PBB”Living on Borrowed time”

Lets start with this shall we…..

When YOU were born what did you do first? Cry and kicked a fussed while others surrounding YOU are so happy to see a healthy baby and are delighted that you are in the world. But to You its not such a great feeling as you are being taken from the only home YOU have known for the past 9(nine) months.

The feeling of ecstasy for some while others are dreading the day that they are born. But one thing mosts of us leaving our HOME have gone through one hell of a journey and everyday we are living on borrowed time.

You might be wondering why I am using a baby as an example to this article. Simple last night I seem to have been given this tasks through an extraordinary “dream” that the CM Taib is asking me to give him a helping hand to FREE HIM FROM ALL THE OCTOPUS HANDS that is squeezing the daylights out of him. He looked so innocent but yet his cries of help are justs not answered and someone is controlling him to the maximum.

PBB has been his life and PBB now is also facing an enemy from outside greater than the party can handle. CM Taib has nurtured PBB through many elections and in 2010 he had a landmark score of leading 35 wins out of 35 seats contested. Still they are outcries for him to step down as the people has had enough of him especially with the increase of total numbers voting for the opposition.

PBB as long as he is in charge will not tolerate DISSENSION amongst party ranks and file. Lately though the succession to his rule have thrown many offguard and there are many amongst the second echelon leaders putting a stamp to be noticed by the leader to be.

PBB will not just let Taib go without a last hurrah. Could he still be leading PBB and BN Sarawak in the GE13? Taib was elected into parliament in 1967 and became chief minister in 1981. In 2006, he expressed his desire to step down due to ill health, but was prevented from doing so by party members. PBB knows very well that they are Living on Borrowed time.

So the real culprits of ‘shaking the tree” within PBB musts not happen as some very influential leaders feel Taib to them is a leader with mega touch for them to enrich themselves. Taib is crying from within but his generals just refused to budge eventhough the UMNO pressure is incessant.

One would remember these words from UMNO SG and BN SG Tengku Adnan”There is no pressure from our side, but we’ll accept it if he wants to go. Maybe he’s been in power for too long. But overall its not his rule but this  courting increasing bad press over the wealth accrued by his family which has made to the following portal www.sarawakreport.org and worse still with this being mentioned which is ridiculously surreal http://hasutfitnahcuri.blogspot.com/2012/02/tightening-noose-of-control-on-beloved.html

It goes back to many articles being written on Taib giving way to his successor but so far it has not materialised. We wrote earlier the Sarawak trilogy Road to 22nd Floor and this first article here might shed some light.https://audie61.wordpress.com/2011/07/26/sarawak-trilogy-road-to-22nd-floor-part-1-dayaks/

However in recent months the ante have gone up more than one notch with the following bloggers and articles surfacing in which it have given bad light to PBB.Now its not about two component parties in the State BN coalition being unhappy but 3(three) If the bloggers are just spinning it would not have made front page news and ruffling many feathers.

Certainly its been a big headache for the Federal and state BN leaders. The Opposition parties are watching and waiting for the “right moments”to see off Taib and his merry man. In recent weeks the writers and bloggers are getting more daing with the articles that they churned out.

A former PRS Supreme council member and also a candidate who took on Taibs right hand General Alfred jabu wrote in his blog “Sarawak politcs of belittling” in which the 3 parties were mentioned being very unhappy with the present arrangements. PBB knows it is on borrowed time when another hardhitting blog wrote “Wong Soon Koh and Rimbunan Hijau di tewas” which basically means that Federal controlled ROS  is not in favour of PBB Taibs anointed President.

Cry Taib, will have to as his tears are now overflowing towards his own second echelon leaders who leave no stones unturned. This article is not only pushing the sword further into the chests of PBB but one Taib could do without.

The attack on MP and Deputy Speaker Wan Junaidi and his PS comes as a surprise asit involves a surau construction. This is making news and PBB would rather it kept in wraps and do an internal investigation. However it has made into the main stream media and a blogger who is closely associated with the deputy speaker is not to amused. He has come out breathing fire,’ http://www.theunreportednews.blogspot.com/2012/02/surat-layang-two-wans-please-do-your.html and moreover he headlined it as “NEXT TIME, HAVE THE COURTESY TO AT LEAST CHECK YOUR DETAILS BEFORE STARTING UP RUMOURS.’

PBB is very much like a Reddened BOIL ( A boil is a localized infection in the skin that generally starts as a reddened, tender area. Over time, the area becomes firm, hard, and tender. Eventually, the center of the boil softens and becomes filled with infection-fighting white blood cells from the bloodstream to eradicate the infection)

The Hidden hands which are involved in the earlier PRS infighting,SPDP5 sacking and SUPP TDC groupings does point to the overzealous personnels involved in the succession 22nd Floor office. They are going all out to divide and rule and pick the strongest that remains who will eventually be part of the team. Its a ruthless way of moving on up but there are little choices available.

If Taib does want out he would have done it a year ago when he first mentioned it but nearly 12months have come and gone but still he remains. Is the crying of Taib in my dream for real or is it a make believe illusion by someone to get into my head and yours?

Even a political analyst Dr.Jeneri does not believe 100% on the ABU9 he himself knows that PBB is really living on borrowed time as the grounds are really shifting and many YBs are justs looking over their shoulders to ensure that they will remain relevant.

The grassroots of PRS,SPDP and SUPP must not be taken forgranted and they are the ones who holds the respective parties together. Though SUPP have losts mosts of the edge especially amongst the Chinese areas but it might justs make a comeback if one of the obstacles are removed.

Of course Taib holds grudges and who wouldn’t when ‘words reached his ears” that certain SUPP leaders spoke so vociferously and loudly at the Palace of the Golden Horses Hotel in K.L.before the elections were called.

Taib will not want to leave behind a battered PBB but an intact PBB. He knows he doesn’t have time on his side as he is not getting any younger. He need to put PBB in the hands that will ensure that it will remain relevant or outside forces will eventually surround the party and even try to close it down very much like USNO of Sabah.

Even PKR Sarawak SG in a posting said this ABU for PBB2 which he musts have read from this portal ABU? Betul ke? Taib knows he holds the key to BN rule in the next GE13 and BN winning 25 out of 31 seats is not a Herculean tasks for the man who has led Sarawak for more than 30 years.

He might be crying to unshackle the chains of FREEDOM in my dream but BN is hoping that he carries them towards another 5 year new mandate. The infighting or the interference of Hidden Hands have to stop now or it will be a little too late. When YOU are cornered you will surely fight back wouldn’t you.? The unbecoming attitudes of some hardliners within the PBB group needs to redesign their modus operandi or their NEW ALMIGHTY LEADER will not even be able to smell the ambience of the 22nd Floor let alone sit in the coveted chair.

PBB does not want to live on borrowed time but the actions of a few have open the Pandora box.

5 thoughts on “PBB”Living on Borrowed time”

  1. Belianwood says:

    If he wants to step down, he can and should. As they say in Malay “Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih”

    To Andrew T.Y. Lim…

    Whether Taib stays on as CM or otherwise, UMNO will step in anyway. Sarawakians have themselves to blame, in particular the dayaks and their leaders submitting to Malay supremacy. Whatever happened to the Dayak Warriot Spirit? The Ming Court Affair was a missed opportunity!

  2. fssd says:


    You are wrong. UMNO would not step in if Taib still the CM. All these time Taib has been very firm
    to the orang ‘Malaya’ about our policies. If you ever gone to any of the meeting between Sarawak Govt and Federal govt, then you will understand how much has Taib done to make sure UMNO would not step in to our beloved Sarawak.

    If you prefer another orang ‘Malaya’ such as Anwar and LGE to step in to Sarawak, then that is your loss as well. We do not need to blame our Malay friends just because you do not like them. People like you are making Sarawak towards another Indonesia. Blaming, hatred and jealousy among other races will eventually make Sarawak more backwards. What we need now is for our people, Sarawakians be it Chinese, Malays, Dayaks, etc to come together in peace and harmony and start making Sarawak a much better place for our future generations, our future anak anak Sarawak.

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