“Configuration of The New Sarawak Party”

We Tweeted earlier and BROKE NEWS:- Rumoured New Political Party in Sarawak launching on 7th of July. Elections soon more parties mushrooming.. 5:19 AM Jul 5th.

Mushrooming..?? Disgruntled..?? Open revolt..??

There are so many ways to read the whole political set up of the new party which will be launched on Saturday at the Grand Continental Hotel in Kuching at 9.30am. In 1987 there was the Maju group made up of Permas/PBDS which openly fought a bitter elections against the BN coalition.

 Seems that PERS is the new name for the new political group and the acronym has significance in that stands for Parti Ekonomi Rakyat Sarawak Bersatu.Moreover PERS says it is willing to talk to PR parties to forge an alliance.

Our  insider source called a  PBB Supreme Council member and an assemblyman when news filtered through and he said,”They are somewhat disgruntled and they are openly revolting and but this is their democratic right. This usually happens as elections are around the corner and these parties which mushrooms will die a natural death when they are severely trounced.”

He was non committal though on the PERS Protem Secretarys readiness in contesting in the 71 constituencies in Sarawak. The ultimate reason given by PERS is that they formed this party to fight for the Economic rights of the sarawakians and also to fight for those who have had their land taken away.

A Pakatan Spokesman said to audie61 when asked on the yet to be registered PERS party forging an alliance,” The platform is already there for them to join either SNAP,PKR,PAS and DAP. We do not need to complicate matters when we are facing a common enemy in BN. The battle royale will be between BN4 and Pakatan4. Joining forces and using the resources available and togetherness we will achieve more.”

No doubt we are open for talks and if need be we are willing to listen, hear and discuss it at the ROUNDTABLE  in front of all our other partners in Pakatan. Until such time we will just monitor their movements. 

A veteran political watcher said that it is ‘looking very murky and gloom for the mosts political parties in Sarawak and it will get darker with more courageous people heading for the battlefield.”



8 thoughts on ““Configuration of The New Sarawak Party”

  1. same story all round aiyoh no excitement,”The ultimate reason given by PERS is that they formed this party to fight for the Economic rights of the sarawakians and also to fight for those who have had their land taken away”

  2. This is yet another see through old stale BN out of idea tactics to split opposition votes….

    Many indications that PERS is such a tactical BN ploy (stupid one no doubt):

    1)PERS pro-tem secretary Mohammad Nor Bakri told The Malaysian Insider most of the party’s potential candidates were formerly from PBB.
    Sounds familiar? Former UMNO joining PKR and see what happened. Bunch of Trojan horses! And how Malaysians are so sick of frogs! Malaysians have become experts now when it comes to frogs, so naturally they can smell the stench!

    2) Mohammad Nor said yet to be registered PERS..so let’s see how fast they will get registered. Their registration is an indicator of the state elections, if BN chooses to go with this PERS strategy, then soon after PERS registration likely elections called. But they will need to prolong the registration waiting time to make it look for legit! Unlike the registration of makkal sakti which was lightning fast!
    If PERS is truly what they say they are, it is unlikely that they will get registered as a party. Wasn’t there some Dayak Congress that never got registered?

    3) Mohammad Nor claimed that they have helped villagers in several long houses to plant some 500,000 acres of jatropha for the last two years.
    As most of us know in S’wak, activities such as oil palm, any sizeable agricultural activities in S’wak, taib’s blessing is a MUST! Is he letting the cat out of the bag here by suggesting some links to taib, SPA etc? And what of the so-called company that collects these jatropha? Any links?

    4) Mohammad Nor suggested that many are former PBB, now that’s most strange it’s a known fact that many join PBB to get on the gravy train so why would they want to get off!

    5) Let’s see which seat they will be contesting, strong BN seats or the marginal seats, if it’s the latter, then clearly it’s to split opposition votes.

    6) Usual tactic of BN is to have many independents contesting in by elections as we have seen in all those past by-elections…the people are sick and tired of this and naturally suspects PERS’s intentions! It’s like predicting that there will be blackouts during the elections!

    7) PERS came out of the blue at the 11th hour, no one has ever heard of them and to just show up and announce the intention to contest in 71 seats suggest they have resources if its true. So who or which party has such resources, BN of course!

    9)From now until the state elections, whatever PERS does will clearly indicate where they truly stand. So let’s see how much exposing of the wrongdoings of BN will be forth coming from PERS.

    10)The S’wak BN recent Borneo Highlands and Mulu retreat it won’t be a surprise to find that maybe some of these so called PERS were in attendance…so you put two and two together what do you get?

    11)PERS if they are true to what they claim, they can easily join forces with the PR4 and operate under them. The fact that PERS is not doing that suggests that they want rural seats and if when they win any seats, likely they will switch allegiance and become supportive of BN or may be even join BN…. mitigating BN’s potential losses.

    So PERS, prove of the pudding is in the eating, so prove to Sarawak that you are indeed what you say you are and not some Trojan horse to split votes!

    You can do so by going to the MACC like the 3 Sarawakians heroes and insist MACC investigate taib on what was alleged in Sarawakreport! So lets keep an eye on what PERS does.

    Besides, S’wak is small and whoever your members are, the public is bound to know what sorts you are and soon enough, the truth will get out!

  3. Pakatan should be wary of the dubious agenda of yet to be registered new Sarawak political party PERS. Could it be engineered by Abdul Rahman Yaa’kup , a former CM, a shrewd political strategist , uncle and mentor of Taib Mahmud. When the melanau empire is about to sink, PERS could be used as a vehicle to transfer assets from left hand to right hand and to break rank with UMNO completely. We shall investigate their background thoroughly.

    The Pakatan Rakyat is already there for whoever these group of disgruntled PBB members to join. There is no need for Pakatan to further complicate the current strong partnership and coalition. Who are these PERS fellas to tell Pakatan Rakyat to follow their agenda should there be a “cooperation”.

  4. It is reliably learnt that SUPP leadership has been pressured by grassroot to distance itself from Taib Mahmud and quit BN. But SUPP leaders had benefited from the patronage of Taib Mahmud and many of their leaders are corrupted so its hard to break rank. The only way is for all SUPP members to quit the party and align themselves with Pakatan Rakyat platform.

    SUPP can never ever be the same party which strives for the common people and working class during the era of Chan Siaw Hee.

    • This is now their tactic to survive? SUPP is that stupid! Does SUPP honestly think they will get voted in again just by distancing themselves from taib?

      A question to SUPP:

      Why anyone would want to stay with a gf that lies, cheat and steals money when theres already this nice girl who’s faithful and loyal and would do whats best for you?

      Just because the girlfriend says she will now be faithful and loyal and will no longer hang around those whom she cheated, steal and hurt you with!

      Isn’t it a bit too late? The public isn’t that stupid or idiotic and definitely not sadistic!

      Actions speaks louder than words SUPP! And, sorry to say, SUPP has been quite the ‘whore’!

      So prove to us SUPP, all of you should immediately resign from your parliamentary seats and states seats.

      Go get voted out and be in opposition for a while and earn your keep in there. Make sure you perform! Maybe the public will then forgive you and may just consider you in the future but as of now, you’re as good as out!

  5. I believe by now every Sarawakians know about the dirty tricks of Taib Mahmud and his uncle, Rahman Yakub to divide and rule and making the Dayaks permanently poor. Taib has been known as a strong supporter and financier of the once troubled UMNO. With so much skeleton in the closet Taib has no choice but to deliver all the Parliamentary seats to UMNO. But on a separate note he would instill fear in the rural Malays, Melanau and Dayaks that should UMNO step foot on Sarawak soil, the Bumiputras in Sarawak will be the greatest loser and that PBB must be kept strong at all time,to prevent that from happening.

    So I reckon, by plotting to unleash PERS, he would want the naive Bumiputras to rally behind PBB , knowing too well that he had succeeded to indoctrinate the rural poor to be suspicious of UMNO. I agree with some of our bloggers that Pakatan Rakyat should stay clear of any new Sarawak party or parties that claimed to be fighting for the common people or seeking justice.

    Pakatan must stay focus and committed to its cause and to bring about a massive reforms by replacing BN government.

  6. this is most likely abdul rahman yakub’s trick to stop BN confronting one on one fight against PR. i think it would be safe to say that BN is scared of PR after sibu election.

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