“DAP AT WAR WITH PKR Sarawak..??”.

It was supposed to be another normal breakfast gathering with my fellow “political brainstormers” One a former banker cum economic columnists told me the political situation is now so muddy and there are so many issues on both sides of the political divide. Another a chemists said that if the equations are not solve it might explode in front of our faces.

It is no more a clear cut single straight line and we have to tread very carefully. One false allegation,lies or defamation someone would justs make a police report and then we will see each other in court. Its too popular nowadays says our emeritus professor.

They said yesterday you mention in your blog on SPDP Princess in which we extract here”Nansian had refuted a recent statement made by Puteri SPDP Barbara Mawan that there was nothing to rescue as Mas Gading was still with BN.

The SPDP Princess he said mentioned that MAS GADING needs to be rescued.What is there to be rescued? I suggest they rescue the losts seats of Krian an Ba’Kelalan.

Guess what.. today another YB but this time from DAP came out to attack a fellow component ally in PKR Sarawak,”stop daydreaming and also in short stop lobbying which they cannot win without DAP” This was in reference to the lobbying of PKR Stampin for candidacy in GE13.(we will put her quote later..extracted from FaceBook)

Wong Ho Leng can say that he did not say that and we try to spin it (see Borneo Posts page 7 )but he musts have forgotten what was written in the February/March Issue of Rocket. Am pretty sure he has a copy.

Oh Yeah! we bought a copy as your DAP vendor sold it to us and we also found the title quite interesting:-HERE COMES THE FUTURE and also “the young and dangerous” an interview with your supremo Lim Kit Siang. Wong Ho Leng do I need to refresh you?

Lim Kit Siang a veteran politician would not even dare to utter those words”daydreaming,stop lobbying,one have to be sure of oneself and the party

Wah! Wisdom to know which party has better chance to win for PR.

Let us quote to you which is extracted from the interview by Lim Kit Siang in which a reporter asked,”Any pearls of wisdom to share with aspiring politicians?”answer..( They have to have the stamina and perserverance to last the journey;as well as commitment and sincerity in serving the people.It is is a long journey) not edited Wong Ho Leng.

We have interviewed previously Voon Shiak Ni lawyer and Women activists.We know her as a true fighter with zests and enthusiasm and she did not come to the fore in PKR until recently. She is all heart and soul for her boss and she will not waver easily and will be quite straight forward when issues are close to her heart.

PKR Voon and Puteri SPDP Barbara are both Wanitas in their own right and to be attacked in such a manner by both gentleman YBs I should say leaves a lot to be desired. CM Taib as much as many have written bad things about him does come good when he talks about PBB Wanita he does not even rule out new women in the lineup of PBB eventhough they have presently 3 Wanita MPs.

Imagine this” he said we already have 3 what more does the wanitas in PBB want?” Imagine the attacks…

We were caught off guard with this posting in the Facebook and with the Headlines “Support us fully in Stampin,DAP tells PKR Wanita” she has every right to answer:( Our apology to all our other dap comrades for this post – WONG HO LENG as an opposition leader in sarawak should not have belittled the whole PKR women wing in borneo post today. … NO one can deny that its the spirits of Pakatan Rakyat n joint efforts of the coalition of PR that broke the fort of BN in the sibu by election for the first time in history ! Mr wong , pls jaga the imej of PR in sarawak ok)

No political party is free from lobbying and there will be many casulties left fuming plus disappointed but there musts be a sense of respect. No matter who we are, both sides would like to present their bests candidates to be chosen by the people in this GE13.

DAP was suspiciously absent from the Jangan Lawan Tauke forum and we tweeted on April 15th”DAP Swak absence at “jangan lawan tauke forum” a surprise many said as they were instrumental in d FRUSIS ISSUE.” Oops, we attended and sorry to spill the beans….

G5 has been on the attack against the present SPDP leadership and it doesnt look good for BN. PR in Sarawak does not fare too well too with DAP Sarawak Chief Wong and also Vice Chairman Chong in recent weeks attacking PKR Sarawak. It is not boiling over justs yet but it might be another reddened boil about to bursts.(A boil is a localized infection in the skin that generally starts as a reddened, tender area. Over time, the area becomes firm, hard, and tender. Eventually, the center of the boil softens and becomes filled with infection-fighting white blood cells from the bloodstream to eradicate the infection.

This we wrote earlier in reference to the above boil. It did not go down to well with some in PBB and we were made to believe and were even termed in so many words”like an enemy within” Did we make our feelings known? No we swallowed our saliva but we will not want to be a fool to go on a full cyberwar ahead.

Maybe the person in question forgot to read the small prints or we should have headlined it” Simple last night I seem to have been given this tasks through an extraordinary ”dream” that the CM Taib is asking me to give him a helping hand to FREE HIM FROM ALL THE OCTOPUS HANDS that is squeezing the daylights out of him. He looked so innocent but yet his cries of help are justs not answered and someone is controlling him to the maximum.

It was an extraordinary dream and honestly does he think that we are justs making it up to get to PBB? Politicians sometimes do forget where they start and it might justs be timely to remind them,”Don’t BURN THE BRIDGE when you have crossed it”

Our political brainstormers agreed as unanimously that  

The mosts common though would be”REMEMBER WHERE YOU CAME FROM

55 thoughts on ““DAP AT WAR WITH PKR Sarawak..??”.

  1. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

    :roll: OPEN YOUR EYE n see what will happen if they umNO B-eNd ‘JUAL@SELL@PAWN’ our country to MAK SALLEH + ORANG ASING!!! :arrow: says former Deputy Minister Ghafar Baba Son at BERSIH 3.0…. :roll:

  2. PRS 30 says:

    No “brainer” remark and the so called friendship between DAP and PKR will not lasts. Look its started long time already and now only its appeared. Go to Voons FB and you will see more remarks.at FB Voon Shiak Ni

  3. Saja says:

    DAP boleh where are you. Now we know you are really fighting against PKR for seat allocation. At least we in SPDP are ready for you in MAS gading. Come lah and see how we send you home with tails in between your legs. PKR will also go against you here in MAS GADING.
    DAP concentrate on your predominantly Chinese urban area forget MAS GADING.

  4. 1Malaysia says:

    How will the Women of DAP Sarawak feel? Are they happy to have a leader who is very much against gender equality? PKR have often talk about 30per cent representation and we are sure that they have a right. Wong out of line when he was quoted in Borneo Posts yesterday.
    I took the chance to refer to the FB and here i posts”WONG HO LENG as an opposition leader in sarawak should not have belittled the whole PKR women wing in borneo post today”
    What does that say.Next the DAP ladiues fight it out to defend their boss Wong Ho Leng is it? “Jangan lawan tauke” attitude this is too.
    Kiss goodbye to Sibu if this persists and SUPP and BN musts capitalise on this.
    Where are the SUPP bloggers?

  5. kLCOOL says:

    DAP= DOGS AND PIGS…THE NEXT ECONOMIC CRISIS IS ON THE WAY….R U READY TO HANDLE IT PKR/PAS/DAP ?… the day before yesterday..Japan just sent USD 60 billions to Europe IMF…the next wave is coming…..the one who is elected on the GE13 will be in big shit….now the world is fighting for the 4 gangs…the corrupted government officers+mafia+the rich and the famous..now, we have 68 millions members reaching 149 countries.

    • ruthless says:

      If PR late Voon stand at Stampin, i can bets she is going to lose. If PKR insisting on the seat for her than PKR should negotiate Bandar Kuching for her.???

      • Ngap Sayup says:

        definately Chong will stand Stampin, because kalau org lain memang akan kalah dan Kuching sure menang one… if they win both 2 seat he can talk louder then Wong ho liang and to be elected as DAP Sarawak Chairman bo….

  6. ruthless says:

    The best chance to fight BN is still DAP, for 30% or more at chinese majority area. For PKR cakap saja. You know why they lost sanadin, Miri is cos of PKR candidate their. PKR cakap saja , tapi dalam tin Kosong saja (money) ?check with the PKR candidate who stand during last state election. ???? enough is enough , that is the reason why DAP would fight stampin event without PR blessing. Tell Voon it is not about women candidates now , It is about Putra jaya. If you are not happy and cause problem with PKR than take your begs and join SUPP like me???

  7. Bob says:

    Ahahahahah…never trust PKR. They only know how to talk n give promises. DAP sure want more because last state election they gain more seats compare to PKR..

  8. PRS 30 says:

    Wah DAP you pun masuk campur ruthless. Sekarang you cakap lu orang SUPP. Bohong! U crony Datuk Sng Chee Hua. Jangan kacau BN 4. Lu pergi dengan dia dengan parti baru nya. Kantoi Lah!

    • ruthless says:

      No 1 Bohong is your President. Look at SPDP function in Bau, What did he do ??? you know who he sent to G5 function and what he did he say at the borneo post today??? full of denial ???

  9. Api Oi says:

    KA-BOOM KA-BOOM Biar nya meletup antara DAP dengan PKR.Bagus tak boleh di percayai ke dua parti ini. Semua mahu jadi YB atau MP saja.

  10. Ngap Sayup says:

    PRS 30, ini dunia maya… cakap apa aja u sukalah… If u like… u boleh tulis marah PAS ka, DAP ka, even your grandfather pun no comment….

  11. Julau kid says:

    Agree PRS30. aduh sekarang woof woof woof cakap dia orang SUPP.Tak mungkin dia bohng sangat. Saya sudah chek umb supp mana ada dia di SUPP.Mana orang mahu dia crony Sng kacau saja.

  12. PRS Hulu Rajang says:

    kawan kawan ruthless ini mesti dengar TS Masing cakap yang di surat khabar hari ini”Although they might not be accountable to their readers and the general public, he said they should never forget that they had to answer to “someone up there” (Almighty God), who they ought to fear most”
    Benar ini cakapan. Hidup TS Masing Hidup BN

  13. Ngap Sayup says:

    saya rasa u ni anjing 2 palak liar… siapa tu ruthless… saya ni xsuka BN xsuka PR dan Saya ni Tauke tau…. U PRS ka… SPDP ka… perlu tunduk sama saya tau… saya wakil berjuta rakyat Malaysia…. we will decide who will win in coming GE-13. :-P

  14. nobody says:

    Towkey has a PhD in Spirits. He has to be knowledgeable but is Towkey worshiping IDOLs.

    Thou MUST take the Lords name in vain.

    If you want power and money then you are worshiping IDOLs.
    Repent Taukey.

  15. DAP seluruh Kuching says:

    PKR Stampin See kalau tak ada DAP tolong mana boleh menang. Dia dahulu dari mana? DAP juga. Kaum Cina support See sebab dia dahulu DAP. Voon tidak bangun kah..

  16. ruthless says:

    “Breaking New” PRS Sng is coming to get you now

    Joseph Tawie | April 19, 2012
    The approval of Sarawak Workers Party (SWP) has spooked Senior Minister James Masing’s leadership.
    KUCHING: The registration of Sarawak Workers Party (SWP) which is linked to the former deputy president of Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Sng Chee Hua and his cousin – Pelagus assemblyman – George Lagong has been approved by the Home Ministry.
    SWP officials received their confirmation a few days ago.
    Lagong when contacted by FMT said: “It is confirmed that the registration of SWP has been approved. We received approval some time ago.”

  17. ruthless says:

    PRS , asked yourself why only SWP being approved??? PRS to comment

    The latest development has spooked PRS officials who are wanting to know why only SWP’s application had received prompt attention.
    “Why Sng? Both Sng and SWP have publicly vowed to fight only in six parliamentary seats allocated to PRS.
    “This may look like a deliberate act against a Dayak party,” said a senior PRS leader, who asked not to be named.
    The leader was alluding that Sng had an axe to grind with the party leadership.

  18. model18 says:

    Masing we know that many IBAN methodists are disappointed in you. The methodists church sponsored your university studies. You hardly attended church and you do miring.Not qualified to talk about GOD.

  19. bloggers unite says:

    James Masing have totally losts it. He musts be under a spell. Any one know where and which instituion we can send him too,? He better shut his mouth and its as if he has met his CREATOR or HIS GOD a few nights ago. James did you not say this”they should never forget that they had to answer to ‘someone up there’ (God).” Oh well…

  20. supahero says:

    I read with interest and just had this to say about it all ” Most of u here are BN guys and are scared of the opposition cos the opposition is stronger by the day while BN is losing grip”. Why? Cos the last election result says it all and counting. U want more reasons? Obviuosly if BN is super strong Najib wouldn’t gv a pittance RM500 to buy votes. Is that development? My foot!!! Mostly spent on drinks, chicken wings for bbq, 4d numbers, etc….If BN cud pay off yr PTPTN loans, that would be better than drinks and 4d numbers. Oh ya! What about that guy Mong who used ADUN letterhead to get land for oil palm project? BTW, tell Masing that we also pray to God and tell him about Gods commandment on adultery…oooops!! Hypocrite to the core bastards. So if u guys are just following your political masters to gain something for yrselves, just shut up and enjoy the ill gotten money.

  21. 2012 hope says:

    Instead of worrying with SWP which was recently registered, PRS should thank George for setting up such party to further split the votes of PR

    Besides BN supporters, balance of the reminding voters or fence sitters will be divided between PR and SWP.

    Why should J Masing worry,gainer is PRS,simple calculation.

    • 2012 hope says:

      SWP would be BN-friendly but might consider taking on BN especially in the 6 seats held by PRS.

      some political analysts are of the views that is poly to disrupt PR in the coming election

  22. 2012 hope says:

    Masing Jangan Lawan Tauke comment appears in Nation news,Malaysiakini,Malaysian insider.

    he was greatly cursed and condemned by all sectors of society including those from BN.

    It;s a great shame to have such arrogant minister from Sarawak

  23. ruthless says:

    Masing (PRS), CM also happy to see another BN FRIENDLY being register by ROS

    One more party coming in, why not?, says Taib

    KUCHING: The newly registered Sarawak Workers Party (SWP) is free to field their candidates in the coming general election, Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud said.

    The state Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman, who seemed nonchalant, said the registration of yet another political party was part of the political scene in Sarawak, where the people had embraced democracy.

    • 2012 hope says:

      His affiliated party to encountering and weakening his component parties that are growing strong and greedy.like PRS

  24. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:


    :arrow: :evil: http://www.malysiakini.com/news/195505 :twisted:


    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

  25. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:


    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

  26. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :cry: Ho :cry: Ho :cry:

    :cry: MY CONDOLENCES n SINCERE SYMPATHY to all INNOCENCE HUMAN BEING try to make a living that DIE n LOST their life under this No.1 :evil: REGIME :arrow: http://bit.ly/JbojDs :cry:

    :oops: FEEL PITY (for animal only) THAT ALL THOSE MAIN C4 KILLERS WILL GO TO HELL SOON!!! WHO CARES….. :oops:

    Ho :cry: Ho :cry: Ho :cry:

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