathematics to see where the winnable seats are.

 Lim Kit Siang DAP supremo has already indicated 24 seats as depriving 2/3rds majority while 36 as overthrowing the BN Sarawak rule.

The hard core within the defunct PBDS has not forgotten the embracing of the Melanau uncle and nephew on stage at Hilton and James will know its an opportune time to “PAYBACK” to the dayaks on what should have been theirs instead of being ruled by the minority race says a veteran politician.

This is alarming and its very calm on the surface. James knows without his troops in PRS beneath the surface are gauging the sentiments and working out the bests possibilities to overthrow not only Taib but the names mentioned.

Will SUPP come to the rescue again as it did in 1987? It certainly is a different era and if the UNLIKELY Happens with James leading PRS into battle with Taib it will be very much closer. Ths time the Frogs might come from BN says another political observer. If Selangor can fall why not Sarawak he added.

How many of the 18  dayak YBs we ask will follow James into battle with Taib? He has nothing to be worried as he will have with him this time round PKR,DAP,PAS and SNAP. BN will be left with PBB,SUPP and SPDP remnants. eventhough those who will walk out of James in PRS they will have to fight at the dayak majority seats. They will be termed ‘BETRAYERS” too if BN plays the same game.

The warning tsunami signs are already approaching the coastlines of Sarawak and the ground movements are certainly growing in strength. Taib has to muster all his experience and above all his POLITICAL WITTINESS to stem this tide. Its not only ‘dayakism” but another New Partner. 

1987 was Permas and PBDS but this time Taib will know he faces his greatest challenge. James knows Taib has not forgotten and James likewise will get his revenge at the mosts opportune time.

Will they be another time? The simmering water will be turned up to BOILING POINT and Taib will need to turn to his trusted collegues to undo this ambition of the powers to be. 

Are we telling the readers something which they already know or are we telling Taib the traps are already opened and the Tigers you have will ALSO FALL SOON. Chan the SUPP President has even sounded confidently that BN wil make a clean sweep and one seasoned politician said,”He is trying to whip the sentiments of the Chinese in that the fast flowing waters have reached his neck.”

 Its a rallying cry and we did ask earlier will SUPP be able to come to BNs rescue again? The undercurrents are too strong now and more than ever Taib will need Tiong,Sng,Chan and Jabu to not only  double check but triple it up.

Will James not want to sit at the HIGH CHAIR and see that his KM3 work. Lim Kit Siang did not give up and finally in 308 Penang was taken over by Pakatan and today LIM GUAN ENG is the Chief Minister. (His son)

It is indeed very calm within the Pakatan alliances and they do hope that the Miracle of PRS will do a PBS. Nothing is Impossible in Politics they say…Don’t you agree…???

Anwar,”M.A.N..MEWE..YOU I..GE13th..??”

What can we write about Anwar Ibrahim which has not been written? The countrys writers and political strategists have all but written the story so far. A political analyst said to me at breakfast this morning,’No one wants to know your pasts in politics but they want to know the present and what you are NOW AND NOT BEFORE. Its like food.Last week I had an appetising laksa but today its way below expectations. Anwar will need to reinvent himself or will he be there to lead the coalition  for the next GE13th..?

The Voters will tend to forget Tsunami 308 and thats a fact. It will be remembered though in history as ,”So near yet so far for Anwar. ” I happened as if my inner voice was telling me this morning and chanced to read SKY’s Hornbill Article on “Demon in the soul” which basically talks about sufferers of depression. But this really was the hidden message,” The blind cannot lead the blind. I have been seriously depressed myself by the bad politics that exists in our country. Unfortunately, the cure for that kind of depression is not yet available in Malaysia. That is the tragedy for me.

To write an article the motivational and inspirational factors needs to be there. LEADERSHIP is not learnt but its inborn. It’s what we can called”Destined and no matter how hard you try if your name is not inscribed in the annals of history books it will forever be missing.” I’ve gone one full circle to explain. At times its easier to write but like a book its got chapters. Anwars life has many chapters.

So whats this about M.A.N. WEME and YOU I.   Anwar as we know was Deputy Prime Minister under the initial M-Mahathir.What did Mahathir do? The Apex court ruled that Anwar’s sacking in 1998 as Lawful. Full report Malaysiakini. This was written,”Letter sent to Anwar by Mahathir, dated Sept 2, 1998. It states:’With regret I am forced to dismiss you from the post of the deputy prime minister and finance minister and other related posts. The Agong has been informed over the dismissal.’

A stands for Abdullah. 308 Abdullah led the BN coalition to its worst election outing and Pakatan made inroads by sweeping 5 States and deprived BN of the 2/3rds majority. Now Pakatan is doing HOUSE CLEANSING so they say and this extracted from Malaysiakini says it all,‘Anwar has to show leadership that is less dependent on the rhetorical and more refulgent of the substantive. That means telling friends who have stayed loyal to him that they don’t have what it takes to lead if indeed they don’t have it in them. Indeed many analysts says Abdullah does not have Dictatorial stance of Mahathir and BN suffered greatly

Now Anwar is faced with N-Najib. Where does he turn too to tackle Najib.? He will have to turn to Mohammad Ali the inspirational and charismatic boxer who was asked at Harvard to recite a POEM. He just took the microphone and said,”MEWE”

Anwar is seen as charismatic and the leader of the opposition and he has seen the M and the A. The initials M.A. is mother as we know and now with N its a MAN. It will be the mother of all battles between the two man. Will Anwar be able to say to Najib…Lets face each other in the next General Elections ..”YOU I

Anwar is already fearing the worst and he has been on the offensive saying “No way they are sending me to Jail.” Will Najib fearing a backlash from the electorate in the next GE do that? Najib has his work cut out and he is making inroads with his presence truly felt in Sarawak and Sabah which totals 56 Parliamentary Seats. If West Malaysia is not the fixed deposit of the BN the East Malaysian States are not easily swayed by rhetorics and promises made by Anwar.

Anwar was the the DPM under Mahathir,Led Oppostion front in 308 against Abdullah .Will he be given the chance to lead his troops as Parliamentary Opposition Leader against PM Najib in the next GE.? The present Parliamentary members are still the ones elected under Abdullah’s tenure as PM. Will Najib be a Gentleman and a Hero in all of BNs eyes to throw a challenge to Anwar back,”..O.K. YOU I at the next Ge13th..”

Najib will put to rests the GORILLA AT HIS BACK under Mahathir and Abdullah and come out trumps with I am the MAN. I told you so Anwar and I have tutored well under the former PMs and also under you Anwar as Youth Chief in UMNO. Will this mother of all battles YOU I materialise like the boxing classic “rumble in the jungle of Zaire” between George Foreman and Mohammad Ali.

Najib will need to prove his leadership qualities exists to ensure that the people still believe in the BN by giving BN a renewed mandate under his watch. Anwar will do well to repeat the 308 tsunami and call the people,”MEWE” togetherness to try to take over Putrajaya.

Who will succeed? Its Destined and no matter how we configure or analyst they say,”Its already written and soon after the GE13th it will be INKED in the history books” There’s no bad politics by the way.Its how its been crafted and PROPAGANDERED in totality to be accepted by the Voters..Who will be the MAN…??? The anwer lies in the PRESENT and not PAST….YOU I..

“Pakatan and BN Propaganda…Rakyat.??”

audie61 crew sat at the round table for Kueh Tiaw Soup Special and the phone and smses were of these two Coalitions. Both Anwar and Najib have been rallying their soldiers and lieutenants  with  propaganda”WE WILL WIN THE NEXT GENERAL ELECTIONS NO MATTER …..and so on an on!” 

But its the Rakyat who will make the choices in the next elections. Their bread and butter issues needs too be addressed and whatever has been promised in the last General elections,,by elections  needs to be delivered. There is no holding back of funds anymore or else it will be a little too late.

Najib on official visit to Sarawak has this to say,”Sarawak is a fixed deposit state for BN.” but a few young new voters are asking this which the crew received,”Just because Najib go on flying visits and throw around a few shallow goodies, does he really think his fixed deposit seats of Sarawak are secure.? Mind you we young dayaks have had enough of the so called NCR issues.

Just then another timely sms came through from a PKR Wanita exco,” NCR.Case which we won that day..both appeal by company  and state governmentfor Stay was dismissed by Coiurt ..Cheers!..

This is not a new issue faced by the State BN government. It has been used in every other Federal and State Elections Propaganda by the Opposition parties and individuals hoping to secure extra votes in the rural areas. The BN machinery has always been able to tackle the land issue at every elections and Najib knows the capabilty of the State government under Taib Mahmud.

This has been in circulation in cyber space recently,”Many rural folks do not have basic infrastructure like tarred roads, piped water, 24-hour electricity and good communication infrastructure. They also have limited access to alternative media. They depend on the government on these amenities and promises and they will continue to  VOTE for BN as their needs are to be addressed.

What chances can the State Opposition give them..?? Its a fine line and if they now need to vote for the right candidate to represent them not so much which party be it Pakatan or BN.  

The propaganda war will be hyped up as the State enters its final year before they present themselves for a NEW MANDATE. It must be called before May 2011.

The rakyat will be receiving dosages of New propaganda from both these two coalitions as they try to outdo each other and fight for the votes. There must be something localised especially in Sarawak and the usual trend for the majority of rural VOTERS usually go for personalities rather than party lines.

BN has the edge in rural areas as it has been the Coca Cola drink for them unlike Pakatan which is more or less Pepsi and are just making inroads. The mindsets needs to change and it will not be easy. BN Sarawak Ground soldiers are already working overtime and Pakatan needs to really catch up. Its no use to move just before elections as ALWAYS IT WILL BE A LITTLE TOO LATE.”

audie61 has always reminded th YBS or MPs from both Coalition divides,” The people this time round will vote you in or out. Its no more a guarantee who the voters will vote for now. Times have changed and for the BN candidate,” No more an 80 percent win on BN ticket.You need to work hard and the people will put you in or show you the door. The same goes for the oppostion YBs or MPs in Sarawak.

Deliver and you will be assured of another term. Failing which you will do the arrangements  for your OWN FUNERAL

Besides N31 Brother “This is Big News..”

A staunch East Malaysian BN supporter was taken aback when he received an sms,”UMNO retreat news is that the Big brother UMNO  is losing faith in the coalition partners in the West. This is also no good as BN/UMNO will be involved in a straight fight against PAS in N31 Bagan Pinang by election.

 Lets see what impact this will have on the voters and see whether there is a shift of sentiments towards UMNO or will UMNO face the indignity of just scrapping through with a RAZOR THIN MAJORITY. Surely UMNO will not just overlook the partners in Sarawak/Sabah as the East Malaysian States remains a BN safe bet to remain in power after the GE13.

An internet portal has sinced carried out this article and we reposts it here for all to make their necessary analysis.

the current power-sharing agreement with its partners in Barisan Nasional is wearing thin, judging by sentiments expressed during a closed-door retreat in Janda Baik.

During this rare three-day gathering of Umno divisions, which ended yesterday, a common refrain heard was that Umno should be less generous in giving up Malay-majority seats to representatives of MCA, MIC, Gerakan and other component parties.

The general view among division chiefs was that the component parties were much weaker than Umno and would not be able to swing votes from the non-Malays or the Malays.

In contrast, a strong Umno was better placed to win in Malay-majority seats.

The Malaysian Insider understands that party president Datuk Seri Najib Razak and senior party officials who attended the retreat — aimed at boosting the morale of grassroots leaders — were non-committal on the request for Umno to be less charitable in seat allocation with BN component parties.

If they do agree, it would represent a major departure from the power-sharing agreement that has been the hallmark of the BN coalition, and could be the death knell of MCA, MIC, PPP and Gerakan — political parties which have been allowed to field candidates in Malay-majority seats across Peninsular Malaysia.

Several Umno officials who attended the retreat told The Malaysian Insider that the most important consideration should be to field a candidate who can enhance the possibility of victory at the next general election.

“If a seat has 55 or 60 per cent Malay voters, it makes sense to field an Umno candidate. In the last election, we gave seats in Perak and Selangor to other parties and they were not able to deliver.

“These parties still have internal issues and will not be able to deliver the votes from the non-Malays. So it will be better if an Umno candidate is fielded to try and get the maximum possible support from Malay voters,” said an official, who requested anonymity due to the retreat being a closed-door affair.

During the retreat, officials were also in agreement that Umno’s/BN’s fortunes rested on the ruling party strengthening its standing among Malay voters — a backhanded acknowledgment that it was not pinning much hopes on getting support from non-Malays at the next general election.

This sentiment is consistent with the growing right-wing tendencies that party officials have exhibited in recent months.

There was little substantive discussion on how the party can reach out to Chinese and Indians who Umno officials have alienated in recent months.

Still, the mood during the retreat was one of optimism with Kelantan Umno declaring that it would be able to snare the state from PAS at the next polls. PAS has been helming the state since 1990 but Umno officials from Kelantan believe that the momentum is swinging their way.

Also confident was Perak’s Datuk Zambry Abdul Kadir. Beneficiary of a power grab, he was certain that Umno/BN would be able to hold on to the state.Less hopeful about their future prospects were Umno representatives from Penang and Selangor.

We say as always,”The political blame game will see that BN will lose its INVICIBILITY and this will be a SPINOFF for the Pakatan group. This indeed is a WAKE UP CALL for all political parties from both sides of the political divide…

{ Now Pakatan YBs also Arrogant..????}


A political watcher hinted to Natasha of audie 61 to view the report in Malaysiakini in which it said{ Jeff Ooi should apologise} and in it Halim said{ Jeff Ooi is known for his arrogance}. Surely apologising is not one of his trait. But he must learn that JIM is an organisation that he cannot just trample on and nothing happens. If he wants to be a politician in multiracial and multicultural society than he has to learn humility. Insulting organisations is not as the same as insulting individuals     

 DOES IT MEAN THAT ….  { It really goes to show now that once the individual ascends the so called throne of Yang Berhormats their mentality,character,personality and intellectual levels are up one notch and they SUDDENLY have got their feet off the ground..} But it must be noted that one bad apple does affect the whole bunch and this is what BN or Pakatan leaders needs to CHECK THE ARROGANCE THERMOMETERS of their respective YBs or else in this day and age they will be blown away in the NEXT ELECTIONS.

 THE Voters nowaways are TOO STREET SMART with the availability and advancement of superior technological savvy tools at a touch of a button. 

audie 61 says  ( AT THE END OF IT ALL ITS YOUR CALL WITH A MARK AT WHICH SYMBOL TO PICK YOUR YBs or MPs…………………………) Are we correct,correct,correct…?