Azmin Ali “It’s Voldemort..You Forgot.!”

We have seen the news,read the reports,the videoclippings,saw the tears ,the violence and also heard all the stories which came out of BERSIH 3.0. The world media were informed three days before that Dataran Merdeka is a no,no for the planned 2hours sit down by  the Bersih 3.0  from 2pm to 4pm by the Mayor of DBKL.

An alternative was given for 4 stadiums to be chosen but the chairlady Ambiga Sreenevasan said it was too short a time to give out all the notifications. Well, we live in a backward Malaysia anyway as the internet and telecommunications facilities we have are well behind other countries as perceived by Ambiga.(not enough time to INFORM all relevant parties..lame excuse)

That was really a blow to Malaysians intelligence. But this is even better now. In this report which is in Free Malaysia Today portal this is being said by Azmin Ali and we extract so that no words are missed out,”

Speaking to reporters, Azmin said that his gestures at the time were intended to tell Anwar that he had negotiated with the police about allowing the protesters into Dataran Merdeka.

“You wanted to know what was that exchange? It was so noisy. There was no way for us to communicate. The gesture was [over] me negotiating with the police.”

“My response was that I had negotiated with the police, which I did with Anwar before I came to that location,” he said.

Azmin added that he had met with a “senior police officer “at the barricade, and had tried to get the latter to allow the crowd into Dataran Merdeka.

Admitting that he could not remember the “officer’s” name, he said that the latter allegedly responded: “I have gotten orders [to allow you in].”

WOW! he talked to the senior officer and did not know his name.

Great.!! let me refresh Malaysians.The “officer’ must have escaped from AZKABAN and the officer is also defying court orders which makes him liable to answer to all the MAYHEM  that followed.

Azmin the officer is according to J.K.Rowlings Harry Potter Series is  {drums roll… deng deng deng deng }…..LORD VOLDEMORT….the name that we cannot speak about..

Azmin you know this quote or does this not sound familiar,”You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”



DAP “Kuching Parliamentary Seat Under Threat..??”

Another SUPP Youth Chief has arrived at Bandar Kuching Parliamentary to challenge the incumbent MP Chong Chieng Jen. The DAP Machinery knows that the SUPP Candidate Tan Kai will provide a sterner tests to Chong than his predecessor Alan Sim.

It seems that SUPP is about to regain losts ground as PM Najib has indicated that even Bandar Sibu SUPP will be able to wrestle it back from DAP as the ground is shifting towards SUPP. What has happened is that SUPP Sibu have found out the achilles heel of DAP. They are fighting tooth and nail against DAP but knows that Sibu is within a whisker away of falling back to SUPP.

In Bandar Kuching SUPP in many Chinese voters eyes it is like a sacrifial lamb to be slaughtered. Who is Tan Kai to provide a slightest ‘worry” for DAP Chong or even a new face. ? Tan Kai is not a strong believer of the cyber world according to some who have had close association with him

He thinks the cyber world is such an imagination and as we would like to put it “NOT REAL AND CANNOT VOTE” Did we not hear this before from a BN candidate in Krian.? He said to his election workers that posters,hand phone smses and internet cannot vote. What happened? The rests is history they say and the former assemblyman is regretting till today. 

Tan Kai needs to know how the voters in Bandar Kuching are swayed. They are not those who can easily be bought over a dinner speech or a walkabout. They are more highly intellectual and they need to know what the candidate can offer not only in promises but whether he can live through HELL IN CYBERSPACE.

SUPP is apparently lacking in this department says a Youth member who want s to remain anonymous. They all say we know how to contain the opposition but in actual fact they know “nuts” .They still think all perceive that chinese newspapers holds the key but they forgot that BIG BROTHER CHINA are now turning and spending millions on English language.

If Tan Kai thinks that he can win he better be more worried not to lose by a landslide in excess of over 10000 votes. DAP are worried when their opponents fight toe and toe together against them instead of a walkover. Tan Kai represents fresh faced 42 years of age but will he be able to carry his thoughts to the cyber warriors and netizens in Bandar Kuching who represent close to more than 30000 of the voters out of 50000 eligible. 

Dr.Sim the SG SUPP now but a candidate during the lasts elections losts as he thought his foreign legion of Peninsular blogs and Facebookers miserably very few but according to some in SUPP that they acted as if they are GODS GIFT to the Kuching cyber territory.

 They did not come cheap as they were packaged. In all elections the people of the constituency knows better and its the LOCALS who will win you the elections not so much in particular foreign help. Dr. Sim the current SG has learnt his lesson and its a bitter pill to swallow and Tan Kai would be bests advised not to follow a similar path.

The FB and blogs in an election will HARM Tan Kai and if he is slow to react and wait for tomorrows newspapers he would be more than a few steps behind and playing catch up. Face BOOKERS attack the cyber world in areas where you least expect and they know how to turn negativity to a solid advantage and therby making sure the mind of the voters vote for you.

We will not explain here as it will give the game away. Tan Kai musts know who the SUPPs bests friend is. The DAP machinery are laughing all the way to Putrajaya as they know Tan Kai is not as strong believer of the cyber world. Unless he changes and gets it clear in his ‘engineering mind’ he will justs have to remain another has-been in SUPP.

The truth hurts and Tan Kai has time to turn the tide round and get the right people to assists him. DAP will not know what was nuclear bombed to them and they better be worried if Tan Kai justs raise his eyelids.

If it remains justs the same SUPP no matter what they do will be wondering if only…


Bersih 3.0″ DAP Senator NO to Dataran..??”

This breaking news from DAP Senator Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim  should be commended. He said we extract,””They all start with peaceful intentions, no one want to cause chaos… But it can turn out to be violent and when that happens, who will be responsible?”

audie61 have been tweeted since yesterday and trying to tell Bersih chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan the consequences of defying the authorities and also avoiding NEGATIVE WORLD PRESS. We extract some of our tweets,”

  • 1. Ambiga Bersih”so stubborn”The World media now knows that an”Alternative has been offered”Defiance is against instructions
  • 2. Laws are made by Man and can be broken.Laws are also to be followed Ambiga.The authorities have informed Bersih .
  • 3. BERSIH 3.0 will be clean no teargas as ALTERNATIVE of Stadium Merdeka offered. Dataran sit down what happens Blame AMBIGA
  •  4. This time if AMBIGA n Group are teargas the WORLD MEDIA cannot condemn.ALTERNATIVE GIVEN BY MAYOR OF KL.
  • 5. No need for Tears from teargas if BERSIH 3.0 in stadium AMBIGA to be blame if u cry or subjected to manhandled.
  • 6. BERSIH 3.0 Ambiga don’t use TIME as excuse n cannot turn crowd from DATARAN to STADIUM.DBKL can also TWEET,FB,SMS 4 u 
  •  7. AMBIGA makes mockery of Developed Malaysia where TWEET,SMS,HP,FB readily available n she says cannot inform ppl
  •  8.A mbiga Bersih 2days too late.”What are the social networking sites for? Malaysians don’t live in CAVES u know
  • 9. Ambiga”what lah? Merdeka stadium offered u said too late” what is the internet,twitter,facebook, media sites  for?

The above are 9 out of nearly 30 tweets and FB we have posted since yesterday and it has been retweeted to the personal tweeter of  Hishammuddin HOME MINISTER and also to Ambiga personally.


audie61 is also very pleased that ,”Tunku Abdul Aziz said it “irresponsible” of opposition lawmakers to support holding the rally at Dataran Merdeka because he believes act violates the law.
He added that Bersih should take up the authorities’ offer for an alternative venue as they are better at deciding security concerns.
“The whole idea is to protest. Why does it matter where? DBKL is the owner of (Dataran Merdeka),” he said.  


SWP” No Involvement..!!”

An innocently placed telephone call at 17.57 pm to a former PRS colleague turned out to be more than we bargained for. We justs congratulated my friend for being even considered as per an article which was written for an Internet portal Free Malaysia Today and which has now been picked up by  

Our friend was mentioned in the article “Sngs reputation thwarting swp-polls attempt” and he was taken by surprised. We read to him extracted,” In Selangau, where the incumbent is Joseph Entulu, Sng has allegedly contacted a former Resident of Kapit division Hilary Mukit. It is understood that Mukit has turned down the offer.

He was furious to say the least, and as good friends we told him we could at least try to clear his name somewhat and we leave the rests to his own actions. We requested an sms if he feels its necessary and he obliged and we received it at 18.17pm

The contents of the sms”Tq for your call.I would like to deny what was written by one Joseph Tawie in Free Malaysia Today where it was alleged that Sng contacted me to be the SWP candidate for Selangau in PRU13.At no time I was ever contacted as alleged and furthermore I am no longer involved in politics.”

There was also the line of which we told our friend Hillary was what was written which caught our attention ,’ Sng is a gambler and a cock-fighter, and ‘quality’ candidates won’t want to gamble their future with him.”

This was also to tell him that he was wise not to have taken the offer. We did not think it would have come to this.

Furthermore after our telephone conversations we were even told that Sng Chee Hua would do an Asajaya replay in which 3 years ago he shouted “Hidup Taib three times” where we were present and heard with our own ears.

The source close to Masing said,”A similar stunt of that nature would be done infront of PM and CM and Sng would have made his intentions known that SWP is BN friendly.”

This will make it certainly irate Masing and SWP would then be engaged in a friendly BN fight for the 6 seats. This will be seen as a win for PRS or SWP is a BN win and not a Pakatan win.

PKR assemblyman  See Chee How when contacted said,”we will have our say on this matter at the appropriate time”


SWP “Making In Roads In BN/PRS Areas”

4 seats against PRS now turning to 6. The momentum gains support with huge numbers coming to the functions of SWP we were informed.

A spokesman called audie61 and told us that SWP(Sarawak Workers Party) promoters George Lagong,Josephine Mawatand also former Sarawak Report journalists Lester Melanyi were together with Datuk Sng Chee Hua at the Parliamentary Seat of Selangau.

The function at Ladang Empat in Selangau district was well attended by over 1000 supporters of SWP. At a nearby function the incumbent Selangau MP Joseph Entulu could only garner 400 people he said.

Datuk Sng also handed a donation of $20000 to assist the longhouse JKKK and it is reliably learnt that he will take on the PRS No.2 man in Joseph Entulu.

The SWP spokeperson indicated the lineup of the following against the BN/PRS seats

  • 1. Hulu Rajang (George Lagong)
  • 2. Kanowit ( Ellison Ludan)
  • 3. Julau ( Colin Balla)
  • 4. Selangau(Datuk Sng)
  • 5. Lubok Antu (Langa Lias)
  • 6. Sri Aman(will name at next weeks function)

Meanwhile a PKR staunch supporter Baginda Minda and also former James Masings Information Chief said “VERY GOOD.Let BN fight BN- friendly and we will capitalise on the remaining voters.” Lubok Antu and Hulu Rajang are our top parliamentary targetted seats held by PRS. We also have candidates shortlisted .

The imminent GE13 will see many aspiring politicians throwing their weight and names to be nominated to stand. Whatever political divide,ideals and party one stands on the “rakyat” will have the final say. CM Taib has already mentioned in Sarawak we practise democracy and the ‘rakyat’ will choose. Their votes will determine who will be the member of parliament for that constituency.


“SWP v PRS..Rakyats Choice..??”

Two years ago we wrote this,”This is a favourite phrase”mushrooming of parties especially elections are near“in reference to “Peace Party” on June 14 2010. After the approval of SWP(Sarawak Workers Party) there are strong indications that People’s Alliance for Justice and Peace Party (Peace Party)has also been approved by the ROS Malaysia.

These two parties are approved eventhough they are about 4 others who submitted and the only reason is that”The Political Master finds them a most valuable asset for the coming GE13 and they find the two persons fronting the parties daring and are mosts comfortable in territories where others dont even dare to venture.”

However, there might be another twists and the Home Ministry might approve the rests in Parti Ekonomi Rakyat Sarawak Bersatu (PERSB); Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBM); Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak Baru (PBDS Baru); and Parti Tenaga Rakyat Sarawak (Teras).

This could be in line with putting pressure to CM who had indicated to PM and DPM that he will call it a day after the State elections. According to a veteran journalists the Federal Leaders have not forgotten the words spoken by CM Taib in a function in Serian. Peace Party is headed by Julian Petrus Jout (former PBB) and the party is strongly aligned to BN.


According to State Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) vice-chairman See Chee How who is also Batu Lintang assemblyman through a telephone conversation he said the smaller parties will not have much effect on the outcome of the elections but it could also mean the floodgates would open for other BN Peninsular based parties especially so UMNO.

See Chee How continued and gave us approval to write this down,”UMNO because of its racists politics has no place in Sarawak” He also does not want to see UMNO in Sarawak for whatever reasons they can come out with.

The modus operandi of the mushrooming of parties in Sarawak can be similar to a trend which saw to the maiden entrance of UMNO to Sabah in the 1990s. The second echelon leaders in UMNO have already made their moves unintentionally but a number of local politicians have already seen the threat as real.

UMNO, we leave it to another day says former PRS strongman Tedewin Ngumbang. You justs look at the approval of SWP its a clear case of BULLY towards PRS.He said,” Isn’t PRS BN and SWP is approved BN-friendly and it will undermine the BN spirit in the state.

UMNO being the dominant party in Malaysian politics after 50 years very much wants their jigsaw puzzle completed with Sarawak missing says a political analysts.Its 31 divisions for anyone who aspires to helm UMNO Malaysia.

The Sarawak Carrot which is Dangling so Deliciously musts be taken seriously.

The online Bernama story (below) have also made a number of politicians making their intentions known and they called audie61.

  1. One BN Penghulu even said “SWP or PEACE win is a BN win “and BN Federal leaders are looking at a bigger picture to stop Pakatan.
  2. Another  youth leader said,”CM’s hands are tied and what else could he say.”
  3. A BN YB said,”the top leaders knows better
  4. Independant YB George Lagong said,”Thats Good news

This is the extracted version,”The newly registered Sarawak Workers Party (SWP) is free to field their candidates in the coming general election, Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmudsaid.

The state Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman, who seemed nonchalant, said the registration of yet another political party was part of the political scene in Sarawak, where the people had embraced democracy.

One more party coming in, why not? They are free to be there,” he told reporters after officiating at the opening of the 50th Multi District Lions Convention.

Asked to comment on a statement by SWP protem president Dr Ong Lark Sai that the party would be BN-friendly but might consider taking on the BN, especially in the six seats held by Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS), Abdul Taib said: “It’s up to the rakyat.”  Traditionally, Barisan allocates PRS six parliamentary seats, namely Hulu Rajang, Sri Aman, Lubok Antu, Kanowit, Julau and Selangau.


“DAP AT WAR WITH PKR Sarawak..??”.

It was supposed to be another normal breakfast gathering with my fellow “political brainstormers” One a former banker cum economic columnists told me the political situation is now so muddy and there are so many issues on both sides of the political divide. Another a chemists said that if the equations are not solve it might explode in front of our faces.

It is no more a clear cut single straight line and we have to tread very carefully. One false allegation,lies or defamation someone would justs make a police report and then we will see each other in court. Its too popular nowadays says our emeritus professor.

They said yesterday you mention in your blog on SPDP Princess in which we extract here”Nansian had refuted a recent statement made by Puteri SPDP Barbara Mawan that there was nothing to rescue as Mas Gading was still with BN.

The SPDP Princess he said mentioned that MAS GADING needs to be rescued.What is there to be rescued? I suggest they rescue the losts seats of Krian an Ba’Kelalan.

Guess what.. today another YB but this time from DAP came out to attack a fellow component ally in PKR Sarawak,”stop daydreaming and also in short stop lobbying which they cannot win without DAP” This was in reference to the lobbying of PKR Stampin for candidacy in GE13.(we will put her quote later..extracted from FaceBook)

Wong Ho Leng can say that he did not say that and we try to spin it (see Borneo Posts page 7 )but he musts have forgotten what was written in the February/March Issue of Rocket. Am pretty sure he has a copy.

Oh Yeah! we bought a copy as your DAP vendor sold it to us and we also found the title quite interesting:-HERE COMES THE FUTURE and also “the young and dangerous” an interview with your supremo Lim Kit Siang. Wong Ho Leng do I need to refresh you?

Lim Kit Siang a veteran politician would not even dare to utter those words”daydreaming,stop lobbying,one have to be sure of oneself and the party

Wah! Wisdom to know which party has better chance to win for PR.

Let us quote to you which is extracted from the interview by Lim Kit Siang in which a reporter asked,”Any pearls of wisdom to share with aspiring politicians?”answer..( They have to have the stamina and perserverance to last the journey;as well as commitment and sincerity in serving the people.It is is a long journey) not edited Wong Ho Leng.

We have interviewed previously Voon Shiak Ni lawyer and Women activists.We know her as a true fighter with zests and enthusiasm and she did not come to the fore in PKR until recently. She is all heart and soul for her boss and she will not waver easily and will be quite straight forward when issues are close to her heart.

PKR Voon and Puteri SPDP Barbara are both Wanitas in their own right and to be attacked in such a manner by both gentleman YBs I should say leaves a lot to be desired. CM Taib as much as many have written bad things about him does come good when he talks about PBB Wanita he does not even rule out new women in the lineup of PBB eventhough they have presently 3 Wanita MPs.

Imagine this” he said we already have 3 what more does the wanitas in PBB want?” Imagine the attacks…

We were caught off guard with this posting in the Facebook and with the Headlines “Support us fully in Stampin,DAP tells PKR Wanita” she has every right to answer:( Our apology to all our other dap comrades for this post – WONG HO LENG as an opposition leader in sarawak should not have belittled the whole PKR women wing in borneo post today. … NO one can deny that its the spirits of Pakatan Rakyat n joint efforts of the coalition of PR that broke the fort of BN in the sibu by election for the first time in history ! Mr wong , pls jaga the imej of PR in sarawak ok)

No political party is free from lobbying and there will be many casulties left fuming plus disappointed but there musts be a sense of respect. No matter who we are, both sides would like to present their bests candidates to be chosen by the people in this GE13.

DAP was suspiciously absent from the Jangan Lawan Tauke forum and we tweeted on April 15th”DAP Swak absence at “jangan lawan tauke forum” a surprise many said as they were instrumental in d FRUSIS ISSUE.” Oops, we attended and sorry to spill the beans….

G5 has been on the attack against the present SPDP leadership and it doesnt look good for BN. PR in Sarawak does not fare too well too with DAP Sarawak Chief Wong and also Vice Chairman Chong in recent weeks attacking PKR Sarawak. It is not boiling over justs yet but it might be another reddened boil about to bursts.(A boil is a localized infection in the skin that generally starts as a reddened, tender area. Over time, the area becomes firm, hard, and tender. Eventually, the center of the boil softens and becomes filled with infection-fighting white blood cells from the bloodstream to eradicate the infection.

This we wrote earlier in reference to the above boil. It did not go down to well with some in PBB and we were made to believe and were even termed in so many words”like an enemy within” Did we make our feelings known? No we swallowed our saliva but we will not want to be a fool to go on a full cyberwar ahead.

Maybe the person in question forgot to read the small prints or we should have headlined it” Simple last night I seem to have been given this tasks through an extraordinary ”dream” that the CM Taib is asking me to give him a helping hand to FREE HIM FROM ALL THE OCTOPUS HANDS that is squeezing the daylights out of him. He looked so innocent but yet his cries of help are justs not answered and someone is controlling him to the maximum.

It was an extraordinary dream and honestly does he think that we are justs making it up to get to PBB? Politicians sometimes do forget where they start and it might justs be timely to remind them,”Don’t BURN THE BRIDGE when you have crossed it”

Our political brainstormers agreed as unanimously that  

The mosts common though would be”REMEMBER WHERE YOU CAME FROM

SPDP “Princess and Wings” Swift Response

This was in the local media.”Nansian had refuted a recent statement made by Puteri SPDP Barbara Mawan that there was nothing to rescue as Mas Gading was still with BN.

The SPDP Princess he said mentioned that MAS GADING needs to be rescued.What is there to be rescued? I suggest they rescue the losts seats of Krian an Ba’Kelalan.

The swift response to Nansians statement had the 4 wings members coming out in numbers (see picture) this evening and the SPDP Puteri Chief said that the 4 wings were unanimous in that they will defend all the 4 Parliamentary seats currently held by SPDP in Baram,Bintulu,Mas Gading and Saratok.

The enemy is not inside and the enemy is outside the party and our common enemy is at the moment DAP which is coming strong to wrestle the seat from SPDP. PKR is not even making any effort to claim the seat for the GE13.

We do not need to fight against each other as the G5 claims that they are BN members and we should think of how to bring more development and transform Mas Gading says Putera Deputy Chief Eugene Dior.

Deputy Wanita Chief Theresa Udam in a hard hitting PC against the G5 said “please tell us whether the BN SG has written to them officially as BN club members to name their candidate?

Puteri Chief Barbara continued by saying that the BN SG has written to SPDP headquarters and addressed to the President and SG that the names of the 4 candidates be submitted in two weeks time.

They don’t have “locus standi” and they are not officially named as BN Club are they asked Barbara when interviewed by audie61. On the issue of Mass resignation and cards the Vice President Narong who was also at the PC said”the G5 are not gentleman enough and the whole exercise of returning the card was very unethical”

According to a elder in the chinese community he told audie61,”we will support the candidate who will be put up by BN. Not everyone in MasS Gading is for DAP eventhough they perceived that the Chinese have made up their mind and will vote for opposition.

The SPDP wings are making the right signals and they know that the enemy is outside and their Princess swift response is an indication that they are not about to give in without a fight.

The 4 seats are SPDP’s and we intend it to be OURS and Barisan Nationals after GE13.