BN “Gods are Smiling On Them”

Natasha was talking to her former colleague and she said,”BN has learnt their lesson the hard way and it seems the Pakatan are embroiled in too much infighting that they have forgotten the basic needs of the people.

You can make your own analysis and deliberate until the cocks crow in the morning but the facts are all there to see. Below are some interesting indepth analysis  from a number of  internet portal the day after where the “GODS SMILED ON BN FOR NOW…….


The writing is on the wall. BN will win the next GE. It’s now a matter of whether it will be a landslide.Please click here:-








Live from “Batu Sapi and Galas”


Linda Tsen (BN-PBS) – 9,773
Yong Teck Lee (SAPP) – 2,013
Ansari Abdullah (PKR) – 3,414
Majority – 6,359

Quick analysis: Ab Aziz has v good PR & is local boy. Dr Zul an introvert

Quick analysis: While Linda Tsen’s victory is expected, PKR has shown that it can get more votes than SAPP in Batu Sapi. However, even if this was a straight fight, the opposition will still lose

Unofficial results (Galas)

Dr Zulkefli Mohamad (PAS) – 3,744
Abdul Aziz Yusof (BN-Umno) – 5,177
Majority – 1,069

Unofficial results (Batu Sapi)

Linda Tsen (BN-PBS) – 8,538
Yong Teck Lee (SAPP) – 2,007
Ansari Abdullah (PKR) – 3,281
Majority – 5,257

Updated at 5pm :-As the polling stations for Batu Sapi parliamentary by election comes to a close at 5pm, the candidates parties are actively canvassing for the last minute voters

On hand at the SJK (C) Pei Ying, YB Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili, Minister of Science and Technology together with YB Datuk Peter Pang, state Minister of Youth and Sports are putting in their efforts since this morning

Click here to get live updates of  the above by elections courtesy from

Photo show a BN UMNO voters checking booth with Penampang Chief Datuk John Ambrose (in cap) supervising. John who is political secretary to the Chief Minister cum Finance Minister expressed his confidence in a BN victory.

P185 New method”Sms Sabah”

Updated 11.50pm  from Sandakan:-The sms received are in chinese text so it is believed to be only aimed at the Chinese Voters in P185 Batu sapi.

This just in. Seems the Minister of IT Sabah Yee Moh Chai is coming up with the most ingenious way of splitting the voters in P185. The choice is up to them and it could backfire or gain inroads into the voters minds of already willing to vote for SAPP. The staunch BN voters will be in the bag and dividing the votes of SAPP and PKR is the only way for BN. 

The word on the ground on the sms” Apparently all registered voters of P185 Batu Sapi today received sms asking them to vote for PR as SAPP are trailing behind. It is believed this is the secret strategy that the BN candidate was saying that she had for the final day.”

Isn’t this reinventing…???

“Sabah Votes,Sarawak Develops..”

Bugi Wijaya sent to audie61 an email and said “This is one of the many PKR Propaganda pamphlets and election material to ensure that the People of Sabah will vote for their Candidate” His friend said Sabah has this what has Sarawak got? 

Sure Sarawak has got plenty and this picture tells us more than we need to know. It’s a fact and travelling in Kota Sentosa areas are now a breeze.

Do We Need To Ask Who Has Done His Fair Share Of Work?

Voters in N45 and P185 will be going to the POLLS tomorrow and your VOTES are Crucial…. 

Updates P185:”LDP lending a hand to PBS..??‏”

As LDP President Datuk Liew Vui Keong gave his full support to Datuk Seri Musa Aman as Sabah Chief Minister, many on the street are questioning his motive.

It was only last August where Liew had said that he hopes to thrash out with the Prime Minister on the controversy surrounding LDP and the Sabah BN Chairman.

His deputy Datuk Chin Su Phin had earlier call on to Musa to step down saying LDP has lost confidence in the UMNO Sabah Chairman as Chief Minister.

The Batu Sapi by election has unite the BN component parties with Liew’s affirmation of Musa leadership.

This augurs well towards a victory for BN candidate Datin Tsen Thau Lin, widow of incumber MP Datuk Edmund Chong Ket Wah who died in a tragic motorbike accident.

As everyone enter into overdrive for the crucial part of the campaign, all the candidates are using all resources to reach out to the undecided voters.

The chinese are eagerly waiting for the political rally by Penang CM Lim Guan Eng.

PR believes with the strong presence of DAP leaders including Lim Kit Siang who is a crowd puller, PKR’s Ansari Abdullah will be able to spring a surprise.

Meanwhile, SAPP’s Yong Teck Lee are promoting their website , and to reach out to the internet savvy voters.

With each camp expressing their confidence, the positive outcome of this by election is the brisk business made by the local businesses. Even the broadband has been sold out.

Come 4 November 2010, Batu Sapi will never be the same anymore.

P185 “The Eagle has landed”

It was like a scene out from the book “THE EAGLE HAS LANDED” by Jack Higgins this morning in Sandakan airport. PKR Youth Chief Badrul Hisham Sharahin with a entourage of ‘tough’ looking youth and wanita was on the Air Asia flight AK5160 which arrived from Kuala Lumpur. Also in the group was PKR assembly for Perak’s Kuala Sepetang YB Tai Sing Ng. While the PKR group were on a “Everyone Can Fly” Air Asia flight which is more economical, Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin with a strong presence of UMNO youth arrived on a Malaysian Airlines flight MH2710 at Sandakan airport.

These reinforcements for both BN candidate PBS Datin Linda Tsen Thau Lin and PKR’s Ansari Abdullah will bring the campaign for the P.185 Batu Sapi by election in tothe final lap. With postal voting being done today, the three candidates including SAPP President Datuk Yong Teck Lee will be more intense for those who have not made up their mind.

Will the voters be attracted by the promises of more development? Or cry of a change on the road to Putrajaya? Or the power of a Sabah Autonomy? The pundits are confident of a more than 2,000 votes victory for BN.

All these will be answered on 4 November 2010.

Sabah Updates P185:-“No Show Debate”

The turnout of the 3,000 over crowd at the Dewan Hakka for the debate between Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) President Datuk Yong Teck Lee and Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Sri Musa Haji Aman is an indication, it seems that SAPP have the edge in the P.185 Batu Sapi parliamentary by election. Musa who is also the Sabah BN Chairman has earlier refused the debate challenge issued by Yong denouncing Yong a being power crazy.

In recent ceramahs and election rallys, even Deputy Prime MInister Tan Sri Dato’ Haji Muhyiddin Yassin (who had people walking out during his speech) and Pakatan Rakyat Supreme Leader Dato’ Sri Anwar Ibrahim has not attracted big crowd unlike in Peninsular Malaysia. This has the Party Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) scrambling to ensure a full capacity in the same Dewan Hakka for the supreme leader rally tonight.

Earlier PKR candidate Ansari Abdullah tried to attend the debate between Yong and Musa but upon hearing the no show of Musa, he waited outside and subsequently went on his campaign.

BN campaign is picking up the momentum after earlier hiccups of poor co-ordination between the various BN component parties. Their candidate Datin Linda Tsen Thau Lin is more confident of herself albeit her poor command of Bahasa Malaysia. PKR Ansari campaign has been largely in the bumiputra dominated area leaving the Chinese area to DAP and the large presence of their non local campaigners.

While PKR and SAPP are slugging it out against one another, BN is going about its own business of propaganda’s of bringing development under the 1 Malaysia agenda. With the two opposition parties in mud-slinging contest, the pundits are putting their money on BN to defend the seat which was held by the late Datuk Edmund Chong Ket Wah who died in a fatal motorbike accident.

But then again as in football, nothing is for sure until the final whistle. So will the crowd turn out tonight for PKR in Dewan Hakka?

(Snap shots of Yong Teck lee Campaigning)