SUPP all Set to “Wrestle P196 Stampin” from DAP in GE14

19990596_1561099923942532_6405914575135937879_nThe impossible seems now more probable as Minister in Prime Minister’s Deparment Nancy Shukri has found the “formula”

She will not be disclosing it publicly of course but apparently it has already send ‘some shivers‘ down the spine of DAP Leader and now only Sarawakian in Pakatan Harapan Vice President Chong Chieng Jen. Talks within DAP circles there is already a probability that a new face is to replace the incumbent DAP. What is the reason? Nancy would not have just made this statement if she has not been briefed in detail.

It does seem though, that with Batu Kawah and Batu Kitang already in the bag for BN after the winning in the last State Elections attention is now focussed on STAMPIN PARLIAMENTARY SEAT.

From 1999 to 2013 it was a seat for BN/SUPP  Yong Khoon Seng who won by majority of 8897 ( in 1999) 7731  ( in 2004 ) 3070 ( in 2008 ) and losts it to DAP  Julian Tan Kok Ping by 18670

The SUPP candidate hopefuls have been working the ground and with the President of SUPP and the Padawan Council Chairman as Assemblyman in Batu Kawah and Batu Kitang respectively there is much enthusiasm and in reality wrestling this seat back from DAP is within reach.

WHO WILL BE THE LIKELIEST BN/SUPP candidate? Surely, the Barisan Nasional leaders will scrutinise all potential candidates in order to regain back P196 STAMPIN.


Through the years audie61 have seen this menacing lawyer going through his work full of youthful zest and enthusiasm. Of course, his package doesn’t come across as Mr.Nice plus someone who is “Love to Hate him” but there is a catch,” He gets it done.”

In his first foray into the “elections world” in 2016 he stood on BN/SUPP ticket in the Kota Sentosa Seat against the “mighty” DAP Sarawak Chairman Chong Chieng Jen. The result as many have predicted that he would not stand a chance. The ground talk ,”Sacrificial lamb plus no wants loves him.” Is that so?

Many Kota Sentosa constituents are now regretting it by not putting him in as their “Voice” in the State assembly. Wilfred Yap is very menacing when you are first introduced to him. He is a six footer,walks very fast, his handshakes are firm plus his voice is not EXACTLY SOFT.

Many though would crave for his voice especially those in politics. He would have won a long time ago if he was a “DAP Candidate” during SUPP turbulent years. If he had taken a bite of the DAP’s cherry. Many young leaders left for greener pastures or retire early as they could not take the “losses” to once a strong party. He stood firm with the party and today he has been appointed as ” Public Complaints Bureau Chief” and also a Councillor of Padawan Council.

He has been working or as they say “turun padang” and criss crossing the constituency of Stampin. The President of the party Yb Dr.Professor Sim knows Wilfreds Potential and knows that the “people of Stampin constituency” will take him in as “their Stampin voice and adopted son” in Parliament for GE14.

Wilfred said on his walkabout,”its really a good feeling now that people are coming up to him,shaking his hands,tapping his shoulders and giving him encouragement for the Stampin Parliament Seat.” Previously in his first foray in the State elections he was all “gungho”to fight DAP but there wasnt the genuine warmth and sincerity from the people then unlike now when he is weekly attending to their needs.

The SPCB “Supp Public Complaints Bureau” seat has indeed been a blessing as this service is 24/7 and he is attending to all the needs of the people who ask for help or assistance. The “Hate”syndrome of this young lawyer is finally been tested to the fullest. He is seen daily in the media and in the social media world. There is no escape from the watchful hawks eye and it will very political disaster if he fails to deliver on his words.

His earlier  involvement in an NGO Jaycees International which has “service to humanity is the best work of life” is being realized. The President of the party Yb.Dr.Professor Sim knows that Wilfred will come good and to win over the Constituents he will have to put Wilfred through the “mill” with the most stringent test.

Of course when the road is already been build it will be easy for many in the party to want to be the party’s candidate too. Wilfred sees that “factional infighting or mere sabotaging” on his candidacy will be very incessant. He believes in his party that SUPP that they will make the right choice and will support whatever decision the top leadership makes.

Meanwhile he will continue to serve for the better good of the constituency and will reach out to all Sarawakians whatever race,religion,colour,culture or background.

The opposition will not only hear him now but if he is blessed with the Stampin Candidacy and elected he will not let the people and his party down. He knows too well the feeling of defeat after his first outing and he will not want to let the BN Chairman PM Najib Razak, State Chairman CM Abang Johari,President of SUPP Yb Dr.Professor Sim and his party go through the process of anguish and defeat. This time,he wants to do it more for the people of Stampin Constituency and let them be assured that they put the right man there.

The Stampin Parliamentary seat is a very “winnable seat” for Wilfred as he has his trump cards up his sleeves. The BN Strategic and election support team needs not look further than Wilfred and need to give him their “Fullest Support” to make it a resounding victory for BN and SUPP.

Wilfred was grilled and attacked mercilessly and directly from audie51 team and he felt the full brunt of our force.

We ended with this “if good men look on and do nothing the bad men need no better opportunity.” Wilfred smiled and said ,”He is ready for this next phase of challenge in his life and there are no inbetween.

His Party President, his party comrades plus those who sees his overall potential knows best. He is menacing yet very passionate towards his work for the people.

Wilfred Yap woud be a valuable asset to the incoming Parliament of Malaysia  

DAP Mimpi SiangHari Kah..??

16 tA senior assemblyman from BN said to audie61,” DAP MIMPI SIANG HARI KAH..??

PKR have tried without much success and a so called multi racial party but Majority Chinese based party DAP is making a Big Political statement to its Pakatan allies. Have they disregarded PKR,PAS in their pursuit of trying to wrestle Sarawak? This is the question which many of PKR/PAS members have questioned.

If we look back at April 16th 2011 these seats were contested by: 18 PKR 2 DAP 1 SNAP

  •  SUPP AREAS:- 1.Bengoh- PKR (Willie Anak Mongin) 2. Simanggang (DAP) 3.Engkilili PKR (Marudi @ Barudi Anak Mawang)
  •  PBB AREAS:- 4. Kedup PKR ( Lainus Anak Andrew Luwak) 5.Tarat PKR(  Peter Ato Anak Mayau) 6.Bukit Saban PKR (Jerah Anak Engkiong @ Edward Jerah) 7.Layar PKR (Stanley Embat Pharoh Anak Laja) 8.Katibas PKR ( Munan Anak Laja) 9.Kemena PKR (Bernard Binar Anak Rading) 10. Bukit Kota (DAP)
  • SPDP AREAS:- 11.Batu Danau PKR ( Dr.Lau Liak Koi) 12.Bekenu PKR (Ishak Bin Mahwi)13.Tasik Biru PKR ( Datuk John Tenewi Nuek @ John Tenewi ) 14. Pakan SNAP 15.Meluan PKR ( John Brian Anthony Anak Jeremy Guang) 16. Marudi PKR (Harrison Ngau Laing)
  • PRS AREAS:- 17.Belaga PKR (Basah Kesing @ Ali Basah Kesing )18. Kakus PKR (Paul Anyie Raja) 19.Balai Ringin PKR ( Ibi Anak Uding)  20.Pelagus PKR (Edward Sumbang Anak Asun ) 21.Ngemah PKR ( Aris Anak Alap)

PKR will be the biggest losers in this political game. Of course,.DAP will put forward their case as such that some of PKR leaders have left them and joined DAP and also some are in SWP (Sarawak Workers Party) . Are they just going to quietly watch and see that their seats are going to be taken up by DAP in IMPIAN SARAWAK PROGRAMME?

PKR in Sarawak eventhough there are 3 assemblyman in Baru Bian,Ali Biju and See Chee How will not be able to contain with DAP’s 12 assemblyman at the present time.

It’s the numbers game and DAP is building its forces and BN will not be complacent eventhough many are brushing aside DAP’s advancement into the interior.

According to sources on the ground DAP MP Tony Pua and his group of DAP members are gaining foothold in some areas.

BN component parties needs to be aware and not to brush these DAP so called”dreams” aside.

DAP “After Pakan..?”

DAP1DAP is getting bolder by the day and their going rural “Impian Sarawak Programme” must not be underestimated. They have seen of SUPP Presidents in Wong Soon Kai and George Chan and now they are targetting SPDP President William Mawan. The groundswell is building up and they have been “bisik bisik” that Mawan is theirs for the taking. SPDP members beg to differ and see that Mawan has grown from strength to strength after overpowering Ali Biju of PKR in the last GE13.

Chong Chieng Jen is underestimating the strength of SPDP and even has targetted Mawan by saying,” We want to take on Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom. I think for him to hold a ministerial post as well as attend parliament siting is too much for him to handle”

This was written to in an internet portal,”The DAP sees Mawan as a lame duck who is burdened with duties that he cannot handle effectively. ( )

SPDP divisional members in Pakan ask Chong,”who are you to determine what Mawan can and cannot do? He is healthy and capable and he is the President of SPDP. Keep your thoughts to youself Chong and find someone who you can wipe away instead of attacking Mawan. Come over to Pakan to stand against Mawan then.”