CM Taib has worded it strongly and push the message across said a Bidayuh Political analyst to audie61 who was amongst many present at Kampung Sagah celebrating John Jenos 70th Birthday. Here in the bidayuh hinterland politics,family and religion are the most talked about subject.

The newly completed Committee Hall can accomodate 40 tables and the birthday celebrant who happens to be audies father in law celebrated with close to 38o family members, friends and politicians from both political divide. There was no time to single out anyone whose political ideology they represent but only to enjoy the evening. Of course they were some who passed the remark,”Wah BN and Pakatan together” 

Coming back to the subject Taib said,” You know my trait…no sudden moves,it would not happen,’ He went on to say that he has not heard of any talk of the stdate election being held together with the parliamentary election. For both the elections to be held together Taib said he and the PM would need to think on the similar lines.There’s nothing against it as far as the law is concerned but the PM has to calculate his move and so must I.If the two coincide I can accept it.”

There were many Bidayuh professionals and voters of the area invited and the people will as always try to throw in some political remarks to make it a fulfilling evening besides the delicious food on offer.

 The local organising committee of the function is from the ruling party and he did invite Assemblyman for Tasik Biru Peter Nansian and Wilfred Nissom (political secretary to CM) but they did not give GOOD ENOUGH reasons not to be around. 

audie61 remember Larry Sng (Assistant Minister in CMs office ) did not make it to a local area in Kuching for a Church fund raising function he had to come back and ensure the people will not think that the YB Assistant Minister has shun them and have a negatve perception of BN. 

The presence of PKR Sarawak See Chee How,Baharuddin Mohksen and a few others  were enough to to send some message across. We can only say ,”Dont blame others when you have failed to deliver.”

A local BN supporter who was disappointed that the Assemblyman thinks he can just walk away with the seat and show himself during elections he has something coming for him.The “PKR leaders were supposed to be on time for the DAP dinner ar 645 pm but they still managed to put in half an hour talking and miggling with the local bidayuh committee.” What has happened to our local assemblyman and now Assistant Minister..?

 Isn’t every Vote vital and if they keep performing like that we on the grassroot level will have difficulites later. The Bidayuh community will remember and of course they will only vote for the YB/MP who are always working on the ground and also know how to bring their woes and requests in Parliament or the State Assembly.

PKR according to Baharuddin Mohksen will concentrate on where they will hurt BN mosts and its up to the people whether they are ready for the change. It will not be easy to dethrone the State Government but in politics he said,”Anything is Possible.” If  the polls are held simultaneously the whole scenario will be different. Will the BN be bold enough to sacrifice their trump card..?”

31 +71 together will still be a distant dream for now.. 

7 thoughts on “31+71″Together..?”

  1. Mata Kuching says:

    It is all just a ploy to distract the PR machinery from preparing themselves when Najib made a suggestion that it would be possible to hold both Sarawak’s state election together with Parliamentary election.

    Despite what Mangin wants Taib and Najib to hear and believe that all the current six state seats held by the BN Bidayuh representatives will be won again by BN, the Bidayuh voters who are among the most educated Dayaks in numbers will surely know who have failed their community and that BN’s policy of divide and rule had contributed to the very slow rate of social and economic developments and selective infrastructures development for the Dayaks since the formation of Malaysia .

    Any announcements of infrastructure developments and or amenities now and then by those stooges of Taib will not make the Dayaks regain their dignity and due respect as Malaysians and Bumiputras of Sarawak and improve their livelihood. The agricultural policy had failed completely and the Dayaks together are still owning hundreds of thousand of imaginary lands or assets which rightly belong to them for generations buy yet to be surveyed and given land titles.

    Often we saw that the Dayaks ADUN and YBs are more than contented with earning huge commissions for coaxing NCR land owners to participate in the ill conceived and unfair plantations land schemes. Many of these ADUNs and YBs have been seen to be openly displayed their new found wealth by owning more new cars and land cruisers than their new big houses could accommodate.

    PR must expose all the companies owned by these ADUNs and YBs who were actually behind all the infrastructure projects but sub-contracted out at hefty profits each and everytime they proudly announce certain projects just when elections are round the corner.

  2. sarawakiana says:

    What to expect from a YB who is too embroiled in SPDP infighting. Yeap the Bidayuhs have every right to question him. Only show up is it when PM or CM around? Just goes to show that he has to change his attitude or the rakyat will give him a good PENSION…

  3. kangtao says:

    $$$$$$$$$ is all he cares, and you and I could not do anything about. Only shout and shout.Not that the Federal Lords don’t know, they also fear him, they need his support and every politician knows this fact.

  4. phyllis says:

    PKR is actually making inroads and thats for sure. it will be a real tests for them in the coming state elections. There is not too much problem for DAP. They are so established and their record shows. PKR has yet to win over the people of Sarawak. BN is tainted but will the rakyat be fooled again with all election gimicks and empty promises? Its only a matter of time.

    • rubat kirieng says:

      before Pakatan rule sarawak, wouldn’t it better to look back at who actually owns PKR? Your own backyard is chaotic and yet you are ambtitious to take over? Cerminkan diri sendiri.

  5. Swimming Parents says:

    Dear sir
    i would like to request YB Larry Sng to see about the Sarawak Swimming Problem and Issue. Please see back after Mr Paul Lim take over the Secretary, the Sarawak Swimming Results was drop.
    YB Larry Sng, please look inside what are really happen on it. You are a kindly and helpful YB.
    Now, Sarawak Swimming was just 1 person say “yes / no “. That is cant long run for the future for the program.
    i need the person who see this, try to ask your friend which those kids are training. it really a lot of issue inside.

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