PAS Hadi “Fighting for Political Survival”

Oh No, PAS President is at it again. What will happen to PAS in GE14 is anyone’s guess.acawat1

It does seem that he is at his best when his back is at the wall as he makes this political statement to try to coax Barisan Nasional leaders to accept him and the party into the BN fold.

Will Sarawak leaders accept him and the party with open arms? He has yet to make amends on his “CAWAT” INSINUATION way back in 2009.

Even MP Salang and PRS Secretary General said this,””He pointed out that Sarawakian   MPs objected to the bill because it is an opposition bill tabled by Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, who has few fans in the state.

“During the Batang Ai by-election in 2009, he said we were still wearing cawat. Later, he accused Christians of converting Muslims. Things like that do not speak well of him as a person and a leader. So when he tabled a bill like this, how can I be certain that he meant well?” said Salang.

This is extracted from Rakan Best Nye Page: “Apologise first PAS President Hadi. We in Sarawak always live in peace,harmony, eat,shop, no segregation and enjoy together. 

We dont want PAS in Sarawak.
Don’t try to say this for your convenience. “PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang says Malaysians can learn from Sabah and Sarawak, where the two states’ diverse peoples have lived in harmony for so long.”

Is Hadi making the right calls or is he trying to get back the sympathy from the opposition front ,making PAS relevant while backstabbing the Barisan Nasional Coalition at the last minute?He has something up his sleeves and political parties within the BN are watching closely with hawks eye and waiting to  pounce.

BN Sarawak can do without PAS assistance as it goes to win the seats in Sarawak for GE14

HADI “Syok” now “Dispel..?”

When BN Attack! Attack and Attack on how PAS President said sometimes it could be ‘syok’ (a thrill) to be proposed for the PM  post plus also individual calls from the Ulama Wing the PAS President must be considered ,the rebuttal was not too quick nor swift from PAS.

DAP Karpal ,PKR Tian Chua have taken immediate action to protect their man Anwar but PAS only today through their SG Mustafa Ali clarified that it is not the party’s official stance to endorse Abdul Hadi as Pakatan’s next premier.

It’s a little too late as the Ulama’s INTENTIONS have been split open like a sharp knife cutting through watermelons. SPDP President even reminded his fellow dayaks in a local english daily in which we tweeted”SPDP Prexy Mawan reminds Dayaks of Hadi”s remarks of “cawat”(loinclothes) as Ulama Wing of PAS calls for PM seat while Karim Hamzah YB Asajaya and Assistant Minister of Youth was quoted ““Isn’t this the chap who belittles the native of Sarawak as still backward,  still pakai ‘cawat’ or loin clothes and don’t know how to vote?”

Anwar himself knows Hadi will not pass on this chance if and when PAS wins 60 out of the 70 seats they are allocated. This equation on probabilty which we tweeted back “@limkitsiang RT what if PAS wins 60 DAP 35 PKR 28. Still ANWAR meh Kit Siang?

The main tussle might be between Najib V Anwar but PAS will think this is their best chance to be Top “TAIKO” instead of being playing second fiddle all the time to PKR or DAP.

The GE13 will not only see New Alliances and New Probabilites but there will also be a lot of surprises in which many would not even think would have surfaced. Politics we know is nothing short of IMPOSSIBILITY.

NAJIB AND ANWAR knows Hadi is now dispelling it through his SG but the obvious is there for all to say”I TOLD YOU SO…..

PAS “Only Now You Realise…?”

Does it take three (3) Mistakes to Make A Right? Bersih 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0 PAS Participated but 4.o this comes out from the PAS Youth Murtamar….

“Delegates who spoke against the mooted protest when debating the motion, argued that party resources should be channeled towards facing looming polls rather than organising a mega protest”

January 12th 2013 the 4.0 Bersih, PAS youth unanimously now know that it was not in their bests interests as it will be seen as quoted from the internet portal” if we go ahead with this, people would say all we are capable of is going to the streets.”

So PAS now you know its Ambiga’s Bersih which has propelled her to NEW HEIGHTS and undisputedly a FACE which the authorities sees as person behind the protests on the streets. What’s more PAS should have known Anwar Ibrahim capitalised on this.

PAS who were making grounds and giving UMNO a run for their territory have realised their actions in joining the Bersih movement have in actual fact jeorpadised the party in more ways than one.

Even rebuttals like “But it is not our intent to frighten anyone but to continue our struggle for a clean general election ” was not entertained and unanimously the PAS Youth rejected to participate in 4.0 Bersih.

This report from a internet blog which we extracted” Why break through the barricade? What would it have achieved? What was the objective of getting into the square?

Bersih 3.0 had already made its point – through the massive turnout. Its co-chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasen had by then called on everyone to disperse.

So why was there a group of people who still wanted to charge forward?

The reports on what actually happened have not been clear nor conclusive. Some say that PKR Deputy President Azmin incited the crowd to break the barricade. If it’s true, Azmin was behaving stupidly.

Some also say that members of PAS’s Unit Amal were among those who broke through. If it’s true, PAS needs to deal with them severely, because their action would have brought the unit a loss of respect

The party only need to consolidate and not to be UTILISED FOR SOMONE ELSE”S TARGET. Ambiga and Anwar achieved what they set out to do.


“N5 By-Elections in Johor in 60days”

on behalf of audie61 management and crew we would like to express our condolences to the family of the late Tenang assemblyman Sulaiman Taha who was called back to the “Almighty Creator” this morning.

May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rests in peace.

With his death, the Election Commission will have to call a by-election – the 14th since the 2008 general election – in 60 days. Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor who was at the hospital told reporters that the Barisan Nasional was prepared to face another by-election

It is expected that the by-election will be held in January next year before Chinese New Year, which will fall on Feb 3.

Tenang is one of two state seats under the Labis parliamentary constituency. The other state seat, Bekok, has been consistently won by MCA’s Tan Kok Hong

Kickdefella “Calon BN N45 Galas..??”

Cindy of audie61 received a call from her former malaysiakini colleague,”Ada dengar tak,Calon BN N45 mungkin blogger. Tahu Siapa..?? Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz ” Kickdefella blog” Ada juga nama2 lain yang di sebut. OK .

The name of Kickdefella  is enough to send reverberations up the spine of PAS as lately his posting has been very critical of PAS. He was once a a close associate of Kelantan PAS Deputy Commissioner II Husam Musa – had a much-publicised fallout with PAS last year. There are also other names which have been mentioned.

The lists of potential candidates and names started cropping up when it was reported that MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah who himself was expected to be fielded as the BN candidate, he, as the BN and Umno election director, was believed to be inclined to choose another candidate.

Thus besides Kickdefella the others in the running are Gua Musang Umno secretary Abdul Aziz Yusof Gua Musang Umno Youth vice-chief Zamzani Harun Gua Musang Wanita and Youth wings Wan Hazani Mohd Nor and Bazlan Baharuddin.

It will be interesting to see whether UMNO will choose a Blogger to represent them instead of practising from the traditional and normal political platform. 


“Configuration of The New Sarawak Party”

We Tweeted earlier and BROKE NEWS:- Rumoured New Political Party in Sarawak launching on 7th of July. Elections soon more parties mushrooming.. 5:19 AM Jul 5th.

Mushrooming..?? Disgruntled..?? Open revolt..??

There are so many ways to read the whole political set up of the new party which will be launched on Saturday at the Grand Continental Hotel in Kuching at 9.30am. In 1987 there was the Maju group made up of Permas/PBDS which openly fought a bitter elections against the BN coalition.

 Seems that PERS is the new name for the new political group and the acronym has significance in that stands for Parti Ekonomi Rakyat Sarawak Bersatu.Moreover PERS says it is willing to talk to PR parties to forge an alliance.

Our  insider source called a  PBB Supreme Council member and an assemblyman when news filtered through and he said,”They are somewhat disgruntled and they are openly revolting and but this is their democratic right. This usually happens as elections are around the corner and these parties which mushrooms will die a natural death when they are severely trounced.”

He was non committal though on the PERS Protem Secretarys readiness in contesting in the 71 constituencies in Sarawak. The ultimate reason given by PERS is that they formed this party to fight for the Economic rights of the sarawakians and also to fight for those who have had their land taken away.

A Pakatan Spokesman said to audie61 when asked on the yet to be registered PERS party forging an alliance,” The platform is already there for them to join either SNAP,PKR,PAS and DAP. We do not need to complicate matters when we are facing a common enemy in BN. The battle royale will be between BN4 and Pakatan4. Joining forces and using the resources available and togetherness we will achieve more.”

No doubt we are open for talks and if need be we are willing to listen, hear and discuss it at the ROUNDTABLE  in front of all our other partners in Pakatan. Until such time we will just monitor their movements. 

A veteran political watcher said that it is ‘looking very murky and gloom for the mosts political parties in Sarawak and it will get darker with more courageous people heading for the battlefield.”


“71 Seats Status Quo..??”

The question on everyones lips is how will the Sarawak Pakatan group comprising of PKR,DAP.SNAP and PAS divide the seats allocation. Its appears the State BN according to BN political strategists will be using the same “Status Quo” breakdown of seats to the 4 coalition partners. PBB will be allocated the 35 seats SUPP 19 PRS 9 and SPDP 8. No matter how SPDP or PRS feels that they are entitle for more seats (based on their track records) as SUPP has losts terribly in the 2006 state elections it will not be entertained. 

PBB will have its Triennal delegates Conference on the 28th Feb-2nd March at the newly completed Borneo Convention Centre and after that its PRS TDC in Bintulu in May. Once these two parties have completed their respective general assemblies all eyes will be focussed on the Chief Minister as he alone will determine when it is the right time for a FRESH MANDATE from the people of Sarawak.

Unlike previous elections where there was much political calm,electorate generally demonstrated confidence and optimism in the leadership and policies of the incumbent BN government. BN has the proven track records but now the groundswell is different as the Pakatan group which made inroads in the 308 General elections are better prepared to assist their Sarawak counterparts.

The niggling and obvious question for the Pakatan group would be the breakdown of seats for the opposition front. DAP has obviously sounded their bugle charge with placing interests in the urban constituencies plus two or three semi urban/rural areas. Even newly elected DAP Chairman Sarawak Wong Ho Leng has indicated no less than 20 seats given that they have 6 State assemblyman in the DUN.

The State BN needs to be reassured that its coalition partner SUPPs politiking internally must end or else the Chinese urban electorate will surely turn to DAP. Too much infighting will also determine how the party will fare in this coming State elections and with a new kid on the block PCM(Party Cinta Malaysia) playing spoilers with intentions of contesting 30 seats the electorate will certainly be given a CHOICE. But the obvious contests will be between BN and Pakatan while PCM candidates will just split the votes. PCM has already indicated that they are more relevant than PKR.

Eventhough the mandate CLOCK is ticking ,BN knows that it needs to be prepared for a full-scale electoral offensive,backed by a well organised election machineryand superior resources.It should be unmatched by the opposition and surely the electoral battles in each constituency will be fought entirely on issues which will be localised in nature. The string or supermaket lists of issues which will be brought up by the opposition will not reflect much as compared to the bread and butter issues facing the people in the constituencies. 

The BN will obviously pick the right time according to a school of thought where all goodies will be showered down to the people of Sarawak and leave it with no choice but to return the mandate to BN. But will the political landscape which has embedded in eversince 308 prove us all wrong according  a veteran politician..?

Who would have thought Sammy Vellu,Kho Tsu Koon was defeated badly and Gerakan almost wiped out together with MIC. Will the Sarawak electorate move away from their comfort zone and change all that.? We still have our reservations….

It is without a doubt says a number of political observers that  the element of  FEAR remains for the Sarawak BN. The same sentiments plus other newer issues especially the “Allah” controversy if  left unchecked,unaddressed and not properly resolved  may have a snowballing effect especially with the percentage of 47% Christians in Sarawak.

Its a highly sensitive issue and as such Najib as Prime Minister needs to thread this line very carefully as statistics of past elections will not even be able to help the BN if the electorate in Sarawak so decides otherwise. Its a very thin line for the Federal government as any false move will no doubt be a major factor or bearing in the ballot boxes in the next Sarawak elections.

The consensus for the continuity of the Status quo in seat allocations will be a telling factor for the State BN. If there are all unison in seeing a fresh mandate for the BN and the leadership of Taib and a test of whether the electorate still believes in this equilibrium. The Sarawak electorate has so far passed their political education easily for the past 50 years and it is up to the opposition to ratlle the status quo.

The State BN parties will not need to look further than the wise remarks of Chinese Philosopher Sun Tzu(The art of war)in that it said,” it would be better to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy’s not coming,but on our readiness to receive him: not on the chance of his not attacking,but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable.”

So is the BN ready?The status quo of the coalition partners in PBB ,SUPP,PRS and SPDP will remain and there are no reasons to uproot the tree which has steadily proven that it has kept its promises to the electorates. Only if and when the Pakatan group can move the  comfort zones of the electorates in Sarawak it is without a shadow of a doubt that BN will still call the shots. Sort out your seats fast Pakatan Sarawak or you will return as fast to the abyss with the same bullet train.  



Joey received a call from a PAS sympathiser and the person said,” Tell the BN brothers to enjoy their stay at the TOP when they still have the time and not to try and paint PAS in the bad light. I am referring to what the Chinese Press exclusive interview with PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang.” Oooh alright said Joey and  we will check it up and a  number of phone call was made to relevant sources.

On the advice of our seniors in audie61 we posted this article from malaysiakini and let the reading public make their own judgements and to avoid controversies.

Top leaders of Pakatan Rakyat dismissed a news report which quoted PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang as saying that he is against the official registration of the coalition.

Instead, they suggested that Hadi may have been misquoted in an exclusive report front-paged by Chinese-language daily Sin Chew Daily.

pas seminar 071109 hadi awang“It is not the time for the three parties to register as a coalition, PAS does not want to make any rushed decision,” he was quoted as saying.

“Pakatan should put the registration on hold and focus on discussing cooperation among themselves first. It need not to be a party. More importantly, we must work at arriving at a common ground and work to settle our differences.”

Official news agency Bernama also carried a similar online news report quoting the PAS president.

Malaysiakini, after failing to get a response from Hadi today, spoke to his political secretary Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar, who shed light on the report.

Ahmad clarified that Hadi does not dispute Pakatan’s decision to register as a coalition.

barisan rakyat pas pkr dap“He agrees to the registration. There is no issue in terms of the three parties’ registration as a Pakatan Rakyat Party,” said Ahmad.

He added that Hadi maybe have been referring to how the three parties could move forward as a coalition although they each have a different political ideology.

“This did not mean he wants to suspend the registration. Pakatan Rakyat’s registration application has been submitted to Registrar of Societies (ROS) and is pending approval.”

‘No dispute’

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang said he believes Hadi would not have made such a statement.

lim kit siang 201108“Any such statement is completely against what we have worked for. The news report is not correct,” said Lim.

He also said there is no dispute because top leaders of the three parties had agreed to submit the registration application to the ROS last month.

PKR director of strategy Tian Chua said had contacted PAS leaders after reading the news report and issued a clarification.

tian chua 03 240505Chua (right) said Hadi had spoken in the context of the huge responsibility on Pakatan’s shoulder – that, registered or not, the work is cut out for the coalition, including ironing out the ideology of each party.

“Hadi did not mean that Pakatan should not register. We are awaiting approval from ROS., Our focus right now is how to strengthen Pakatan,” he added.

PKR Sarawak Targets N22

N22 SEBUYAU (7549) Julaihi Narawi (BN-PBB) incumbent said in 2006 he sees a need for his constituency to have more infrastucture developments in the form of basic amenities like electricity supply and phone lines. There is also an urgent need to make the people of Sebuyau realise the importance of education in raising their living standards.

 audie61 has had the benefit of meeting up with the YB of this constituency on several occassions and he has come across as a likeable,reserved and approachable  and works his talk. He has a degree in Literature from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia but come this State election he will once again cross swords with his common enemy.

In the last couple of elections he has withstood the challenge of Mohamad Akek of Keadilan and defeated his opponent with ease. It seems that in the last couple of weeks PKR has stepped up with their activites and has made certain inroads with former PBDS candidate stepping up a notch and up the ante. Former PBDS President and a supporter of PKR Daniel Tajem has even been spent a night in the kampong in providing a much needed boost for the opposition front. 

Hornbill unleashed has come out with an article ” Whom shall we trusts.?” Audie61 swung into action and cornered one of those who stood on a PBDS ticket in 1991 against Julaihi. He said that the article is timely but PKR needs to really put things in order if they are serious in turning the bastion of BN over and create even a wave and let alone  a tsunami of some sort.

He further reiterated that there should be in place all the small committees as what PBDS had in its quests in the infamous Ming Court Affair. Don’t forget that PBDS managed to wrestle 15 seats? A PKR stategists in Sarawak is putting in place the persons and the seats which the party hopes to make inroads and give BN more than a HEADACHE.

Anwar should trusts the PKR boys in Sarawak not to let him down this time round. Of course there were a lot of detractors and traitors especially from what we have learnt from the recent Lubok Antu by elections . PKR knows that Sarawak is a huge state and the economics of it all is that a substantial  amount of money is needed to cover the costs of PKR candidates standing against BN. 

 PKR however needs to really do its ground work and whoever is chosen to face the might of the BN in each constituency needs to  forego personal interests and ego to ensure the party win its allocated seat.

If and when the negative approach of the candidates who are not chosen and close ranks BN will still win big says the formr defeated candidate of N22. If the hierarchy of PKR says that Akek is the candidate I will stand behind him and ensure that Julaihi will not have it easy. If on the otherhand the PKR leadership sees that I am most suited to challenge I hope that Mohamad Akek will stand behind me. Afterall we are now together in the same team to wrestle this seat and unless we join forces Pakatans dream in Sarawak is just a mere HALLUCINATION AND A DISTANT DREAM.  

The infighting according to a founder member of PKR needs to stop. He said that eventhough Anwar is giving all his strenght and direction in wrestling the Federal Government and has more or less entrusted it to Baru Bian as Sarawak liason chief Sarawak will only fall  if the Fedral government caves in in the next 13th GE. The battle line  is already drawn and Sarawak PKR needs to buck up or miss the boat when and if tere is a NEW DAWN3as what Anwar preaches.

The dayaks if united under PKR will be a major force and if divided into the various parties like PBB,SUPP,PRS and SPDP will remain forever be disunited. So will Anwar trusts the dayaks to come good he asked…??? 

The multi racial platform of PKR will be tested to its fullest in the next State elections and PKR leadership needs to look not only at N22 but also the rests of the 70 seats in hand and how to go into battle together with DAP,PAS and SNAP in the next State election. The two party system if approved would be an injection booster as the PLATFORM of a two party system would be in place. Its then up to the people to vote for their choice and no matter who the party fills the bond is an added strenght in itself.

N22 the incumbent YB Julaihi will know that he has his hands full and he will need all his experience to pull through as this battle will be his strongest yet as the opposition candidates are already willing to assist each other and win Sebuyau an add another feather for Anwars leadership. Najib and CM Taib will be watching closely the activities surrounding N22 and they will ensure that the incumbent has got his battle gear and machinery fully oiled.




PKR – The Journey so Far

When the final whistle was blown in the clash of the weekend it favoured Liverpool the Home side winning 2-0. Most of the staff at audie61 are Manchester Unitd fans and one can tell from their faces how devastated they were. Anyway this writeup from Malaysiakini has ruffled more than a few feathers. We copied it in full for those who are not subsribers of Malaysiakini so that  everyone will have their own reaction and make up their own assessment. Im sure the party boys /girls of  PKR would rather be Liverpool fans than MU after the next GE 13th.Which side would you rather support …This is the reality………………………………………………PKR’s losing game of musical chairs

Stanley Koh
Oct 26, 09
Despite winning the largest share of opposition seats in the last ‘political tsunami’, Parti Keadilan Rakyat now lacks boldness and decisiveness.
Rather, the sordid internal state of affairs within PKR and frequent open squabbling between Pakatan Rakyat coalition partners masks a growing anxiety among its own activists. 

There are fears that Anwar (left) does not have it in him to lead Pakatan Rakyat to another overwhelming electoral victory at the next national polls.

It is not just Anwar’s plodding pace that worries, but his ability to position capable and effective leadership at the state level.

Party insiders felt that for that to take place, appointments should be made only after sufficient feedback from the ground, an in-depth study of the local political scene and a well-thought strategic plan before the appointments are made.

Slow to progress

In recent months, murmurs of discontent rumbled about the lack of momentum and PKR’s supremo Anwar Ibrahim’s lethargic approach to transforming the party into a force strong enough to win the next general election.

The sudden gust of in-fighting and internal rivalry arising from state chairmanship appointments over the year was enough to make many wonder if the party is weakening in support.

On Sunday, Anwar chaired his 62-member Supreme Council and the agenda included a reshuffling of its party’s state chairmanship line-up.

Ardent supporters believe Anwar has to silence the rumblings from among his ranks and file over strategy and tactics related to such appointments.

There is now a perception within his ranks and file that Anwar is suffering from a surfeit of new ideas, lacking focus and without an impetus for quick decision-makilim kit siang and unity talks parliament pc 250609 02ng.

More seriously, there is also a belief that the gulf between his party and NGOs is widening due to eroding confidence towards the Pakatan coalition of which PKR is a major player.

Even DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang (right) has publicly acknowledged eroding confidence.

Many are beginning to doubt whether Anwar is able to transform his party into an unstoppable fighting machine under such circumstances? Time is running out.

PKR leadership can only undertake a major shift in direction, enhancing its organisational strength provided the adviser spends more quality time running the party and spends less time travelling overseas.

The liability incurred by a lackadaisical leadership is already telling.

This week, newly appointed Azmin Ali’s departed in a huff following a memorandum signed by 18 division chiefs calling for his removal. There was much media speculation that the appointments of state chiefs was akin to playing “musical chairs”.

Although the PKR leadership had clarified that Azmin’s tenure expired in October, the strained relationship arising from an appointment seems to suggest that there was little deliberate thinking on strategies and long term vision over such appointments.

It is a lesson learnt. The formation of a new National Integration Council comprising top ranking party leaders from the state and the peninsular is seen as a compromise and remedial action on the erred political judgement.

Yet, it also raises the pertinent question whether Anwar understands the strategic importance of having suitable and longer serving state chairmen to strengthen the party network and machinery.

In doing so, critics also contend that Anwar needs to behave more like a hare than a tortoise and unsurprisingly, some within his party view Anwar as “fiddling while Rome burns.”

Confidence shaken

To some of his core supporters, Anwar does not seem to be reacting positively enough to the growing recognition and demand for reform, particularly within PKR.

Confidence in PKR and Pakatan’s ability to transform our national political force into a two-party system in the country is wearing thin by the day.

Understandably, voices of concern are growing louder within the party that PKR is steadily lacking the firepower, plodding along instead of racing towards the next general election.

Will this major reshuffling of state chiefs be another play of musical chairs? Or will the appointments be well received from the ground and not just another excuse for political arrangements or simply expediency for political patronage?

Whether the recently announced major reshuffle of state chiefs will pump more renewable energy and effectiveness remains to be seen.

Azmin Ali, as expected, was given the Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur state portfolio previously held by Abdul Khalid Ibrahim who will likely retain his Selangor state chairmanship.
black 14 questioning 160408 azmin ali
Libaran assemblyman Yhamrin Zaini was appointed the new Sabah state chief, replacing Azmin (left).

Mustaffa Kamil Ayub now heads Perak state following a short stint as Sarawak state chief.

The frequent changing of the guard in the state is a bad practice. Many could hardly warm their seats, draw up any organisational charts or consolidate local support before they are whisked away to another state.

Others argued that the appointment of state chiefs is a broader issue which must be backed by collective local support within the state, clearly aware of local sensitivities before the party enters an aggressive new phase of reforms.

But in politics, you cannot fake it. The appointment of state chiefs is an illustrated case in point; Anwar cannot afford to continue plodding slowly along. Many viewed Anwar as being unable to carve a clear set of directions or give a convincing account that PKR and Pakatan as a coalition can get its act together.

Will the new appointments be handled wisely or a protectionist backlash from states further hurt PKR’s image further?

As the adviser to the party, Anwar should know that a wisely thought-out appointment exercise can go hand in hand with the party’s agenda to consolidate a stronger support base while an idle endorsement will bring more political turmoil spawning more instability within the party.

As a critic remarked, “There is no before and after, PKR and Pakatan coalition share the same destiny, only one more chance at the next general election but unlikely after that.”