“BN Taib,Tiong,Sng,Chan,Jabu versus James and Pakatan”

Is it already written in the history books? It has already been simmering for sometime now and relations between James and the ones mentioned has not been at their bests.Pretty sure,no greeting cards will be exchanged during festive occasions.  

Taib crossed swords with James instrumental in KM1 and KM2 during the infamous Ming Court Affair and the PBDS ‘dayak struggles for power days.  Taib no doubt has been using the divide and rule of the dayaks and political parties to ensure that he is No.1 and also by living close to the enemies. 23 years on the dayaks are coming up again as now they have really grown up in economics and politics and the time is ripe.

Sng Chee Hua who aligned himself to Tajem and later James Masing has been casts into political oblivion though he has tried to use his Son’s platform and Ting Pek Kiing to stay relevant in BN. He got found out very fortunatedly as some dayaks and PKR members said during Lubok Antu by elections. One remembers what famous politicians will say to their ‘hidden machais or understudies”- Once you show your head you are term useless to me and in place someone will take over.” 

Tiong without a doubt and even a little kid would be able to point out ” has been labelled as one of the certain personalities” in the proxy fight and illusionary merger process of the SPDP Separatists 5 plus 3 with PRS.

The “CRISIS BREEDS OPPORTUNITIES” and “18 YBs in Kapit” in togetherness certainly has sounded the alarm bells within BN. Word has it also that there is no more turning back. James is listening more than ever to his trusted aides.  

Certainly dont even rule out that PRS will follow the footsteps of PBS said a final year political studies student. History has a funny way of coming back and Taib,Tiong,Sng,Chan and Jabu are watching these developments with curiosity.

 There needs to be a check on PRS movements and Taibs ears and eyes needs to be strongly planted into PRS or else it will be a little too late. Taib is 74 and James you are 61 and thats the blunt message which is blowing from the winds across the dayak hinterlands. If not NOW, WHEN similarities to someone’s remarks don’t you think..??

Tiong has even brought 40 MPs to Taiwan and Taib will know that Tiong is not someone who he can do without. Enemies becomes Friends isnt this common in the political alignment of politics when there is a necessity…?

Jabu as we know has always been attacked as he only focusses on his Betong Constituency and he was the giant killer in 1974 when he defeated SNAPs Kalong Ningkan at SNAPs fortress. In the internet blogs and in the political circles it is very clear that Jabu will be challenged and there might be a GIANT KILLER.

Who will present himself with this opportunity to write himself into Sarawaks political history books? There are a number of names being touted and Stanley Embat and Tedewin Ngumbang seems to be the GRADE A package. 

James is looking into the possibilty of leading the charge as the political scenario has changed more in favour of the dayaks who are now frustrated and disgruntled by the Melanau led regime of 28 years of as Chief Minister. Will James take this bait..?

It is without a doubt that Baru Bian himself an Orang Ulu will willingly step aside if the PKR leaders sees James as more than capable of overthrowing the BN Sarawak rule. 29 dayak majority seats,26 melanau/malay and 16 Chinese majority seats and one need not use geography/history but mathematics to see where the winnable seats are.

 Lim Kit Siang DAP supremo has already indicated 24 seats as depriving 2/3rds majority while 36 as overthrowing the BN Sarawak rule.

The hard core within the defunct PBDS has not forgotten the embracing of the Melanau uncle and nephew on stage at Hilton and James will know its an opportune time to “PAYBACK” to the dayaks on what should have been theirs instead of being ruled by the minority race says a veteran politician.

This is alarming and its very calm on the surface. James knows without his troops in PRS beneath the surface are gauging the sentiments and working out the bests possibilities to overthrow not only Taib but the names mentioned.

Will SUPP come to the rescue again as it did in 1987? It certainly is a different era and if the UNLIKELY Happens with James leading PRS into battle with Taib it will be very much closer. Ths time the Frogs might come from BN says another political observer. If Selangor can fall why not Sarawak he added.

How many of the 18  dayak YBs we ask will follow James into battle with Taib? He has nothing to be worried as he will have with him this time round PKR,DAP,PAS and SNAP. BN will be left with PBB,SUPP and SPDP remnants. eventhough those who will walk out of James in PRS they will have to fight at the dayak majority seats. They will be termed ‘BETRAYERS” too if BN plays the same game.

The warning tsunami signs are already approaching the coastlines of Sarawak and the ground movements are certainly growing in strength. Taib has to muster all his experience and above all his POLITICAL WITTINESS to stem this tide. Its not only ‘dayakism” but another New Partner. 

1987 was Permas and PBDS but this time Taib will know he faces his greatest challenge. James knows Taib has not forgotten and James likewise will get his revenge at the mosts opportune time.

Will they be another time? The simmering water will be turned up to BOILING POINT and Taib will need to turn to his trusted collegues to undo this ambition of the powers to be. 

Are we telling the readers something which they already know or are we telling Taib the traps are already opened and the Tigers you have will ALSO FALL SOON. Chan the SUPP President has even sounded confidently that BN wil make a clean sweep and one seasoned politician said,”He is trying to whip the sentiments of the Chinese in that the fast flowing waters have reached his neck.”

 Its a rallying cry and we did ask earlier will SUPP be able to come to BNs rescue again? The undercurrents are too strong now and more than ever Taib will need Tiong,Sng,Chan and Jabu to not only  double check but triple it up.

Will James not want to sit at the HIGH CHAIR and see that his KM3 work. Lim Kit Siang did not give up and finally in 308 Penang was taken over by Pakatan and today LIM GUAN ENG is the Chief Minister. (His son)

It is indeed very calm within the Pakatan alliances and they do hope that the Miracle of PRS will do a PBS. Nothing is Impossible in Politics they say…Don’t you agree…???

30 thoughts on ““BN Taib,Tiong,Sng,Chan,Jabu versus James and Pakatan”

  1. Incredible says:

    This is a very interesting article..audie..Very realistic..61:74…Hard to resist moneypower&fame….Let’s hope sarawak will not be like sabah…If James is a rotten apple, pakatan should be rotten apple as well.. IF not why does anwar and kit siang support rotten apply to become KM3..mind boggling..

    • looes74 says:

      I have been thinking why align with James Masing of PRS to fulfill his personal dream.
      If PKR or better still DAP plays its card well, why aim for the best prize? The Sarawak state legislature or better still CMship.

      I don’t have much facts & figures with me. But the infighting going on & PKR would always try to be taiko, DAP might quietly sneak in & win the prize.
      This time, don’t constituitional problem just like in Perak. If only Wong Ho Leng knows how to negotiate its way through.

      Just to refresh your memory. In Perak, DAP asked for 20 state seats but BEING FORCED TO BE A JUNIOR PARTY.
      Of course, ended up as the major party. Of course, after winning the CMship by Pakatan Rakyat, there is always be FROGs around.
      DAP is still the most principled party in Malaysia…..Hmm…….Perhaps, DAP would finally claim the prize

  2. BN man says:

    Times have changed, politics can be twisted, broken, mended and cherish. James is now wearing the BN cloak and will remain to do so come the next GE, for better or for worst. He’s in the good book of PM and that matters most. It’s has been a long time since we get an Iban of his caliber, if the Chinese can have MCA and SUPP, why be jealous of the Ibans and Dayaks coming together. That’s what PM hopes for,1Dayak.Hehehehe

  3. sarawakiana says:

    James will be a Hero if he manages to lead all the dayak YBs with him to detrone Melanau Taib. This will put him amongst the greats. If he does not lead them he will be call chicken !!!

  4. zainuddin says:

    No problems James CM will be better than Taib. Pretty sure. we dont have anything as malays too so what if dayak becomes the CM

  5. BN man says:

    You may not liked Jabu but don’t touch him in his constituency. He’s as solid as a rock there.
    The trouble with us Sarawakians is we make believe and build castles in the air. We have to come down to reality of what’s happening on the ground. My analysis tells me that SUPP may lose a few more seats, PBB’s area may be disturbed, one SPDP seat may go with Baru’s popularity but PRS will come out stronger than ever. The Ibans have awaken!!

  6. square pegs says:

    The jigsaw about to unfold and PRS will be a good coalition with Pakatan to overthrow the BN. Salutations if James dares! If not he is already not in the good books as CM is not too keen with him. Now CM can control him but what if CM throws the book at him with MACC. That James has to worry. Fight James and you will be rewarded.Bye bye Melanaus.hand over time

  7. Dreams PBDS says:

    Even PBDS did not achieve the sons of PBDS will be leading it to achieve. Its not impossible and James will be able to awaken the great dayak spirit and toether with the Pakatan partners will destroy PBB and its partners SPDP and SUPP. Nothing is better than now. 1987 was a dream as dayaks were poor. Now you all are better off and do not need to be taught that you all need to do something for the future of the community unlike Jabu only Betong..

  8. Ho Ho Ho says:

    :arrow:: BNed is too ARROGANT now and PEOPLES POWER ( RAKYAT )will topple them ALL very very soon :lol: :lol: :lol:

  9. looes74 says:

    By the way, Audie…..DAP is attacking SUPP only. This time DAP seems to be very precision. Perhaps, Zulklifi Noordin is right about DAP

  10. Ho Ho Ho says:

    :arrow: This TALI-bun was terminated from PKR and best place for him is to be together with the rest of the GREEDY frogs until the RAKYAT give them a big TSUNAMI again and kick all those MORON out forever :lol: :lol: :lol:

  11. looes74 says:

    Ho Ho Ho,
    I hated Zul as much as you do. However, judging from what Audie has written, don’t really have much faith on James.
    James is no Joseph Pairin Kitingan. Though I love to see Joseph come out from the caccoon.

    DAP is still the principled party. During the days when PBS is part of opposition, DAP got to pull out its 4 MPs. This time is payback time in Sabah
    Again, in Sarawak, it’s up to Wong Ho Leng…..He can do a Ngeh style in Perak. Playing a Junior party but ended up as a senior party.
    LKS mention about 24/36. Hehehe……It meant something. Meanwhile, I hope that PKR don’t sabo DAP by just filling in the numbers.

  12. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Yes LOOES74 :lol:
    Methink most politicians are SUCKs even from both side when it comes to $$$Money Money Money talk but I do believe that if Pakatan Rakyat are to comes into power and capture Putrajaya comes 13th GE then Malaysia will get a more positive outcomes and benefits from this new,transparence and fresh PR Goment that are more multi racial and fair to all Malaysians and not a RACIST party ( most important) for the whole of Malaysia and that include Sabah & Sarawak too :lol: :lol: :lol:

  13. fedup says:

    about time init!

    once read a comment in a blog which had this “judging from the comments against Taib, its curious how so many is afraid of one man.”

    that says it all doesn’t it…Sarawakians are just stupid!

  14. Layar-Man says:

    If PRS join PR, sarawak change gomen, then iban made cm. new cm would better for jabu-the-paramount-chief, dcm-masing, no need melanau or chinese dcm lah….we change state capital to betong lah..then more develop-men for layar…good lah

  15. Padungan says:

    Dont forget, Buban can send James to fill up the federal assistant tourism minister post, sit and sleep in K. Lumpur…. then history repeats itself

  16. apaijabu says:

    Why James Masing? Can he be trusted? I don’t think the opposition should trust him. Of course he wants to be the next CM of Sarawak. But we don’t want him. Too many baggage. Grt someone else if you have to but forget Masing. He’s just another opportunist whom like Taib seems to live forever.

  17. looes74 says:

    Perhaps, it might end up dap’d take up cmship. Of course, dayak from dap’d be chosen as cm. By the way, wong ho leng not bad one

  18. audie's good fren says:

    BREAKING NEWS : A senior minister will be under probe by the MACC for alleged bribery, the money used by him to build his mansion in Kuching. The person who lodged the complaint to MACC is a political veteran and a former elected rep. Watch out for the news soon

  19. Ho Ho Ho says:

    :arrow: RPK speaks his mind-Masalah Perniagaan Orang Melayu :idea: not bcoz of other races competitiveness but BNed itself monopolize :?:

  20. ng.kesit says:

    N.29 Batang Ai, the incumbent now is from PBB is not James favour if I not mistaken. his favour actually the Sec. to the late Datuk Dublin Unting. So, James PRS is lost 1 seat that make Taib and Sng Che Hua getting stonger to kick him out. I say no to James become CM same like Taib.

  21. Mata Kuching says:

    There is only one piece of Sarawak history that matters politically and that all Sarawakians and politicians must master.

    There was never any animosity betwwen Tun Rahman and Taib which lead to the infamous Ming Court. It was a political ploy mastermined by Tun Rahman to guage who would support a Melanau leader and who would not and how to divide the various races in Sarawak to ensure the melanau Empire initiated by Tun Rahman will thrive for a few generations.

    Hence all the important and money generating portfolios would be held by Taib personally. Then the establishment of agencies to monitor how many tonnage of logs would be felled and exported so that the Tycoons who were given the concession would pay all commissions dued by going through Archipelago Shipping and later STIDC and Hardwood Timber.

    All the Dayaks and Malay leaders had been fooled and SUPP leaders pretended not to know of the scheme masterminded by Tun Rahman because SUPP was made up of Timber tycoons who would benefit from the staged Ming Court incident. A vote of no confidence could have been taken in DUN by the group alligned to Tun Rahman but was never initiated by Tun Rahman.

    To appease the Dayaks during his birthday bash at the Hilton, Tun paid tribute to the late Tun Jugah for been instrumental in forming PBB but what had Tun or Taib done for Tun Jugah’s birth place and for the Dayaks.

    Wake up all Dayak leaders and members in PBB, PRS, SPDP and SUPP. Its time to truly unite and work with Pakatan Rakyat.

  22. jus curious says:

    well well, all had been said, and it all comes to one conclusion. this blog comes from PR supporters and some written by semenanjung supporters of PKR. The most logical thing for us sarawakian to do is not to be aligned with semenanjungs political thinking. as it will be another cesation of the autonomy to those people. beware they talk about minority melanau rule, slightest mistake then can we talk about Semananjung PR puppet rule?.. . . he. . .he. . . he

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