In the true sense of a seasoned politician and very well advised by the the BN Top Hierarchy and SPDP political strategists “Mawans non confrontational stance is very much in the spirit of BN and has won admirers from many SPDP supporters,friends and foes alike and most importantly the press media personnels.

The Separatists 5 has truely gone against the “wishes and broke party discipline” but still Mawan has not given up HOPE on them returning  home to SPDP and has given them a LEEWAY.

{ The main stream media tomorrow will have the statements and photographs of the merger letter.Some Headlines tomorrow:-

  • Some will say the 5 plus 3 BOYCOTT the meeting 
  • Also they have placed their heart in PRS.
  • Also this could be one of the headlines they are checking PRS out..Garek.garek,garek saja)

audie61 interviewed the Party President just after the Press Conference and he said,”I am an accomodating person but there are of course limits to what and how much one can take. I am no different and I do FEEL for them as they have been misled and misinformed.  

There must be a LEEWAY for them to move and I am providing that path for them and I have forgiven,hope and accepted the fact that they are using their own individual initiatives. Politics is about agreement and not about disagreement and we have to be ABOVE IT ALL and sometimes we have to “SWALLOW OUR PRIDE AND EGO“.I have already mentioned in the Press Conference that I will bear no grudges and as such al incumbents will not be replaced in the coming elections. 

As a matter of fact the Supreme Council has to thanked them Separatists 5 for ensuring SPDP will have all the bureaus in place. Thats why we are revamping and making sure this episode is not repeated an we have put in place an independant group to oversee the DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE. They are the following and they will be taking the neceessary actions if and when necessary against Party members who crossed the line.

  •  Francis Wong
  •  Dr Syafig Abdullah
  • Dr.Roland Mattu
  • Vincent Tan
  • Puan Theresa Udam

We also know that Peter Nyarok My deputy and Chairman of SPDP merger committee will be meeting up with Billy Abit Joo PRS Merger Committtee Chairman on 7th March 2010 and we take it from there. He has put a committee together and which has been approved by the Supreme Council today.

We thanked the 5 plus 3 for their efforts and they need to report back to the SPDP merger committtee on their findings. Isn’t this fair and polite says Mawan….?? The following are the 8 party officials who will be heading the SPDP team

  • Peter Nyarok- Chairman
  • Jacob Dungau Sagan
  • Jelaing Ak.Mersat
  • Nelson Balang Rining
  • Pau Chiong Umg
  • Wong Anak Judat
  • Robert Ayu 

Mawan ended by saying that the Solidarity Dinner for 3500 party members and component BN supporters at the Borneo Convention Centre in May will be an SPDP major event in preparation for the upcoming STATE ELECTIONS. All will be invited and that includes them “5 plus 3” he said in jest……………

“STUMBLING BLOCK..Who is it….??

The deafening silence which echoed through the FOUR WALLS OF PRS HEADQUARTERS” has woken up the TIGER OF SPDP. We have this copied from Bernama news through Sarawak update .com…..

MIRI, Feb 27 (Bernama) — Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) treasurer-general, Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing had asked the party’s senior vice-president Datuk Peter Nansian to name the personality in SPDP who is the stumbling block in the efforts to merge with Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS).

In a statement e-mailed to Bernama here on Saturday, Tiong said the group who disagreed with party president Datuk Seri William Mawan Ikom should be bold enough to name the individual rather than making remarks that could only spark speculations.

“I kindly urge Nansian, as well as others with him to immediately stop such comments which is underestimating the intelligence of the majority of the party members,” he added.

He issued the challenge following recent news reports carrying Nansian’s allegations that Mawan and his deputy, Datuk Peter Nyarok were being controlled by a certain personality in SPDP that led them to be unable to act on the merger process.

The challenge was also directed at PRS president Datuk Seri Dr James Jemut Masing who, Nansian had reportedly said, also knew the personality being referred to.

SPDP and PRS, two of the four Barisan Nasional Sarawak component parties, had been discussing the merging for the last five years but the issue heated up again last week after Nansian, along with four other SPDP elected representatives, wanted it to be done immediately.

The other elected representatives with him are Marudi assemblyman, Sylvester Entrie Muran, Batu Danau assemblyman Paulus Palu Gumbang, Bekenu assemblywoman Rosey Yunus and Mas Gading Member of Parliament, Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe.

“Separatists 5..HAMI PUN ASAI…??”

“Hami Pun Asai”{ ANYTHING CAN } says a registered voter and says that the 5 YBS are really putting the whole Sarawak BN equilibrium into a right fixed and jeopardy. The allocation of Seats which has been meticulously put together by the State BN Chairman and his team is in a total disarray. 

Is it really…?? The BN SPDP will be needing 5 new faces for the next State elections and anyone who wishes to be considered are to join in the queue. It appears that the Separatists 5 has not heeded the CMs call for “COOL IT” and they have crossed the line and the price is too heavy to consider coming back.

In the broken shield blog this was written and it was pointed out to audie61,”They have told the Press that they would never come back to SPDP and are seeking a “merger” with PRS in order to remain in the Barisan Nasional

They have use some of the options and now they are finding ways to wriggle out of it.

  •  SG appointment walkout.
  •  Merger SPDP/PRS derailed 
  •  Joining/Parking at  PRS
  •  Attending PRS SC.

Its a road block everywhere and now they are telling the whole politcal world that they are attending a PRS LOGO LAUNCHING AND THEY ARE INVITED. Are they trying to hold Taib Mahmud to a RANSOM…???

 Of course they are using the kind words of Mawan to try to come back. Will they or will they not? Swallowing their pride is the next bests thing and CM will certainly tell them that.

THe BN Stand is clear and precise and does not want to be held with a knife at their necks. There is no room for sentimentality and BN cannot afford to be caught in a battle just before they go to war against the Pakatan.

SO HAMI PUN ASAI justs does not work for the SPDP Separatists and they need to chart a way back HOME.

“4 years On.Saturday & February Again..??”

On Saturday 4th February 2006 the undisputed shortest Supreme Council meeting of any political party attended by 32 SC members happened. The meeting for 10th PRS SC meeting started at 2.04pm and finished at 2.29pm( now termed the 25 minutes meeting before the PRS Crisis) The SC meeting was held also just after Chinese New Year.

What was in the agenda..? Better still what was discussed

  • Opening address
  • Confirmation of Minutes
  • 9th State election.

Item on Merger and this was said,”James assured the Council that he would not leave the Supreme Council,and asked all members of the Council to support him with regards to the merger of Parti Rakyat Sarawak(PRS) and Sarawak Progressive Democratic party(SPDP),to which the council fully endorsed their agreement.

The Council unanimously agree that a Merger Committee would be established with the Deputy Presidents of both parties being the head of the said Merger Committee

Today 27th February 2010 PRS SC council would meet the new Merger committee Road Map Chairman of SPDP Paulus Gumbang and PRS Wilfred Nissom. The Chairman of the Merger committee of both parties are SPDP Peter Nyarok and PRS Billy Abit Joo. Has this been sanctioned by SPDP.??

28th February 2010( sunday) will be SPDP’s turn for the SC. Surely they will be discussing the 5 + 3 SPDP Separatists who has taken their own individual initiative to fast forward the merger plans. What will happen is anyones guess..?

Why the 25 minutes meeting? It was because hidden hands were involved into speculating that there were two factions within PRS slugging it out but in actual fact there was none. It was all due to certain personalities who was not given a fair share of the bargain and today we see this happening in SPDP. Are the people who hyped it all up still around? They certainly are and if we are to retract back it will be like writing a Whole PRS Crisis indetails book. ( tasty and juicy bits included)

So now its another Pre-Emptive move by the SPDP Separatists as put forward by the Hidden Chess players behind James Masing. What was ” THEN “can happen again and even before PRS met the Press eventhough it was a THE 25 minutes meeting this was agreed upon.

‘At the Press Conference to be held after the 10th Supreme Council meeting.YB Dato Sri James Masing and Cr. Ernest Chua,being the Deputy Publicity chief ,would inform the press that there were never any in-fighting within the party,and allnews as produced in the papers were mere speculations.(Still PRS went into a crisis with the sacking on 25th May 2006 of the 6 Appointed Members.There was no turning back from then on and the crisis resolved just after GE in March 2009 

Will SPDP be able to remain intact? Its the month of February and from what is happening now the SPDP Separatists have only one mind to park or join PRS but using the merger as an excuse.

They will use the reasons of Stanley Ajang and Gabrile Adit being accepted into SPDP and why not them joining PRS? It will of course make sense as the 5 YBs will still be members of Barisan National and the PM has given them the assurance eventhough the CM has told them to cool it. Its all a delicate situation and Mawan has already invited them back home but still the 5 YBs and 3 SC separatists are still defiant and looking at PRS to park themselves. 

It has been 4 years on and this “Merger” plan is still being used by SPDP/PRS members who sees it as an opportunity to camouflage the crisis which they might or may face in the weeks to come.

Plain and Simple:-It must be noted by all concerned that PRS Constitution states in Article XX that the Party shall not be dissolved/merged except by a) resolution passed by the TDC attended by not less than three-fifths of the delegates eligible to attend u nder the provisions of Article VII Clause 1(a) of this constitution. The notice of dissolution/merger shall be submitted to the Registrar of Societies Malaysia within 14 days from the date of dissolution/merger.   

Will the merger happened quickly..?? PRS TDC is in May and SPDP had theirs just barely a month ago. Whats the next bests action? EGM and bent the rules and go around the whole process to make it materialise. This The oppostion parties will surely use against the State BN as it faces the rakyat for a new mandate.

CM is absoltuely right when he told the group of Separatists to COOL IT and now itas Crystal clear why he is saying it. Afterall Taib would not be able to be Chief Minister for 28 years without knowing what happens next. Taib also knows his law very well and he has used it to good effect in all his years of political goverance.

Its a tough call for those involved in this BN infighting and at bests it needs o be solved in the mosts amicable and logical way. The Brains needs to work overtime and those HIDDEN CHESS PLAYERS who sees personal agendas as their FOOLS GOLD needs to step aside. This is bigger than them now as the internet age has given many in the political fields an added advantage if they know how to make full use of the technology available.

February its your turn again………….

“Will They..Will They NOT…??”

Updated 6.35pm:- An Emeritus Professor said,The Truth will prevail and Mawan will know who his friends and foes are after this crisis.Kapit will be the final curtain call and the river will swallow up who makes the wrong decision. Anyway Garai and Gani are just part players. 

Updated 6.05pm:-This tactic and strategy might just be the right approach to stop the harassment from those aligned to Mawan. Lets see what happens and whether the privilege source has CREDIBILITY leftIs he so sure.,says a political analysts..??

Updated 3.11pm Peter Gani has confirmed to privilege source that he will not be going to Kapit. ITS NOT A PLOY OR DECOY……

The mosts likely answer to the question would be for the Separatists SPDP 5,”THEY WOULD NOT.” According to a veteran political analysts,”It would do them world of good as Mawan the President has already offered them sweets plus an olive branch.

Mawan can only do so much as he has forgiven,hope and accepted their actions for being misled or taken their own individual initiative to fast forward the SPDP/PRS merger plan. Mawan also said that he does not CONDEMN this sort of things. So are the Separatists 5 plus 3 too GUILTHY to come back and attend the SPDP SC this weekend?  

The sms from an insider source text at 13.10 pm reads,” The SPDP 5 plus 3 SC but minus Tiki going to Kapit joining SC PRS tomorrow.” Convinced that they will not..?? Earlier audie61 made a phone call to SPDP Headquarters and got hold of DSG Paul Igai and he mentioned that the Agenda for this weekends meeting and all necessary documentation has been sent out to all concerned and that includes the 5 SPDP and 3 SC members. 

Just then at 2.05pm an SPDP Youth member asked audie61,”Why are they attending the PRS Supreme Council meeting in Kapit tomorrow knowing fully well that their own party SPDP will be having their own this weekend. Have they severed all ties and joined PRS? Or are they just using this excuse to say that they are on a roadmap of “MERGER”

The phone has not stopped ringing an our privilege source came out with this at 2.41pm,”It seems that George Garai the earlier initiator of this merger plan has pulled his handbrake and will not be going to Kapit to attend the PRS SC as THE PROMISE is not kept.” What that means will be unfold in days to come according to our source.

So Mawan would be too happy if the Separatists can come back to the SPDP SC meeting with what has been discussed in PRS SC meeting. That insider information is very vital is of extreme importance according to what was reported in todays news as echoed by the SPDP President Mawan.

So WILL THEY or WILL THEY NOT….?? Feb 28 being the 15th day of the Chinese New Year Celebrations would be a very much awaited day for not only all Chinese celebrants “CHAP GOH MEI”but also SPDP members in totality.

“Separatists Five…Time to Come Home…??”

Word from the ground today was ,There are UNSEEN HANDS involved in the CHOSEN PATH of the Separatists 5. However as early as 2.30pm it seems the matter has been cleared up and the HAND BRAKES ARE PULLED. The Supreme Council meeting of SPDP this weekend will determine whether the “cool it factor by CM is being heeded by the group or are they too ashamed to turn round and apologise for their actions?

Mawan remains very quiet and is observing from a higher ground and does not want to be drawn into a war of words with Masing on the Separatists 5. He knows that they are unhappy and according to this sms we received its a clear indicator,”I think Mawan is smart.He lets the 5 KELUAR RUMAH bringing only their bottle susu. It reminds me of my 5 year old son MERAJUK and I let him WALK OUT and 10 minutes later he came home and minta susu.

Do the YBs from SPDP who crossed over think they can hope to bring their SEATS with them to PRS? Think again and even if they have signed their ADOPTION Papers at James house according to a veteran political analyst they just signed a BLANK CHEQUE FOR SPDP TO REPLACE THEM WITH A NEW CANDIDATE. Of course ,short term it benefits James Masing with extra YBs in PRS and making him so much stronger. The flexing of the muscle by PRS /SPDP 5 Separatists has indeed been a concern for PBB and SUPP leaders. DCM Jabu was feeling the heat behind his neck as he was asked by reporters but maintains that SPDP will know how to solve their problems.

Mawan like the Proverbial Parable of the Prodigal son would need to Accept,Forgive and Hope that

“The Separatists 5 State Assemblyman for Tasik Biru, Peter Nansian, the State Assemblywoman for Bekenu Rosey Yunus, the State Assemblyman for Marudi, Sylvester Enteri, State Assemblyman for Batu Danau, Paulus Gumbang and the MP for Mas Gading Dr. Tiki Lafe and three supreme council members – George Garai, Peter Gani and Eda Egar make their way BACK HOME.

Of course its easier said than done but POLITICS IS THE ART OF IMPOSSIBLE AND the FIRE WITHIN THEM NEEDS TO BE COOLED WITH ICY WATERS. THE Barisan National  Does not need more crisis to open up and this will give an added advantage to the State opposition parties.

If the Separatists 5 plus 3 still remains defiant in their ways SPDP might just have to look for NEW ADOPTED CHILDREN.Mawan would be too happy to welcome them back with Open arms and see how to work things out as afterall they are the SONS OF SPDP..

“Separatists Walked into Trap..??”

Forget the niceties which will be published in the mainstream media tomorrow on the meeting of the gang of 5″Separatists” with PRS President James Masing at Party Headquarters in Pending. PRS President was very accomodating to the group as he said,‘this is a genuine spirit of cooperation,we cannot waste any more time as the battlefield of the State election is drawing near and in the spirit of BN . PRS is keen and happy to see it happening.Its a long process and it will take time but first of all the “ROADMAP”must be charted to ensure it works. The persons responsible to visit all the PRS/SPDP constituencies would be headed by YB Paulus and PRS SG Wilfred Nissom.

 Of course the hidden agenda for the Press,Special Branch officers and media personnels on the whole PC lies on who are the personalities mentioned as “controling the party and the powers in SPDP…?” There was a deafening sound of silence when one person pointed out ,”Tiong..??” It was supposed to open the floodgates but the PRS President was quick to ‘close the subject” The separatists have themselves to blame as they are putting themselves in a spot of bother.

Its a simple analogy,”When you join a new neighbourhood or a new team,one should not speak foul of what one has left behind.Instead they walked themselves into a TRAP which Masing from his body language could not help them to solve it. Imagine saying Mawan and Nyarok are good people but they are controlled by someone.

If the merger happens dont tell me the President “whoever it may be” would let you just do your thing according to your whims and fancies…Please lah says a veteran Sarawak political analysts. They have walked into their own TRAP and they are just using this excuse to impress Masing to welcome them. They are like a FISH WALKING INTO THE NET…..

Masing needs to look left and right and would be very wary not to offend PBB,SUPP as it intends to FLEX its muscle. Some YBs in PRS are not exactly happy with this arrangement as they see further troubles brewing after going through a major crisis which ended in April 2008. Does PRS need further problems..??

The opposition would use this to capitalise on BNs weakness and its usually the BNs weakness in Sarawak “BN versus BN” which the opposition gains.  So one is compelled to say,”CMs cool it is not heeded and the SPDP separatists having seen PM and CM knows bests. Even Masing was quick to play down a question from the Press,”Ask them they know better.. !!”

The motion is now set for SPDP  supreme council meeting this weekend and what would come off it. DSG Paul Igai welcomes the SPDP separatists to show themselves at the meeting even though Nansian had said ‘What do you think..?”

Ther is still hope to see an end to the separatist needs and it needs a third party to be the official judge. Until then the merger process would remain in a “TRAP” Its not so easy as a corporate merger as Nansian puts it. A corporate merger is buying the shares in the company and with political merger it is an agreement of all concerned in the Supreme Council and the whole party hierarchy. Do we need to throw the constitution to him says an ordinary SPDP member?

The TRAP has already taken a number of the victims and they now need to know how to get themselves FREE from the entanglement and to STOP using ‘the personalities concerned” The main stream media will have all the juicy parts,photographs  and niceties but we have the political intrinques….

SPDP will come out of this with a “SHOW HAND” which has been discussed with the SPDP YOUTH and will be actioned accordingly.Remember politics is a NUMBERS GAME they say to audie61………

SPDP “Separatists….??”

It seems the main stream media has termed the 5 YBs in the merger fast forward as “Gang of 5” However as the hours countdown before the PC at PRS Headquarters takes place there are underlying currents to “put a halt”. The Belaga SPDP member said,”Be reminded of Aaron Dagang,Stanley Ajang and Gabriel Adits case. PRS will be getting themselves into a hot pan if they accept these 5 YBs. The question is whether PRS will benefit or not as PRS Top leadership will use it as a bargaining power base for seat allocations in the next state elections. History will repeat itself and PBB and SUPP will of course be worried of a bigger third force in BN.

Its a fact that people love party loyalists according to a political analysts. The SPDP separatists has made themselves look like they are selling their bodies or soul ( with due respect to them) as they are showing  disrespect and they have indeed LOWERED THEIR DIGNITY.

Our SPDP privilege source has this to say,” All this while there was never any intentions of merger and it was put up by George Garai and encouraged by PRS SC member Tedewin Ngumbang. The idea was floated and the bait was set. They were supposed to park in PRS as per earlier reports after meeting the CM and Najib PM until the elections.

Why this was done is anyones guess and it seems that PRS has taken in the rebels, mutineers or now separatists.” Politics is the art of impossible and a marriage of the unlikely as Peter Gani for one, never ever saw eye to eye with Masing and yet they will be together.

Enough said. The smses and phone calls are all asking similar questions. The stage is set and we await the Press Conference at 4pm………..   

One caller added more chillies into PRS frying pan,” Is James accepting the 5 separatists a way of telling Mawan we have not forgotten your part in our PRS crisis.Pay back time.”

‘Whats the Deal..??”

Unconfirmed reports has already suggested that the walkout by Entri from SPDP was all staged. It was for something bigger in the horizon and that is to be the Secretary General of the new entity. Hard to believe Oooh Yeah !! Read this from sarawak 

(Our SPDP privilege source is at sixes and sevens with all the major upheavels but still manages to inform us that Mawan is following closely the events unfolding.Let them move on swiftly but the higher ground is with us at the new SPDP headquarters was a remark passed on

A veteran political analysts has this to say,”It seems that we should not be using our political brains for this analysis as what has been dealt/shuffled is already done and dusted in the little corner rooms and FIGURED OUT.”

Entri have to be BETTER THAN THE ONE which he has left behind and working to be the BESTS is no easy deal. Its a dog’s world out there and what matters is the END RESULT.(merged entity..??)

Stay tuned in to what is to develop from PRS headquarters and unconfirmed reports have already suggested that the 5 plus 3 will be parking in PRS for the time being. Its a political decision and nothing more than that will come from the Two Top man in the State and the Country.

Sure there will be a lot of dirty linen thrown but as always an Emeritus Professor said,”Nothing will improve until the BETTER GOOD IS ACHIEVED.”

So the Deal is…………………………………………after the PC at PRS Headquarters

“Pakatan and BN Propaganda…Rakyat.??”

audie61 crew sat at the round table for Kueh Tiaw Soup Special and the phone and smses were of these two Coalitions. Both Anwar and Najib have been rallying their soldiers and lieutenants  with  propaganda”WE WILL WIN THE NEXT GENERAL ELECTIONS NO MATTER …..and so on an on!” 

But its the Rakyat who will make the choices in the next elections. Their bread and butter issues needs too be addressed and whatever has been promised in the last General elections,,by elections  needs to be delivered. There is no holding back of funds anymore or else it will be a little too late.

Najib on official visit to Sarawak has this to say,”Sarawak is a fixed deposit state for BN.” but a few young new voters are asking this which the crew received,”Just because Najib go on flying visits and throw around a few shallow goodies, does he really think his fixed deposit seats of Sarawak are secure.? Mind you we young dayaks have had enough of the so called NCR issues.

Just then another timely sms came through from a PKR Wanita exco,” NCR.Case which we won that day..both appeal by company  and state governmentfor Stay was dismissed by Coiurt ..Cheers!..

This is not a new issue faced by the State BN government. It has been used in every other Federal and State Elections Propaganda by the Opposition parties and individuals hoping to secure extra votes in the rural areas. The BN machinery has always been able to tackle the land issue at every elections and Najib knows the capabilty of the State government under Taib Mahmud.

This has been in circulation in cyber space recently,”Many rural folks do not have basic infrastructure like tarred roads, piped water, 24-hour electricity and good communication infrastructure. They also have limited access to alternative media. They depend on the government on these amenities and promises and they will continue to  VOTE for BN as their needs are to be addressed.

What chances can the State Opposition give them..?? Its a fine line and if they now need to vote for the right candidate to represent them not so much which party be it Pakatan or BN.  

The propaganda war will be hyped up as the State enters its final year before they present themselves for a NEW MANDATE. It must be called before May 2011.

The rakyat will be receiving dosages of New propaganda from both these two coalitions as they try to outdo each other and fight for the votes. There must be something localised especially in Sarawak and the usual trend for the majority of rural VOTERS usually go for personalities rather than party lines.

BN has the edge in rural areas as it has been the Coca Cola drink for them unlike Pakatan which is more or less Pepsi and are just making inroads. The mindsets needs to change and it will not be easy. BN Sarawak Ground soldiers are already working overtime and Pakatan needs to really catch up. Its no use to move just before elections as ALWAYS IT WILL BE A LITTLE TOO LATE.”

audie61 has always reminded th YBS or MPs from both Coalition divides,” The people this time round will vote you in or out. Its no more a guarantee who the voters will vote for now. Times have changed and for the BN candidate,” No more an 80 percent win on BN ticket.You need to work hard and the people will put you in or show you the door. The same goes for the oppostion YBs or MPs in Sarawak.

Deliver and you will be assured of another term. Failing which you will do the arrangements  for your OWN FUNERAL