PM Gawai Dayak In Sarawak

open hsePrime Minister Malaysia and Chief Minister of Sarawak and Minister of Social Development Sarawak will be joined by thousands of people in Miri,Sarawak in the Gawai Dayak Open House. The date will be 2th of June 2014 and the venue will be at Dataran Kipas Miri.

audie 61 and the team would also like to take this opportunity to wish all our Dayak friends “GAYA GURU GERAI NYAMAI” and when on the road please drive carefully…

“Is Tiong Threatening The Sarawak BN..?”





Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) interim president Tiong King Sing has declared that there will be “an open war” if Parti Tenaga Rakyat Sarawak (Teras) is admitted into the state BN.

“There will be open war if Teras contests any of the seats currently allocated to the BN component parties in the next state election,” Tiong (right) said in a statement issued last night.

The MP for Bintulu added: “How can there be unity if three component parties are to lose their traditional BN state seat allocations to Teras if it is admitted into the coalition? Enemies at the gate will celebrate when you bicker and quarrel.”

Tiong said this in response to a statement made by Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) deputy information chief Peter Minos, who slammed Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP), Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) and SPDP for opposing the admission of Teras into the BN.

Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) interim president Tiong King Sing

Minos said those who opposed the admission of Teras should take BN unity into consideration and rethink their stand.

‘Opponents to Teras were in opposition before’

He added: “Some of those who now block the new political vehicle entering BN seem to forget they were parties in the opposition before, and they fought BN bitterly.

“BN leaders eventually welcomed these once anti-BN parties so as to unite the people under BN. Imagine if BN had closed the door and refused to yield to calls for unity? Imagine if BN leaders were guided by vengeance and past bitterness?

“It is high time for BN members to give BN unity a serious thought.”

Minos then questioned why the opponents to Teras could not see BN unity as the big picture and to let the Sarawak BN chairperson Adenan Satem’s initiative to get Teras into the BN to work.

Criticising Minos for his remark, Tiong said BN unity would be destroyed if members of component parties could just resign and group together to form another party that is then accepted back into the collation.

Social Development Minister and former SPDP president William Mawan (right) joined the newly-formed Teras last Thursday, together with expelled SPDP assemblypersons Peter Nansian (Tasik Biru), Sylvester Entri (Marudi), Paulus Gumbang (Batu Danau) and Rosy Yunus (Bekenu).

Four SUPP assemblypersons also quit the party and joined Teras. They are Sibu branch chairperson Wong Soon Koh (Bawang Assan assemblyperson), Jerip Susil (Bengoh), Ranum Mina (Opar) and Johnichal Rayong (Engkilili).

Sarawak Workers Party deputy president George Lagong, who is Pelagus assemblyperson, also left his party and joined Teras. -Malaysiakini

BN vs DAP in Teluk Intan

gerakan mahIts a straight fight between BN Gerakan Gerakan president Datuk Mah Siew Keong  against DAP Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud.of the Pakatan Alliance in the Teluk Intan by elections.The by-election in Teluk Intan was triggered by DAP Seah’s death due to cancer on May 1.

The seat has 23,301 Malay voters (38.6%), 25,310 Chinese voters (41.9%) and 11,468 Indian voters A total of 60,349 registered voters consisting of 59,927 ordinary voters, 410 early voters and 12 overseas absentee voters are eligible to vote in the by-election.

The early voting will be held on May 27 while the polling day is on May 31.


SMS and SUPP SG Statement

tegas236In anything we do there will always be some unhappy “souls” who will object to anything and also will put across their own personal views. It’s their divine right and we are glad that there are some engagement.

In the political front it does seem that the NEW ENTITY “TERAS” are facing objections from not only BN coalition partners but also from the opposition parties. Some are so bitter and have vented their frustrations directly to their respective Presidents. Some though are more cordial and realistic.

SWP after their SC meeting was unhappy that their deputy have not formally send his resignation but when some of the members met us they say,” he is our friend and we wished him well and he has everyright to serve his constituency in a new vehicle.”

The unhappiness can be seen by this sms,

“Tan sri, no matter what the consequences, we must stop Teras from making it into the coalition. ‘Someone up’ in the state is playing politics!! SUPP must go on – even if it means that we have to return to the Opposition as in the early days. As a last resort, if all means fails, the option should be to form a state-based opposition coalition with SWP and SPDP. If these people in authority don’t show us face then we take this drastic step and slug it out at the state polls.

The opposition front have this to say too,”Teras acceptance will be BN’s downfall, says DAP”


The facebook is also been used to inform all members that the party in SUPP is taking some actions before their SC meeting on Sunday.


SUPP strongly condemns the unilateral action of Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh,the former Chairman of SUPP Sibu Branch to quit SUPP and join PARTI TERAS in the press conference held at the New Council Negeri Building on 15 May, 2014, an action which is considered as a betrayal to the loyalty of SUPP and Barisan Nasional and to the constituents of Bawang Assan State Constituency who had elected him in the last State Election under BN/ SUPP ticket.

SUPP strongly opposes any application by PARTI TERAS to be admitted as a component Party of Barisan Nasional or even as a BN-Plus Formula. This is because the fundamental principle and agreement as provided in the Barisan Nasional Constitution that any decision of such application for admission to be a component Party of Barisan Nasional shall be unanimous.

SUPP wishes to state uncategorically that the unilateral action of Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh to join PARTI TERAS and still remaining as a State Cabinet Minister is against the spirit of Barisan Nasional Government.

As such, SUPP hereby demands Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh to resign as the State Assemblyman for Bawang Assan Constituency and as State Cabinet Minister honorably with immediate effect. SUPP considers Wong Soon Koh as a traitor to the Party who had decided to join PARTI TERAS unilaterally and also brought with him three other elected YBs from SUPP.

However, as a matter of principle, SUPP wishes to point out that all the four SUPP YBs who had decided to join the new PARTI TERAS cannot bring with them the four seats allocated to SUPP in the last State Election. Similarly, SUPP strongly states the party’s claim on our 19 State Seats and 7 Parliamentary Seats allocated to our Party. This is not negotiable.

On the other hand, SUPP welcomes the decision of YB Datuk Francis Harden and YB Datuk Lee Kim Shin to continue their political struggle in SUPP and party leadership hopes that they will continue to serve the people in the best interest of the Party and the State to face the new challenges ahead.

Meanwhile, SUPP appeals to all Party members to remain calm and to put their trust on the party’s central leadership to resolve the matter with the top leaders of Barisan Nasional component Parties as soon as possible.

Dated this 16th day of May, 2014


teras1Anyi Ngau will rejoin SPDP says Tiong according to an sms we received. SUPP top leaders are not too happy at the latest political manoeuvrings says our source.

Rumours are also piling up through smses,whatsapps and blogs asking mosts of the assemblyman to relinquish their posts as they won the seats through their parties. Also there are doubts of TERAS being accepted into BN.

This article from bernama will dispel all doubts wouldn’t it?

Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem today supported the Parti Tenaga Rakyat Sarawak’s  (Teras) intention to join the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition and promised to help in the application process.

Adenan, who is also Sarawak BN chairman, said he welcomed Teras’s willingness to work closely with the state BN.

“I will inform the prime minister on this development,” he told a media conference after meeting with Members of Parliament and state assemblymen from the Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP), Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) and Sarawak Workers Party (SWP), who quit their respective parties to join Teras in his office at Wisma Bapa Malaysia in Kuching today.

However, he said, at present there was no necessity for a cabinet reshuffle. The group was led by SPDP former president Tan Sri William  Mawan Ikom who quit SPDP yesterday to join Teras.

Also in the group were former SUPP Sibu branch chairman Datuk Seri Wong Soon Koh, who is also Bawang Assan state assemblyman and three other SUPP state assemblymen, Datuk Dr  Jerip Susil (Bengoh), Ranum Mina (Opar) and Johnicol Rayong (Engkilili).

Baram Member of Parliament Anyie Ngau and four SPDP state assemblymen – Datuk Sylvester Entri Muran (Marudi), Datuk Peter Nansian Ngusie (Tasik  Biru), Rosey Yunus (Bekenu) and Paulus Palu Gumbang (Batu Danau) also joined Teras.

Pelagus state assemblyman George Lagong from SWP also quit the opposition party to join Teras.

Mawan said the courtesy call was to reaffirm their support and loyalty to Adenan’s leadership as Sarawak chief minister and Sarawak BN chairman.

During the meeting, they also sought Adenan’s advice on the party’s direction.

“We will officially submit our application to join BN soon,” said Mawan, who is also state Social Development Minister as well as Saratok Member of Parliament and Pakan state assemblyman.

Meanwhile in Miri, Adenan’s decision to support Teras’s application to join BN left SUPP president Tan Sri Peter Chin fuming.

He said the party, being loyal to its BN partners through thick and thick, should be consulted first before any decision was being made.

“Why sacrifice principle for convenience,” he told reporters after chairing the party’s Bekenu, Lambir, Piasau, Pujut and Senadin branch meeting tonight.

In another development, Chin said, the party might bring foward to an earlier date the 23rd SUPP Triennial Delegates Conference, which was originally scheduled to be held from August 23-24 this year, in view of the latest political development.

“It will be discussed in the Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting this Sunday,” he said adding that technically the four SUPP members who announced their intention to join Teras were still SUPP members as no resignation letters from them has been received so far.  – Bernama, May 16, 2014.

– Bernama, May 16, 2014.

“Tuai Kayau” Mawan…!!

mawanterasMany have taken the character and personality of SPDP President as easy going and indecisive to a certain extent. But through the years little do they know that he has built an “alter ego” which has come to his aid when he needs it the most.

A close aide says, “I have noticed it coming and that’s the reason why I have stuck with him. They tell me on the other side lies a character set in the days of Three Kingdoms period of Chinese History by the name quite similar to Cao Cao.”

Don’t you fear him? Do I need to?

Mawan is to me is looking every bit an Iban Warrior and he would be described bests as ‘Tuai Kayau” It does sound brutal though but lately Mawan’s back has being pushed to the wall and stabbed by many FRENEMY. We rather have him now as this rather than the more subtlety named “Raja Berani or “Panglima Perang”.

Back to some history he was engaged in the SNAP wars with the same group together with Tiong that fought and fend off James Wong. Round 2 was the Battle with Tiong and him and against the G5 and now its developed into ‘Tiong vesrus Mawan”

The part players who have been busy coming out to engage Mawan have been the Wanita Chief very much earlier and now the Youth Chief. Mawans patience were tested to the fullest and as we interviewed him there was a tinge of sadness in his eyes when he spoke of events leading to this “crisis”

He was even at his mosts brutal when he spoke on how he has helped the very people who turned on him and suddenly the eyes popped up and there were goose pimples on our hands.

Its all headline news and suddenly he was his calm and collected self and he was like an enthusiastic leader breaking new grounds when he spoke of “passing the CAPE OF GOOD HOPE”

.Many phone calls have been received eversince especially so after what we wrote in our last article on

” Tuai Kayau did say I stopped them from taking further action even after what the wanita chief had said ‘Maybe I am not a Politician lah..!!” which was really absurb for an SPDP Wanita Chief. The Vote of No Confidence against me would have any other Presidents jumping OUT OF THEIR CHAIR and weild their sword.

Today the youth chief was implicated or designed by others to ask this,”“What makes the president willing to exchange his loyal supporters during the previous crisis for the very people who caused him so much trouble and called him all sorts of names in public?”

They have been told for the sake of Barisan Nasional Solidarity we must not think of Personal gains but rather the whole coalition. My God,It’s amazing how they have kept on with it. My gears have shifted forward and they can keep on harping on the “same subject” but the new entity put forward will be in place sooner than they expect.



The leads points to the article which will be published in the main stream media

If an SPDP grassroots leader’s statement yesterday has anything to go by, then the BN Plus is few more steps to become a reality.

SPDP Meluan divisional chief Jerry Clement said SPDP deputy president Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing’s outright rejection of  the readmssion of members of the G4 into SPDP and / or party Teras as possible new entity in state BN only serve to fast track the registration of the BN Plus vehicle to accomodate several elected representatives whom might be rejected by their own parties.

That also applied to unsavouary statements of SPDP Youth chief Robert Ayu in condemning SPDP president Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom and SUPP Bonfire team in rejecting Teras as solution to their squabbles with those elected representatives aligning to SUPP Sibu chief Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh, Jerry told The Borneo Post yesterday.

The G4 refers to assemblypersons Datuk Peter Nansian Ngusie (Tasik Biru); Datuk Sylvester Entrie Muran (Marudi); Rosey Yunus (Bekenu) and Paulus Palu Gumbang (Batu Danau).

He stressed that based on Mawan’s body language and his (Mawan) statement in The Borneo Post on Wednesday, it appears that Mawan has given the blessing to Tiong to take over leadership in SPDP.

“That to me, is a suggestion by the president (Mawan) that since the deputy president (Tiong) is adamant in rejecting the readmisison of the G4, there is no point arguing about it. The president (Mawan) will go ahead driving a ‘rushing supersonic train’ with VIPs as passengers,” said Jerry who sounded irritated with the Bintulu MP Tiong and lawyer Robert.

He said he was also not fine with a statement by PRS Youth chief cum Belaga assemblyman Liwan Lagang in condemning Mawan for rejecting PRS president Tan Sri Dr James Masing’s proposal of a PRS-SPDP merger.

“Someone has to tell the dissenting ‘lawyers’ in SPDP and also in PRS that Mawan is not confused but opening more options for several YBs (or elected representatives whom may be ousted from their own parties). Neither is Mawan deceptive. All he does is trying to his best to accomodate all these YBs in a new entity. Now who are in fact confused and deceptive?” he asked.

By ‘lawyers’, Jerry said he meant those SPDP, SUPP and PRS politicians who are still aruging along the constitutional or legal line over the readmission of the G4 and the setting up of the BN Plus as political solution.

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tytThe Button will be pushed anytime.

The political landscape in Sarawak will change for the better very soon and Barisan Nasional will benefit the mosts with this hope and a new beginning. Many political analysts think it will never materialise but with the New man at the helm as CM Sarawak its time to reengineer, rethink and restrategise.

His 100 days is “ticking closely” and Sarawakians and basically all eyes are watching his every move.

They say when “GOOD MAN DO NOTHING EVIL LURKS and Cape of Good Hope is close at hand for one Senior Minister in William Mawan. it’s a teaser and lets see how far this will develop.

Remember, though you got it first hand from this blog. Nothing else matters and do not think we are hiding anything. It’s the PERFECT TIME FOR A CHANGE…ARE WE SPINNING? NOPE!



The article written by a journalists

SPDP president Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom yesterday expressed confidence that bickering in among leaders in the party is manageable following a statement by his deputy Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing that he was not the one manipulating the no confidence vote called by several leaders, particularly Wanita chief Datuk Chiew Yen Chew.

Mawan said: “We are turning the Cape of Good Hope. Issues surrounding the no confidence vote (by Chiew and her supporters) are small things.”

Although he hinted that there would be bigger thing to come, he declined to elaborate and he preferred to keep his political move close to his chest. The only thing he asked his followers to do is to get organized and be prepared for an eventuality.

“You have to appreciate what is happening now to understand what will be happening in the future,” he said when accepting the courtesy call from party divisional leaders whom are mostly from the Central region at the VIP lounge of the Kuching International Airport (KIA) here.

Mawan who is also Social Development Minister said: “I do not know the perception of the people but I would like to say that the situation in the party is not incompletely hopeless.”

He said whatever steps he has taken was not personal but due to the broad interest of the Barisan Nasional (BN).

He however explained that the ‘confusion’ that party members are facing now is due to a few leaders who are “highly motivated”.

“What motivates them, I do not want to know. However once we are members of SPDP we have to stand up for that (SPDP principles). We are subjected to public scrutiny but so far we are loyal to BN and are grateful to BN. We have join and contribute to all BN activities,” said Mawan who is Pakan assemblyman and Saratok MP.

“Our contribution towards BN solidarity can’t be better displayed during this time – the return of the G4,” he said referring to the readmission as members of the members of the G4 who happened to be SPDP sacked leaders cum assemblypersons Datuk Peter Nansian Ngusie (Tasik Biru), Datuk Sylvester Entrie (Marudi), Rosey Yunus (Bekenu) and Paulus Palu Gumbang (Batu Danau).

Thanking his loyalists, Mawan said: “You have safeguarded and strengthen BN unity. Your loyalty to me, party and BN can only be tested in troubled times. Your statement and stand against the confusion is admirable.”




“26 out of 37″ SPDP Divisional Wanita Chiefs Felt Letdown”

wanita1 spdpThe mood of the Wanita chiefs representating their divisions were very obvious.Their spokeswoman Wanita Secretary Olivia Chan firstly apologised to the Barisan Nasional leadership in Prime Minister Najib and Chief Minister Adenan for their Wanita Chief’s call for a “No Confidence Call against SPDP President in William Mawan.

The Wanitas were also unanimous in their call for the Wanita Central Chief  Chiew Yen Chew “TO RESIGN” instead as she has led Unashamedly a vote of NO CONFIDENCE against the Party President.

The Divisional Wanitas were happy that the G4 YBS were taken back to strengthen the party and that the ‘disgruntled few” should not use this as an excuse to further their discontentment. It is a “political decision” and they should accept the wishes of the top leadership of BN.

Many spoke and the Wanita Divisional Chiefs are indeed echoing their Divisional wanitas stand.



SPDP.”Sun Tzu…OR Loyalty Battle..!!”

frenemySPDP Warring factions Let’s make it brief.

Sun Tzu “military” strategy and “Machiavellianismare good examples to FOLLOW in politics.However,no matter how brilliant the exact theories are the ones used the strategists must be be able to use it for the right century,right moment and above all be RUTHLESS about it.

Let me ask friend do you know what century this is..? Don’t be stupid to answer. You are caught and smacked right in the middle of it all.

Swimming in “murky” waters where you cant even see your own feet.

This is way past the age of “surat-layanglayang or “bisik bisik”. This is the age of cyber warfare and everyone is reached with just a push of a button. The news media takes no prisoners and no matter what one can say about “name dropping” at this instance directed especially on the SPDP Party President it does seem that they are calling him a “LIAR”.

Shall I protect him further..? His Generals knows better. They seem to follow the clear direction of a strategist who has never even seen to be a political member yet giving directions and strategies to those whose life is spent dwelling in political battles come rain, shine ,wintry conditions or even still fighting when in the middle of quicksand.

The President is at its most vulnerable and he still maintains So which theory is he being advised. Could it be this,” Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”

They are many on the opposite faction who knows the Presidents ways and his detractors are capitalising by using this AGENDA to the leader of their own group,” Sun Tzu quotes simply reads as ,”“Treat your men as you would your own beloved sons. And they will follow you into the deepest valley.”. It’s GOD-SENT and whatever they asked “as and when the battle is won” will be fulfilled.

So the question of why and who gave the green light to have the article below published  is CLEAR AS THECLEAR BLUE SKY. I don’t need to be a Harvard graduate in politics to answer….

Even CM ADENAN Knows what to do next..Will the State BN let them Battle it out and let the WINNER stay??..!!

The fundamental rule “No Prisoners in POLITICS…”

No-confidence vote reflects SPDP grassroots feelings’

Posted on May 6, 2014, Tuesday

KUCHING: Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) Youth and Women’s Wings say that the vote of no confidence by the Women Wing recently is a reflection of the feelings of grassroots members.

In a joint statement sent to The Borneo Post yesterday they said calls by various individuals and groups including certain divisional chairmen through the newspapers and blogs for the Wanita Chief, DatukChiew Yen Chew’s resignation along with some of her committee members for passing that vote of confidence were undemocratic.

“We wish to remind our party members that SPDP is a democratic party, and we should be able to agree to disagree on certain issues and should be able to resolve them including leadership issues in the General Assembly of the party, not in the media. Most divisions have requested for a change in leadership, not just the Wanita Wing. The vote of no-confidence is a reflection of the grassroots’ feelings.” the statement said.

The statement refuted claims by Mawan and some party members that the readmission of the four former party leaders collectively known as G4 was the instruction of Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Haji Satem.

“Dragging the chief minister into party matters is outright naughty and unethical! At a recent meeting with the chief minister, he made it very clear that he does not meddle in Barisan Nasional component parties’ affairs. Neither does the prime minister. This practice of ‘name-dropping’ should be stopped immediately.

At the same meeting, the YAB Tan Sri Adenan suggested that Tan Sri William Mawan be given a chance to explain to members of the Supreme Council for ‘re-instating the G4’ into the party.

He has failed to do this despite requests for him to convene an urgent Supreme Council Meeting.”

Both the Youth and Women’s Wings made an urgent call to Mawan to immediately convene a Supreme Council Meeting and fix a date for the Triennial Delegates Assembly to resolve the issue besting the party.

“The stand taken by Wanita SPDP should never be viewed as an affront to BN. In fact, it is in BN’s best interest that each BN component party maintains a strong leadership with character, integrity and principle. It means a stronger BN! Mawan has failed SPDP on all counts! By ignoring party principles, he has unwittingly dragged BN into party matters. The party, had it got good leadership, would have been able to deal with its own issues”

The statement reiterated that the re-admission of G4 is unconstitutional, thus null and void.

“Contrary to Mawan’s claim, the G4 are not legal members of SPDP. The grassroots are unhappy and angry with the Party leadership. He, of all people, instead of upholding the party constitution has blatantly ignored and turned his back on it.”