PKR Sarawak Targets N22

N22 SEBUYAU (7549) Julaihi Narawi (BN-PBB) incumbent said in 2006 he sees a need for his constituency to have more infrastucture developments in the form of basic amenities like electricity supply and phone lines. There is also an urgent need to make the people of Sebuyau realise the importance of education in raising their living standards.

 audie61 has had the benefit of meeting up with the YB of this constituency on several occassions and he has come across as a likeable,reserved and approachable  and works his talk. He has a degree in Literature from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia but come this State election he will once again cross swords with his common enemy.

In the last couple of elections he has withstood the challenge of Mohamad Akek of Keadilan and defeated his opponent with ease. It seems that in the last couple of weeks PKR has stepped up with their activites and has made certain inroads with former PBDS candidate stepping up a notch and up the ante. Former PBDS President and a supporter of PKR Daniel Tajem has even been spent a night in the kampong in providing a much needed boost for the opposition front. 

Hornbill unleashed has come out with an article ” Whom shall we trusts.?” Audie61 swung into action and cornered one of those who stood on a PBDS ticket in 1991 against Julaihi. He said that the article is timely but PKR needs to really put things in order if they are serious in turning the bastion of BN over and create even a wave and let alone  a tsunami of some sort.

He further reiterated that there should be in place all the small committees as what PBDS had in its quests in the infamous Ming Court Affair. Don’t forget that PBDS managed to wrestle 15 seats? A PKR stategists in Sarawak is putting in place the persons and the seats which the party hopes to make inroads and give BN more than a HEADACHE.

Anwar should trusts the PKR boys in Sarawak not to let him down this time round. Of course there were a lot of detractors and traitors especially from what we have learnt from the recent Lubok Antu by elections . PKR knows that Sarawak is a huge state and the economics of it all is that a substantial  amount of money is needed to cover the costs of PKR candidates standing against BN. 

 PKR however needs to really do its ground work and whoever is chosen to face the might of the BN in each constituency needs to  forego personal interests and ego to ensure the party win its allocated seat.

If and when the negative approach of the candidates who are not chosen and close ranks BN will still win big says the formr defeated candidate of N22. If the hierarchy of PKR says that Akek is the candidate I will stand behind him and ensure that Julaihi will not have it easy. If on the otherhand the PKR leadership sees that I am most suited to challenge I hope that Mohamad Akek will stand behind me. Afterall we are now together in the same team to wrestle this seat and unless we join forces Pakatans dream in Sarawak is just a mere HALLUCINATION AND A DISTANT DREAM.  

The infighting according to a founder member of PKR needs to stop. He said that eventhough Anwar is giving all his strenght and direction in wrestling the Federal Government and has more or less entrusted it to Baru Bian as Sarawak liason chief Sarawak will only fall  if the Fedral government caves in in the next 13th GE. The battle line  is already drawn and Sarawak PKR needs to buck up or miss the boat when and if tere is a NEW DAWN3as what Anwar preaches.

The dayaks if united under PKR will be a major force and if divided into the various parties like PBB,SUPP,PRS and SPDP will remain forever be disunited. So will Anwar trusts the dayaks to come good he asked…??? 

The multi racial platform of PKR will be tested to its fullest in the next State elections and PKR leadership needs to look not only at N22 but also the rests of the 70 seats in hand and how to go into battle together with DAP,PAS and SNAP in the next State election. The two party system if approved would be an injection booster as the PLATFORM of a two party system would be in place. Its then up to the people to vote for their choice and no matter who the party fills the bond is an added strenght in itself.

N22 the incumbent YB Julaihi will know that he has his hands full and he will need all his experience to pull through as this battle will be his strongest yet as the opposition candidates are already willing to assist each other and win Sebuyau an add another feather for Anwars leadership. Najib and CM Taib will be watching closely the activities surrounding N22 and they will ensure that the incumbent has got his battle gear and machinery fully oiled.




4 thoughts on “PKR Sarawak Targets N22

  1. phylis says:

    Errr! PKR needs new people to stand in Sebuyau. If contests between Julaihi or Akek there would be no difference from PKR. tqied and tasted doesnot always guarantee success..

  2. sarawakiana says:

    PKR can only make inroads in maybe 5saets.thats my reading. DAP maybe increase in seats. BN still will be there after the elections.

  3. boh kee eng says:

    In a bank robbery the robbers do not leave their names and NRIC.They do not sign an payment vouchers.Thus we may not know their identities.
    When the government is robbed of billions of dollars their should be names,NRIC and signed paper trails.All the government departments are glove in hand with the thieves.Otherwise they won’t release billions of ringgit without reason.Ah.White Hair has given his blessings to these thieves..
    Sunday November 29, 2009
    Billions siphoned – Sarawak govt steps in

    MIRI: The Sarawak Cabinet has ordered an internal investigation into claims made by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) that up to 60% of government allocations — running into billions of ringgit — meant for vital infrastructure projects between 2002 and 2008 have been misappropriated.

    MACC investigations showed that only 40% of the money set aside by the Government were spent on the projects. The remaining 60% were said to have been “leaked elsewhere.”

    Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr George Chan Hong Nam said yesterday the state government’s internal audit department would carry out a detailed probe into the allegations.

    “The state government is investigating. We also want the MACC to give us a full and detailed briefing on these claims. We (state government) view these claims very seriously and if such abuse of government funds had taken place, we must find out who was responsible and take appropriate action against them.

    “This is government money that comes from taxpayers. If indeed funds from the Government meant for projects for the rakyat and the poor had been misappropriated, the state government wants action taken,” he said yesterday.

    He was commenting on a statement by MACC deputy commissioner Datuk Zakaria Jaffar that the MACC had uncovered cases in Sarawak where up to 60% of government allocations had been “diverted’’ away from the projects.

    Zakaria had said this in Kuching during an anti-corruption seminar a few days ago. He claimed that the misappropriation of funds took place between 2002 and last year, adding that MACC investigations showed that only 40% of the money allocated by the Government were spent on the projects.

    He, however, did not disclose what the projects were or which part of Sarawak the projects were being carried out.

    He noted that the projects involved infrastructure constructions for roads, housing schemes and mosques, among other things.

    Zakaria said MACC investigations found that many of these projects were poorly-implemented while some had not even begun despite the fact that the Government had already channelled the money for them.

    “The MACC found that there were fake claims made by officials and contractors involved in these projects,’’ Zakaria said.

    Dr Chan, who is State Industrial Development Minister and State Minister for Agriculture Modernisation, said yesterday that the state government had always been very strict with how allocations from the Federal Government are used.

    He said the Sarawak Cabinet had always been transparent with taxpayers’ money.

    “I am happy that the MACC had exposed the issue. If they are doing their job properly, we are thankful because this is for the good of the rakyat,’’ he said.

    State Housing Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Openg wants the MACC to give him more details about the housing projects said to be affected by the misappropriation of government funds.

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